Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottles, 2 Pack

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottles, 2 Pack

The New Philips AVENT 8 ounce Natural glass bottle is the most natural way to bottle feed. The wide, breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on so you can easily combine breast and bottle feeding and the unique comfort petals provides an extra soft, flexible nipple without nipple collapse. In addition, the anti-colic slow-flow nipple helps newborns feed comfortably and easily and the ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for parents to hold and easy for small fingers to grasp. Assembly is simple with only a few parts and the wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. This AVENT Natural bottle is made from glass, a BPA-Free material and works with all nipples, rings, and caps from the Natural line .

Main features

  • Nipple is soft and breast-shaped to promote comfortable latch-on
  • Twin valves prevent babies from swallowing air to reduce colic
  • Ergonomic bottle is easy for parents and babies to grasp
  • Wide neck makes filling and cleaning easier
  • BPA free glass is easy to sterilize

Verified reviews


Horrible nipples – don’t waste your money on these

The glass bottles are nice but the whole bottle is useless all thanks to the new nipples. Our baby had a very tough time maintaining a good seal around the nipple and as a result milk would spill all around his neck. We initially thought it was the flow rate on the nipple but after trying different Avent nipples (that have slower flow rates) and getting the same messy results we decided to return the entire bottle set and get the Dr. Brown’s glass bottle set instead.

Millie Stanton, TN

Terrible- sent it back

Theses bottles leaked pretty bad. So badly that I sent them back. I read great reviews and the bottles were heavy and the tops leaked.

Cathryn Stilesville, IN

Great glass alternative to my favorite Avent bottles

I highly recommend these glass bottles. I haven’t tried Avent’s Natural line until now and loving it. I’m very slowly transitioning away from BPA plastics to all glass, however it is definitely cost prohibitive. Plan on buying more within a month or so.Pros:-Design. Looks great. The slight curvature of the bottle helps gripping a little I suppose…-Less parts to wash as it has no inner ring (as compared to Avent’s Plastic line and Dr. Browns which has TONS of parts and leaks on me)-It’s glass. So no worrying about harmful chemicals potentially leaching into milk.-Nipple is made well. The nipple makes a tight fit around the ring. Since my baby is on the small size, the Size 2 (which comes with the bottles) is just perfect for her.- I feel that it heats faster than the plastics. I pour in hot water wait 30 seconds, dump out the water, and pour in the milk then heat it as I normally do.Cons:-It’s glass. It’s heavier and bulkier. Of course if you drop it, you may be out $10.-After heating, I feel that the ring is harder to twist off. Oddly, I` don’t even twist it on too hard to start with.- The ring may be hard to twist off after use.I don’t normally review items but I felt compelled to after seeing some of these reviews. I haven’t had any issues with the labeling coming off nor any leaks. I also regularly stick it in a dishwasher (high heat) every day. I do agree that Avent needs to make a large size though but for the time being it’s enough.

Lucile White River Junction, VT

++ glass bottles

I really wanted glass bottles for my LO, when I got these I was impressed with the quality, they are thick, pyrex like glass bottles. The are not light but I am fine using them eve with 8 oz in them. I only wish Avent offered a sleeve, but I called them and they claim they are so sure these bottles won’t brake (apparently they threw them on cement and didn’t break -?!) that they don’t feel the need to offer a protective sleeve.I gave 4 stars because sometime they leak, I still have to understand what’s the trick so they won’t leak.

Augusta Buffalo Gap, SD

Love the Natural Glass Avent Bottles

These bottles are beautiful and I love to use them. My son spits up all of the time, on whatever bottles we use (whether it’s breast milk or formula), I can’t comment on the venting aspect, but these are always my go-to bottles. Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to put back together – only 4 parts (and that’s if you use the lid; we normally don’t). You can tell these are going to last a long time. Yes, they are expensive, but these will outlast any set of plastic bottles, and they won’t yellow and get discolored. I’ll be saving these for the next kiddo. I should also note that my son has no problem switching between breastfeeding and these bottles and nipples, and I prefer the Natural shape to the Classic.

Kelsey Irvington, VA

So far so good

Have only used this for one feeding. Just got it today. But I love it! Have been searching for a wide mouth glass bottle for awhile. She seemed to love it and took to it great. My only concern is if the venting is good or not. Remains to be seen. The nipple is very close to a natural nipple which I love.Update: the venting on these isn’t great you have to place the nipple just so on the collar and even then it puts bubbles into her milk and is so loud venting that sometimes it wakes her up when she is starting to fall asleep which I hate because its basically the only thing that gets her to sleep. That being said. She won’t take any other bottle when she is cranky she loves the nipple shape and so do I. And having it in glass is priceless!

Aida Lead Hill, AR

Love the bottles!

I really like these bottles.My son has been using them from when he was 3 weeks old, and he had absolutely no trouble with them or the nipples. The glass bottles themselves are of very good quality – I have dropped them a few times (they’ve fallen 3 feet on to hardwood floors), and they never chipped.They are very easy to clean too (unlike Dr Brown bottles which are SOOO painful).Since its glass, warming milk in it is also a speedy process.The only cons:1. I think that the milk flows a little too fast from the nipples. The 4 oz bottles come with stage 1 nipples, and I wish that they flowed slightly slower than they do. From that point, Dr Brown’s premie nipple has a slower flow rate than these.2. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to unscrew the plastic ring from the bottle – so I always have one of the plastic jar openers handy when using these bottles.However, I am very happy with these bottles, and have no intention of switching to anything else.

Saundra Langley, AR

Much better than plastic bottles

The plastic bottles turned yellow after 6 months with a lingering smell despite repeated washes with detergent. The glass ones are much much better…

Leila Strausstown, PA

Great Bottles

My husband and I felt very strongly about buying glass bottles for our baby because I don’t like the idea of chemicals leaching out of plastic into my baby’s food–BPA or not. We bought these bottles and Dr. Brown’s in glass and really liked both. For the first couple months, we stuck with Dr. Brown’s because it seemed like he handled the flow of those a bit better (it’s slower at the same stage) and I thought the venting system helped his tummy feel a bit better. Once he was diagnosed with reflux, we began thickening his formula and the Avent bottles worked really well.My favorite features:-All glass bottle-The nipples don’t drip formula, the baby has to work a bit more to get anything out-More natural design-Fewer pieces and parts (as opposed to Dr. Brown’s)Minor complaints:-Level 1 flow seemed a bit fast for our newborn-The plastic top doesn’t always thread easily onto the glass. This usually just requires just a bit of extra attention, but especially when other people (grandparents or others) try, spills sometimes happen. They can also be a bit more difficult to get on and off which is also annoying, but not a deal breaker for me.Overall, I would recommend these bottles but would offer advice that I received–only buy a few bottles of a couple brands before baby is born and find out what your baby’s preferences are once he/she is here. (Or at least keep some in their packages so they can be returned.) You don’t want to be stuck with tons of bottles that your baby hates!

Sara Bloomfield, CT

Awesome quality, easy to wash and assemble, GREAT for breastfed babies!!

These are great quality, well made bottles. We started out with tommee tippee as I tried all the bottles and found the nipple on them to be the softest. However, they collapsed several times at every feeding. My second choice was avent. Both were wide neck, and had natural nipples. My little guy is exclusively breast fed and I wanted him to be okay taking a bottle once in a while. He now has a bottle once a day at 7 months old. When we bought the avent bottles I bought 6 of the plastic, and 6 glass. I really like how simple the avent bottles are, very easy to wash and put together with no extra pieces. The glass ones are also gorgeous and I love that I can throw the, in the dishwasher. The only thing I can say is that there is a weird gap between the white screw cap on the glass that isn’t there on the plastic ones. They use the same cap and nipple which I like, but the glass ones might need to be adjusted to fix this issue. They do not leak but I think it’s quite weird. We also have several glass born free that I am using equally with the avent glass ones while home. I use the plastic more often when I have my little guy hold his own bottle as they are obviously lighter or often when we leave the house. I love all the avent natural line though, they really are great quality and simple!! I wish I would have had them from the beginning instead of wasting my money on all the tommee tippee bottles I bought. I was so pleased with the function and quality so I just bought 4, 4 oz glass ones since my little guy rarely takes more than 4 oz now at a time. So we now have 10 avent glass bottles and 6 plastic…love love love

Adele Shepherd, MI

I’m so glad that they finally made them glass

These bottles are great, i love the shape and the wide nipples my only complaint is that they are heavy and they don’t come with a protective sleeve. i will definitely order more and recommend to friends.

Nancy Colwich, KS

Five Stars

glass seems to be cleaner

Serena Wyoming, IL

Too heavy

Returned these as soon as they arrived. Too heavy and not ergonomic. Makes it hard for mommy/daddy and especially tiny baby hands. My baby has been holding her own bottle since 4 months old.

Georgia Metamora, IL

Five Stars

Great seller. Great product.

Nona Turtle Creek, PA

Love the otters and natural nipples,

Works great and have less air than the other bottles we purchased. We have the advent plastic and glass bottles as well as classic and natural nipples. Love their glass bottled and natural nipple. My baby gets less air and prefers feeding from their bottles.

Lola Dormansville, NY

Amazing glass bottles

I love that these bottles feel so retro! Easy to clean and sterilize. Plus they are compatible with the nipples/collars of the plastic Avent naturals!

Aline Cardinal, VA

Best for older, less gassy baby

I wanted to write a review for all those new mommies like me about bottles and my experiences with each of the ones I tried. First, my hubby thinks I am a hoarder of bottles. If there were a competition to put together baby bottles and all their different parts I think I would win. I have tried Gerber, Platex, Avent and Dr. Browns.Avent: I got samples of the wide neck 4 oz. I hate and love these bottles. Hindsight, I think my daughter got a lot of gas while using them. We started her on these bottles (birth-3 months). I did read that another mom used Avent after the baby finished their gassy period (4+months) so I will be going back to try these bottles again when she is older.I bought the 8 oz. wide glass bottles and they are beautiful. Cons are, however, that so much formula dribbles out the side of my daughter’s mouth and they are really heavy.The nipples are faster than most bottles and you have to figure out when to change them. You simply can’t go by the months listed on the box. May be this wouldn’t be an issue for babies who are bigger and faster eaters. My friends who have boys tend to do really well with these bottles.Huge advantage of the 4 oz. wide neck bottles are that you can get sealing discs for cheap and they convert into the cutest baby food/ snack container. At least you can feel good about getting all your monies worth from these bottles since you can use them for a different purpose.Reviews I read also said that GERBER gentle flow is the same as Avent standard bottles. If you knew this you can buy the Gerber gentle flow nipples that are way cheaper and fit the Avent standard bottles well. I tried to look for the gentle flow bottles but they are nowhere to be found on my end.Gerber: These were the cheapest of all that I tried. You can find them on Amazon (9 bottles just costing under $10). The ring and nipples go great with the ready to use formula that they give babies at the hospital.They function well but I did notice that these bottles cause air bubbles in the formula when my daughter uses them. Perfect nipple speed though and I liked the bottles because there is little amounts of formula dribbling out the side of my daughter’s mouth and not a whole lot like other bottles. This means she was not soaked at the end of her feeding and less chances of a rash to occur on her chin/neck.I really like how the 9 oz. bottles come with medium nipples, so if you use this you don’t have to rebuy new nipples. Some 8-9oz bottles come with slow nipples. I like how they give you extra room to mix formula. I will try this bottle again in the near future after my little one has less of a gas issue (6 month +). Dr. Brown’s travel caps also works great with these bottles and cheap to buy.Platex: I tried Vent Air and regular drop-ins. With the Vent air there is significantly less bubbles in the formula. However, the nipples are super slow though for slow flow. It would take my daughter twice as long to finish a bottle.I hear though that if you are breastfeeding this slow flow is better so that the babies don’t prefer the faster flow of a bottle vs. breast. Cons: the 6 oz bottles are perfect for 4 oz. feeding. The bottles are curved and hard to mix formula because it spills out. Also there is no need for a liner that saves on cost.Platex also has regular drop-in liners that are great- no bubbles in formula but I think that is rather expensive for liners ($7/ 100 liners). Even with a generic brand liner you shell out $5 per 100 liners and that’s about $10-15 a month.I also hate that 8 oz. bottles come with a slow nipple. Not sure if they just want you to spend extra on nipples. They sell 2 nipples for $4 pack- so if you have 8 bottles that is about $16. So this bottle adds up. It’s less washing though so that’s convenient.I also think it’s hard to measure the water with liners. I usually have to take another bottle and measure out the water in that and pour it into the liner.

Georgina Elkhart, TX

Broke in the dishwater

I had 3 bottles and 2 broke in the dishwater, more precisely, they lost pieces of glass on the rim. Totally unsafe. The last bottle I sterilized by boiling in a pot. It didn’t break, but it lost the paint marking the ounces, so it’s useless now. They only reason I gave the bottle 2 stars is because I liked the nipple (and so did my little one), the shape, and the fact that it is borosilicate glass (so no worries about toxic chemicals from plastic). Although I have second doubts about the borosilicate reason… if it was really borosilicate it shouldn’t have broken in the dishwasher, top rack.

Lindsey Slocomb, AL

Great Bottles!

We are very happy with these glass bottles, as it makes it quicker for us to heat up breastmilk or formula right in the bottle (we wouldn’t do this with plastic).The nipples can be a bit tricky to use, as you need to line them up with the screw-down portion of the lid, but are effective in reducing gas when installed correctly (read the guide that comes with the bottles).While these are not as friendly to use as the Ventaire bottles by Playtex, having the glass bottle more than makes up for a little hassle.We liked them so much, we have now purchased 10 of them!

Shari Sparks, NV


Já adquiri vários itens da AVENT e sempre fico satisfeito com essa marca. Parabéns para a AVENT , pela qualidade em todos seus produtos.

Tonia Manomet, MA

best bottles

we chose to exclusively use glass bottles, those are great, washed and steamed over and over, they never change… very happy with this choice…

Bonita Endicott, NE


Love glass bottles. No waiting 6-7 minutes for a bottle to heat up. I just put the water in the glass part and microwave. Add formula and the nipple after it comes out and there is no issues what so ever.

Elda Dexter, ME