Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

The Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump has a unique design that enables a more relaxing and comfortable expressing position for easier milk flow. This BPA free manual pump is great for moms who want to pump either at home or on the go. It features a soft, textured massage cushion to help gently stimulate milk flow, an ergonomic handle you can operate with one hand, and a lightweight, compact design. Key Features: Allows you to sit comfortably upright while you pump.

Main features

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  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • BPA-Free
  • More comfortable pumping position due to unique design
  • Soft, textured massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow
  • Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast
  • Compatible with other Philips AVENT feeding products, such as Natural and Classic bottles and milk storage containers

Verified reviews


Simple, Compact & Portable – but having a double electric breast pump is even better.

Great for mums with engorged breasts! My wife’s breasts were engorged after a few days of childbirth and the manual Philips Avent SCF330 came in very handy to express out the excess milk. While it does not have the ease of an electric breast pump which can be regulated with a touch of a button, it works wonderfully for the price.My wife likes the pump as it was almost intuitive to use – just put to the breast, pump rhythmically (i.e. prime then pump) and store in the bottle.Some other great features of the pump is that it has a massage cushion that is comfortable on the breasts, and that it is angled in such a way that she does not need to lean forward to express the milk. Comes with a 2-year warranty too.Do note that the SCF330 product includes only:1) Main pump2) Natural bottle (not a storage bottle)3) Bottle nipple4) Nipple CapOverall, a fairly complete system for all mums.Additional review after using the Medela double electric breast pump.After my wife tried the Medela double electric breast pump, this Philips Avent manual breast pump was literally tossed aside as she loves the ease of the electric breast pump. She now swears by the double electric breast pump that has double the efficiency of the single manual breast pump.

Geneva Hooper, NE

Great pump, Very efficient

I use this pump and the Lansinoh double electric breast pump. I can get 2-4 oz in this pump in half the time it takes from the Lansinoh electric. At one sitting, I tried pumping first with the Lansinoh electric, and after about 1.5oz, and 15 minutes each, my breasts seemed to run dry. Right after, I picked up the Avent manual and started pumping. I was able to get another ounce if not more. I don’t know about other electric pumps, but compared to the Lansinoh, this manual does 10x a better job, and FASTER.Also, it’s portable so I can pump wherever/whenever rather than having to hook myself up to a machine and electric plug somewhere. I have since switched back to pumping only with this manual pump, because I can fill it quicker and do it anywhere. I pump 8-10 times per day. It hooks up to any Avent bottle, but I’ve found that the smaller ones work best for me, as I’ve had some leak issues with the larger ones. The small bottle it comes with is best.As for the labor intensity, it’s really nothing. Squeezing in and out is not half as bad as it seems, and most times I can get a stream of milk going by holding the handle in the downward position after a squeeze (and not actually “pumping” per se.), which is great and fast.I agree with another review that it does squeak here and there, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it has been a life saver for me. After trying the electric pump, I thought my milk supply was low or not enough, but after switchingto this manual pump I was pleasantly surprised and could easily provide enough for my baby. What a relief! Do not hesitate to purchase this pump, even if in addition to whatever electric you may be considering. The portability and efficiency is a huge benefit.

Libby Strawberry, AR

Best manual pump you can buy

This is the second Philips Avent manual pump that I have owned. I loved the previous model and I love this one as well. well, as much as someone could love a breast pump.The previous version did not come assembled, this one does, but you will want to take it apart and practice putting it back together. The handle, cushion, and valve are all removable for washing. It is very easy to put back together once you get the hang of it. This comes with a 4 oz bottle which is less than I pump sometimes, but it is compatible with all Philips Avent bottles, so I can pop on a 9 oz bottle if I need to.I had no problems expressing milk with this pump and I felt no discomfort. The cushion for the flute is very comfortable, but sometimes milk gets behind it and it squeaks. It’s no louder than an electric pump. I barely notice the noise anymore. The flute is positioned at an upward angle so you can sit and pump.If you are a working mom and plan on pumping at work, this is a great option. I had never pumped before so I wasn’t sure if this would be effective but I was surprised that this worked so well for me. I use it on my breaks and then screw on the included lid and store in the refrigerator. I use this with the older Avent bottles but these new ones are even better because you don’t need the separate seals.

Jami Jennerstown, PA

not easy to use

With broken packing and not easy to use, the attaction is not so stronge. Need manually push and push, and seems not easy to clean.

Terry Willow Hill, IL

Not sure its for the wife

So with the new born, we have been using Medela Symphony from the hospital. When trying to use the Philips Avent, it felt comfortable for the wife, however requiring pumping multiple times is not feasible for her at this time. She had to pump atleast 25 times to get milk, maybe it will improve in the future, but at this time, she will be sticking with an automatic pump.

Shari Bloomfield Hills, MI

Works great, manual pump most improved item from last style

Avent makes the best bottles around in my opinion; great high quality products, widely available parts, and easy to use. I have the full array of the last generation of parts. They have since changed the bottle shape and all accessories, and while they are for the most part interchangeable. This manual pump is the most greatly improved item since the change.I never thought I would use a manual but I almost prefer it because it can be more gentle and portable. This set includes everything you need to pump, and is easy to use at or away from home. All the parts are dishwasher safe, and mine have fared just fine on the numerous occasions they have accidentally been washed on the bottom rack.The biggest advancement of this one over the last version is that there is more of a slant in the neck of the pump, allowing you to sit in a more relaxed position. The other one has a straighter neck so you have to sit really propped up to avoid milk collecting in the neck. This one lets the gravity do the work for you while giving your tired back a break. Also, five stars for still making them in England!!

Erin Lakeside, OR

I prefer my electric pump – this manual one takes me forever!

I tried repeatedly to use this Philips manual pump. Despite my repeated attempts, it was never easy or efficient for me. Other reviewers mentioned that they got more milk, and/or got it faster, with this pump than with their electric pumps. For me this was the opposite. I get more milk using my Medela electric double-pump with hands-free bra AND I can multi-task. In fact, my milk supply started to dry up when I tried to use this Philips pump more and my Medela electric less. Using this Philips manual pump was also frustrating because it took both of my hands to operate it. Additionally, if I didn’t tightly push it against my breast, then it wouldn’t work, so I was uncomfortable while using it. And, since it was only a single pump, it took me twice as long to pump than with my electric double-pump.But I had even more problems with this Philips pump besides it taking a long time and collecting less milk. For example, it squeaks when I use it. I didn’t mind this so much when I was home alone pumping, but when people are around, the sound draws attention to what I am doing. It’s a little embarrassing. Another problem is that the collection reservoir (bottle) had a tendency to get unscrewed while I was operating the pump unless I was careful. Also, the silicone part that connects the handle to the rest of the apparatus and creates the suction effect seems weak to me. It does not seem highly durable or strong, and instead seems like it could warp over time, and also not produce powerful enough suction.I also want to point out that the flow rate of your breast milk is a key factor. If your breasts have a "fast flow", or if you are an “over-producer”, then maybe this pump will work for you, and you will be able to collect a lot of milk with it. But if your breasts have a "slow flow" like mine or do not produce a lot of milk in general, using this pump could be very frustrating for you. I was only able to collect one ounce of milk per breast per session using this pump.

Roberta Mereta, TX

Pump It Up!!

My daughter is almost 5 months old, and I’ve been pumping since day one. For over a month, she had latching problems, so I almost exclusively pumped. (To any other Moms out there having this problem, take heart! One day, after weeks of fighting, she just got it. She latched with no problem and continued to get better at it. She is a pro now, and nursing has finally become the beautiful bonding experience I expected it to be.)For the first two months, I rented anAmedasystem from the hospital. After that, I switched to aMedelalent to me by a friend. For hand pumping, I used aMedelathat worked a little like a bicycle pump.I was a little leery of theAvent pumpat first. I wasn’t sure how well the massage cushion would work and the handle didn’t seem like it would give me enough suction. I was pleasantly surprised by both the comfort and efficiency. On a pump where I was able to get about 2.5 ounces with the Philips manual pump, I attempted to pump with myMedelapump to see if there was anything left. The amount I was able to pull with theMedelawas negligent. I usually also do hand expressing after I pump and I’m usually able to get at least an ounce, sometimes more, out of each breast. When I tried this after using theAvent pump, I was able to get less than a half ounce. This is great, because it’s not really enough for me to justify having to hand express. The pump is very comfortable. I experience considerably less leaking with this pump than with my Medela sets.In addition to the hand pump, the set comes with one 4 ounce bottle for milk collection. This bottles converts to a baby bottle with the included nipple and bottle cap. For the price point, it would have been nice if a couple more, possibly larger, containers were included. My currentAvent bottleswork well with this set, fitting onto the hand pump perfectly. I love being able to pump directly into a bottle. Being able to use the same container to pump, store, heat and feed is a huge convenience. Anything that cuts down the the amount of baby dishes that I’m hand washing is a plus.

Rose Reddell, LA

Excellent pump. Worth the cost.

With my first child, I had (and still use) the Ameda Purely Yours electric pump. It is great, but this time around, I realized I wanted a manual pump for travel, overnights at the in-laws and for those times when I didn’t want to go into my son’s room and wake him up just to get the pump. I don’t have to pump every single day, but I do pump a few times a week. (I am lucky enough to be able to nurse him myself most of the time.)This pump is great! Very comfortable and very efficient. I don’t think it has an excessive number of parts, as a few reviews have mentioned; and the cleaning process is the same as any other pump–i.e. what gets taken apart, sterilized, etc… After you’ve taken the pump apart and put it back together the first time, you can almost do it in your sleep. I did buy a couple of extra bottles and fast flow nipples so that I had some flexibility with feeding containers. But I would have bought them regardless, since my son likes this type of bottle and we needed more bottles in general. The action is very smooth and I don’t need to squeeze the handle at a rapid pace. I actually find it more effective to squeeze and hold the handle to get more milk per pump. I haven’t had any issues with strange noises or it being too loud. No pump is completely silent but this one is very quiet. The cushioned flange is comfortable, too. More so than my Ameda pump. I would be happy enough just having this manual pump, since I don’t need one for multiple times each day.

Young Beach City, OH

Pumps better than my electric…

I was having issues with my supply and pumping enough for my baby to eat while I was out of the house. Sadly my electric pump broke so I purchased this to use until my new electric came in. Never did I think that my electric pump breaking would be a good thing! This manual pump has gotten more milk out of me than my electric! I get anywhere from 2-4 ounces per breast when I barely got 1 ounce from my electric. It’s also very comfortable as you control the pressure and speed 100%.If you are having issues with not pumping enough I highly recommend this manual pump.

Kathryn Glen Gardner, NJ

Not a fan.

I purchased this manual pump for two reasons: (1) it’s compatible with the bottles we use, and (2) I wanted an easy to use pump in case I need to pump in the car or in the middle of the night. I also liked the fact that it had a massage cushion. After reading other reviews I figured I’d give it a try. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan. Although I like the fact that you don’t have to lean forward in order to collect your expressed milk, it’s about the only thing that I do like.What I don’t like:- Being that it’s a manual pump, it’s to be expected that it’ll take longer than an electric pump. However despite being able to control the speed it takes 20-25 minutes to pump one side with this manual pump versus 10 minutes with my electric.- After about 5 minutes my hand gets tired and starts to hurt. The instructions say to switch hands if this happens but then I end up having two sore hands and don’t want to pump the other side.- I can’t seem to use the pump without holding it with one hand and pumping with the other. This isn’t very convenient.- I can’t use the massage cushion since my boobs are too big. Being this was one of the reasons I wanted this pump, it kind of defeats the purpose.- It’s hard to know when I’ve emptied my boob since I can’t really look down and see if anything is still dripping and then the part where the milk is being pumped ends up foggy up/getting covered with milk.Overall, this manual pump isn’t for me.

Edythe Scotia, CA

Good for occasional use

If you need to be pumping regularly, this pump will be far more effort that it’s worth. Taking it apart to clean it is a bit of a chore, and i can’t imagine doing it several times a day. In addition, if you’re expressing all milk you feed your child, the time it would take to do so manually could be quite frustrating.However, if you mostly breastfeed, but need a pump for occasional time away from your baby (a night out, for example), this will serve you well. It’s manual, which means it’s slower and less efficient than an electric pump, but it’s also very small and could probably fit in an overnight bag or even a roomy purse if needed. The silicone lining makes it surprisingly comfortable, too.The instructions are a little vague when discussing how to clean the pump. They say to take it apart completely, but there are some pieces that don’t look like they’re supposed to come apart that are, and some pieces that look like they might break down further, but don’t. A review of the diagram a few pages before is necessary.Where the instructions are especially detailed and useful is the instructions on how to pump. Anyone new to manual pumps should read them, and read them carefully, to avoid pumping too hard or too fast, either of which could be painful or even damaging.The pump only comes with one small (4 oz) bottle, so if you produce more than that in a sitting, you’ll need to buy a larger bottle.

Laura Gable, SC

Love this pump!

I’m a full time nurser, but like to have the choice to leave a bottle of expressed milk for daddy in case I have to run an errand or go to an appointment. I’ve used this with 3 of my 4 babies and it is by far the best manual pump I’ve tried. It wouldn’t replace an electric for a working mom, but it is great for the occasional pumper like me. I’ve tried other manual pumps and they HURT! The massage cushion is really what sets this pump above the others. It is also quiet. I like to nurse baby on one side and pump on the other. Not happening with my noisy, bulky electric pump. The Avent pump is quiet and discreet. I’d definitely recommend this product for a mom interested in pumping the occasional bottle of milk.

Deloris Medway, MA

Great for sensitive breasts

I had a really hard time breastfeeding, and even more pumping. The electric pumps hurt me. This is the only pump I could get that actually worked and was comfortable. Even though it’s manual, I could express quite a bit of breastmilk quickly and without pain. I used it with my first baby and I bought it again for my second and I’m happy I did. It’s just very comfortable to use.

Madelyn Ocean Beach, NY

great manual pump

I purchased this pump because I regularly use a hospital-grade pump but needed something for occasional on-the-go pumping. I rented a pump from the hospital when our baby arrived 2 months early – With a preemie it was important to have a really great pump to get my milk to come in. After about a month though, I didn’t want to continue to be tied to the non-portable hospital pump all the time. Occasionally, I wanted to be able to go somewhere and pump while I was out if need be, rather than rushing home every 2-3 hours. I tried both this pump and the tommy tippee single manual pump and this was the HANDS DOWN winner. (tommy tippee was awful…) Let down was fast, and pumping was super efficient and almost faster than the double electric. The grip was comfortable and didn’t require awkward positioning. I wouldn’t want to use this pump 100% of the time, but for someone who is mostly nursing and needs to be able to occasionally pump (or someone who has a non-portable double electric), this is the best choice.

Lauri Lowry, MN

Light, compact, and works great

To be honest, I was a little nervous at the thought of using a manual breast pump. Would it work very well? Would it hurt? I’m pleased to say this was extremely comfortable and surprisingly easy to use. The stimulation was gentle, all surfaces comfortable, and absolutely pain-free. I love how lightweight and compact it is, making it perfect to stick in a diaper bag. Great product that is both easy and convenient to use.

Rosella Lake Delton, WI

My Wife Likes It

My wife uses this for quick and easy pumping without having to drag around the powered pump to work. It serves its purpose and is useful for her at work. It seems discreet enough and is easy to put together and take apart. Overall, she seems to be happy with it, but it cannot replace a powered model, especially since this is obviously capable of doing one breast at a time. She is happy with this and says the cushion is nice. The only con, I suppose, is the price.

Keisha Fessenden, ND

Don’t Bother

This is a pain to use. I would save up gift cards, or make sure you put an electric pump on your registry. This isn’t going to get the job done for you.

Bobbie Mount Holly, VA

comfortable grab and go convenience

I handed this product off to my wife for a review. She loves it. The pumps she has use in the past have been different in two ways: not as comfortable, and electric. She was excited to try a manual pump, imagining that she would be better able to regulate the pumping if she did it manually. She was excited to find this true, but even more excited to come and inform me that the flanges on these really are more comfortable and she felt like it was easier to get a good seal. She also appreciated the simplicity and low number of parts (to wash). She was even impressed with how it fits into the packaging to store in the box when she is in between nurslings. The only complaint she had was that (as you might expect) it tired out her hands, it is a manual pump after all.

Herminia Stoy, IL

Comfortable and simpler design than Medela

the little pump parts for Medela manual are more numerous: I count 5 not including the bottle. The smallest piece is easy to loose, the 2nd smallest piece gets stuck in the assembly. In contrast, this Avent combines those two parts into one that is larger, easier to keep track of and clean. On the Avent, the part in question is the small white silicone vent/valve that allows milk to drip into the bottle. As another reviewer said, you don’t have to lean forward to get the expressed milk into the bottle (other pumps tend to leak out a good deal around the breast if you don’t lean forward).

Desiree Chaplin, CT

Avent Comfort, Avent Isis, Medela Harmony and Lansinoh Compared

Through a series of unfortunate events, I’ve come to own six different manual breast pumps and two electric ones. My manuals include the Lansinoh, the Medela Harmony and two generations of Avent pumps. This is how they compare (from worst to best):(1)Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. I own the Freestyle, so I thought that I would like the Medela brand manual. Not so. The valve system on this pump is a thin flip attached to hard plastic. It simply does not generate as much suction as the sturdier Lansinoh and Avent valves, and therefore it does not trigger let down as well or get as much milk. If this is the only pump you have, you might not realize it, because you will still get some milk, but when I compared it to my Avent, it was taking about five minutes longer and getting an ounce less per breast. I liked that you could switch out the breast cup to accommodate different nipple sizes, and assembly was slightly easier, but it does not have the “massage cushion” which makes it a little less comfortable. Of course, the lack of cushion also means that milk can’t get stuck in the cushion and drip like the other three pumps, so it’s good and bad. But the bottom line is that I have supply problems, so I just couldn’t settle for a pump that generated less milk. It’s in the garbage now.(2)Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump(aka the Older Model Avent). These pumps are comfortable to use and generate a lot of milk, but the valve system is a small dime sized piece of plastic that pops out while pumping and easily gets lost. Fortunately, you can now buy replacement valves that are inch long pieces of sturdy, flexible plastic. Those are a must for Avent users.Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump Valves. Also, even though I like this pump, it is annoying that it collects milk in the cushion and drips out easily. It shares this problem with the newer Comfort Avent, and the Lansinoh, but not the Medela, which does not have a cushion.(3)Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, 1-Count. This pump is cheaper than the Avent, and uses the same type of valve, so unlike the Medela, it is almost as effective as the Avent at getting milk. It also takes standard size bottles, including Medela, Even-flo, etc, which is an advantage if you don’t already use Avent bottles. Still, I prefer the Avent for two reasons: first, the massage cushion on the Avent has “petal” air pockets that I like, and second, the Lansinoh takes much more effort to pump. My hand gets tired within five or ten minutes of using this pump, which is not a problem I’ve had with either the Medela or Avent pumps. I think it is because the diaphragm on the Lansinoh is much thicker. So, well, I can see certain advantages to this Lansinoh (cost, bottles), it’s not my favorite.(4)Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump(aka the Newer Model Avent). These pumps are the best. The most comfortable to use, the short neck can be placed right next to the breast. They also get the most milk without making my hand tired. The only disadvantages are that they are somewhat harder to assemble than the Medela, can’t accommodate different nipple sizes, cost more than the Lansinoh, require special Avent shaped bottles (usually included) and drip small amounts of milk from the cushion. Still, the assembly difference is small, and I can learn to control milk dripping from the cushion. Comfort and milk matter most to me, so I enjoy this pump the most. If, heaven forbid, I need a seventh breast pump, I will buy another one of these.

Briana Cannelton, IN

good pump overall

This is a good manual pump overall. We got it basically to use as a backup for times away from home (a trip to the grandmother’s, for instance). My wife didn’t have previous experience with a manual but found this one to have a pretty intuitive design. The slanted neck allows her to sit upright and helps the flow. My wife was skeptical at first that she would ever use a manual, but it actually takes less effort than we thought and works almost as good as an electric. Cleaning all the parts can be a bit of a chore, but overall this seems like a pretty well made pump. I’m giving it 4 stars for an overall good product, but I think it’s a tad on the pricey side (at $40) to get a full 5.

Jeannine Watersmeet, MI

Not great

With my first baby, I used the Medela Harmony hand pump and it worked great. But this time around, I’ll be using the Avent bottles, and thought it would be convenient to have the pump that would attach directly to them. This pump simply does not work as well as the Medela. I have gone back to the Medela and bought the Avent breast pump conversion kit, which works great.

Wendi Ellwood City, PA

Nifty, but a pain for on the go

I have an electric pump to use at home, and I got this hand pump to bring out in public.But with all the rubber pieces, it is a pain to clean and use outside of the home. It is also pretty bulky. It also doesn’t allow for larger breast sized, I feel like it is one-size fits all.. but it doesn’t fit all.On the upside, it works well, and I like how it allows the natural let-down do a lot of the work. So you don’t have to pump continuously, just long enough for you to let-down. There are videos on youtube that help you understand how to work it better. It also has a rubber petal cover for the flange, and it is soft and comfortable, but i feel like it takes away from the suction power.

Blanche Rexville, NY

I stopped using this and bought the Medella Harmony

It is loud! And didn’t seem to work very well. The Medella Harmony is much quieter, I can barely hear it at all and has great suction.

Faith Stoneville, MS


If you pump a few times a week, this is the best pump to use. I can walk around the house using it instead of tied to a machine. The Freestyle is cordless but costs $300 more.This pump is easy to wash and use.TIP- don’t wash after every use, keep it in the fridge instead to slow bacteria growth.- pump in the morning when most people have the most milk. My baby is 12 weeks. I can pump about 100 ml in the morning.

Francesca Biscoe, NC

Very comfortable.

So far I like this pump. My first pump was the Isis, but the little valve inside it kept popping loose during use so I bought this new pump. The valve inside is very sturdy, which I greatly appreciate. It can handle greater suction. This one has a shorter handle than the previous pump, and a shorter suction cup and nozzle. It’s a little harder to see the milk going in but it’s workable.I noticed that this pump didn’t come with a cap for the bottom like the Isis did. I don’t wash mine with every use, I leave it in the fridge and wash once every two days. Yes, it’s a little cold! ha.The Isis had a cap so I could store the unit contained, but this one forces me to keep a bottle attached to the bottom during storage. It’s not a big deal, just a little annoying.Overall I do like this pump. I like the size and handle on the Isis better but the valve and inner mechanisms on this one is better.

Susana Peru, ME

amazing pump!

I’ll preface this with I have never used a manual pump, just a medela single electric. I was weary of getting enough milk with this and also because I read this isn’t good for large breasts- I’m not sure how large these other women are, but I am a D cup and I got 4 oz from one side with no struggles in less than 5 minutes. Sure its annoying pumping, but its a manual. Its not electric. Poor reviews solely based on the fact that it bothers your hand is silly since it never claimed to be automatic. This is plenty comfortable in my opinion and efficient. I would definitely recommend!

Lora Moody, ME

Really annoying to use

Been using this for about a month now, everyday. I find this pump annoying to use. It’s hard to get the initial suction on your breast. It takes me almost 5 minutes each time to get it. I would have it centered and everything but it just wouldn’t suck! And there are times where I would get it and then after one or two pumps it would lose it again. With the Medela manual I did t have this problem. But after a few minutes of actual pumping it doesn’t have this problem if you take the pump off and put it back on. Don’t know why it does this only in the beginning.I also noticed that after I have used the pump for maybe 2 weeks, it started squeeking on the top, the part that goes up/down as you press the pump. Turns out it sucked up some milk up there causing it to squeek. (Plastic + liquid + friction = annoying squeeking) I would have to take it apart and then wipe it dry and then start again.The only pro I see in this pump is that I can empty out my breasts faster than I did with the Medela. Other than that I would choose Medela over this.

Willie Dayton, NJ

Works Pretty Well

I have to admit that this is pretty "comfy" with the padded flange. I have not used any other manual pumps before so have nothing to compare this to. So I guess my milk output is ok – I am getting between 2-4oz in a little over 15min.

Sally Bethlehem, KY