Philips AVENT Magic Sport Spouts, 18+ Months

Philips AVENT Magic Sport Spouts, 18+ Months

Philips Avent Magic Super Sport Spouts

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  • Philips Avent Magic Super Sport Spouts

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Doesn’t fit Pura Kiki stainless bottle

Bought this for our Pura Kiki stainless bottles as the other Avent sippy spout we have fits, as well as the Born Free sippy spout. However this particular spout did not fit. Can’t really review the usefulness of the spout in that we use Pura Kiki stainless sillies exclusively.

Ruthie Neligh, NE

My favorite of the 3 sizes of Avent sippy spouts

I use these spouts with my stainless steel sippy cups (Kleen Kanteen & Pura Kiki)…these actually run just slightly bigger round than the 2 smaller sizes from Avent so it can be a little harder to get on, but you’re guarenteed no leaks out the vent hole once on because of it! To get on you have to put it in place then twist the top until it “pops” on…not too difficult but you can’t just expect to just put it in place like the other sizes. These are my favorite, though, because they’re tighter they don’t leak out the vent hole like the other 2 can do at times. The only leak it does have is when your child sucks up liquid & then may not drink all that was sucked into the spout then there’s leftover…that will leak out of the cup is tipped but that’s it & only if it’s left in there & tipped. Love these…actually have already bought more to replace the smaller sizes.

Rosemarie Buras, LA

18 month old loves these

My 18 month old loves these “big boy” spouts, and I LOVE them since they don’t spill!! It is nice to not have to worry about his water bottle leaking all over the car anymore.

Dorothea Orion, IL

Indestructable and leakproof!

I use these to use with Pura stainless steel baby bottles. Putting the spout in is a tight fit, but it isn’t going anywhere once it’s in. I’ve never had one leak. They are very sturdy and made from hard plastic. I’ve been using them since my son was 11 months old because he destroys silicone spouts. These are indestructable (so far!) and seem like they will last for a long time. I’ve been using the same two for over six months and they show no sign of wear. You have to be careful not to misplace the small piece that goes under the spout and makes it spill proof, though. It’s a small clear circle and would be really easy to lose in the dishwasher.

Mina Prudenville, MI

Good with AVENT bottles, had trouble fitting other AVENT-compatible

This works with our AVENT bottles. It did leak a tiny bit, but what sippy top doesn’t. We had trouble using it with ourPura Stainless Steel bottles. They will fit, but with quite a bit of coercion. All other AVENT sprouts/nipples that we used have fit the Pura bottles, so not sure why these are different.

Sandra Marengo, IN

Just OK

I bought these for my son’s Kleen Kanteens. We already had the green, hard spouts from AVENT. I can’t tell much of a difference between the two. Save your money if you already have the green spouts from AVENT. BUT, these work perfectly fine and if you need need new spouts, these would work great, too=)

Kathrine Sparland, IL

They don’t just leak they pour

I bought these to use with my Kleen Kanteen’s – and although they do fit they leak like crazy. If the bottle is not upright the water just flows out. I was so disappointed.

Rae Iberia, OH

Maybe Its just my kids but…

I bought Avent bottles because of their ability to be used as sippy cups. Trying to save myself a little cash and the nuisance of more cups. Alas, my kids just have no interest in these what so ever. Not to mention Avent bottles barely screw together so my kids can way too easily take the tops off. If I could go back I would have bought a different brand of bottle. Ultimately a waste of money.

Jill Amboy, MN

Works with Pura Kiki Bottles

Works well with our Pura Kiki bottles. Isn’t completely leak proof in that if your child sips but doesn’t swallow all that they sipped that portion will leak out when cup is turned over. Otherwise it does appear to be virtually leakproof.

Kitty Valyermo, CA