Philips AVENT Soft Spout Magic Cup, 9 Ounce, Twin, Color May Vary

Philips AVENT Soft Spout Magic Cup, 9 Ounce, Twin, Color May Vary

Avent’s patented no-spill, easy-sip Magic Cup has a valve that prevents messy spills. Minimal suction is needed, making this a great cup to introduce early. Valve allows for passing of pulp. Dishwasher safe. 2-pk. Imported. 9Hx7Wx2-3/4D” Colors may vary: Green & Yellow; Blue & Green; Pink & Yellow; Yellow & Orange; or Yellow & Blue.

Main features

  • The 9 ounce magic cup has a non-spill toddler spout that will not spill or drip
  • Includes 2 9 ounce magic cups
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: green/violet, yellow/blue, blue/green or orange/red

Verified reviews


Large size, no leaks, easy for baby to use

These cups have been perfect for my 1-year old son. I’ve tried just about every brand on the market & had issues with them all – they were either too small (didn’t hold enough liquid), had parts that dislodged, leaked and/or started to “fray” at the spout when my son used/chewed them. Not these – they are a larger size than most, very durable, don’t leak at all & were very easy for my son use. Highly recommend!

Dana Norris, SD

ok bottle-dont like the nipple

I like Avent bottles but I dont trust these nipples. I dont think the water completely dries out of them so there is some residue that leaves it susceptible to mildew.

Tracey Golden Gate, IL

I have 7 children, and this is my favorite sippy cup

In fact, the entire Avent feeding system, is perfect! I own every sippy cup on the market, and these are the best.

Germaine Spring Creek, PA

Great sippy cup

Great lid. Our little one has no trouble getting liquid out and can hold the cup on her own. Great product.

Serena Terlton, OK

They leak!

I brought these cups since they were interchangable with the bottles we used, and the spout is soft. Unfortunately they leak all the time. For some reason they consistanly leak from between the collar and the bottle. My daughter also found them hard to drink from being that you need to tilt your head all the way back once the cup is half empty. The only pro is you can replace the spouts when they get chewed. We were much happier when we switched to Playtex spill proof cups. They don’t leak.

Carol Owings Mills, MD

I’ve tried em all and these are the best so far.

I’ve purchased many sippy cups in the past 6 months. These have been the best so far. All sippy cups leak a little, especially with a child that throws it around like a toy. However, these seem to hold up the best of any brand I’ve had. Pick up the travel sealing disc accessories and you have a leak proof system for diaper bags.Philips Avent Sealing Discs, BPA-FreeI’m not sure if Avent sells separately the little clear discs that go inside the sippy lid, but that would be great if they did. I seem to loose mine.

Tabatha Columbia Falls, MT

Good Sippy Cups, Solid

First off, the ad that I saw which I purchased from told me I was getting blue and orange cups, I received mint green/pink and purple/pink. I wasn’t happy since the bottles are for my son. That said, I did use them and like them. The material is a sturdy plastic that wears well after multiple washes and being thrown on every hard surface imaginable. I also like the little plastic piece that goes inside the bottle preventing leaks when traveling. It works. My only complaint is that the sippy piece is a little hard. I know it is meant for teething babies but I worry that when he chews on it it might hurt his teeth, it is that hard.

Sherry Clark, PA

no leaks

for the most part we are using straw sippy cups but these are great for the last bottle of the night

Tanisha Staten Island, NY