Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

The New Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer has a lightweight and compact design, which makes it ideal for use in and out of the home. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid remains unopened.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Ultra fast, easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Effective sterilization
  • Accommodates all Philips avent bottles
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Good sterilizer

We purchased this in advanced for our Orlando trip so we didn’t need to lug our Dr. Brown’s microwave sterilizer. We’ve had the opportunity to use two microwave steam sterilizers before this: Dr. Brown’s and First Years so we were able to make a comparison between the three. Of the three, this was the most expensive. The price could easily be justified with the two features that the other two didn’t have – the locking clasps on the sides and the removable tray. We didn’t really make use of the mini thong that it came with but the tray was super useful. Generally we allow excess water to drip on a drying pan off the bottles and its parts and the parts of the breast pumping set my wife uses after we wash them. With the removable tray, we were able to kill two birds with one stone, per se. The removable tray allows us to concurrently drip and load the items to be sterilized. We’ll probably order another one of these because we decided to leave this one at our Orlando home for our future vacations there.

Kristi Vaucluse, SC

Works well, even with Dr Browns

We switched to Dr Brown’s bottles shortly after buying this sterilizer, but it has worked well for over 3 months of twice daily use. Now that we are moving on to the larger bottles it will no longer do the job, due to the height of the bottles. I don’t blame the manufacturer for that though, as I am using different bottles than were intended.Be careful taking it out of the microwave and removing the lid. The steam is HOT! (it is steam!!)

James Moscow, TN

So far so good

Its a great sanitizer/steamer solution. Its quick and easy but one word of caution for parents who think this will clean your baby items. It doesnt, so make sure you clean all the residue off bottles, nipples, etc… before you sanitize them!

Flora Gilmer, WV

Good product

This is a good product, easy to follow directions and easy to use. It is rather large, so if you don’t have the extra space, this might not be the best choice. And since it is designed for the Avent products, I would not recommend it for other brands of bottles.

Tommie Samburg, TN

A nice product & useful

My wife has been breast feeding our son since his birth this past January. So when he doesn’t eat directly from the breast, my wife will pump and store the milk for a later time. Well storage containers and bottles need to be sterilized for sanitary reasons. This product by Philips AVENT is a good product for this task.It should be noted that all the bottles and breast pump we have is by Medela and there was a concern that they won’t be compatible with this steamer. However, the Medela bottles fit fine into this steamer. This was nice because up until we received this steamer we were using the steam bags by Medela. These steam bags are nice but only have expiration, 20 uses a bag. This steamer omits the aspect of buying bags.In addition, the bottles can stand up nicely in this steamer which allow for an even distribution of cleanliness. The one negative aspect is this steamer is promoted as portable and that is a subjective statement. The steamer isn’t too big or heavy and it can be easily transported. However, we were in a hotel recently and the microwave was too small to accommodate this steamer. Most hotel/motel microwaves aren’t all that big, so one might want to hang on to those microwave steam bags. Overall this is a good product and easy to use.

Kitty Abbyville, KS

This is a waste of money – it is easier to just use a dishwasher to sterilize your bottles

First, you can only use Philips Avent bottles with this product. Most parents probably have a mix of bottles of various brands. The inability to mix and match with this sterilizer is its first flaw.Second, if you are using the larger (9 oz.) bottles, then you can only fit a few bottles into this sterilizer at a time. It fits more 4 oz. bottles of course, but we only used 4 oz. bottles for the first month or so before our newborn’s appetite required switching to larger bottles.Third and most importantly, you have to be very precise with the amount of water that you add to this sterilizer. Too much or too little will make it malfunction, and there is no easy way to tell how much water to add without measuring with an actual measuring cup. You can’t just eyeball it or guess. Even a little too much or too little water is enough to screw it up.I have found that it is a lot easier to just use my dishwasher’s top rack to sterilize my baby’s bottles. With this microwave steam sterilizer, you still have to clean your bottles first. So, you’re cleaning them and then sterilizing them, whereas your dishwasher will clean them and sterilize them AT THE SAME TIME.

Colette Englewood, CO

High quality and easy to use, but not quite travel-sized

This high quality steamer is made in England (Sudbury, Suffolk), not China fo a change. All it takes is 2-6 minutes in the microwave to sterilize your baby’s bottles (depending on your microwave’s power). Just fill it with 7 oz of water and zap. If your microwave is 1200-1850W, it takes just 2 minutes. If it’s weaker, it takes more time (6 min at 500-800W).The packaging says its compact and boasts “easy sterilization at home and away”, but I don’t think too many parents will be hauling this around in their cars. It’s very light but quite large, like a Cuisinart Cake Pan or salad spinner. The measurements are 6.6″ high x 11″ diameter.For home, however, this is perfect, although the price is not. It’s rather expensive for what essentially is just three pieces of plastic (and a little pair of ice tongs). It fits 4 bottles at a time and Philips claims it kills 99.9% of harmful germs. The bottles can stay covered and sterile for up to 24 hours. I am, however, not able to verify these claims, so for now, we just have to take their word for it.

June State Center, IA

Melted this to my Stove, It still Works

I really like this sterilizer for my breast pump parts and other baby items. I don’t actually use Avent bottles or nipples so I put all sorts of random brands in it and it still works great. I accidentally set in on a hot eye on the stove and it melted to it. I though for sure both the eye and the steamer were ruined. It came of pretty easy and the bottom of the steamer is a bit warped but it still works and the lid still snaps on properly. Overall I have been very happy with this.

Katie Hollister, NC

Easy Sterilizer

We don’t use a sterilizer very often, but when we do, this one is quite easy to use. For travel it’s easier to use the bags (somewhat disposable items), but this works good at home. Added benefit of keeping things sterile 24 hours if you don’t open it up.You can also use it as storage to attempt to declutter your counters of all the bottle related items.

Nicole Bainbridge, GA

Not a fan.

Was not a fan of this sterilizer at all. As a matter of fact, we used it one time…to sterilize our bottles immediately after purchasing them. It probably would’ve been easier to throw them into a pot of boiling water and time it, to be perfectly honest.

Earlene Bendavis, MO

A fantastic small investment

A fantastic small investment to make sure your newborns word is as sanitary as possible. The color is calm.. beautiful and highly recommended. Easy to use.

Eloise Markle, IN

Quick and Easy

I wasn’t sure investing in an actual sterilizer was going to be worth the money but this was a huge time saver! We were boiling pump parts and bottles around the clock it seemed. With a newborn we didn’t have a lot of extra time to be standing at the stove while everything boiled in a pot. This sterilizer is super easy to use. Just rinse anything you’re putting in, add water and lock the lid down. The microwave time is based on your microwave’s wattage. For us it was 4 minutes. It was a lifesaver! Would recommend to anyone looking to save time on sanitizing baby gear!

Cindy Lost Creek, KY

very convenient

Easy to use, fits most of the bottles and pumping accessories (we used both avent bottles and medela pump).The only thing is you have to shake the bottles very well after steamed it, otherwise the water will stay inside of the bottles and pumping accessories forever, it wont dry even after a night…shake it! shake it!

Terry Watertown, WI

Easy to Use

Since my husband is the primary user of this product, I asked him for input when rating this product. His quick response was, "I like it. It’s easy to use," thus the not-so-clever headline for this review.In our household, this sterilizer is used multiple times a day… for two reasons: (1) I am an over-producer when it comes to breast milk, and (2) we’re cheap and don’t want to buy a whole much of bottles. Currently, we mostly use the 5oz Medela bottles and 4oz cheap-o bottles that we got from the NICU.We don’t exactly follow the grooves in the sterilizer and have found our own way of arranging the bottles and lids. We are able to sterilize 8 bottles and 8 lids at one time. We also sterilize my pump parts in here a couple times per week. We used to sterilize bottle nipples, but have not in a long time because our 6-month-old baby has a lot of health issues and actually lost the skill and desire to eat orally. We feed him everything through an NG tube right now. (It’s hard, but that’s the only way we can get him fed these days. Sniff, sniff.) It takes 3 minutes in the microwave, so it’s pretty darn quick.Our only minor complaint about this sterilizer is that two of the grooves can sometimes cause the Medela bottles to topple. But we realize that this is probably because this sterilizer was made for Philips AVENT bottles, so we don’t feel right deducting any stars for this complaint.

Trina Van Buren, IN

Great in the house, use bag for travel.

This sterilizer is pretty good, it works on most bottles (I use NUK). It takes only 2 minutes and the handles are not hot-easy to take from the microwave.But this is not travel item, I wouldn’t take it with me even on a road trip in the car, it is bulky. Definitely won’t fot smaller microwaves too (it is 7″ high and 11″ in diameter).For travel and for small apartments/condos where storage is limited I highly recommend steam bags. I use Medela’s, but there are for example Dr. Brown’s or Munchkin. Each bag gives 100 uses and they work the same: add water and steam for 2-3 minutes. Just have to be careful about the heat and read instructions. They also affordable.

Louise Saint Charles, SD

Does not wash bottles

Returned bc I thought this was for easy bottle cleaning but the directions tell you to wash bottles thoroughly before steaming w this item thus what’s the point? I guess if you’re OCD and want them extra sterile you would like this. ??? Double the trouble and not worth the time.

Bette Laclede, MO

Great news for new mothers

My grandaughter used this last night and it was so easy. She is such a germ freak that she sometimes scares me but she said she loved the fact that this was so easy AND so sterile. She told her husband she was going to town today and getting one of these and throw their other one away. She washed the babies bottles and put them into this and put it in the microwave and in no time at all had safe and clean bottles. She also liked the fact that she could sterilize the bottles and leave them in for 24 hours without contamination. This is according to the “germ freak” the best thing since cotton candy.

Marsha Naruna, VA

Sterilizes, Easy to Use, but not so compact

First off, this is a great idea and worth having. Our dishwasher broke last week, and this came just in time. We use bottles regularly for pumped breast milk (gives me a part in the feeding process and for when the grandparents or others are sitting). Our attempts to wash the bottles in the sink just never came out as clean as we’d like. Certainly not sterilized clean.This steam sterilizer adds an extra amount of protection, and while maybe not entirely necessary, is a great ‘just in case’ product.It couldn’t be easier to use. Put a bit of water in the bottom tray. Put the middle tray over it. Stack the bottles, put the lid on, and pop it in the microwave. For us, it’s for 4 minutes. More powerful microwaves can do it as short as 2 minutes.That’s all there is to it. Steam is a great sterilizer and this steams quickly and easily. It holds a fair number of smaller bottles, with caps and nipples, or a couple of bigger bottles. We don’t have any AVENT bottles, and so use this with our selection of other brands. While the middle tray has a guide of sort for bottle placement, I find that one can stack a variety of ways. Because it’s steam, it’s getting everywhere, so works great however you stack.Even nicer, this certainly isn’t limited to bottles. You can sterilize anything in here (as long as it can be steamed), so this is something that can be used even after baby is older.The only possible issue is size. We have a .9 cubic foot microwave and this just fits. Any smaller microwave and it won’t fit. As is for us it works great.

Margaret Wayzata, MN

Easy but Bulky

This is a great sterilizer. Super easy to use, and that it doubles as storage is really nice.My ONLY issue with it is the size. It is quite bulky. I’d rather it be smaller and have to use it more frequently than have it be as large as it is. I live in a manhattan apartment. This sterilizer takes up a full bigger shelf in a cupboard or a substantial amount of space on a countertop, and that’s premium real estate. For reference, you could store a stack of 12 plates on a shelf or have a blender on a countertop for the same space that this takes up.If space is not at a premium for you, this is great. If, like me, you have enough space issues and clutter as it is, you may find that this is not worth it. I think I’m going to switch to bags unless I find a smaller version of this concept. Because it really is nice to use. But I’d have found it more useful at half the size.

Margarita Waverly, FL

Plenty of Worthless Space

I’m sure this sterilizer works much better when using only Avent’s bottles. However, try using anything else and it comes up far short. Bottles don’t stay upright at all which is perhaps my biggest complaint. We ended up donating this sterilizer only after a couple of uses and bought instead the Playtex SmartSteam 3-in-1 Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizer which is 1000x times better and is much more universal than the Avent Sterilizer.

Nettie Colville, WA

Use it multiple times a day

Before I gave birth I had a lot of people tell me this product was a waste of money – just use a dishwasher. As a couple with our first baby, we don’t run the dishwasher enough to give me clean bottles as often as I need them. I have two of these and I use them both daily. Before our baby was born I did boil everything that was a massive hassle. I hear parents with multiple children who say sterilizing isn’t necessary, but as a first time mom I wanted to. These are so easy to use I don’t know why I wouldn’t use them with future babies. Wash everything like normal, put everything inside with some water, pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’re done – clean, sterile bottles, pacifiers, spoons.. whatever. I love this product and everything about it. It’s big, yes, but you can nuke 3 bottles and all their parts, or you can do quite a few breast milk containers, whatever you need it for. I leave both on our counter top because I’m always washing bottles. Once it’s full, in the microwave it goes. If you don’t have the extra space it might be a nuisance, but for me it’s a part of my daily routine.

Young Leon, WV

No a necessary item

It worked fine. I only used it once though because it only sterilizes (not washes) bottles. I put them into the dishwasher to wash them so that process sterilizes them too. No need to have this too (unless you hand wash everything).

Tonya Bartlesville, OK

Excellent for bottles & pump parts

This is easier to use and more efficient than the Medela micro-steam bags. However, it fits less than I expected and leaves the items very damp inside, therefore requiring much lengthier drying times.

Arlene Prescott, KS


This is easy and fast to use and SO much easier than boiling water and waiting and possibly burning yourself or, like me, dealing with hard water residue on those bottles.

Elsa Worth, MO

Time saver

This sterilizer is so convenient and easy. I use it for bottles, pacifiers and pump parts Saves a ton of time.

Allison Meadow Grove, NE

very practical

I used this twice a day since I breast feed and pump at the same time. It saves so much time as to compare to the traditional way of boiling water! I would recommend this product! so easy to use.

Dora Raquette Lake, NY

Easy to use

I love this sterilizer. I use it everyday to sterilize the bottles, It’s really fast and easy to use. The size is just perfect for my microwave.

Deirdre Dalton, NY

quick and easy for daily sterilization of pump parts and bottles

i love this. it’s easy to use and fits a lot more than what i can put and submerge in a large boiling pot! best part is i don’t have to watch a pot boil.

Bridget Deer Lodge, MT

Easy to incorporate into your routine. Added peace of mind and a real boon to a busy household

Having a young one or more keeps you busy. Sometimes not everything gets done. But of course you always want to get safety done no matter once. Well the Philips sterilizer makes it much easier to have the peace of mind of sterilizing bottles and nipples.It uses a microwave, is quick, very easy to learn and to get done in just a few minutes after you have washed a bottle. It is a lot easier than going into a dishwasher (wish we don’t use every night). Ease of use: There are three parts, bottom, bottle/nipple rest, and a top. You are warned to use exactly 7 ounces of water (easy to do as you will have a bottle handy) and put that in the bottom. You arrange the bottle parts as directed in the instructions. Latch down the top and then put in for the perscriped amount of time based on your microwave wattage.Be sure to check your wattage. Ours is a 1000 watt so it takes 4 minutes in, not 2 minutes. When done open the microwave door and after 2 minutes you can open the lid. I have had no safety problems at all. The bottles are warm but not burning hot and they cool down quickly. I can’t know for sure about the disinfection but if the science is sound then the unit itself is very easy to use. It is rather large. Not impossible to travel with, but for everyday use this is a great item to have. Would make a great gift or gift to yourself. By far the easiest way to sterilizer we have had, and by being easy it frankly gets done on a regular basis. Recommended.

Etta Skwentna, AK

The easiest way to sterilize

We couldn’t be happier with the Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer – it seems todo its job flawlessly and quickly (especially if you have a high-power microwave — 1200+ watts gets it done in 2 minutes). The only tiny issue is that the manual stresses that you need to use 7 ounces of water to sterilize – and that more or less could damage the sterilizer or ruin the sterilization process. If it’s that critical, how about giving us an obvious fill-line? But, really, that’s just a small issue. It’s a time-saver and it really encourages keeping everything clean/sterile because of how easy it makes the process.

Marietta Lakeside, MI