Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

More comfort means more milk, in less time Unique design of breast shield means no more lean forward for mom Unique massage cushion to gently stimulate milk flow

Main features

  • More comfort means more milk, in less time
  • Unique design of breast shield means no more lean forward for mom
  • Unique massage cushion to gently stimulate milk flow

Verified reviews


After a number of months of use…

Since we did not have the highly touted and costly Medela pump, this unit met a challenge.After months of use, it works well, is efficient and comfortable.It cleans beautifully, is lightweight and it is expected to be used for sometime more and perhaps another baby!Philips Avent systems are top of the line.

Vivian Clayton, CA

Great for Supplement Pumping

With my first child, I had to pump full time, since he was in the NICU for 3 1/2 months. If you are having to pump full time in a similar case, I HIGHLY recommend that you either buy the double pump(which is hospital grade pump) or rent one from the hospital. I assure you it is worth the extra money!If you are pumping as a supplement, I think this one is perfectly fine. With my second child, we had to buy the handheld one when I forgot my pumping equipment on a long trip. While I was pleased with it, it can get hard on your hands! This one is much easier.I’ve found it easier and better to only pump one breast at a time, so only having one pump is no big deal to me. With my 2nd child, even with the option of double pumping, I mostly used one at a time. It’s much easier to massage the milk out. When I was double pumping, I had a great deal more pain and pulled muscles. I’m sure that’s not the case with everyone, though! It does take a little more time, too, so that may be an issue for you.A little gel like cover comes with this pump that you can put over the shield while pumping. I’ve found that this thing simply gets in the way. It’s suppose to add a more massage-like feel, I think, but for me it adds too much bulk. If you are having trouble getting suction, try taking that thing off, and see if it’s better.My biggest advice with this pump is to buy a bigger Avent bottle for pumping! This little bottle is only 4 oz. For me, that’s not nearly enough. I do get a great deal of milk, though. I know everyone doesn’t, but better safe than sorry in this case. 🙂 (You could pour the milk into another container when it gets full, but I assure you that will get messy).Another great feature is the battery option! You never know when the power will go out.Overall, I think this is a great choice for supplement pumping, but for full time pumping, spend the extra money and go for the double version/hospital grade pump!Update!!!!This is to reemphasize the fact that this pump should NOT be used full time! I ended up having a great deal of problems breastfeeding, and ended up trying to use this pump full time. At first I didn’t notice, because I was so tired, time sitting down was a blessing in any form, but this thing takes FOREVER to pump out milk. The hospital version I used in the past took about 10-15 minutes total and I was done. This thing takes about 40-45 total. Doing that several times a day with 3 little ones 4 and under just isn’t realistic!Plus, it only lasted about 5 weeks before completely dying on me. It worked great for the first couple of weeks. Then it started cutting off more and more while pumping. I got it to come back on, though. After about 5 weeks, the power cord stopped working for me, so I had to use the battery feature. After a couple more days that didn’t even work anymore. I’m very disappointed it didn’t last longer for that kind of price, but again, it wasn’t made for full time pumping!The battery feature worked great when the machine did work! I had to make use of that when the power went out. I also found this feature great while riding in a car. Multitasking is great when pumping, and we are ALWAYS running late. Just put on a nursing cover, and no one will ever know. As long as the power cord is plugged in, you won’t be draining your batteries. It only uses those when you unplug the power cord.

Nettie West Milton, OH

Almost Useless

My wife and I have been renting a Medela Symphony pump for a few months. That pump works great, but it’s bulky and the cost of renting it from the hospital adds up. We were excited to try this small and attractive-looking pump, and the first online reviews and promo from the manufacturer all seemed promising. However, as soon as my wife tried it we knew that it will absolutely not do. It took a couple of minutes of pumping before the first few drops appeared. At that rate it would take her forever to get the meaningful amount of milk out. This was the most disappointing as we really liked just about every other aspect fo the pump: its compact size, well-crafted and elegant design, soft and gentle suction cup, and the wide-mouthed feeding nipple. It can even be used with four AA batteries, or, if you have a suitable converter, with the car power outlet. I also liked the fact that the suction mechanism and the suction tube would never be in direct contact with milk. Unfortunately, all these features are moot if the pump doesn’t provide sufficient amount of suction.

Nichole Jekyll Island, GA

avent comfort single pump x medela pump in style double pump

I own both theMedela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Toteand the Philips Avent SCF332/01 BPA Free Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump.I’ve never managed to express from both breasts at the same time with the Medela. The reason is that expressing is never easy for me, I often have to take several pauses to get the milk flowing again and that is impossible to control and manage on 2 breasts at the same time, so my fault, not the pump’s. I can only write about how the Pump in Style works while expressing from one breast only.Comparing their advantages over the other:AVENT CONS:- Gentler on the nipples. Avent’s vaccuum builds more progressively, Medela’s build more suddenly and it hurts my nipples.Plus Avent’s got a silicone shield sleeve that makes it much more comfortable, altough the sleeve won’t work when the breast is really full.- Smaller and less cumbersome- Easier to operate- Less leakage and more comfortable to use. Avent’s design allows you to sit back, with the Medela you have to sit really straight or lean forward to avoid milk leaking back from the shield- More suited for smaller nipples. With the Medela it takes several tries to insert the nipple in the shield straight without touching the sides, which will hurt even more.MEDELA CONS:- More powerful- Easier to dissemble and cleanI prefer the Avent and have managed to express much more milk with it with no pain and raw nipples. The Medela made expressing uncomfortable and hurt my nipples.

Diane Patoka, IN



Tamara Enterprise, UT


I had a breastpump from Evenflo that broke with just 3 months of use. Worth the price. Pumps the milk gently.

Wilda Rollin, MI

2nd time buying

Quite good comparing with the manual one. My wife could be much more easier to make it, especially in the night.

Agnes Scandia, KS


As a SAHM who is exclusively pumping my wife discontinued use of this pump for several reasons:1. It’s simply too loud! Pumping anywhere near the sleeping baby results in her waking up.2. She found that she prefers a dual pump system for efficiency’s sake. Who has time to spend double the time switching between two?3. Comfort isn’t as superior to medela as we hoped. At least medela offers flange size ranges.4. Portability wasn’t an issue, since she stays at home, though the compact size is convenient.

Pat Fairton, NJ

More convenient than the manual pump

We bought this breast pump for my wife, who does like it. She prefers the double electric pump by the same brand a little better, but all in all she did like this product as well. Perhaps her favorite feature was the fact that you can adjust the settings to make sure that the pumping is the most comfortable for the user. Certain settings might be too vigorous for those just starting out. And since the unit is quite compact, this can actually fit into a diaper bag easily–and be transported without hassle. We were using a manual breast pump because it seemed easier/simpler, but the Avent brand has made their electric breast pumps as convenient as their manual ones. I’m not sure this product is worth the retail price, but we are hoping to use it for multiple births–so I’m sure we’ll get our money’s worth out of it eventually.

Latanya Sterling, VA

Not like all the rest

I had to go back to work very soon after having my baby and I didn’t want to put her on formula. So, I made sure that I was able to pump. I’ve used pumps before and they are painful and hard to use, this was easy to use, worked great, and didn’t have that much discomfort to it.

Katie Wilmot, WI

great pump but sounds like a cow mooing

Comfortable, easy to use, good quality. I have the sealing discs as well so I can freeze the bottles. Works great for the amount that I use it. I only pump once a day (at night after daughter goes to sleep) and I get about 3-5 ounces. Takes about 20 mins. Can’t compare to other products, but this one has been a good experience.I was a little frustrated at first because pumping wasn’t going well. Then I learned about the whole first six week thing. I stopped trying to pump during that time and waited for milk production to even out and it was great after that. Also, it took a lot of trying at the beginning to learn how to position it just correctly to get the most milk. Once I got it down, it’s been great.My only problem is that my grandfather was a dairy farmer. The whole pumping thing is just weird in the first place for me. To make it worse, this pump kind of sounds like a cow. It’s not quiet, so don’t expect to use this discreetly.

Sabrina Laramie, WY

Gentler but slower than the Medela

This pump is a lot gentler on the nipples than the Medela pump. It starts up slower and pumps slower, too. This is good if you’re experiencing discomfort and choose to pump slower to make it easier on yourself, but it’s not good if you have somewhere to go or are trying to pump at work or in between appointments.My insurance company provided me with a Medela double pump for free, which is great, but I can see that there will be times I’ll prefer just using a single pump, or one that is more gentle, and for that the Avent is great. I find them comparable in noise and ease of use, the main difference is really that the Avent is more gentle, but also slower.

Shawn Colden, NY

Works great. Would a double be better?

This pump replaces a Lansinoh manual pump that we had been using. While the Lansinoh pump worked fine (and was a good choice for a manual pump, I think), an electric pump is definitely more convenient, and less work. The tradeoff is the greater cost. You could buy about six of those for what this one costs. And, for not too much more, double pumps become an option. Haven’t tried those, or other brands of electric pumps, so I can’t compare, but this one is easy to set up and use, not bulky, easy to clean, and comes with a nipple attachment for the bottle (which I found convenient). Being able to run it off batteries (4 AAs) is nice too.No complaints about too much suction. It’s probably about just right. And unlike the manual pump, which was just a chore, this one feels good to use. Kind of like a massage.

Monika Slate Hill, NY

Decent single pump

For this price point it’s a pretty decent pump. It can’t really be compared to the expensive hospital rental pumps but for a simple single pump it gets the job done and is comfortable to use.The collection container doubles as a bottle with an included nipple, which is nice. My only gripe here is that the container is pretty small (it holds 4oz), but additional bottles can be purchased separately in this size as well as larger sizes.I like that this unit can be run off of batteries, making it easily portable. It is lightweight which is nice from a portability aspect, but the lack of weight also makes it feel a bit cheaply made. Time will tell how well it stands up to normal use. So far, so good.

Ana Harborton, VA

Perfect for Me Without the Shield

I loved using the hand held Avent pump to supplement breastfeeding. Due to my particular size/shape the Avent pump works perfect for me ONLY when I use it without the breast shield. It’s the same with this Avent electric single breast pump.The aspect of this being BPA free is very important to me.This works great and is easy to put together with comfortable and productive settings. The gentle stimulation mode is really helpful. With this brand, I don’t have to sit straight up to pump. I can lay back in my chair to express while nursing the other side. This brand has “the touch” to really produce a lot of milk for me. I took that for granted until I tried a hospital grade that didn’t do much of anything. It was heavy, much harder to clean and didn’t produce the results I’ve found with Avent.Since I move around a lot, I appreciate that this is a lighter weight but still feels sturdy enough that I’m not worried about it breaking. It’s ideal for travel since I can use my rechargeable batteries in lieu of plugging into an outlet.Though I’m glad this Avent electric is interchangeable with manual pieces, I do wish it also included a larger bottle and some sort of carry case. Some kind of soft case-even a cheap one would be better than having nothing.

Pamala Watertown, OH

Decent, but go for the double instead

The pump has decent suction but is no where near that of the hospital grades(but for 1/10 of the cost what do you expect) so pumping is slower. From what my wife says, the padded cushion made pumping more comfortable verses the one she used in the hospital. The battery option is nice but have not had the occasion to us it yet. All in all my wife liked the Philips Avent SCF332 but if are going to get a pump get a double.

Ashlee Long Pond, PA

Great single breast pump…

We have a three month old in the house now and this pump has worked out pretty well for us. We were renting a Medela Symphony from the hospital prior to getting this which worked wonderfully but for over sixty dollars per-month was becoming impractical. We were happy to get this and have found it to be working as expected.She is getting about 4 ounces of milk in around 10 minutes when using this. She winds up getting both sides done in around 20-25 minutes so it’s not a big time consumer but the Medela we rented was a little bit faster. The single pump action doesn’t bother her much but it was definitely something to get used to after having used a double pump for a couple months which is faster and a little more convenient. It took her a little getting used to but it’s much more affordable in the long run.The biggest downside to this would be the actual quality of the pump and base itself. It’s the only reason I am taking a star off. It feels a little bit cheap and lightweight. It doesn’t have a heavy-duty, long-haul feel to it. I worry about the durability of the machine itself. It’s great that it comes with a two year warranty though. That is comforting to us.Overall, great price for what it does. It’s saving us money from renting from the hospital and is getting the job done for the baby!! Mother & baby-girl are both happy so that’s the most important aspect!

Maryanne Coulters, PA

Good Economical Pump

Here are my pros and cons…Pros:- very portable, compact unit – easy to take with you on the go- comfortable pumping, works even in sitting position, which is not the case with all pumps- easy assembly – only took a few minutes to put it together- 3 different pumping settings- 2 year warranty- great sanitary design – the milk never comes into contact with tubing- BPA freeCons:- the unit itself feel flimsy, so the 2 year warranty may come into good use- the suction is not as great as it is on more expensive units; it takes longer to get the same amount of milk- this single unit is more economical, but my advice would be to opt for the double – it takes longer to pump milk as it is with this unit, and having to switch sides is another hassle

Kaitlin Marshall, MN

I would personally get a double pump instead, but it’s still very good

I just had an opportunity to compare this single electric breast pump against a double Medela Symphony at the hospital, and I like this one much better. It’s compact, convenient, easy to move, assemble and clean. From my perspective, it works pretty fast. So far I would estimate the pump’s speed at about 60 ml in 10 min. I would, however, recommend spending a bit more on a double, unless you have extra time to spend on pumping or plan on using it only occasionally.

Alicia Sabula, IA

Comfort to your level

As a FTM, using a breast pump was a little uneasy, but this one was great. The speeds allow you to adjust from gentle to strong according to how to are responding to it. The lowest setting is as gentle you’d hope a breast pump can be, especially in those tender first weeks. Not the fastest system, but perfect if you have at least 30 min to pump.

Mollie Burlington, IA

Great Breast pump

I was using a hospital grade medela pump and this seems to do a better job. The suction is strong but very comfortable. The machine is pretty loud.

Aurelia Elm City, NC

Would be great with an even lower setting.

Avent makes this product in a double and a single. This one is the single, which from what I understand does not come with as strong of a pump as the double one. So not only will it take twice as long (single vs double), it might take even longer since the single will have less vacuum. This unit takes 4 AA if you want (or a wall wart with an ample cable), and has worked great under battery, which makes it quite portable as well. Easy to set the unit on a table and the vacuum line is long enough to not have issues with.This is a huge step up from a manual pump, but if you’re going to be pumping full time you will probably want to go with the double. That said the single works really well for our usage (supplemental mostly). I believe all Avent bottles will fit this pump as well, so you can switch it out to an 8oz bottle if necessary.The pump provides 4 options when on, a mode to get the milk flowing, and then three levels of pumping. This works well, but would be nicer with an even lower pump setting as well (or make the low one even lower).

Saundra Freelandville, IN

best pump

This is my second electrical pump. My first pump, the purely yours, did not work, it took 20 minutes to pump 1 oz. This pump is compact and light. Its easy to use and produces a lot of milk fast. I also have the Avent manual pump, which is also easy to use and produces milk at a good speed (faster than the purely yours). Avent pumps are very comfortable. You don’t have to lean forward; you can lean back and relax. Also, the soft plastic is much more comfortable against my skin compared to the hard plastic of other pumps. I highly recommend this pump and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Brandi Monticello, KY

Electric Single Breast Pump

Not able to use for a few more moths but it looks simple enough to use 2 days a week. Hopefully it does what it says. Price was best I could find compared to stores and other websites, shipping was prompt.

Shawn West Bend, IA

This pump is a lot gentler on the nipples

This pump is a lot gentler on the nipples,several suction, free my hands, not cause mother hand, only lack of each battery cannot be used

Casandra Barceloneta, PR