Philips AVENT Non Spill Soft Spouts

Philips AVENT Non Spill Soft Spouts

Phillips Avent 12m+ Toddler Spout.

Main features

  • 12m+ Toddler Spout
  • Non-Spill
  • Easy-Sip

Verified reviews



As I have stated with the trainer set, they are okay if your child takes to them, just don’t buy more than one set if you are not sure your child will take it. I would recommend buying one set from Target ( or some grocery stores cary Avent) and trying first. If it works, then buy more sets online. You will know within days if your child will take to it.

Alice Mc Crory, AR

hoping she will begin to like them.

My 7 month old doesn’t like the spouts, she just chews on them… maybe this will change as she gets older.

Susan Cimarron, NM

Gassy baby…

These create lots of tiny bubbles that my son swallows when he drinks from this top. It’s a terrible design because the rubber on the back side covers the air vent and the spout so the air gets sucked into babies mouth instead of back in the cup. Boo! I was really excited to still use my Avent bottles to transition to cups, but this prodect doesn’t cut it, I ended up buying other sippy cups.

Virginia Harrod, OH

Good Spouts

I do like these. My son is still chewing too much for the green spouts–hello, toothmarks! so I got these. I actually bought them to go in my Klean Kanteen sippy top, and of course they’re perfect for that. I haven’t had a leak problem with these yet, and they’re soft so they don’t hurt DS’s mouth if he whacks himself.

Jennifer Mt Baldy, CA

Love these…

These spouts are great… they don’t leak and they come apart for easy cleaning.They fit perfectly in Klean Kanteens, too! Stainless steel is a great alternative to plastic cups for babies and children! 😉

Marisol Quanah, TX

great replacements

i love the fact that you can buy replacement nipples for the different stages instead of buying new bottles. Wish they would sell in stores but I guess the stores would lose money.

Alissa Kimmell, IN

Great sippys

I tried a million different sippy cups, but my daughter just didn’t take to the straw valve ones that were too difficult to suck from, or the freeflow BornFree that gave her more than she could handle. The straw cups without valves worked ok for her, but sometimes she would suck up too much and it would go down the wrong pipe.These spouts were perfect for playful drinking, but she would not take large amounts. Either way, I love that I extended the life of my Avent bottles (which I never used becuase they always seemed to leak) and no new bottles to get in the way. Good value.

Brittany Corinth, VT

Good spout – very little difference between 6m and 12m version

I wish I would have known that the only difference between these spouts and the ones for younger children is the color and the fact that these are made of hard plastic and the others are soft. Otherwise, no difference. I do like the Avent spouts in general as they are about as leak proof as a sippy cup spout can be.

Jennie Oakwood, GA


They advertise it, or it shows if you search for soft spout and they are hard. They are probably a good option to convert your bottles into sippy cups, but my son did not like them. I think also it does not help that they are green so he paid even more attention that they looked different.

Beverley Washburn, ME

love avent cups and accesories

Avent cups and spouts are my favorite. They are very easy to clean and they do not leak if you use them correctly (do not fill to much the cups and do not fill with sparkling beverages.

Kristina Haines, OR

Didn’t Work for my Breastfed Baby

Let me start by saying I think it’s WONDERFUL of Avent to offer their consumer the option to modify what they already own! I bought 2 Avent bottles for our son to use while my mom watched him for our anniversary. He was exclusively breastfed & only used 1 bottle, that 1 time. When his doctor suggested starting him on sippy cups with a little bit of water (6months), I really didn’t want to run out & buy something else that would take up more space in our cabinets. I bought these guys & the handles. Our son loves the handles, but has really struggled with the spout. I would go so far as to say he cannot drink from it. I eventually caved & bought 2 Nuby 2 Handle Cups with Soft Spouts. He can drink out of the super soft spout much easier. I do wish this product would have worked for him because when I screw on the Nuby lid, the spout does not align with the handles. The Avents *always* align. To sum it up, I am giving it 4 stars even though it didn’t work for our family, because (1) I love that Avent offers a modification for consumers, (2) the handles rock & the spout & handles align super easily, & (3) my baby is exclusively breastfed & has very little experience with bottles (1 bottle, 1 time) – I believe a baby who knows how to drink from a bottle would have a much easier time with this product.

Reba Hackensack, MN

Just What I Wanted, Soft and Hard Spouts

Love these cups and was pleased to be able to find replacement spouts. My toddler chewed through some of the white soft spouts, so I needed to find replacement spouts so I can use them to train my young baby to use the cup. The green “12 month” spouts are hard….they still gets scratched up from teeth and we often have to tell our oldest not to chew on the spout, BUT so far they are the best we’ve found. They really don’t leak, and the spout has lasted longer than others. So -plan to replace soft spouts way more often, but the green ones hold up great for an older child. In fact, get away from the soft spouts and switch to the hard ones as soon as your child can use the hard spouts, because then you don’t need to be so vigilent for tears which are a choking hazard.

Gwen Bloomfield, MT

works with all Avent bottles/cups

This was exactly what I needed to convert some 4 month old sippy cups to those that could be used by my 11 month old. Thanks

Millicent Chicken, AK

No complaints

We inherited the avent bottle from friends and this transition option is a great idea. We started our son off with the soft spouts without the flange at 6mth. He’s just now accepting it (at 8mths) but when he did it was with the harder spouts and with the flange. With future kids, I may skip the soft spouts, because he’s not fooled that its a bottle, and go straight to the ‘hard’ spout.

Monique Lonaconing, MD

Baby doesn’t like the shape, not natural enough…t

The Design of these needs to be more natural or shorter, baby has to open his mouth really big to get this in. He just looks at it and wants to play with the bottle instead of try to drink from it. It’s too “weird” looking I guess, he pushes it away every time I’ve tried it. I also think it’s too long for him to put his little mouth over on his own. This is not a good trainer spout that’s for sure, maybe for older kid, it’s more like a wide straw then sippy spout.

Stefanie Goldthwaite, TX

Soft spout

We put these spout in all our cups. This is more of what I call a Soft spout even though described as hard. Easy to clean and my kids love them. Great design Avent!

Mellisa Angoon, AK

I love it

I love the option of using the bottles I already have as sippy cups.

Libby Winfred, SD

i like it and baby loves it!

i like avent products. imagine those bottles can turn into sippy cups. indeed this spout is totally non spill and very gentle on baby’s gums. i just wish i picked a different color because the white can get stained when you give baby a drink after eating baby food.

Marcie Patch Grove, WI

Extremely Leaky

These are not nearly as good as the yellow ones. They leak every time. I use them with the Pura bottles and have used the yellow Avent spouts since the beginning but have been unable to find them so I finally just bought these thinking they would be just as good. They’re not.

Allyson Morris Chapel, TN