Philips AVENT Isis Manual Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Isis Manual Breast Pump

Avent Isis Pump w/ 4oz. Bottle Description: Clinically proven to be as effective as electric pumps, this Avent Isis pump features a Let-Down Massage Cushion for a fast, natural let-down. Combines massage with a gentle vacuum, while all other pumps rely solely on suction. Redefines manual pumping by needing only occasional compressions on the handle after achieving let down; Handle provides fingertip control to make subtle and effortless adjustments Soft massagers flex with each compression to gently massage the area behind the nipple for a natural let down; Massagers work with silicone diaphragm to draw milk gently and consistently

Main features

  • Includes one ISIS Manual Breast Pump, two 4-oz AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles and two Sealing Discs for breast milk storage

Verified reviews


Does not withstand repeated use

I ran out to buy this at the suggestion of the hospital’s lactation consultant right after delivering our daughter in November. She said it was a “good little lightweight pump, and affordable” — well, I don’t think [$$] for a manual plastic unit that hurts your wrist and breaks after 5 weeks of regular use should be considered “good.” I was dismayed to find how tired I became while expressing my milk twice a day — the pump is not comfortable at all; the rubber guard has become loose and doesn’t adhere properly to the breast, and the worst is that the neck has cracked on the pump causing milk to leak out. I just called AVENT customer service and they tried to tell me I was using the incorrect kind of WATER to wash the unit out! I suggested to them that they make a product that is durable so that moms don’t have to waste precious time, money and effort replacing parts that should have been made properly in the first place. SAVE YOUR MONEY — DON’T BUY THIS ITEM.

Aimee Edmon, PA


What a waste of time & energy! This pump lasted a week before it lost its suction on me. Before it did, I could only get an ounce out at a time if I was lucky. Buy any Medela pump instead. I ended up buying a Medela when this one conked out even though I’m a stay at home Mom and don’t really need to use it very often. Sigh.

Rhea Cope, SC

What a waist

I got this pump, because my electric one was a little noisy and I didn’t like waking up my daughter in the middle of the night. At first the pump worked great… getting rid of the engorgement and pumping out most of the milk.Then it started making slurping noises and the rings for suction started to not go on properly (I have never sterilized any parts in a sterilizer or anything else or placed any of the parts in a dishwasher, so the reason for the parts not fitting right can’t be because of them being warped or damaged in someway by me).Then, my milk supply started to diminish, due to the pumps inability to stimulate my breasts to keep producing, but I guess this feature would be good if you wanted to stop breastfeeding and ease the engorgement. I had to switch to breastfeeding exclusively, with no bottles, to stimulate my milk supply back, but now my daughter refuses to take a bottle what so ever.So now the pump just sits in it’s little travel bag collecting dust, what a waist of $50.00.

Edwina Waterville Valley, NH

Not worth the money.

I purchased this alongside renting a hospital grade pump. This hand pump is not worth the money. The rubber filter keeps popping out when there is a lot of suction. Maybe the women who liked this pump had smaller nipples than I do. Every time I have used this the rubber pops out. To put it back in you have to completely unscrew the cap and put your fingers in. A bad design and not at all sterile. Do not waste your money. I complained to avent and although they had good customer service and sent me out a new pump, it did exactly the same thing. It is the product itself that is defective

Dona Sale City, GA

Great little pump!

Recently, while on vacation I misplaced the membranes for my “Medela, Pump In Style Breast pump”, which are vital for operation. The spare parts were safe at home, and with a hungry boy on my hands, I was in a predicament. Unable to nurse, I have provided my son with breast milk by pumping three times a day since birth. I was concerned about maintaining my milk supply, not to mention the discomfort of very full breasts, so I purchased the Isis Breast pump because I use Avent products and liked the idea of being able to pump right into the feeding bottle, 4-ounce, 9-ounce or disposable. I am amazed by the comfort, control and power this little hand pump provides. In addition, I enjoy the convenience of not having to be “plugged in” and the reduced amount of bottles to wash. I found this pump to be great in a pinch, or for a weekend away. However, for my particular situation having to express 30 ounces a day in order to keep up with my little guy, the “Pump In Style” is superior to the Isis in both speed and quantity of milk expressed.

Noelle Spickard, MO

No compliants here

I have had no problems at all with this pump and would recommend it to anyone who needs one for occasional use. It is quick, comfortable, and convenient. I prefer this one to the expensive double electric pump we rented for the first month.

Harriett Pine Grove Mills, PA

Great when it works…………………

I tried using this pump for about 2 days till I got too frustrated to try anymore. When I did get the proper suction the pump worked easily and my milk came down easily. It was easy and quick. However 90% of the time getting the proper suction going was the hardest thing. Thee were times when I got so frustrated from having to stop, disassemble and reassemble that I’d just give up. Maybe I did something wrong but when I called the company for help they weren’t much help at all. Finally went out and bought the especially for baby electronic pump which is also about the same price and Im now a happy pumper.

Juana Southeastern, PA

Fabulously Affordable

This is a great little pump. It is affordable, which is one of the features that makes it is great (having a baby, especially the 1st one, is expensive enough).You can use the Avent bottles and magic cups interchangably for milk storage, so there are fewer things you have to wash. This is awesome because there isn’t much time for working around the house with a new baby.This pump also stores quite well in the Avent microwave steam sterilizer. After sterilizing it, I just leave it in the sterilizer. I know it’s out of the way and I also know where all of the parts are.Get some extra sealing discs. I had a ton of bottles, so I didn’t want to spend the extra money for the breast milk storage containers. I just about a pack of the sealing discs that fit the bottles (in this case Avent because that’s what I have). It is a great way to get more use out of those bottles.I noticed that there are extra parts available for this pump. I haven’t had to purchase them, but I am really glad to know that they are available, should some part need to be replaced.

Anastasia Chester, NY

This is rubbish

Do not buy this. We bought it, tried to use it, and threw it away. Avent Products contain BPA which is toxic for your baby. Dont poison your child with these toxins. Avent has to re-engineer their products.

Helena Delano, PA

still working well for second baby

I just had my second baby and am still using my original Isis breast pump that I used with my first child four years ago. I only pump occasionally so I don’t know about using it for expressing many bottles. For what I have used it for it has been great and is very easy to use and clean. I am able to get a 4-6 oz. bottle in 10-15 min. and the Isis is very comfortable to use. I use mine with the disposable system and freeze milk for whenever I need it.

Maxine Vandalia, OH

This pump isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This pump advertises that it’s design stimulates let-down, and that is not the case. This pump will pull and tug at your nipple just as much as the next one, and because it’s clear, you can see how much of your PRECIOUS breastmilk has been lost and stuck in the mechanical aspects of the pump. You’d have more volume and less pain if you hand-express.

Ilene Leshara, NE


I too have the Medela Pump in Style but lets be honest even though it is in a stylish bag…it is still a big bag. This pump is in a nice small bag. And Works SO WELL!! I was thourghly impressed infact I am thinking of buying a second so that I can use two at once. I think that is the only drawback my Medela can do both at once…this one can but you’d have to buy two. I felt like this expressed more milk and made my breast feel better and emptier faster then the automatic Medela.When Traveling I always reached for my Avent breast pump due to size convienence and the way it worked. It is easy to clean and easy to put together and use..overall Perfect!I just took a breastfeeding class awaiting the birth of my second son and they were pushing Medela products and Medela has come out with a pump identical to this Avent that is small and portable and stylish that has better suction too… AND of course is more then this Avent one. So even the competition sees who is on top of things!!You will not regret the purchase

Angelina New Richmond, WV

Not worth the money.

Well I somehow ended up getting the Isis manual Breast Pump in the mail for free & the only thing I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t shell out money for this pump! It’s terrible.I sat for about 15 minutes trying to pump either breast & I think I succeeded in getting a drop to appear on one nipple! lol I could see the suction was working, but not particularly strong & it didn’t do a thing.I read the other reviews & I guess it depends on the person as some people obviously have no problems & others can’t get the darn thing to work at all. So if at all possible I would advise borrowing one from a friend to try out first to see if you can have any success before purchasing this pump.

Audrey Morland, KS

Great for working moms

I have been using this pump since I returned to work several months ago, and it has been great. It’s very easy to use. It’s completely quiet and discreet, and requires no electrical source, so it’s convenient to use at work. It’s small and light-weight, so I can carry it with me anywhere. The pump action is efficient and comfortable, allowing me to pump 6-10 oz of milk in just 10-20 minutes without any soreness. I have total control over the pumping process, so I can apply the suction a little longer if I am flowing heavily, and pump more if I’m not. It takes only a couple of minutes to disassemble and clean (I would DEFINITELY recommend the Avent Steam Sterilizer as well – makes sterilizing incredibly easy). My only complaint is that usually 4 oz bottles aren’t big enough to hold all the milk from one session of pumping, and it’s a pain to have to switch bottles midway through. I bought a couple of the Avent 9 oz bottles, though, and they work great.The long and short – this pump has worked just as well for me if not better than an electrical pump, and for a fraction of the cost. I totally recommend it.

Gina Salem, NE

A good manual pump, but the harmony was better!

This pump is pretty good for those times when you want a manual pump. The massaging petals do seem to help with letdown. It is compact and you can use it anywhere. I have a nice Playtex Embrace pump that I can use in my car and at work, but there are times when I can’t lug my big carrying bag around and the Isis works great in these situations.I have taken it to theme parks (we left the baby at home with a sitter because of the heat, etc) and I just put the pump inside a soft cooler bag along with an ice pack and a couple of bottles. I have pumped in the car while riding and even pumped in bathroom stalls, if necessary.The handle does make a little squeaky sound, but otherwise it is quiet. The parts do tend to come apart easilly, and the handle falls off, but it’s not that much of a problem. It didn’t make my hand tired, even though I pumped for 20 minutes altogether, three times a day. I get out just as much milk with this pump as I do with my electric, though it does take a little longer than double pumping.I have pumped into the Avent bottle and then transferred my milk in the past, but since I use Playtex bottles and the One-Step storage kit, I have learned that Playtex will send you a FREE adapter for your Avent pump which allows you to pump directly into the Playtex bottles (Yay!)UPDATE:I had to change my review on the Isis after I had to use another manual pump in an emergency yesterday. I tried the Medela Harmony. Wow, that pump was wonderful! It really was ‘silent’ and easy to use! It was also much easier to clean than the Avent and I got out a record of 5 1/2oz in twenty minutes! So I guess that although the Avent is a good pump, I would have to say the Medela Harmony was better.

Johnnie Madison, OH

easy to use, quiet and efficient.

I actually can get more milk faster with this than with the cheap electric pump I bought. This one is easy to use and quiet. If you are pumping more than once a day it could get tiring, but otherwise it’s great!

Blanca Ocean Beach, NY

Save your money for something more accurate

I wanted this breastpump because I am a huge Avent customer. Unfortunatley, breast milk always got between the suction and the funnel (which enables the breastpump to pump). If you’re going to spend money, then spend it on a more accurate pump.

Vicky Ijamsville, MD

works great!

I bought this pump when my son was 3 weeks old. I’ve been pumping fairly regularly for 4 months now and wouldn’t think of using anything else. I’ve returned to work and my son is exclusively breastfed. I had the idea that I would use this for the occasional pumping to get me started and then I would buy a hospital grade pump. I won’t use anything else after my sucess with this pump. I can pump an 8-9oz bottle in 10 to 15 minutes with no problem.I recommend this pump to anyone who plans on nursing – short term or long term.

Vera Millville, DE

Excellent Pump!

This was the first and only breast pump I bought. My girlfriend suggested it and I’m glad she did. It’s very easy to use and I was able to express a lot of milk very quickly with this pump. I highly recommend it!

Kimberley Carlstadt, NJ

Great Pump – Better than the Medela Electric

I used the Medela, and it works well. Nice to double pump – but what a pain in the long haul. This little pump was excellent. It was easy to travel with, store in diaper bag and use wherever I needed to use it. I discovered it after 6 months of nursing and using the Medela. Next time I will just use the Avent ISIS. Also, the company was excellent to work with. I had a problem with the pump, from my own fault. They shipped me the part overnight at their own expense. There were so kind and supportive of getting the part in my hands so I could continue to pump & nurse.It is worth every penny!

Isabel Hackett, AR

More milk leaked out than what went in the bottle!!!!!

This pump is NOT efficient in multiple daily pumpings. There are many things wrong with this pump and I hardly know where to begin. First of all, the instructions are not user friendly. Like other Avent products, the manual relies on pictures that can be difficult to interpret. Once assembled, I found that the pump leaked as a result of the suction petals not attached completely and totally. During the process of pumping, the valve that creates the suction would become loose and I would have to unscrew the bottle and press it back into place. The pump squeaked sometimes and I couldn’t quite figure out why. The instructions recommended changing the position of the petals on the breast to get the most milk, however, during this process it would leak even more because the milk would collect between the plastic and the suction petals when the milk was supposed to be going into the bottle. I also purchased the sterilizer which works great. However, the instructions insist on sterilizing the pump after each use. Frankly, there are just too many parts that have to be assembled and taken apart. I didn’t think there was a need to have sooo many parts. Overall, this pump was very messy. For a manual pump, it was more complicated than it really had to be. And for all the reasons listed above, I find this pump to be overpriced and not worth buying.

Adrienne Pesotum, IL

Quick and easy.

This is the perfect pump for working mothers (or if you just want to pump so you can rest at least once a week!). I recommend buying this version because it is cheaper than the disposable version. If you want the bags for storage, just go out and buy them. The back to work version can be easily put together with a small cooler and some ice packs. Also, don’t try to pump before two weeks! It will hurt because you don’t really have alot of milk to pump. Finally, you need to hold in the pump before attaching it to your breast otherwise it will hurt. My sister told me that. After getting the hang of it, I can pump four ounces in about 15 minutes or less.

Jesse Fortuna, CA


this pump is great! i’m not going back to work so i didnt need an expensive system. in the beginning when breastfeeding is still uncomfortable, this pump was comfy. i had to go back to the hospital after delivery, and couldnt bring the baby. i used this pump 24 hours a day to keep my supply up. that was when she was a week old. i love it so much that it killed me to put away when i had to stop breastfeeding. its quite speedy with getting the milk to flow. easy cleanup and i was extremely happy with it.

Kasey Rushville, NY

Not the best, pass this one over!

I originally bought this because it bears the Avent name and we use the bottle system which we LOVE. I did not have very good luck with this pump. It was extremely hard to get the pump properly placed in order to express any milk. It was cumbersome and I became very frustrated within a short time. I’d try the electronic Isis pump before this particular model.

Simone Beech Grove, IN

May or may not work for you – have a back-up

I have this as my back-up pump for brief travel and power outages. It works ok for me – quite a learning curve developing a technique to use it. Other reviewers have mentioned that you may need to run hot water through the assembled pump before each use – that helped me get better suction. Still, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. :/I use a fast letdown rhythm for 2-5 minutes per side to a flow started. I get a lot if mileage out of breast massage/compressions when I pump handsfree with my electric. I can’t do that using this pump, because I have to anchor it tightly to the breast with one hand and operate it with the other. That may be why it doesn’t work so well for me. Also, mine is far from silent. It makes loud squeak and click noises as I use it.

Joy Guatay, CA

great pump better than Pump in style and cheap

I bought this because I read good reviews and I liked how the Avent bottles mimic the breast. I got the kit that had the insulated bag and it came with a few 4 oz and 9oz bottles. I love this for the following:-It’s small and easy to carry. With the black insulated bag noone but friends know I have a breast pump in it. The bag easily holds the pump and 2 full bottles, maybe even 3.-Easy to clean, there are hardly any parts!-I can control the suction!-I get a ton of milk.I was getting about 4 oz in 15 minutes on this doing one breastI thought I could get more so bought a pump in style and I was getting 1 oz per breast in 20 minutes. They say electric is best , not always true. However Medela has the custom shields, I had to also buy a size bigger. With the Avent I just take out the flowered soft cup and use it as is and I am fine. I was using the large Medela ones.

Shannon Mc Neal, AZ

Not a great pump, but very handy none the less…

Originally I left a not sol great review for this product, but now I need to review it again…..I got this pump because I am a sahm and was going too exclusively breastfeed, but I wanted something that was small, fairly priced and convenient. I found this pump, and since I loved all of the othe Avent products, I thought it would be great! At first, when I was very engorged, I tried and tried 3x for 30 mins each and got only drops out. I finally gave up and purchased an electric pump. Now after 4 months of breastfeeding and occasional pumping, I am liking this item more! I was in a lactation class and they cleared it up for me! I found out that I simply did not understand how to use the pump, even after reading the directions. You are supposed to start out fast to get the flow going and then slow to a suck and slow release once the flow has started. After finding this out, I used the pump again and got 4oz out. Still not as much as I can get with my electric pump, but this one works great too. It will be great when we take a 12 hour road trip in a month! I also love that you use the bottles as storage containers and all you have to do is pump and serve or store and defrost!

Jayne Green Castle, MO

love it

It is comfortable to use, easy to put together, and compact to carry around. I have pumping for 2 months to store milk for when I return to work. I can pump about 3-4 oz in 10-15 min. No complaints

Lilly Garnett, SC


More milk for half the time! This pump truly is wonderful…don’t give up until you’ve taken this pump for a test ride!

Ladonna Fernandina Beach, FL

Not impressed

I registered for this pump because I planned to only pump on rare occasions, so I thought it would be silly to spend the money for an electric pump… Big Mistake. This manual pump takes much longer to assemble, has more parts to clean and reassemble, and pumps significantly less milk than the Medela DoubleEase I replaced it with. Granted, there is a big difference in price, but when you’re only getting 2 hours sleep at a time, the laundry is piling up, you haven’t had time to go to the store or prepare dinner, and you haven’t even had the energy to bathe yourself (welcome to motherhood), it seems worth the extra money to me to have a pump I can assemble in less than 10 seconds, get 4 oz. of milk in 5 minutes, and still have one arm free to hold baby.

Debra Faison, NC