Philips AVENT Nighttime Disposable Breast Pads, 20-Count

Philips AVENT Nighttime Disposable Breast Pads, 20-Count

The Philips AVENT new disposable Night Time Breast Pads are 4 times more absorbent then our previous breast pads giving you the extra protection and comfort you need through the night set of 20 disposable Night Time Breast Pads plus 2 bonus new disposable day breast pads in each pack.

Main features

  • Wider shape and thicker core for added absorbency; Double adhesive strips to secure the pad in place
  • All-around leakage barrier designed for extra protection when lying down
  • Multi layers for super absorbency and a one-way top sheet that traps moisture inside the pad
  • Also includes 2 day pads
  • Developed with breastfeeding experts

Verified reviews


Just so so

Philips Avent is the first product I bought after I have my first baby. I thought it’s good for everything until I tried other brands such as Lansinoh. The pads of Avent are harder than Lansinoh for me and I feel itch sometimes. The sticker can’t be hold on bra firmly. But its absorption is as well as other brands. By contrast, I prefer Lansinoh.

Elisha Cincinnati, OH

Not as good as Lansinoh

I usually use the Lansinoh brand and have been very pleased with them, but thought I’d give these a try.Pros:-2 Adhesive strips keep them in place even overnight-Individually wrapped and folded (which makes them small and easy to put in a diaper/overnight bag)-Thick and hold a good amount of liquidCons:-They are a bit rough to the touch (directly against the skin)-When they are saturated, they DO leak (against the skin, not out the back)-They can be seen under your shirt (b/c of the way they’re folded and quilted)Overall, they work OK, but I’m going to be sticking with the Lansinoh brand b/c they are softer and have never leaked.

Elva Furlong, PA

asborbent but don’t quite stay in place

New baby, four months old. Usual situation with my wife nursing.These are absorbent and certainly help stave off my wife’s nighttime surprise of waking up wet. So, they’re definitely worthwhile as they do exactly what they are made for.Only frustration, for my wife, is that she usually doesn’t wear a bra or such in the night. These don’t stay in place without something there to keep them in place.

Aida Dousman, WI

Very soft, but poor packaging & ergonomics

My wife and I recently just had our first child, a baby boy. My wife after doing research, decided that she wanted to breast feed our baby. After I had learned the benefits of breast feed, I had no opposition whatsoever. Which leads us to breast pads, one of the many products needed when breast feeding.I was able to get my hands on these Phillips AVENT nighttime pads for my wife. I still find it interesting that there are pads for night and day use, but it makes sense. My wife used several different brands of breast pads and unfortunately I can only recall Medela. Nevertheless, she stated that the Phillips AVENT were by far the softest pads she used, therefore were very comfortable.In contrast, she said that each pad was individually wrapped and the pad was folded over. She noted that there should be two pads to a package and not folding them would promote better ergonomics. In addition, she reported that the pads had a sticky adhesive to allow the pad to stick to the bra while she slept. She noted that the adhesive was more of an annoyance than a benefit because the pad would shift while she slept.When I asked her if these pads were her preferred brand she replied “no”. She noted that she really enjoyed the comfort but the packaging and the adhesive really killed the idea of this product being attained again.

Eddie Broadview Heights, OH

Not as soft as they should be for such a sensitive area

I have tried these and Lansinoh breast pads. The Lansinoh win hands down when it comes to comfort. When I wear these Avent breast pads they feel so stiff and sometimes actually itchy because of the stiffness and roughness of the material. When you already deal with sore breasts it’s really tough to deal with that on top of a product making them feel even worse. They do their job ‘okay’ but overall they leave much to be desired.

Darlene Elderton, PA

Good wish it came in a larger count

This is one of the best pads ive tried so far. It is large and works well for big leaks. I just wish there was more than a 20 count.

Wendi Chesnee, SC


These Disposable Breast Pads worked great for my wife when she was pregnant and then later when she was nursing our baby. I would recommend them to anyone out there looking for breast pads that don’t leak.

Lelia Ninole, HI

Finally, good quality…

I have used lasinoh nursing pads that pale in comparison to these. I wanted nursing pads that cover a generous amount and these do the trick. I actually use them all day because they are a larger size than the daytime Avent version and much better quality than the lasinoh. They may shift a bit just like other nursing pads, but because they cover a generous amount you don’t get leaks around the nursing pads which I experienced with the Lasinoh. They also absorb and can hold more milk without feeling that wet, icky feeling. It’s a great buy!

Haley Smithville, OH

Soft, cotton-y, no plastic-y feel, great for all-day wearing!

Obviously I got these for my wife 🙂 who gave birth a little over a month ago. The hospital had given her some trial packs of Medela, but she really likes these Avent nighttime disposable pads. In fact, she thinks their marketing team should change the name to “All-day/all-night comfort pads.”The Medela samples ones were plastic-y and thinner. These Avent pads are larger and thicker, all cotton and more comfortable for her. She says she’d rather replace the pads, versus having to wash her limited number of nursing bras each time. You can’t tell she has any breast pads in and even with pumping every 2-3 hours, she says these are very comfortable.Quick summary for Dads out there – I did good on this one! 🙂 Apparently most moms will leak anytime their baby cries (no, seriously Dads!) and your baby momma will want to wear these all the time.

Jeri Hempstead, NY

Best nighttime nursing pads

Best disposable nighttime nursing pads! I love that these have 2 sticky adhesive backings so they stay out. Very absorbent for overnight.

Rosario Lyndeborough, NH

Not worth it.

So I purchases these thinking that they would be huge absorbancy with "nighttime" being involved. First off, I go through the night pads in the middle of the night due to leaking on some nights. But they are just as absorbent as the day pads they sell. There really is no purpose buying these at all, if you like softness they do work well and stay in place. They are nice at night because of the thickness, but I find that they get you hot. Lets face it, being a nursing mom… heat + leaks = bad for mama!I find the day ones work just fine, but I like other brands more. Plus these are not easy to just put on, you actually have to pull the pads apart which is such a pain if you do not have time as a working mom.

Cassie Fair Play, SC

It’s a breast pad, what do you want?

It keeps you from leaking all over the place, what more do you want? Well, turns out I’m picky about little things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. These are soft (which is nice) but I dislike the packaging. The little wrappers are harder to open than they used to be (back in 2009 when I did it the last time–I had some left to compare), the pads are folded in half which seems weird (and it takes a little pull to get them apart), and it seems like they should be packed as a circle. Also, I kind of understand the need, sanitation wise, to wrap them individually…but honestly? Just put them in a box like pantiliners or something and save the wrappers entirely. I didn’t breastfeed as long as I hoped to, so I didn’t get a lot of use out of these (my milk never really came in full force, so the regular pads sufficed) but they worked fine. Oh, except for the adhesive pads which were too small and not very adhesive.

Leah Tarrytown, GA

Good and Absorbent but Bulky

I used these when I was breast feeding and really appreciated the extra absorbancy. When your milk is first coming in you sometimes need a pad that is bulkier than what you will use later, after your body has adjusted, and this is it. Highly recommended for begining nursers and always good for night time use. The only reason I didn’t give them a 5 is because of the bulk. As far as absorbancy they get a 10. Plus you don’t have to wash them!

Diana Haywood, VA

Avent Nighttime Disposable breast pads

Very absorbent, I received the Medela breast pads as a shower gift and the Avent pads blow those out the water for absorbing the leakage and maintaining its shape while in your bra. A must have for a breast feeding mom!

Corinne Thetford, VT

Pretty Good

I’ve tried most types of nursing pads…these I’d give 2nd place to. 1st still goes to the Lansinoh pads. Here are the differences between the two and why I like them in this order.Philips AVENT are thicker, a little coarser material inside, and the shaping seam is very pronounced. The thickness and seam make them show up more under clothing, and the material caused me to itch. It is harder to tell when these are wet…which is better than the Lansinoh in the sense that you don’t feel that cold against your skin when you put the damp pad back on…but it is harder to tell when you should change the pad. It is obvious with the Lansinoh pads how full they are.The Lansinoh pads being thinner are more comfortable, and I’d argue are just as absorbent as the AVENT nighttime pads though they are thinner than the AVENT daytime pads (which are very similar to the nighttime version…closest to the texture of the Gerber pads…kind of stiff). Also, the AVENT pads seem to smell worse/sooner (after just a couple of hours) versus the Lansinoh pads that can go most of the day before they start to smell sour…this all depends on just how much leaking you do and how often the pads need changing…but going overnight, the Lansinoh smell better in the morning.Overall though, Philips AVENT is a good nursing pad…it is absorbent and I haven’t had it leak. It is shaped well, and they’ve used a good stay dry material…better than Lansinoh’s…against the skin.

Charity Madisonville, KY

Adequate Protection

My wife is currently breastfeeding and has been very grateful that she has gotten the chance to try this product out. Before she was using the Lansinoh washable pads and was receiving quite the discomfort from the other product. She reported that the latter product had problems bunching and leaking. When she switched to the Avent Nightime she has not had those problems.She also greatly appreciates the fact that each one of the 20 are individually sealed. This is far more sanitary than the other nursing pads she was using it seems. They also feature some kind of adhesive substance which keeps the nursing pads in place through the night. Not sure about that but apparently she says it works.Also depending on the nursing bra these pads can be worn during the day if need be. They are not so thick that it is obvious that a pad is being used. Once again this depends on the nursing bra being used.Honestly, I am a husband and a father of two who hears lots of the complaints associated with child birth and nursing. I know I am not the most qualified to review this product as I have never personally used one of the breast pads, but I can report that ever since she started using these breast pads I hear a lot less grumping about leaking and bunching. I am fully planning on picking these up when she runs out. I admit that they are more expensive than the washable ones she was using before but I think it is definitely worth it.

Faye San Andreas, CA

Really soft and absorbent!!! Definitely recommended for nighttime

My wife felt that these were much softer than theMedela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads – 60-pk.that she had used with our first child, and were the most absorbent pad she had ever tried…and she has tried many. The double adhesives kept the pads on and in place, even when she rolled around in her sleep. As some of the other reviewers have pointed out, the texture is very nice, and they don’t end up feeling plasticky. Texture is very important when nipples are raw from nursing.She does, however, disagree with the idea that they are all-day pads. You can sort of see a seam in the picture; those seams were very clearly visible through her nursing bra, even with a shirt over it, and there’s no way she would leave the house like that. We haven’t yet triedPhilips AVENT Day Disposable Breast Pads, 60-Count, because she has been quite happy withLansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 4).These have absolutely become her go-to pads for nighttime, and she would highly recommend them to any nursing mother.

Tameka Kenna, WV

Another good breast pads

Like many others, I’m used to Lansinoh brand and have been using them without a problem. Given an opportunity to try Philips AVENT Nighttime, I found they are just about as good as Lansinoh.These nighttime breastpads are thicker and quite soft. I do not have problem with them showing through the shirt. The pads are quite soft and feel comfortable. I have a problem with oversupply breastmilk and these extra thick pads are holding up pretty well. (though I have to admit that due to engorgement, I actually have to run out to pump the milk out before it can be overly leaky)I like my Lansinoh pads but these Philips AVENT Nighttime are not bad at all (love the thickness). They’re a little too expensive (20 pads for $4.49 ?!?!) so I would stick with Lansinoh for now (unless these Philips AVENT pads go on sale).

Lydia Bloomsbury, NJ

Nighttime versus Daytime

Philips Daytime versus nighttimeI’ve tried several different brands of breast pads including the Philips Avent nighttime pads and the Philips Avent daytime pads. The Philips pads are my favorites. The contoured shape helps them to stay in place better than any of the other pads I’ve tried. They have easy to open packing, they feel nice and soft, and they do a good job of absorbing leaks. This review is comparing the daytime version to the nighttime version.Size: The night time version is slightly larger than the daytime version but only by a very slight margin. The daytime pad is approximately 4 1/2 inches in diameter and the nighttime version is approximately 5 inches in diameter.Thickness/Absorbency: The nighttime pad is thicker and more absorbent than the daytime pad but both work well.Contouring/Adhesive: They nighttime pad has two adhesive stickers on the back, the daytime pad only has one but this doesn’t make a noticeable difference for me in how well they stay in place. They have slightly different contouring but again this difference isn’t really noticeable when worn. They both stay in place pretty well (better than any of the other pads I’ve tried).Packaging: The packaging is the same except for the color-the packaging on the nighttime pads is purple with white writing and the packaging on the daytime pads is white with purple lettering. This makes them easy to tell apart. They are individually packaged but the packages are not sealed. This makes them easy to open with just one hand but can be a problem if you are tossing them in your purse or diaper bag as they can get wet/dirty.

Shanna Opp, AL

Great breast pads, and not just at night!

These are great breast pads; they are very absorbent and do not bunch up or tear when wet. They are bulkier than Avent’s day breast pads but not too bulky that you can see them through a reasonably thick nursing bra. I actually wore them during the day and they were no bulkier than the Lansinoh breast pads that I usually wear. They have two adhesives and stay in place which is a plus as well. I definitely recommend these pads.

Hazel Graysville, OH

More comfortable than the daytime ones

While I don’t have a problem with nightime leaking — I still breastfeed 2-3x a night — I still like these for regular use. They are thicker and more comfortable than the daytime ones. They bunch less, and feel softer against my pretty tender, sore breasts. I’m not sure how they compare, pricewise, to the regular ones, but if it’s comparable, I’d get these over other brands & types.Note: I was worried how they would appear in my bra, i.e., that they would look bunchy and wrinkled through my clothing, but that hasn’t been a problem. Still recommend.

Linda Pomeroy, IA

The adhesive is useless…

If the adhesive actually worked, these would be great but they never stay stuck on anything… bras, nursing tanks… nothing.

Patsy Saint Elmo, IL

Excellent nursing pads

As a mother who nursed two children, I know what is important in a good nursing pad. Also, I asked a new mother to try out the pads to see if her opinion was the same as mine, and we both agreed.The Avent Night Pads are large, soft, and super absorbent. The vented flower shape allows the pad to fit comfortably without rubbing tender skin and the pads are soft without giving up any of the ability to absorb moisture throughout the night. The two adhesive strips stick to clothes without leaving a residue. If you are a new mother, I would highly recommend the new Avent Night Pads.

Karen Winthrop Harbor, IL