Philips AVENT Range BPA-Free Front Teeth Teether, Classic

Philips AVENT Range BPA-Free Front Teeth Teether, Classic

Product Features Color: Classic Helps soothe teething pain and massage baby’s sore gums Easy for baby to grab, hold and put in mouth Available in the classic or animal designs BPA-free From the Manufacturer The Philips AVENT classic back teeth teether offers a unique solution to back teeth teething pain designed to meet your baby’s changing needs. The multiple textures stimulate baby’s senses, massage gums and provide cooling relief.

Main features

  • Helps soothe teething pain and massage baby’s sore gums
  • Easy for baby to grab, hold and put in mouth
  • Available in the classic or animal designs
  • BPA-free

Verified reviews


He never used it!

I bought this for my 1 year old son who was biting on everything. Well, he didn’t use this teether. So it didn’t work for us. My son would prefer to bite on his own hands. Oh well.

Octavia Booneville, MS

Seems to Entertain!

The Philips Avent Range Front Teeth Teether seems to entertain my 10 month old tester well enough! She took to it quickly enough and seemed to enjoy it. The material is pliable, but sturdy. I wouldn’t let the testers 2 year old sister (or any sort of pet) near it, though. It’s size seems perfect for my tester! The packaging was easy to open, great for parents who want to have it out and ready in a jiffy.Overall, I have no complaints on this teether!

Sally Malaga, NJ

Simple design, perfect for baby, easy pick for parents!

When my first was born almost 6yrs ago I had never even heard of BPA, thankfully we’re all aware of this and other potentially dangerous chemicals now and I’m personally glad for the choice when picking items for my newest baby. With all of the concern over BPA I have actually been shocked that so many companies don’t label their baby items as being BPA free, leaving me to guess “is it? or isn’t it?” New parents are often sleep deprived, the last time we need is to play guessing games when purchasing items for our babies, Philips Avent makes it easy with BPA FREE clearly printed right on the package.. LOVE THAT!As for the actual teether, I think its a nice simple and cute design, so many seem to be marketed to us parents when our babies just want something that is easy to hold and fits nicely in their gummy little mouths. This is the perfect size for an early teether and a nice texture. I found it does pick up lint if just tossed into my diaper bag so I try to keep it and other teethers in ziplock bags to keep them nice and clean, and a quick rinse (which you should be doing anyways to sanitize) isn’t hard to do.I look forward to purchasing more items from this company!

Virginia Sarah Ann, WV

Cleaver Idea…Baby Really Likes it.

I got this teething ring for myself…okay just kidding, I got this teething ring for my 5 month old son who has just started teething and is always trying to chew on something. This is my fourth child and although I have teething rings around from well-meaning friends and family, I am leery of the plastics used to make them. You will not have to worry with this BPA-free teething ring. This ring is supposed to be specifically designed to work for the front teeth as they are erupting. I think the little part for the front teeth is neat. When I hold the ring for my son, I make sure to rub that part on his gums and he likes it. Now when he holds the ring himself, he just has at it so-to-speak and does not care if he gets the ring part or the part specifically made for the front teeth, so in that respect, I am not sure if the front tooth nub part really matters. The ring has a good feel to it. It’s easy for my son to hold and grab. He like to hold this more than any other toy he has currently. I feel good knowing he is putting something in his mouth. I would recommend this teething ring to a friend or family member.

Milagros Livingston, AL

Sea Horse Teether

My daughter loves this teether as well as the mam tooth brush teether. She can hold it very easily and I think it gives her some relief from teething.

Ingrid Magna, UT

Not used

My son does not like this. It’s hard and awkward to hold. We have been using another one shaped like a whale with like these bristles that e loves. He just doesn’t want smooth.

Elisabeth Dendron, VA

the definitive teether that even the pickiest of children will adore

My 4-month-old niece came over to my house the other day. She started teething a few weeks ago and her parents have tried all kinds of teethers. They only found one that she would even entertain the notion of – [Kids Preferred Classic Pooh Flat Blanky Teether, 0-36 Months.She flatly refused any and all teethers, preferring to gnaw on her hand instead.That was until I gave Phillips Avent Range Front Teether to her. She happily grabbed it and held on to it tight. She stuffed it into her mouth happily. She put the top part of the toy – the “head” – inside her mouth, and then proceeded to chew on the circular part of the toy throughout the day.At the end of the day, the child was seen with the teether as a fashion accessory – she had put it on herself as a bracelet all by herself.Two weeks later, she refuses to be separated from it now and it’s still the only teether she will consider chewing on. I can’t say that she has abandoned the idea of sticking her hand inside her mouth, but Philips Avent Range Front Teeth Animal is a nice alternative for a majority of the time.Best of all, her parents were happy that the toy is BPA-Free and is made by the reliable Avent company (a division of Phillips).

Stella Hastings, IA

Philips AVENT BPA-Free Animal Front Teeth Teether

Good thing, my son was very comfortable with it. Used about 4.5 months it. Due to color both times found when lost in the street. Works fine with a loop for nipples (not lost). Gums are not scratched. It has no unpleasant odor. Worked well.

Andrea Honeoye, NY

Soft and easy to hold

This is just a simple ring with a knob on the end. But it seems to do the trick. The shape makes it easy for baby to hold on to and get into his mouth. It’s not really going to hold his attention unless he’s interested in chewing it.

Marquita Plaquemine, LA


My baby started teething early and is very small baby too. She had trouble with other teethers. They were either too big around, too hard, too textured, or hard to hold. I handed her this and she gripped it well and went to gnawing away at it. She seems to like the little squeeking rubbery sound it makes when she rubs her gums on it too. It is her favorite teether.

Angel Ringgold, GA

Even my picky girl liked it!

My daughter is very picky about pacifiers, so I wasn’t sure how she would react to a teether. It came in the mail, I washed it off (read the washing instructions!) and she has been attached to it ever since. Love it! The only thing that surprised me was that while she was “napping” she managed to get it wedged up around her upper arm. It didn’t do any damage, or cause any pain, but it did surprise me!

Beverly Liberty Mills, IN

Baby loves this

My son has used this since about 3 months old. He wasn’t great at manipulating it then, but as his dexterity has gotten better, he’s continued to love gnawing on it. That nub on the side is his favorite part, but the sides are textured, too. The teether isn’t made of hard plastic.. it’s another material that is firm, but has just a little give. A look at the Philips website doesn’t give any information about what it’s made of, except that it’s BPA free, etc. Anyway, this is definitely worth the money. I plan to get the one for the middle teeth when it’s time.

Elsa Beckville, TX

Just OK as a teether…

We ordered several teethers for my son and this one was just OK. He never really took to it that much. I think it’s a bit akward and he sucked on the end of the ‘nose’ a bit, but it didn’t seem to ease his teething pain. It’s made of a material similar to Sophie the Giraffe.We actually preferred the MAM teething ring to the Avent.Mam Bite and Brush Teether, 3 Months, Colors May VaryHe uses the MAM ring all of the time. It was much easier for him to hold and the bristles really seemed to soothe his gums better than any other teether we tried. Next time, I would just get two MAMs–one for home and one for the diaper bag–and not purchase the Avent.

Tanisha Crosbyton, TX

A great Teether

My daughter doesn’t have many teeth. At nearly 11 months, she still only has about 1/2 of one and just the slightest bit of another bottom one poking through. She loves this teether. She actually likes it better than the very expensive Sophie Giraffe teether. The little nub on the end is her favorite part to gnaw on.As others have stated, the brushed rubber texture does tend to attract things like dog hair a bit easier than some other toys. A quick rinse and it is off.Very happy with this teether.

Melisa Land O Lakes, WI

Easy to hold, the right weight and can be sterilized!

Pros:- Great quality teether. My son has had this teether since he was 2 months old (he is a year old now), and it’s still going strong! he bites it real hard, throws, bangs it around and it still hasn’t been broken or had pieces fall out- this can be sterilized. I sterilize it in my philips advent steamer sterilizer- simple design makes it easy to grasp for babies (he could easily grasp this by 3 months- the weight is perfect, not too light and not too heavy. My son happens to like teethers with some weight (as he grows up) so it feels like he is holding on to something. Which makes it the go to teether for my son even till now.- color doesn’t fade- every time my son bites on it, there’s a satisfying rubbing noise against the teether. sort of like a squeak.- very easy and quick to clean, no nooks and crannies or twists.Cons:- it’s not as colorful or “fancy” as other teethers, so it takes some time for some babies to get interested in it.- it’s a hit or miss, depending on each baby’s preference. I had to get my son interested at first, but once he got into it, he was hooked.

Madeline Vine Grove, KY

Was one of my childs favorite teethers!

Its all in the texture! Its different texture then the normal plastic rubbery teethers! Was one of my childs favorite teethers and I also bought another for my nephew who also loved it! I would buy again for a friend/family member!

Betty Grantsburg, IL

The only teething ring my baby likes

My baby has various other teething rings, including several from Sassy and the rings attached to some Lamaze toys. This is the only one she likes FINALLY and it’s very easy for her to hold. She started teething around 2 months so before I bought this I dealt with 2 months of all-day fussing. Finally she has something to help her poor gums so she doesn’t try to bite my fingers. Will be getting a backup.

Vera Force, PA

“Squeeker” is awesome

This teether is awesome. It is the perfect weight and size for little hands. We call this one squeeker since it makes a cool squeekey noise when it rubs over our babies gums. The shape of this teether is also great, our daughter chews on the “nose” part and the wider “face” part is great for holding. The material is soft plastic, obviously different than water filled teethers. HIGHLY recommend!FYI- the directions recommend that you do not sterilize this item, just wash with warm water. We usually serilize everything so its a break from the norm for us… but still AWESOME

Carmela Lake Arthur, LA

Best shape for teething!

The size and shape of this teether is perfect for a young baby to manuever into their mouth to relieve teething pain. My 5 month old grandaughter rubs this on her front gums so hard that you can hear it squeeking! It provides a ton of relief and was one of my best purchases to date! Really great for first time teething and front of mouth pain from teething! Made with solid, long-lasting material.

Lottie Cofield, NC

Great Teether

This is a great little teether. I love that it is BPA free so it is completely safe for little ones. Also, the design makes it very easy for small babies to grasp and keep in their hands. The texture is perfect for those first teeth and it isn’t too soft but also isn’t too hard. The package says it is designed best for front teeth teething and I agree with this simply because the way it is designed it would be very difficult to get back far enough into the mouth for back teeth teething. I would definitely recommend this product.

Ivy Ridge Farm, IL

My son likes it

Takes a while for my 6-month old son to get used to. The circular section is quite wide and that stretches his mouth a bit when he chews on it. He’s now using it to grind/file his teeth that are starting to come out.The downside is that the surface feels rubber-coated, so lints & dirt sticks to it easily.

Ronda Herndon, KS

good product

I like the way this teether feels. its not hard plastic like some teethers that would seem painful to gum. the little nob on the sea horse head is nice, kind of like a nipple, so my baby seems fond of it. its simple and well made and a good addition to the various teethers we have around the house

Margie Hillside, IL

Classic is baby’s favorite

I also ordered the animal teether and the MAM Bite teether – as they both had great reviews. But baby prefers the Classic Avent to all – even the frozen ones! At 3 & 1/2 months it was the first thing he ever picked up on his own. Just turned around one day and found him with it in his mouth! It’s thinner profile seems to fit better in little mouths, and the open oval complements his grip. Now at almost 5 months he chews on the sides, too. I still try to offer the other teethers but if I lay them all in front of him, this is the one he grabs.

Gilda North Brunswick, NJ

Not bad, but could be better

Our baby is just starting teething (5+ months) and we were excited to give this thing a try. He loves putting things in his mouth these days and this was no exception. I think it’s a bit too hard for for him right now though, as he seems to prefer softer things. We’ll keep trying and see if his interest improves.

Tonia Camden, AR

Great Chewy Teether!

This review is for the green “animal” teether. My son started to teeth at an early 4 months. He wasn’t super interested in this teether, or any teether for that matter. However, 4 months later…he can manipulate much better and now he LOVES this teether. He really loves to chew on it…it seems to have just the right amount of “chewiness”-ha! This is definitely his favorite teether. It is so simple and BPA-free…it is just perfect!Now that his middle and back teeth are coming in, we are getting the other Avent teethers for those purposes…and hope that they are just as good.

Freda Hanna City, IL

LOVE this teether!

Our daughter started teething about a month ago and we’ve been going through a LOT of different teethers. The Philips Avent animal teether is great! It is made of a soft “silicone” like plastic, well shaped for early teethers with little hands and a harder time hanging on to things. Our daughter is 4 months old and it is easy for her to hold and provides relief for teething pian. I love that it is BPA free and easy to clean. I have no idea what kind of animal this is supposed to be but of course our daughter does not seem to mind! UPDATE: At 9 months of age this is still one of my daughter’s favorite teethers.

Bette South Wilmington, IL

Philips Avent Range Front Teeth

I am not sure what kind of animal it is, but it is flexible,has nice texture, my baby likes to chew on it, and it is BPA-free. The ring is easy for the baby to grab with one or two hands. My baby likes to chew on the nose the best, but he seems to be interested in the other parts, too. It is for the front teeth indeed, it will not go too far back in the baby’s mouth.Update:My baby just got his first two teeth yesterday. He chews on the teether throughout the day, seems like it helps him with pain. Today this definitely is his favorite toy.

Latonya Arapahoe, CO

Simple, well-designed teether

This teether is very simple. It’s the perfect size and shape for small hands, and it doesn’t include any extraneous parts that could get in the way of its main purpose. My brother’s baby loves this toy and seems to prefer gumming it over his other, more complicated and flashy teethers. I like that its phthalate-free and BPA-free.Avent categorizes its teethers into three groups: Stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3. This is a stage 1 teether, which Avent describes as “Front teeth: Massages gums and suitable for sterilization.” Stage 2 is for middle teeth, and stage 3 is for back teeth. Basically, stage 1 is for the earliest stage and is appropriate for small babies. All in all, a good product from a reputable company.

Toni Cornwall Bridge, CT

Only teether my 5 month old daughter is into…so far

I bought a variety of teethers for my 5 month old drooling gnawing daughter. This is the only one that keeps her interested and happily gnawing away. I think this teether is the perfect fit for her petite hands and she likes to gnaw on the ‘head’ of the toy (I guess the teether is supposed to resemble an animal with a head and snout?). I’ll try reintroducing some of the other teethers I bought her a little later but for now I’m so glad I found something that works for my little one!

Sonia Ropesville, TX

Good product, but I believe there is a better alternative out there…

This is a good product. However, in my opinion, there is another teether that is similar to this one but is overall a better product. That other product is this one:Lifefactory 2 Pack Multi Sensory Silicone Teether, Sky/Spring GreenHere’s why (+ = pros, – = cons):Philips Teether:+ BPA free+ Can cool in refrigerator- Instructions read: “NEVER clean the teether in the dishwasher- Instructions read: “Do not use antibacterial cleaning agents” (our dishwashing soap is antibacterial)+/- Made in Malaysia (In my opinion better than made in China, but still would rather be made in USA)+ Slightly cheaper than the LifeFactory teetherLifeFactory Teether:+ BPA free+ Dishwasher Safe (says so on the package, top-rack only)+ Made in the USA (big plus in my opinion)+ Can cool in refrigerator+ Has more varying textures on it than the Philips teether- Slightly more expensive (note that the LifeFactory is sold in pairs)So, both are great teethers, but in my opinion the LifeFactory teether is worth the extra couple of bucks as it is made in USA and has easier cleaning instructions. Can’t go wrong with either though. Good luck with your babies! 🙂

Benita Centralia, KS