Philips AVENT Thermal Gel Pads, 2-Pack

Philips AVENT Thermal Gel Pads, 2-Pack

The Philips AVENT new Thermal pads helps to soothe tender breasts when used cold and can stimulate milk flow before feeding when used warm, making breastfeeding easier for you and your baby each pack comes with two Thermal pads and two washable soft sleeves for greater comfort on your skin.

Main features

  • Warm use to stimulate milk flow before feeding; Lightly dampen the sleeves, as moist heat gives an extra comfortable feel and helps stimulation; Heat the pad by emerging the pad in hot water for 10 minutes
  • Cold use to soothe sore or engorged breasts; Keep in fridge or freezer; Always use with sleeves
  • Developed with breastfeeding experts
  • Included 2 thermo pads and 2 soft sleeves for greater comfort on skin

Verified reviews


Cold pads are a Godsend

I put the gel pads in the freezer and used the sleeves. Once they were in the sleeves, I inserted them into a large stretchy bra and leaned back to soak it in. Do you know the feeling when your lower back is sore and you get it massaged or when any other kind of relief happens for just a nagging soreness? This beats them all. I felt such relief for my sore breasts that I actually started crying. I slept in them last night and they weren’t at all uncomfortable and did give relief. Obviously they weren’t still cool when I woke up, but that’s ok. Because of the covers, there was no sense of freezer burn or too-cold-on-the-skin.The size and shape is good. I am a DD/DDD cup.I wish I had 2 sets so I could keep one set in the freezer while using the other. I might buy another set.I tried them warm for milk production, but I did not find them particularly helpful. They just didn’t get warm enough to create a warm mist (as the product suggests) by immersing them in hot water. Yes, they were hot/warm, but the mist thing wasn’t happening for me. That’s ok – these are completely worth it for the cool. And maybe someone else will have a positive experience with the warm use.

Margie Indian Hills, CO

Good for mamas!

I love this item and that it can be heated or cooled. I do wish that there was an easier way to remove them from the covers or that they could be put in the microwave for speedy heating, but those are my only complaints. They have helped me so far with engorgement, swelling, soreness and pain. I would recommend buying these if you plan on breastfeeding or pumping.

Megan Pittsville, WI

Such a relief.

I’ve been breast feedingy first child and have been shocked at how painful it is! I was ready to give up after only 2 weeks, but found that if I place these I’ve packs on my breasts for 30 minutes after a feeding the pain is easily cut in half. Great product, good shape, comes with a sleeve so all you have to do is stick it in your bra and go about your day.

Henrietta Thompson, CT

Okay for cooling, doesn’t function for hot.

This is a great product in theory, but in practice it doesn’t live up to its promise. I gave it only two stars because:1. It doesn’t heat up enough, and having to soak it in warm water to heat it up is just a pain. I prefer a double-folded washcloth, moistened, and microwaved for less than 20 seconds. It’s hot, fast, easy, and soothing.2. The shape of the gel pack makes it possible to only cover one area of the breast. The hole for the nipple is on the extreme edge, so the bulk of the pack covers only one area of the breast, which is fine for treating a single plugged duct, but when treating mastitis or simply engorgement, more coverage is helpful.3. The inner edge of the nipple hole is not sharp and it’s covered by the terry cloth cover, but when there is damage to the nipple, any touch can be painful. More effort should be made to make the area around the nipple softer and less likely to ever touch the nipple at all (even the terry cloth portion).4. The standard recipe for quick relief of engorgement and plugged ducts is to apply heat before every pumping or nursing session and cold immediately after for no more than 10 minutes. This would be pretty impossible with even two sets of these packs.For those reasons, it seems like good old Booby Tubes are still a better option. I found my kids’ booboo buddies, which are basically the same gel packs in other shapes, more useful anyway, and easier to avoid the nipple entirely.Please note: if you are suffering from sore breasts or nipples, contact a breastfeeding counselor for information on how to breastfeed painlessly. Breastfeeding should not hurt, and if it does, please get help. In the US, many local health departments have free breastfeeding support persons available through their WIC programs, and La Leche League International ( offers free breastfeeding support and information around the world through local groups and Leaders. Many breastfeeding problems that are very frustrating can be greatly alleviated by the help of a trained support person.

Jeanie East Barre, VT

Not Comfortable!

Every breastfeeding Mom will find a time when she could use some thermal gel pads. Be it mastitis, engorgement, clogged ducts, or just sore breasts. I have used several brands of gel pads, having breastfed for quite some time.I like the covers that come with these pads. The covers are very soft and nice. I like the idea of covering the gel pad.It is the actual pad that is the problem. Not microwavable. (It takes quite some time and a bit of trial and error to get them warm enough to help.) This also makes them wet (you heat them in warm water) so you have to dry them before putting them into the cover. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but extra steps when you’re dealing with breastfeeding issues are never helpful. The pad feels awful. It is harder plastic on the outside and thin, watery “gel” on the inside. (Much like a freezer pack to put in a cooler.) It has lots of plastic around the edges, so when you conform it to your breast, the plastic pokes and feels horrible. I think they were trying to go the right direction with the design, but missed the mark entirely with their choice of materials.

Wendi Marion, CT


my daughter liked these and found them useful. she however liked the other ones from Medela better. she recently found a new nipple by Avent that she really loves ( the dial up ) and she only uses Avent bottles and pacifiers.

Angelina Wickes, AR

Works ok

These work ok, and the pads are a nice inclusion.The cooling pads are refreshing, and the included pads help to avoid any cold burn. However the ointments (from modela and others that are specifically designed for sore nipples) seem to work better than the ice/heat treatment. While a hot shower seems to help with the milk production, these hot pads didn’t seem to do much of a difference.For those women that might be interested:- these probably work best for large (circumference, not length) nipples.

Tamra Tyro, KS

Heaven for engorged breasts!

These were an absolute LIFESAVER when my wife’s breasts were engorged. Throwing frozen ones in her bra gave her immediate relief, and she would absolutely recommend these to any nursing mother. The terry cloth liners were very soft on her aching breasts and incredibly easy to launder.She was both hot and cold about the shape: one the one hand, she greatly appreciated the hole’s placement kept her nipples from being frozen off. On the other hand, she was critical of the fact that it didn’t cover all of the surface area she needed (she could choose to soothe either the side of her breast, or the bottom of it, but not both) while at the same time feeling it was designed for a larger breasted woman. Yes, it’s both too small and too big.She also found that it was very difficult to take advantage of the dual hot/cold capability of the pads. She keeps them in the freezer, but if she wants a warm one, she has to take it out of the freezer and then thaw it out in a bowl of warm water (NOT the microwave!). Her recommendation is that if you want to use the warm feature, don’t try to make one pair of pads do double duty, buy a second pair.

Marlene Greenville, ME

Fine, but not great

As a lactation educator, I was excited to see this product offered on Amazon Vine. However, while it certainly has a use, the seemingly clever design is not at helpful as one would imagine. Firstly, for a small breasted woman, the product is HUGE. If you are large breasted this is probably appreciated, but this is definitely designed for more of a D cup than a B or C. While it would seem this shouldn’t matter, the product doesn’t mold to the breast well for a smaller woman.Also, the hole in the center to shield the nipple from the temperature (can be used hot or cold) is clever, I suppose, but if you have a sore nipple, that is sometimes where you want relief! Also, if you have a sore or damaged nipple the terry cloth cover is going to stick to the skin, since there is not hold there.The weakest part of this product though is that you can’t heat it in the microwave. You are meant to put it in hot water to heat it up. When I have a hot/cold pack (I usually use flax seeds), I keep it in the freezer, so it is ready to use cold, and if I want it warm, pop it in the microwave. If this were kept in the freezer, I can only imagine how many cycles of hot water it would have to go through before it could be useful. And if not kept in the freezer, there would be a quite a wait time before it would ready as well. I would not recommend just planning to use it in the microwave against instructions because the plastic is clearly not appropriate for this purpose.In general, I would see the only practical use for this product being for engorgement when cold is helpful. However, the best remedy for engorgement is to NURSE OFTEN!!This was a nice idea…but I think a sock full of flax or rice is just as useful.

Denise Elmendorf Afb, AK

Loved the idea but its use are a bit limited

I loved the idea that I could use this as a warm pad and then use it as a cold pack. What I didn’t realize was how much work went into getting it to be warm/cold. First of all, the gel packs are not microwavable, which was a bit disappointing as that would be the easiest way to get it to be warm. For it to be cold, it has to be soaked in ice cold water for about 10 minutes or put it in the freezer.I personally never used the warm pack since I never had problems with let down. I tried to use it when it was cold for engorgement and while that worked OK, it would have been nice to have more usage out of this. The cold also doesn’t last too long so you would have to pop it back in almost right away. Plus, I wish that it would cover the nipple as that’s where I need the cold the most.Otherwise, the idea is nice but I just ended up not using it as much as I had hoped. It was more trouble than it was worth and with a newborn, time is so valuable.

Theresa Chester Springs, PA

Better for cold than hot

Ordered this to bring relief. I purchased two 2-packs, one for warm and one for cold. Did not warm up well or stay warm. As far as cold use, worked perfectly.

Leah Ojo Caliente, NM

Five Stars

Life saver for a new mom

Estelle Janesville, WI

Ahhh relief

Used these when my milk came in after the birth of our son. What a great relief. Have recommened to my other friends who are expecting. Like that you can use either hot or cold.

Denice Collinsville, IL

REALLY COOLS YOU DOWN! Multipurpose for all. Relives swollen tender breasts, hot flashes, night sweats, bruises or fever.

Regular freezer packs with cover,we love. 5 stars for multipurpose. Easy to use pop in freezer, then put inside cover and apply. Helped relieve painful swollen breasts on the breastfeeding mom. We also used to cool down for hot flashes and at night when woke up with night sweats. Works great. Grabbed one out of the freezer to use for a bump & bruised, skinned knee, and for forehead for kid with fever. Neg-time consuming to prepare heated to encourage milk let down. Covers wash easily but as they are small can get lost so recommend hand washing.Would highly recommend for any on any age for the multi-purpose use of a freezer pack with cover. Brings cool relief to : fever, bumps, bruises, boo-boos, engorged or tender breasts, hot flashes, night sweats, headache, migraine.

Betty Claiborne, MD

Don’t heat well

They freeze well but the instructions say to heat them in a pan of hot water, which doesn’t allow for it to get very hot!

Mellisa Star Tannery, VA

Works best from the freezer

I haven’t actually used these as warming pads, because they can’t go in the microwave and take longer to prepare than microwaving a wet rag. However, the are amazing from freezer and the terrycloth cover is a nice addition.

Tanisha Brasstown, NC

Great little product!

I received these to review the day I got back from the hospital after having my first child. Perfect timing! I popped them in the freezer and sort of forgot about them until today, while dealing with engorgement. These are really nice! I’ve used the frozen to soothe engorgement while waiting for feeding time for the little one. They’re really soothing and seem to last a little longer than the small ice packs shaped like cartoon characters you find at checkout aisles frequently (though those would work almost as well – so I can’t say which I’d recommend over the other as the price for the Avents is currently not listed).To have to submerge them in hot water for 10 minutes to use warm is a bit of a pain and requires a longer prep foresight than I currently have for feeding. Even if you microwaved some water to submerge them in, you’d still have to be able to do that 15 min or so before feeding and I already have enough to do! (Currently, I am heating a rice pillow in the microwave for 5 mins beforehand to help with letdown etc.)I really like these and recommend them for nursing moms. They are a bit big for me (I’m probably a 36C or maybe D when engorged), but fit just fine in a stretchy bra. These do have the benefit of the cover (rather than awkwardly wrapping in a washcloth or something) and the “nip hole” (so it doesn’t get too frozen) over the small checkout aisle freezer packs I mentioned above.

Melody Rydal, GA

Did not find helpful

I do not really understand these gel pads — maybe I’m just not that smart? Can’t figure out why there is a little notch in them, and they did not cool enough for any relief if you had the cover on them (which you needed). Soothies are so much better!

Elisha Baker, LA

Useful for clogged ducts or sore nipples

These are really useful for easing pain from clogged ducts when heated. I would give them 5 stars but they aren’t microwavable so you have to submerge in very hot – but not boiling – water to get them warmer than body temp. They keep their heat for about 20 minutes, enough time to make your breasts feel much, much better.

Adeline Rensselaer, IN

A Must Have For Breastfeeding

I had used the lanolin cooling pads but you cant reuse them over and over.These are awesome, cooling and soothing, or help with warming up the breasts for milk letdown or helping when you have clogged duct or mastitis etc.They are a great investment. I have been using them and breastfeeding for 15 months plus. I am now pregnant and due in August ’12 and will most definitely use these then too for the newborn.

Sharron Ikes Fork, WV

Love these

Great product. I had problems with engorgement with every baby so I ordered these while I was still pregnant with my last baby and I was so glad I did because they were a lifesaver when I was engorged after baby. They didn’t interfere with my milk supply at all and truly gave me relief. Now that I am done with them my kids use these for cold packs now instead of a bag of peas and they love them for that purpose. I would recommend this product to family and friends.

Wilda Winn, MI

Doesn’t get warm enough as quick as it claims

I did not enjoy using this product. In particular, don’t expect the gel pack to warm up within 10 minutes, especially if you’ve refrigerated it to make it cool. The product instructions should have disclosed that the heating time was from room temperature. And even when it was warm, it was really no warmer than running a washcloth under really hot water from the tap. You don’t really need to pay for a product that’s going to lose its heat almost instantly. My engorged breasts were in agony. Cabbage leaves ultimately brought the engorgement down, but for immediate relief, I used an old fashionhot water bottleand that did the trick.Even used as a cold pad, it didn’t seem as effective asSoothies Gel Pads, which were amazing for the initial nipple soreness pain from starting breastfeeding a newborn. If you have severe nipple cracking and bleeding however (as I did trying to nurse a tongue tied baby), you ought to consider asking your OB or midwife to prescribe something called Triple Nipple Cream (also called Dr. Jack Newman’s Nipple Ointment) which will heal nipples in 24 hours. The prescription will have to be compounded (mixed together) by your pharmacy, so you’ll have to check to make sure the pharmacy has it in stock. (A mom’s tip: 24 hour pharmacies tend to have more different drugs readily in stock b/c they never know what prescription will need to be filled urgently overnight).If you found this review helpful, please let me know.

Melanie Elmo, UT

Eh Okay

The idea is good but it’s not living up to it’s promises. It takes a while to heat up and you must heat it up in hot water. You can’t microwave it so it’s not a convenient solution and it can only cover one area of the breast.These were okay for cold use however and did provide some relief to my aching breasts.

Madge Brandon, MS

A must have for every nursing momma

The first few weeks of breastfeeding are the toughest- and these were my BFF during those painful first days. The covers are really nice too and wash well.

Monika Clayton, OK

Wish I had these for the very early days of nursing…

Overall these did feel good when trying to relieve soreness which I did suffer from during the first few weeks. However, using them for warmth was not really needed for me as being able to microwave them would have been much quicker. The size of these gel pads were ok for nipple soothing as well for me as I am so small breasted they easily covered my nipples with some slight adjustments. They can have another use as cold packs for boo boos once your little one is toddling around.

Katharine Java, SD


This is great for soothing sore beasts. Especially if you are experiencing engorgement from being away from baby after work.

Shawn Braintree, MA

heat or coldness does not last for a long time

the gel packs are ok. you have to buy two sets in order (one for freezing / the other to heat up) to use both functions of soothing sore breasts and helping to get milk flowing.I feel that the heat packs don’t retain heat long enough to be used effectively but the cold packs are definitely soothing on sore and engorged breasts. the cold packs were really helpful when I got mastitis

Wendi Bloomfield, NM

Hard to heat

These are nice and easy to freeze and use cold, but I don’t think they hold heat well which is what I’d prefer to use them for. It’d be nice if they could be microwaved instead of heating with hot water.

Eula Brinnon, WA

good product

I have started using these even before I had a baby and I liked them. only used the cold option so far and they are easy to use, especially with the sleeve provided. I now leave mine in the freezer and take out when needed.

Taylor Caliente, CA

Great to relieve the pain and milk’s flow

I didn’t used this that much, but when I did, it really relieves the pain after breast feeding.Also is a great help when the milk gets stuck.Great product but it’s not a must buy, but again, I didn’t needed to use that much, so it’s better to have it than not to have.

Michaela Jackson, WI