Philips AVENT Newborn Starter Set

Philips AVENT Newborn Starter Set

The Newborn Starter Set is the ideal gift for new moms and their babies. It includes everything that you need for that special day when you bring baby home. The Avent bottle is specially designed to help you and your baby combine breast and bottle feeding with ease. The wide soft nipple mimics the breast in form and function. Also, all Avent bottles attach to the ISIS Breast Pump allowing you to express and store your breastmilk for later use. Starter Set Includes: Five Natural Feeding Bottles (two 4-oz. and three 9-oz. sizes) featuring Avent Anti-Colic Nipples with the Newborn Flow Rate One Bottle Brush and two silicone Newborn Pacifiers (0-3 months)

Main features

  • Philips Avent newborn starter set bottles is the patented anti-colic nipple
  • Includes two 4-oz natural feeding bottles with extra soft newborn flow rate nipples,three 9-oz natural feeding bottles
  • Includes 2 newborn pacifiers with protective caps and bottle brush
  • All Avent bottles attach to the ISIS Breast Pump allowing you to express and store your breastmilk for later use

Verified reviews



The bottles must be assembled the right way to ensure no leaking. I think people are experiencing leaks because of failure to read directions…-Pull the nipple through the white collar and make sure that the little ridge is sitting on top of the collar all the way around.-Then put the dome cap onto the white collar.-Take filled bottles and screw the nipple on as one whole assembled unit (white collar, nipple, and clear dome cap)-Twist the dome cap until the white collar locks. Do not overtighten. Amazing…no leaks!When all else fails, read the instructions! All products are made differently.Our son is ready to start with nipple #3, we haven’t had any problems so far. Good luck!

Jodie Princeton, NJ

The best!

Avoid nipple confusion and use avent! My 6 month old baby has been using this since he was only a few days old and there is no problem! I breastfeed, but for the first 5 days when my milk hasn’t come in, I used avent. My baby didn’t have a problem switching from breast to bottle at all. Even today I give him juice using Avent and my son has no problem switching.But to backtrack to the birth of my son. The hospital bottle fed my son after taking him away from me because I had a c-section. The hospital used those Similac ready made formula that comes in their own bottle. Between that nipple and the Avent nipple my baby became nipple confused. It was a horrible experience getting him used to the Avent nipple, but once he did it was smooth sailing like I mentioned above.Learn from me! If you plan on using Avent, bring some bottles with you to the hospital and instruct the nurses to check with you before bottle feeding your baby. Trasfer the formula to the Avent bottle and you’ll avoid nipple confusion!

Leslie Goff, KS

Nipples Too Hard…horrible for a breastfed baby!

My husband and I originally tried the Avent bottles after several recommendations from previous users and after doing some research on our own. However, we switched to Dr. Brown’s when our son began suffering from gas and nipple confusion, since I am nursing. We can’t express how much we LOVE the Dr. Brown’s bottles. Our son’s gas IMMEDIATELY disappeared and he no longer suffered from nipple confusion. The Avent nipples are TOO HARD for a breastfed baby. Dr. Brown’s bottles are the BEST BOTTLES ON THE MARKET! Pass on these…don’t believe the hoopla.

Michaela West Greene, AL

Much improved

This set is much better than Avent’s last "Newborn Starter Set". The old set had 1 pacifier, 2 4oz bottles, 2 9oz bottles, 4 newborn (number 1) nipples and 1 bottle brush.This set has 2 newborn pacifiers, 2 4oz bottles, 3 9oz bottles, 5 newborn (number 1) nipples, and 1 bottle brush. This set is great when you couple it with the Avent Infant Feeding Set (4 9oz bottles, 1 pacifier, 4 travel nipple bases, 4 sealing disks, and 4 slow flow (number 2) nipples.Avent is really improving the products they offer.

Merle Mc Calla, AL

Don’t Start with a Starter Set!

These bottles look so nice and are so durable BUT they only offer one kind of nipple and are not compatible with any other system, so if you child doesn’t like thier nipple, you’re heavily invested in a huge set that is useless. And Avent is SO expensive! Niether of my boys liked these bottles/nipples. I primarily breastfeed and the shape of these nipples are nothing like mine. The silicone is the wrong texture too – nothing like the real thing.If you really like the look of Avent and think you want to use them, buy just one bottle and nipple to start until you are sure they work.In my opinion, a much better starter system is the Playtex (I use the Drop-Ins) – it comes with several different nipple shapes to try, including latex, which has a more realistic texture.I foolishly bought the Avent starter set because someone somewhere told me that they were the most breastfeeder friendly and that companies that make bottles AND formula only want to sabatoge your brreastfeeding efforts – – what a silly and paranoid accusation that turned out to be!

Lucille Rock Falls, WI

Nipples not like mom’s

I found the nipples EXTREMELY hard for a new born baby to suck on. I used the Playtex bottles w/ the disposable liner and it made my life much easier. In the playtex starter pack, there are also nipples of different sizes and shapes so your baby can decide whe one she likes.

Therese Belgrade, ME

Sucky bottles

These bottles are the worst I’ve ever seen. My son could not get latched on correctly, the nipples were too small, and then when he drank from them it went down way to quickly. And why should a bottle be so complicated that you have to either hold it just right or screw the lid on just right, not to tight you know. Who wants to mess with that in the middle of the night. We switched to the playtex natural latch and everything was much better. Yes you have the bags, but there is no leaking and no extra air. I only use these bottle with my pump and even then they are a pain in the butt, because they don’t want to stay screwed to the pump. ERRR!! Very frustrating.

Monika Libertyville, IL

I did read the instructions, but the bottles still leaked…

I also had trouble with the Avent bottles leaking. Usually only a couple drops dribble down the outside of the bottle, but my bigger problem is that my son’s face and neck are covered in milk when he’s done. I don’t know — maybe it’s just the shape of his particular mouth/face or the way he sucks, but we had no trouble with other brands!

Gracie Belgrade, NE

Too many bubbles!

I would never reccommend these bottles to anyone. I am a nursing Mother and thought these bottles we suppsose to mimic the breast. They do just the opposite. There were so many bubbles in the bottle that I could hear them…because of this it caused my 3 week old to become gassy and very cranky. I soon switched to playtex nursers and she is great with them. The nipples on the Playtex Nurser are much softer and mimic the breast much more closely than the Avent. Over all, the Avent bottles are a waste of money!

Rosa Connersville, IN


I chose these bottles admittedly because it’s a well known brand. However upon using these bottles I became increasingly frustrated with leaking issues. The caps leak frequently and waste the formula that should be ingested by my baby. It also appeared to create gas which made her miserable. I would never buy Advent again.

Celia Steeles Tavern, VA

They Passed our Tests

My baby has developed feeding issues including a unique mixture of colic and reflux that had made feeding times a nightmare for everyone in our house.We started out using the Playtex Drop-ins system and that worked fine for us until we were about 1.5 months old. Then suddenly there was lots of gas and screaming at feedings. I switched to the Playtex Vent Aire bottles and the screaming stopped, but there were issues with the nipples and that just wasn’t working out for us either. Baby was spending more calories than she was taking in with level 1, and drowning with level 2. Plus there were wierd extra parts to clean and keep up with. It was a temporary answer to our prayers but still not what we were looking for.Because we have a preemie, changing her formula isn’t an option because she needs the nutrients in this special formula we are giving her and she is continuing to gain weight. So the real issue has become trying to make feeding more comfortable for her and us. As a final resort (I had spent so much on bottle systems that didn’t work out that I had almost given up), I gave the Avent feeding system a try.It has worked wonders. Baby eats in an appropriate amount of time now, there are only the standard parts on any bottle to clean and manage, baby tolerates the nipple and flow well (we use both level 1 and 2 nipples). Best of all are the special “Variable Flow” nipples, sold separately-we use those for feedings where we have to mix in rice cereal and they allow the cereal through, not too fast but no clogs either. I like not having to “alter” the flow of the regular nipples with toothpicks, etc. because once you do this, there’s no going back. The Variable Flow nipples solve that problem and leave the other nipples unscathed for normal feeding needs. Also, our baby was addicted to the Soothie pacifiers at the hospital. We have tried Nuk, Mam, Gerber and she wouldn’t accept any of those. But she is accepting the Avent pacifiers included with this newborn starter set.My advice to parents looking for bottles to help with/solve feeding issues-buy the smallest number possible and give it 5 days. If it looks good on day one and is the same kind of good by day 5, it’s safe to sink more money into it. But if it isn’t going to work out, it will be obvious by day 5 or sooner that you haven’t found “The Answer”. Avent’s bottles have passed this test for us and I would highly recommend them.Additionally, if your baby is experiencing colic and or reflux, see fussy baby dot org for tips and ideas. Also I would recommend a specific brand of gripe water called Colic Ease (all brands are not the same, see their ingredient page to see why). The fussy baby site and this gripe water teamed up with Avent bottles have really helped us out work through our feeding issues. Good luck!

Aurora Palmyra, VA

Avent is the worst

While I’m a stubborn Anglophile, I’m very disappointed by Avent’s products. The bottles are not comfortable for people with small hands (or stubby fingers) to hold, and the worst part is with the nipples, which are made of semi-hard plastic and too large for young babies. I think Dr. Brown’s or the Playtex Ventaire is way better. Even Gerber’s one-use disposable nipples are way better.

Socorro Wyaconda, MO

Not so good

These bottles are awful. And they leak, even if you follow the directions. I spoke to an Avent representative and they do not refund, they send you a box so that you can send them the bottles for a test. If they leak, they send you new ones, if they don’t you get yours back. I told her I wanted my money back and she said they do not refund because they know that they do not leak. I am wondering why they make such a difficult-to-assemble bottle? Why, at 3am, do I have to worry so much about the collar of the nipple being just so and not overtightening and this and that. Can Avent please just make a bottle with fool-proof assembly at over 4 bucks a pop??? I know that some babies are picky with their nipples, but mine is not and she doesn’t care what the milk comes out of, just make sure it comes out. So we have switched to some cheapy bottles that amazingly do not leak. I think they cost $1 a piece. Keep it simple, stupids.UPDATE: I sent the bottles to Avent. They left me a message on my machine. I called them back. They told me that my bottles do not leak (surprise surprise…but oh do they leak) and that it looked as if I had been using a brillo pad when washing them. I used their stupid brush that was included in the kit. So they sent me back my bottles. No new bottles, no refund, nothing. I told them that I was disappointed with their product and that I had spent all sorts of money on it and that I was very perturbed that they cannot make a product that is simple to assemble and doesn’t leak. I also told them that I had purchased some bottles at Wal-Mart for less than a dollar each that also have anti-colic nipples that are easy to assemble and do not leak. Whatever. I am just so upset that this company does not aim to make their consumer happy.I highly recommend using a different bottle system, unless you want a soaked kid.

Greta Helmville, MT

Ok to start, but this is not all you need

We got the starter kit, but it wasn’t nearly enough to really get started since we ended up having to bottle feed our baby. The kit includes a handful of bottles, but we ended up having to go out and buy 6 more bottles anyway. Also, the brush included does not fit into the nipple to clean it completely. Our son hates to two pacifiers included in the kit.Overall, I’d say, just buy some Avent bottles and a separate bottle brush that has a small end. It will cost you the same in the end.

Elsie Converse, IN

Best ever! My son is a whole new person!

I started out using Playtex Premium Nursers with disposable liners, but switched to AVENT because I heard that they are so great and my Playtex bottles wouldn’t heat in the car. Since then, my baby eats better, sleeps better, cries less. I didn’t realize that the others were making him unhappy, but he is a different baby since switching to these. The only issue I have is that it is hard for me to get the nipple into the collar without pulling the nipple through with my fingers and, if you don’t get the lid on just right, it will leak. Other than that, these are great!UPDATE: I guess I jumped the gun on this review. As we have used them more, we have discovered that these bottles leak about 30% of the time. If you do not tighten the ring perfectly, it will leak all over your hand and baby. I am over these bottles.

Beryl Greenville, OH

These are great! I love them! Best Bottles I’ve Used

I don’t know why so many people have had problems with leaking. It must be operator problems because I’ve never had that problem. I don’t notice any excess gas either. We just burp her once and that’s all she needs. I breast feed exclusivly so we only use the bottles on occasion but she has no problem switiching. They really do promote breast feeding. We used the Playtex bottles first with the drop ins but they were really hard to warm up. We have the Avent bottle warmer (which is also great) and the bottles are so easy to warm so you’re not trying to hurry while your baby screams of hunger. They are simple to clean, no extra parts. I would reccomend them to anyone.

Roslyn Pillow, PA

Don’t waste time on these. try dr browns instead

My baby had terrible gas and colic and i was using the Playtex Ventaire natural shape bottles. someone gave me an avent bottle to try. I was desperate to find something that would releive her but this bottle was not it either. i didnt find that the bottle itself leaked but the milk came out too fast and caused my baby to choke and spit up all over. i was disappointed because the Avent bottles seemed as though they would be easier to clean and assemble than the Vent Aires. after this i reluctantly tried the Dr Browns bottles and i am glad i did because they worked great the first day, no gas or colic and baby slept all nite :-)i just recently tried the wide neck Dr. Browns and like them even better than the standard dr browns. You Avent users might like the wide neck Dr Browns also b/c they are easy to clean and pour milk into like the Avents, there are more parts but so worth it to releive colic. Too bad the Vent Aires didnt work b/c they are the cutest bottles of the 3 though.

Janna Luray, SC

Good bottle system

We like this bottle system. It is easy to mix the formula. Sometimes it leaks, but if you pay attention to what you’re doing when you assemble the bottle, it’s usually okay. Sometimes there is excess air in the bottle, but it’s getting better. The nipple is fine–my baby basically went from breast to bottle and this bottle was fine. Easy to clean too. An all-around practical bottle. I may try different bottles out just for comparison, but this is a great standby.

Bobbi Eldersville, PA

Great shower gift

I never had any problems with the bottles. I read a review where their baby had bad gas; remember that ALL babies get gas. It could be from what you are feeding your child not from the bottles. Try watching what you eat (if you are breastfeeding/pumping) or try another type of formula. Give the bottles another chance. I love them!

Rose Benton, KY

Love it

I use Avent bottles and Avent pacifiers, and haven’t had any problems with colic or gas. No nipple confusion either.

Simone Lebanon, KY

mixed feelings…

Although I gave these bottles 5 stars, I have mixed feelings. One of my twins loves these bottles and has been fine using these since coming home from the hospital (she is the better eater of the two). My other daughter, who was smaller and didn’t love feeding time as much, has never liked them. I don’t know if it’s the wide nipple that she doesn’t like or the way the formula flows out… I registered for 2 of the starter sets. If I had to do it over again, I would have registered for 1 starter set and then a few other kinds of bottles to see which ones the babies preferred. Also, I had some flow issues with the nipples – some seemed to have no holes at all and although you are supposed to sterilize a pin and poke it through the tip, those nipples still never worked well and led to very slow feedings. I also saw on other reviews that some people had problems with leaks – sometimes this would happen but not enough to be a real problem for me.

Christina Selma, OR

Nipples are too hard for nursing babies!

We purchased over 20 Avent bottles for my daughter before she was born because we had heard so many great things about the bottle and also saw the good reviews.My daughter took the Avent for about two weeks…then she all of a sudden decided that she didn’t want to take it anymore!We tried every single bottle on the market and the only bottle that she will take is the Playtex Deluxe Nurser. The nipple is soft on her gums and it acts exactly like a real breast nipple acts.My advise to new or expectant parents is … don’t buy a lot of any one bottle until you are sure that your baby is going to latch on well! Trust me … I have over $100 in unused Avent bottles that are collecting dust!

Bertie Flaxton, ND

These are pretty good

When my daughter was born 6 years ago I had a close friend who always swore by these bottles. Anyway I never tried them then but decided to move my colicky 3 month old onto them from Dr Brown’s as we are travelling overseas and the Dr Brown’s leak as well as having too many pieces to clean making them a hassle to travel with. We really like them and think that they are great! I like it that they have an intermediate nipple between the newborn slow and fast flow. They have leaked once but as my husband pointed out, as with any o ring if there isn’t some moisture to lubricate it when fitting the two pieces together it will leak. Also with heating it up without removing the ring it allows for pressure to build up around the o ring and therefore cause leakage that way. I am happy with them and will continue using them. We also love the Avent Steam Sterilizer, what bliss! Well worth the $70!

Malinda San Rafael, NM

Very dissapointed!

When using these bottles with my newborn, stage 1 flow was very fast for her. The nipples are very hard (not like the breast at all). She would get alot of gas when using these bottles. I switched to Platex Ventaire and we both loved them. Those bottles are a hundred times better.

Dorothy Gardiner, OR

just be careful

this is a great bottle, as long as you don’t screw the top on too tight. when i first started using them,i couldn’t figue out why it kept leaking. so i took a ride to bru and talked to a person reguarding the leak and she said you can’t put the cover on too have to put the cover on top of the white piece and nipple and screw them on together…but not too tight..after you learn that, it is a great bottle. we have had no problems since. definitely recommend this product….

Cynthia Mystic, GA

Great Bottles.

I bought these bottles after reading reviews on them and have been pretty happy with them. They have never leaked with me BUT I have never screwed the lid on too tightly. You HAVE to remember that. When you overtighten the lid, the nipple gets distorted and the seal is broken. My husband and others in the family have had this problem. It is probably always helpful to test for leaks (when you test the temp of the milk) BEFORE you give it to the baby, just to make sure.I like the plastic they use. It has always felt extremely sturdy. They are easily to hold (thanks to the curve) and I really like the wide mouth of the bottles which make them easy to clean….and you are pretty sure they are clean!!I bought the newborn starter set and the infant set and together they are all I require for bottles and a breastmilk storage set!! I really like dthat you get the brush, pacifier and two sizes of bottle in the newborn set. Made my life easy.All in all I think they were a great buy and worth it. I would use them all over again and would use avent with my next baby too.

Kris Lake Worth, FL

Great Bottles

I originally bought these bottles b/c they were recommended by almost every breastfeeding person that I asked and since I was planning on breastfeeding I decided to go w/ this starter kit. I appreciated the variety of things the kit had to offer. My baby was born prematurely and never really took to breastfeeding but I decided to pump breastmilk and feed it to her via bottle. I tried several other brands, but none worked as well as these did for her. I always found myself buying a few more of these. I have fed my child 6-8 bottles a day using Avent bottles since the day she came home from the hospital and only had 1 incident of leakage and I recognized what I had done wrong and was able to correct the problem w/o further error. I also use these for storage from time to time w/ the addition of a sealing disc. It would have been nice to have a couple of sealing discs included in this pack.

Gina Rich Hill, MO

Love ‘Em

We have not had a problem with leaking unless we, the users, don’t screw the lids on tight. Our daughter had no problem with the nipples, and we love that they are not latex. The only things we didn’t do by the book, is that our daughter advanced to the next level of nipple about a month before each recommended age. But that will be individual to each child. We also love that we can turn these into baby food jars later on.We have now used this set on our second child and we still love them. This is the same set our first child used and we have not had to replace any bottles, nipples, or pacifiers. Nothing has broken despite child #1 sometimes launching a bottle across the kitchen. And this silicone nipples and pacifiers show no signs of wear or breakdown. As with child #1, child #2 advanced to the #3-nipple a whole lot sooner than Avent’s suggested age, but again every child is different. Just watch your child for cues that she’s getting the milk/formula at the speed that’s right for them.

Ivy Sullivan, KY

Baby Bottles

I give 5 stars to all Avent Products. I have had no problems, whatsoever, with Avent. A must have for all new Mothers!

Kathrine Hurley, VA

Great Baby Shower Gift!

This is an excellent gift for anyone who’s expecting. A friend of mine registered for this for her shower and was very happy to receive it. It comes with pretty much everything a new mom needs and these Avent supplies are great quality. The bottles seal tightly and all that.

Justina Yampa, CO