Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump, White

Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump, White

Patented Let-down Massage Cushion. Gentle vacuum mimics babys suckling for steady milk flow. What is included: ISIS Manual Breast Pump, Bottle stand/funnel cover, Breast milk container (125 ml/ 4 oz), Extra soft, Newborn Flow Nipple. Soft massage cushions

Main features

  • Patented massage cushions flex in and out, replicating baby’s suckling action and stimulating a fast and natural let-down
  • Flexible and portable for use wherever you need it
  • Easy to assemble, efficient and quite
  • Includes: Manual Pump; 1-4oz/125ml BPA free bottle, 1 sealing disc for milk storage, 1 newborn silicone nipple, 1 dome cap
  • BPA-Free bottles, made from Polyether Sulphone (PES) – a BPA Free material with a natural honey color

Verified reviews


Sucks itself in

This was the biggest disappointment. I used a friends electric pump (don’t remember what brand it was) and a piece broke so I decided that buying a manual pump was fine since I only pumped to have some milk on hand for a babysitter if we went on a date or left the baby with his grandparents for any amount of time. Well. After about a month of rare use the star shaped piece that creates the vacuum started getting sucked down into the bottle. There was too much suction for it. It was so ridiculously frustrating to have to stop pumping all the time to unscrew the pump part off, fish in the milk for the piece, snap the top clip part off to reinsert it in place, fidget with the pump handle to get it back in place, pop the cap on, screw it back on, pump very carefully, and BAM- the piece is sucked back into the bottle; repeat. There is no way I could EVER recommend this product.

Esmeralda Mohawk, MI

Not happy

I am really not happy with this pump.Its super hard to clean, very uncomfy to use and it molded…

Saundra Falcon, NC

I want to like it so much, but…

I wish I could give this pump a 5 star review, and I would if I could get it to work consistently, but I can’t. I have followed all the instructions on assembly (including putting the clear portion in still wet to help create a good seal), tips on pumping (and other reviewers tips (like replacing the star piece with the cone), and it just doesn’t work consistently for me. When I get good, consistent suction, this thing is great! The silicone piece that fits over the flange works great for me, and I get more milk faster than with my Medela Pump In Style. But I’d say at least half the time, if not more, I can’t get it to work well and end up giving up with barely any milk pumped. Nothing is different between the times it works and doesn’t, as far as assembly or usage. I gave it 3 stars b/c of how much I love it when it works, and if it worked consistently it would be 5 stars.UPDATE: I purchased an Avent Isis single electric pump, and the electric pump works perfectly on these same manual pump parts. I don’t know what it is about the manual but it just won’t keep suction. Just adding the electric pump to the top fixed that for some reason.

Alissa Franklin Park, NJ

To Say That It Sucked Would Be A Lie

I’m not sure why so many people have rated this item so highly. I am a first time mother… Maybe that’s why I’m not able to use this pump? It does absolutely NOTHING. Maybe it’s because I am “well endowed” in the lactator department… *shrug*.. I have no idea.I came home from the hospital after using the Madela hospital pump (which I loved!) and almost cried when this little hand pump proved itself useless. I begged my husband to run to the local medical supply rental office to rent an electric pump (Which cost us over $100). In just one day I was in such pain from being unable to pump I would have done ANYTHING! My baby refuses to nurse (she learned to love the bottle in the special care nursery at the hospital). I was forced to feed her formula while I begged the ISIS to help me. If the ISIS collected any milk it was because my poor engorged breasts dripped some into it in desperation.After all this drama I ended up buying aMedela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump with Metro Bag 57036which I LOVE. It was more expensive than the hand pump.. but NOT more expensive than the rental would have ended up costing us!Maybe it works for some people… It did NOT work for me!! BUT, it is cheap… so maybe you should try it… just have a back-up plan ready so you don’t have screaming angry breasts… not to mention a screaming angry baby.

Wanda East Rochester, OH

Wow! What a deal!

The mom who pumps only once or twice a day can’t do better. It took a little practice, but I soon was able to pump about 6 oz. in fifteen minutes. Why spend $300? I sure don’t have that kind of money lying around!My sister-in-law loaned me her expensive Medela pump when she was done with it. The only advantage I see in purchasing a big expensive pump is that you can pump two sides at once. Keep in mind that the big pumps are much less portable than the Avent pump because they are large and need to be plugged in. When I travel, I always take the Avent pump and leave the Medela at home.

Tara Grady, AR

Favorite Pump

I love this pump. The silicone massage cushion works wonders and makes the pump very effective. I get more milk with this pump than with my double electric. It’s easy to assemble and wash. I do wish the white plastic dome piece stayed on better but that is a very minor complaint.

Shawna Toulon, IL

Best Baby Purchase

This seriously has to be one of the items I am most thankful for. When my milk came in, I was so engorged that I could barely even touch my chest without being in pain. I used this from very early on (earlier than people would recommend) but I have had no issues with breastfeeding. I used it in the beginning to relieve engorement. Then after I established a pretty good routine, I used it to store extra breastmilk. My baby is almost 5 months old and I dont use it as much now but it was def one of those items where I got my moneys worth. My only thing is (and this is a personal preference and by no means an issue with the pump itself) is that I dont like to use plastic bottles but luckily I have chicco glass bottles that attached to this pump perfectly. Love it.

Julie Warrington, PA

works well when it works…

I usually fill a 4 oz bottle fairly quickly, but sometimes there is no suction and i’m sitting there fidgeting with it and it’s very frustrating. It seems as if my milk gets sucked in between the silicone layer and plastic of the “funnel” and loses the suction, but i’m not doing anything wrong, that’s just the design of it. I’m hoping my next go will result in another filled bottle bc the last sitting i just couldn’t get it to suction and pump any milk! Glad it wasn’t too expensive, but if it stops working completely, that’s an expensive waste.

Luz Cutler, OH

I hated this

I gave this three stars because it might work well for some people, but I hated it. Granted, I was a first-time mom, still figuring out breast feeding, but after trying an electric pump, I don’t know why anyone would use this. It squeaked a lot, and the rubber thing that goes over the cup would get milk behind it, and, generally, I just couldn’t get it to work well. There might have been some trick that I was missing, but as a new mom, the last thing I needed was sitting and pumping back and forth with a squeaky pump on sore nipples. I thought that breast pumps just didn’t work well, but as soon as I tried an electric pump, I realized that it was possible to pump milk easily. Thus, maybe for experienced moms this is a good fit, but if you are a new mom and can afford it at all, I suggest just going with an electric pump.

Cheri Pontotoc, TX


muy bueno, aunque me gustaria que si se voltea la leche que extraje no se botara, a veces la dejaba sobre la cama porque necesitaba atender rápidamente otra cosa y si se volteaba perdía mucha leche 🙁 seria genial que no se saliera si se voltea

Ola Inlet, NY

Saved me!

I was very happy with this pump – in the beginning with colostrum it was much better than the electric pump- i could regulate the strength of suction. I tried electric pump at the hospital and it doesnt really let you control the pumping and you cant really make sure that your milk got out of every duct ( so that you dont get an infection later as your milk accumulates and you dont pump it properly). I have been using it for 1.5 mo now and love it. Its very gentle to the nipples. Great for those who care about their boobs 🙂

Letitia Avalon, TX

Pleasant Surprise

I have a Medela Pump in Style for use at work — it is faster and I can rig it through my bra to be hands-free. I got the Avent Isis as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law, who did not care for it at all. I first tried it when I had a clogged duct, and I found it too painful. But, I gave it a few more tries and have really come to appreciate this product. Yes, it’s kind of a nuisance to deal with all of the parts when cleaning, but it’s quick and quiet, and when my daughter has a nap that’s so long I get uncomfortable, it’s so easy to grab this and squeeze out an ounce or two to make myself comfortable. I imagine I will use it on days that I have to be out of the office during my usual pumping time, as I’m not about to lug the pump-in-style to court. Good product.

Stephanie Smiley, TX

As Expected but Difficult to Use

This did what it was supposed to do, but it is a bit difficult to use, although I don’t think it is the fault of the product.

Lindsay Sebree, KY

good manual pump when it isn’t broken, crappy service

Perfect. Helps with relieving blocked ducts. I’ve been breastfeeding 9 months, and bought this after I went back to work so that I could have a pump at home and leave my Medela electric at work. This is great to pump before bedtime, and in case my son does not empty both breasts in the AM. Like other reviewers say, you can maintain suction on this by holding the lever (unlike the electric pump I use that cycles suction). I wish I had this months ago to take on trips, etc. Does not fit the smaller opening bottles (like Medela bottles). Comes with a few spare parts, which is great. Love it.November 16: the pump body broke. I’m not sure why; just snapped where the handle fits. I called Avent, and they are sending me a replacement. The customer service was friendly. Hope it gets here soon.December 16: Still not here. I don’t care what the problem is, at this point; they should have just sent me a whole new one if they didn’t have a part to replace it with. It’s a BREASTPUMP. I wouldn’t own it if I didn’t need to use it. I won’t buy from Avent again. I am very disappointed.

Arline San Quentin, CA

doesn’t work for me!

i’m not sure how some women get this pump to work so well for them, but it does not work for me. i even wondered if somehow i was doing it wrong, or that i just wasn’t really producing milk, but i can express more myself than with this pump, when i called my lactation specialist, she told me this pump is not the greatest and doesn’t work for everyone. she recommended electric, which is what i’m hoping to get soon.

Kara Ardsley On Hudson, NY

Wonderful pump.

This is a great manual pump. After bringing my Medela electric pump back and forth between home and the office for a few weeks I decided to purchase a manual pump to keep at home. I was worried that someday I would forget the electric pump at home and have to go a whole day without pumping. Ouch! I found that this pump would express the milk just as fast if not faster than my electric and was comfortable to use. I don’t use the “petal attachment” as I found that I didn’t need it. It may just be how my breasts are shaped though. Sure my hand got a little tired but its not bad plus its good exercise. 🙂 I still love my duel electric for work just for ease of use but love this little guy for the occasional home use.

Stacey Penland, NC