Philips AVENT Isis On The Go Set

Philips AVENT Isis On The Go Set

Express and store your breast milk quickly and discreetly for later use. The Avent On the Go Pump Set features a silicone-diaphragm pump that provides 100% reliable suction to express as much milk as an electric pump, while the patented let-down massage cushion naturally imitates Baby’s suckling action to provide fast milk flow—silently, comfortably and gently. Expressed breast milk can be stored in the freezer- and dishwasher-safe containers—set includes two 4-oz. and two 9-oz.—which can also be used for feeding Baby by simply replacing the sealing discs with nipples (2 included). The sleek black case keeps milk cool for up to 6 hours and features a padded silver interior with a drawstring storage bag, an adjustable shoulder strap and an outer zip pocket. Set also includes 2 dome caps, 2 flexible cool packs and 8 disposable breast pads. Dishwasher safe. Bag is wipe clean. Imported. Bag: 9Hx9-1/2Wx4-3/4D”.

Main features

  • Includes one ISIS Manual Breast Pump, two 4-oz AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles, two 9-oz storage containers, eight Ultra Comfort Disposable Breast Pads, one insulated micro fiber tote and two cool packs for breast milk storage

Verified reviews



I had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea..!!! I only recieved this pump – no electrical one and I wanted 2 diiiiie! I was in pain for days after I gave birth,irritable because of the lost of sleep and trying to conform to the babies temporary sleeping pattern. I had a low milk supply and breastpumping for 1 hour for only 4ounces – this was not a joke! I wanted 2 diiiie I tell you.. I would finish pumping and da baby would be getting up for a feeding… NOooooo! already, I would think… yes and with only 4 oz to show. Here I go with the stupid MANUEL pump… NO.. I NOW know better…. electronic and a good brand- so what you pay 300. and change its worth your sanity, sleep, time, energy and appreciation for the bond with the baby. My milk supply in time grew (not soon enough) I am still nursing and again the manuel pump and I did NOT have a good relationship. We started off badly

Angelita Moscow, OH


I bought this to use with my Avent bottles (which by the way LEAK) and I was very disappointed. My doctor told me to pump to stimulate my milk production which was coming in slowly. I could not get very much with this and needless to say it was not helping. Once I started using a Medela Electric pump, I got tons of milk! I was skeptical about the price, but it’s totally worth it if you want to be able to use a pump on a regular basis.

Nanette Camargo, OK

An ok pump

My friend gave me her pump when she was finished with it, I just boiled all the parts, and then threw them in the dishwasher. Anyway, the pump is fine for a bottle, I only use it once in the day, but during the pumping time it will lose it’s suction or you have to get it on just right before it will really get the milk quantity you want. It took me about 4 times (4 days) to figure out how the pump suction needs to be for myself.The other complaint I have with the pump is the parts that screw together to make the pump complete come unscrewed throughout the pump time. (the bottle, and the other screwed on piece to the pump.) This is really anoying while you’re trying to pump.Overall it’s ok, but I think I can find another one.

Chandra Campbell Hall, NY

Love the pump BOTTLES ARE TRASH!!!!

I really like this pump. Works great sort of a pain to clean but easier than having to clean tubing on an electric. The bottles however are junk. After one use they leaked from under the plastic disk. EVERY bottle I have leaks. In order to stop it is a pain. I pull up on the nipple and roll it around clockwise to make sure it’s in there right, then I use a rubber gripper and tighten the crap out of it so it won’t leak. What a PAIN! I sold my lot on ebay and replaced them w/ the Playtex vent air. I did save one bottle so I could pump into it though.

Dorothy Oberon, ND

Takes a while to pump

I based my decision to purchase this pump based on all the reviews it got. However, it takes me about 20 minutes to pump 4 ounces.. on a good day!! Luckily, I have an awesome boss, who allows me all the time I need to pump.. I average 2-3 ounces every hour and half.. at 20 minutes at a time.. which is rediculous. If I could, I would purchase an electric pump, because as my baby grows, I don’t see how I’d be able to catch up to her growing appetite using this pump, and not spend my whole day in the bathroom pumping. On the plus side.. all the litle extras it came with are great, and the case is discreet and keeps the bottles cold for a few hours.

Dianna Sardis, GA

Not the greatest

I read all the reviews on this pump but still wasn’t convinced about buying this pump. I originally purchased a Gerber pump and it worked until it cracked. I asked a lactation consultant what kind of pump she’d recommend and she recommended Avent and Medela. I needed a pump in my price range so I chose the Avent.I like how the suction mimics a baby’s latch but milk gets stuck everywhere and it leaks all over the place. The pump also makes an annoying squeaking noise and sometimes I lose suction. I’d recommend this pump over Gerber though. I will give it credit though, it’s a lot easier to take apart and clean.

Roxanne Ellendale, TN

I’m giving this 4.5

This isis breast pump set is great. The only thing I have a problem with is the little noise it makes whenever I pump and it feels not private. Besides that, its very conviencent to use and easy. I think, since its plastic rubbing plastic it just makes the noise after awhile you pump.

Hollie Meadows Of Dan, VA

This breast pump is a disappointment

I love the Advent line & highly recommend their bottles & microwave sterilizer, but this breast pump is awful! The prong that connects to the handle, which creates the vacuum to pull the milk out, consistently becomes unlatched breaking the vacuum so you have to fix it and start all over. The only reason it got a two stars rating was because the pump handle does fit extremely well on the bottles and everything fits in the bag nicely.

Angeline Canistota, SD

Very efficient manual pump

Although I haven’t been using this pump for very long, I’ve been able to get very good results. Of course, pumping takes practice but this pump works great for beginners. It is very easy to set up and clean…making it easy to take along. I also like that the bottles fit onto the pump-nothing extra to buy (and clean). I also have an electric pump but prefer this pump when I am home during the day. I find that I can more quickly get it ready and am able to pump one side as soon as my baby is finished nursing on the other side. I definitely recommend having a manual pump, even if you plan on or already have an electric.

Louisa Pleasant Valley, NY

Easy and Fast!

Being a stay-at-home Mom, I don’t need to pump frequently, but when I do pump, this item is terrific! Easy to use. I’m able to pump a 4 oz. bottle in 5 minutes. I suggest using it without the let down massage cushion. It works better for me without it. Easy to clean and case makes storage easy.

Dorthy Porter, OK

Good pump, accessories not all necessary

The Avent pump in this kit is very good. I also like the carrying bag, which is subtle and good for work – it can even be used as a lunch box when you are done breastfeeding.However, the nipples in this kit are very hard and the speed on the slow flow was far too fast for my newborn (when I tested the milk on my wrist, I didn’t get a drop – it squirts). There are better bottles out there too, that keep the baby from getting too much air. Instead of the Avent bottles, I have started using the Playtex nurser system – which means I pump into the Avent bottles and pour them into the nurser (the Playtex system sells a kit with a pump adapter – but it does not work with Avent). This has worked fine for me, though if I were not pumping at work I would not pay the extra money to have the kit. Since I pump at work, the insulated bag is helpful.

Cristina Nielsville, MN

Great Pump, but Has Little Quirks

When my son was put in the NICU, he immediately stopped nursing. I’m assuming it was due to the stress. While I was at the hosptal, I used their Ameda Elite hospital pump, but at home, I was pumping full time with this pump. It gets the job done quickly and the handle is very comfortable.The milk can leak out the sides, which can be very upsetting, especially if you’re pumping for a hospitalized newborn and you need every drop you can get. You just have to make sure to keep the pump perfectly upright. Don’t tilt it at all!I didn’t have any problems with creaking, and if I did, I’d just take it apart and put it together and the problem was solved.I also know some had problems with the milk getting backed up and the silicone star not letting the milk flow to the container, but you just have to be sure to release the handle completely so the milk can flow out. Another way to get it into the container is the break the suction between the pump and breast and pump the handle a few times.This pump worked great and I was able to come up with ways to avoid problems until I had used it (full time) for a month and a half. The star would start getting sucked up into the top even if I slightly pumped the handle. I emailed Avent and they emailed me back and had some great tips (great customer service, by the way!). They said to boil the silicone parts for 10 minutes in water and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar… and viola! Problem solved. If you use it as much as I did, the tackiness of the silicone wears and has to be fixed by the boiling.Lastly, I read some had problems getting everything to fit in the bag. It takes talent, I tell you! My advice is this: Remember how it was packaged in the first place! Before you take it out of the bag, take note of how it’s arranged. After several attempts, I finally got it all back in.All in all, it’s a great pump if you don’t want to invest in an electric pump, or if you’re only pumping occationally and you work around some of the little issues. In those instances, I’d definitely recommend it! I have an Ameda Purely Yours as well, and overall, I’d suggest paying the extra money and get an electric if you’re working or having to pump full time, or you just want more convience.I hope this review helps, as I wanted it to be my best, considering all the experience I’ve had with so many pumps!

Helga Clute, TX

Best out there

I bought this pump mainly because were always out and about. I am actually a stay at home mom but this came in handy in MANY ways. When my daughter was first born she was re-admitted to the hospital at 3 days for jaundice. I had read that breat milk can increase or worsen jaundice so I pumped to save the milk for when she got out of the hospital. The ice packs were definatly a plus and so was the cooler bag. I had frozen just the bag to keep it cooler along with the ice packs and that really helped keep it colder longer. The bottles that comes with it are ok. I don’t recommend Avent bottles for feeding but for storage they’re perfect. But if you prefer Avent you can just pop a nipple on the bottle and wha-la, ready to feed. These bottles can go from pump, to fridge/freezer, to warmer, to bottle with not problem.As for the pump, once you get used to assembling it its a breeze. It’s also VERY comfortable to use with or without the "petals". I NEVER had a problem with not pumping (or producing) enough milk. This also came in handy and quickly reduced engorgement for me. All I had to do was pump for about 5 min on each side and it was instant relief and baby latched on better.I highly recommend this pump for everyone. It’s comfortable, efficient, whisper quiet, and easy to clean and put together. A must have.

Margret Claverack, NY


This is a great pump… forget about spending over $60 on something you are not sure you are going to use too much… NOT TO MENTION – now that I use this pump daily – I am still happy I did not spend the $260 for the ‘Mack-daddy" – this is comfortable and fast and easy to work with.

Loraine Dalton, MN

LOVE IT! Like it even better than Medela electric!

My daughter was in the NICU the first day of her life, and then the special care nursery the next few days, so I had to use the hospitals electric medela dual breast pump to express milk. i returned home and rented the medela for a month and hated it. It HURTS my nipples. My friend got me this Isis breast pump kit and I tried it. I LOVE it! I used it since my daughter was about 2 weeks old. I doesnt hurt my nipples like the electric breast pump does as I can control it with every squeeze. It doesnt hurt my wrist (as one might think.) I only supplement my daughter with one bottle of EBM at night. It takes me 10-15 minutes and I can express 5 ounces with this pump! I LOVE IT!Oh, and it is virtually silent so I can pump one breast as I breast feed my daughter on the other!!!

Pearl Elk City, ID

High volume in short time

I mostly use the Ameda electric, but used this on a weekend trip and was very pleased with the milk volume. I get most of the milk in just a few minutes and the one hand operation is simple.Drawbacks: it can be tricky to get the suction going, but little pumps at first followed by long slow pumps will eventually get it. Also, I’ve found that I can still get milk out with my electric even after I’m done with the Isis. It is a little higher maintenance to clean, but I still recommend it.

Jeannette Somerset, PA

Great for occasional use, bad for work!

It’s a great manual pump, but it’s just a manual pump after all. Manually pumping both breasts one at a time takes more than twice as long as double electric pumping to get the same amounts of milk. It would be impossible for me to keep pumping at work if I had to take that much time out of every work day. However I do keep this pump in my desk drawer for emergencies (like the time I forgot my other pump at home) or for out-of-office meetings (because it’s small and discrete). It’s also great for occasional home use or for women who need to leave the house with a pump every once in a while. I’m giving it 4 stars because I don’t think it should be advertized for use at a full time job.

Juanita Dalmatia, PA

Pump is great; bottles and sealing stink.

This is a great pump. I haven’t had any issues with it. I pump constantly as my son is very finicky as to when he wants a bottle or a breast in his mouth. Easy to use and clean. The carrying case is great for when I go back to work and it can also be used as a carrying bag for keeping milk/formula cold when you go out. While I love the pump I am not happy with the Avent Bottles. They can leak easily if you over or under tighten the bottle. Let me tell you at three in the morning you dont’ want to worry about that stuff. You want to get a nipple on and feed. I recommend the pump but not their bottles. Sometimes if I put down the pump on the bed and it tips a bit I get spillage from where the pump connects to the bottle.

Julia Winfield, TN

Educate yourself first before buying!

I am a first time mother and a stay at home mom. Since I am not working I wanted a hand pump rather than electric for occasional night out so I got Isis. The first time I used it (1 week after giving birth), it took me 45 minutes to pump 1 1/2 oz! I thought it to be terrible! So I bought a Madela electric.But as months passed I got a little bit more experienced in breast feeding, I realized that if I knew how stimulate a “let down” that the Isis would have worked for me. It took me 45 minutes the first time I used Isis because I never had a let down. Unlike Madela which simulate a baby’s sucking which then stimulated a “let down”, with Isis it is up to me to get myself to “let down”.Isis would work great for any mother if: 1-you pump while your baby is breastfeeding on the other breast or 2-if you know how to stimulate your breast enough to stimulate a “let down”.My Isis did squeak when I used it, so beware if you plan on pumping with this in public if this sort of thing embarasses you.

Deloris Vermillion, MN

tricky at first, but worth the practice

I bought this pump after seeing the success a coworker had with the ISIS pump. I’m back to work full time and it has been working very well for me. I started pumping at about 3 weeks, and was very fustrated at first. It was tricky to figure out the timing and how much suction to use to get a good let down and milk flow. After a few calls to the Avent customer service line (who were wonderful, very helpful and patient), I was getting much better results. By the time I went back to work I had a very nice supply of milk in the freezer and was comfortable pumping at work.Why I like it – 1) it’s discrete, you can pump anywhere without the noise of an electic pump and the black case looks like any other professional bag a woman would carry 2) it’s portable, It’s small and light to carry around – even with a few bottles of milk. 3) it’s easy – not only to pump with but assembly and cleaning are a breeze. I know a few reviews state that there are too many parts and it’s hard to put together, but I can do it in 15 seconds flat 4) it’s comfortable – I think any breastpump may be awkward to use at first, but compared to an electric pump I tried my nipples and breasts were much more comfortable with the ISIS pumpI think for the price, you can’t beat it. Also the realm of accessories available is impressive. Avent has thought of every possible need you may have.

Mae Hillsboro, MD

This breast pump helped me continue nursing.

I am sold on the Avent Isis Breast Pump–it works great for me. I nursed my 2nd child exclusively for 13 months, and I used this pump to express milk so that my husband could feed him. He never really took on the bottle, but that’s a different story. Anyway, I just couldn’t justify having to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a pump–maybe if I was working and wanted to continue breastfeeding, I probably would have. But I was a stay at home mom and just used the pump to express every now and then. I had no problem expressing 4 ounces of milk in about 10 minutes, and it didn’t hurt either–it actually felt comfortable. I had the Evenflo electric pump for my first child–now that one was very uncomfortable–it felt like it was sucking the life out of you. Maybe it was me being a first time mom, but I swore off that pump. I still nursed my first child for 13 months but not exclusively–he got both breastmilk and formula.Now, I am on my 3rd child. I figured after having such an easy time breastfeeding my 2nd child, it would be a piece of cake the 3rd time around. Well, it wasn’t. She did not latched on properly and I got really sore within the first couple of days. But I did not want to give up breastfeeding, so I purchased another one of the Avent Isis Breast Pump, because I wanted to help increase my milk supply. It worked and I got to breastfeed again exclusively–my baby wasn’t getting frustrated anymore because my milk supply increased. Then when she was 6 weeks old, I had to leave her (unexpectedly) to attend my father’s funeral in California. I couldn’t take her with me–she was too young. I was gone for 3 days, and I did not want my milk supply to dwindle down, so this pump helped a lot. I was able to express some before I left so she would have some breastmilk along with formula supplement while I was gone. And then I pumped while I was gone–I did it on the plane restroom and airport restrooms very discretely, and I was done in about 15 minutes at a time. And because it is manual, I was able to express whenever and whereever I needed to. This helped me keep my milk supply while I was gone so when I got back, I just continued on like I was not gone. Thanks Avent.

Frieda Wilmington, IL

Put the $60 towards an electric pump!

If you are only going to be pumping once in a blue moon, then this is a great pump for you. I found it to be an incredible nusance, so I borrowed a friend’s Medela electric pump. Never used this Back to Work pump more than twice after using hers! Why spend a longer amount of time pumping that you have to (and yes it does take longer even though the manual says their stats say otherwise). With our next child, I will definitely be buying electric!

Laurel San Manuel, AZ

What a great pump!!

I borrowed this breast pump from my sister and it is awesome! This is my third child and I have breastfeed all three. I have tried them all and this one is great. The one-hand squeeze handle allows me to do other things while pumping! I am only expressing twice a day so it is easy to clean! What a great investment.

May Lindstrom, MN

Great for the price

I used this product briefly and found it to be great for the price. I used the electric Medella pump in the hospital and found this pump to be very comparable. I actually think the Isis may have been more comfortable. I would recommend to anyone who is considering breast feeding.

Gina Lawton, OK

A little messy…

I had this pump with my first child back in 2003 and I worked great for when I was at work but it was messy. The milk always seemed to leak out underneath the plastic insert, so I took that out and it helped a little bit. I also had probably with the pump maybe working a little TOO WELL and would stimulate my “let down” and so it was a panic to keep myself from wetting my shirt on the other breast I wasn’t pumping, while I kept pumping and answered phones! I was a night receptionist so I just pumped away while working.I like that it comes with a bag that is nice and stylish. I saved this and I will use it with my next baby due in Sept. 2009.

Viola Natalbany, LA

EXCELLENT product very very comfortable!!!

After trying a dual electric pump that was very uncomfortable for me I tried the Isis berast pump and never looked back. I could not control the suction with the electric pump and, however with the Isis I was able to control the pressure and was able to completely empty both breasts in less than 20 minutes total. The cushioning made the pump very comfortable. And my hand never got tired from manually pumping. I used this product years ago with my daughter and I am adding it to my registry for my second child. I highly recommend this for anyone who would like to continue breast feeding.Follow-up: My youngest daughter is now six weeks old and I still love this pump. Its a moust-have for breastfeeding mothers.

Cassie Versailles, MO

Great Pump for the Working Mom!

I received this as a shower gift and boy am I thankful! After I returned from the hospital and my milk came in, boy was I engorged!! I hadn’t expected to have to use this until I actually went back to work, but I was hurtin bad and was so greatful I had this already. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have one yet-probably exploded!I went back to work as my son turned 2 months old. I wanted to continue breastfeeding, and this has helped me do just that. I work in a small office with nothing but a handful of men…with one bathroom! So I didn’t want an electric one where everyone could hear an odd humming sound coming from the closed door. With this one, I can discreetly pump in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. It expresses the milk pretty fast in my opinion and it doesn’t really hurt. Maybe because my nipples are toughened up now. It’s great to store the milk in if you need to or for the ride home. It keeps it at a good temperature until you can get to a refridgerator again (I don’t use the cold packs).All in all, this is a great breast pump set in every way.Something else that is great is that I own the Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer and it has slots especially for the Avent pump to click into-and Avent bottles. It only takes 4 minutes in the microwave to have everything sterilized. Awesome all the way around!

Monique Portal, ND

No need to spend $$$ on Medela’s Pump-in-Style

Two of my friends used this one daily and recommended it to me. One of them went back to work and bought Medela just for pumping at work. I simply got this set to use both at home & work, and am I glad that I didn’t need electric pump to express milk quickly – with ISIS, I can get 1 oz foremilk in less than a minute! Of course it takes a little longer for hindmilk because the pressure from the breast is less by then. On average it takes less than 10 minutes to pump 4-5 oz.I was back to work 2 weeks ago & have been using it twice a day. Before this I used it 1-2 times a day to pump a ounce or so foremilk for 6 weeks, and it works very well for me. All the parts are sturdy. You just have to make sure that you don’t turn the connecting “neck” while pumping, else you’ll drop the bottle!The numerous parts are a little daunting to assemble in the beginning, but you’ll be an expert in no time. Just be careful with the little white valve when washing the parts, without it the pump won’t work. But the kit does have extra valves.The insulated carrying bag is attractive and discrete. There’s even a non-transparent drawstring pouch for storing breastmilk-filled bottles in the common fridge at work where everyone keeps their lunches! The included bottles, nipples etc represent extra values.I’m extrememly pleased with this Avent product and have also bought Avent Microwave Express Sterilizer in which the ISIS pump parts can be sterilzed.Jan 3,2003: I’ve been working full time and nursing for the past 4.5 months using Isis exclusively. I’m so happy to report that it’s been working great for me without any problems at all. My now 6.5 month old daughter is at a healthy 65 percentile.

Maritza Londonderry, OH

Works perfect with me 🙂

I love my Isis. A friend bought it to me as a gift and I use it everyday. First it was a little hard, but it was only because my milk wasn’t coming out at all. But after my production started, the pump started to work perfectly. Highly recommended 🙂

Roxanne Argenta, IL

best buy!

it’s THE best item you can buy! practical, easy to carry, easy to store.maybe, it should come with 3 9oz bottles and 1 4oz, instead of 2 and 2; becuase babies rapidly start needing more and more…also all mags that come with these items are great, with great tips, some of them are not even included in m. stoppard’s book! very useful.i STRONGLY recommend this item!

Alison Hammondsville, OH