Philips Avent Toddler Spout Cups – 2 Pack – 7 Oz – 6m – Pink

Philips Avent Toddler Spout Cups – 2 Pack – 7 Oz – 6m – Pink

Ideal first step to a drinking cup. Measurement scale on the cup Non-spill Toddler Spout Trainer Handles Snap-top lid keeps spout clean Inter-changeability. Completely interchangeable with entire Philips AVENT range Easy to clean Entire cup can be sterilized for hygiene purposes All parts are dishwasher safe for convenience. Non-spill valve keeps cup hygienic anywhere. Non spill, fast flow. This Philips AVENT BPA-free spout cup is amazingly spill-proof no matter it is used at home or out and about, and yet easy to drink from. The spouts with valves also fit the feeding bottles so they become spill proof too.

Main features

  • Non-spill
  • Fast flow

Verified reviews


design flaw

I have Avent bottles that I am very happy with so naturally I purchased Avent sippy cups. I was not impressed with these cups at all. They do leak. I specifically wanted a cup that had a lid so it could be put in a purse or bag. This cup does have a lid, but the lid is hinged and stays on while the child is drinking. My daughter was distracted by this and just wanted to play with the lid. I wanted a lid that is removable.

Debra Vandalia, MT

Only 2 little problems

It is very pretty and since i have avent bottles is very useful because you can use the spout on bottles or nipples on this cup. I just have 2 little issues:- the lid doesn’t lock open, so when my baby drinks from it, the lid would close on her face. It doesn’t hurt her but it is uncomfortable.- the spout comes originally sealed. When i recently got the cup i thought it had a problem because the spout didn’t have a hole on it. Just after sterilizing it, the hole got open. I don’t know if this is ordinary in this kind of product but it’s the first time it’s happened to me and i couldn’t find any instruccions on the packaging or the website explaining this.

Jennifer Killeen, TX

so so

I had high hopes for these sippy cups as I love the Avent bottles. Our son who started drinking water out of sippy cups when he was 6 months old does well drinking from ANY sippy, even straw cups, as long as it’s water. Our son was still taking his milk from a bottle but we wanted to transition to a training cup to prevent tooth decay. These bottles are ok for just taking sips here and there but our son still gets 3 “bottles” of milk a day and these nipples collapse HORRIBLY with constant sucking. We either have to keep taking the bottle out to release the suction or our son opens his mouth repeatedly taking in a lot of air and eventually giving up with an ounce or two left in the cup. He normally downs a 6-8oz bottle with ease but not with these cups. I must have spent over $100 on sippy cups and finally resorted back to the BORNFREE training cups with the venting system. I hate washing the extra parts but the nipples do not collapse. We will just keep these AVENT cups for his water at this time. I wish these cups had a venting system, maybe that would help prevent the constant collapsing. I have yet to find the PERFECT training cup and like I said, we own MANY brands at this point. You name it, we probably bought it. I do have to say, the AVENT hard spout cups do have a rubber disk to vent so I’m confused as to why these soft spout cups do not have a rubber disk venting system???

Leann Sharon Center, OH

Easy to use

We tried a Nuk soft spout cup first, and since the spout was so horrible, we decided to purchase these. My 9-month-old son can use these with no trouble. These wash up easily (no annoying valve) and are easy for first time users. My son’s bottle nipples are made out of the same material as the spouts. The lids that these come with are annoying, but we just took ours off and problem solved.

Kristina Twin Lakes, MN

Looks good, functions okay, leaks

I like other Avent products, so I was really wanting to like these cups. I DO really like the contoured handles, and I like the look of the design. The soft spout is nice, but the opaque material stains easy. The first spaghetti night we had they were never white again. Not a function thing, but just sharing. Unlike other reviewers, I actually like the flip-top. My son never had any problems with it poking himself in the face to the point of it being a “problem”. He did play with it. But I see that as a positive aspect, because it entertained him. I also like that I can cap and uncap the spout, without fear of losing the cap. Here’s my main, and major, problem with them… THEY LEAK. Doesn’t matter how tight you turn it, the cap always leaks. I used these for 6+ months now, so I feel like I have a pretty solid amount of experience with them. Always leaked. These are now only back-up sippies. I’ve now replaced all of them with Dr. Browns.

Caryn Sycamore Valley, OH

Love these sippy cups

These are great sippy cups. Made the transition from botle to sippy cup much easier. The only thing I don’t like is that the cover doesn’t come off like the other avent sippy cups. The cover just flip back annoying my child.

Antionette Cheyenne, OK

Worked well

These cups worked perfectly for my granddaughter as a transition cup! They were low leakage and she actually now prefers them over bottles!

Shawn Clarence, NY

Not as functional as the other style

I love Avent sippy cups, but the attached cover of this style is terrible. I ended up removing them, and using them without the flip-top. I gave it 3 stars, because it works as well as the other Avent cups (no leaks, easy to clean, and cute).

Eloise Elmendorf Afb, AK

Lid should come off

The top/lid should come off for better use. As the baby is drinking, the lid comes into his face. It might hurt baby’s face.

Helena Clinton, TN

Good cup for baby

My only problem is that the lid flips up & then gets in the way when my baby is drinking. I love the idea of a lid to keep it clean & protect against spills when we are out & about. But my 11 month old just sees the lid as a toy opening and closing instead of drinking. Other than that I love it. My son can hold it all by himself & has been for months & it goes in the dishwasher. Which is a great thing.

Dayna Fair Bluff, NC

Best sippy cup

They have really improved these sippy cups by making the spout silicone and one piece. My son loves them and has never had a problem drinking from them.

Judy Frederick, CO


This is what got my daughter off of solely Breastfeeding I like that I have the cap attached. The cap can also be removed when cleaning

Joyce Raleigh, IL

baby love it

It is a good size and handles for baby. The nipple is vey soft for baby gum and suck it. no leak out. Love it.

Kristy Stinesville, IN