Philips Avent Translucent Orthodontic Infant Pacifier, Clear

Philips Avent Translucent Orthodontic Infant Pacifier, Clear

For soothing and comforting, Philips AVENT orthodontic infant pacifiers ensure natural development of teeth and gums. Philips AVENT pacifiers are available in a variety of sizes, stylish colors and designs and are BPA free.

Main features

  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple so right side up or upside down, philips avent pacifiers
  • Taste and odor free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle
  • Includes two pacifiers, ideal age range is 0 to 6 months
  • Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger
  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple so right side up or upside down, philips avent pacifiers help ensure natural development of teeth and gums
  • Taste and odor-free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle
  • Includes two pacifiers, ideal age range: 0-6 months
  • WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger

Verified reviews


Product not as pictured and covered the nose

The picture shows four pacifiers with four different colors. The actual product is TWO pacifiers and they are identical and clear. If you have two babies, you can’t tell which pacifier is for which baby. The picture is misleading!Also, these pacifiers don’t have holes by the nose. I have babies about 8 lbs (preemie twins now one month old) and these pacifiers cover part of their nose and make it hard for them to breathe. I don’t think they’re safe for smaller babies. I would advise getting ones with holes by the nose

Rae Ewell, MD

Wish they weren’t clear

At first I thought a clear pacifier was so fabulous. No annoying bright colors in any baby pictures! But finding a dropped pacifier on the floor is a real pain because… they’re clear. They’re definitely my sons favorite pacifier but they are also the kind you’ll want to strap to your baby so you don’t spend time looking on the floor for a dropped paci.

Valarie Youngtown, AZ

Thought I would get different colors like photo

My daughter hated these. She only likes them when she takes them from her twin brother to make him jealous. I was hoping for a pack like what is shown in the picture but all of mine were just clear. I had hoped to have set colors for each baby but I guess that never mattered with my daughter hating them. They’re now almost 6 months and my son is weaning himself off of them now.

Valarie Elizabeth, NJ

Too flat and creepy on video monitor

We love all products AVENT!First, Philips AVENT has the best customer service. To make things easier retain a copy of your AVENT receipts (although, unnecessary).Second, our baby loves the "non-Soothie" AVENT pacifiers.Third, these are not as good as other AVENT pacifiers.PROS:- Cost, these are relatively inexpensive (great if you misplace them)- Love the cover that comes with the pacifier. Great to throw in the diaper bag and not worry about it getting dirty.- I like that there is no up/down – pacifier can be used either directionCONS:- The hard plastic on these pacifiers are very flat, unlike our other AVENT pacifiers these don’t seem to bend at the edges making them seem a little awkward.- The hard plastic seems much thinner on the edges – probably just a preference, I just don’t like it – I like the rounded edged pacifiers.- WEIRD CON: We have a stash of pacifiers in the crib (generally out of baby’s reach) and we only use pacifiers at nap times not bedtime – so when baby grabs one of these pacifiers on his own accord you have to look carefully whether he has it in his mouth because it looks strange on the night-vision of the video monitor.OVERALL:- I probably wouldn’t buy these exact pacifiers again – but would suggest other AVENT pacifiers – and Philips AVENT in general.

Carla Colusa, CA

Watch out for colors

The pacifiers are great. My baby loves it. It was MY mistake to buy all translucent pacifiers. DON’T. Once you set them down, it is hard to find them, spot them and when you have your baby asleep… the hustle with no lights to find these translucent pacifiers is hell. My first mistake as a first mom: wanted "cute"pacifiers and forgot about practicality. AVOID translucent. I then bought the same with colors and my baby loves them. So i do highly recommend the brand and product, just not the translucent ones!

Essie Camp Lake, WI

Hard to find because of color

The only problem I had with this pacifier was the color! Since it’s clear, it was very hard to find it in the crib during the night with low lights.Nowadays my baby prefers her thumb, so she does’t accept the pacifier anymore.

Melisa Westminster, MA

Love these!

I love these! I have used them for my baby since he was about a month old. He is almost 5 months old now. They seem to work great! I love the size. I tried a few other brands and my baby just would not take them. They were all too long or the shape was one he didn’t like. These seem to be the shape and length that he likes. I actually bought a ton of these because the baby kept dropping them everywhere. I seriously will not buy any other kind. They don’t have these in the store so I have to purchase them on Amazon and just wait for them to be shipped. I will be using these for my next babies for sure.

Dena Clymer, NY

My baby loves these

My 2 month old loves these "binkies" so much. They fit his face where other pacifiers seemed somewhat huge on his tiny face.

Eve Taylor Springs, IL

Works for us!

This is my son’s favorite pacifier. I like that it is translucent, the ones with color are cute, but this order came with 2 completely clear pacifiers. The boarder is a little larger than others, so small babies may have trouble with it being too close to their noses.

Violet Deep Gap, NC

Most hygenic

I got these as a gift at my shower. This was for my second baby and I had used Nuks prior for the first. I love these the best as they a) look so cute b) when they fall on the floor, the nipple falls up. I had them for awhile before I realized this advantage. Somehow, the way it is designed, the outside is convex and the nipple almost always seems to fall up! Easy to wash, I throw them in the dishwasher in my catchall basket. They have held up very well. They also come in other colors. I have clear and blue. Love love love these!

Andrea Excello, MO

perfect gender neutral

perfect, simple, gender neutral, pacifier. Although our little guy never really got hooked on the binki we like these, they come wih a nice little cover too

Roxie Westley, CA

Great paci!

We have used these pacifiers for several little ones & they are definitely our favorite pacifiers. The babies were very happy with them!

Aline Gardners, PA

Started to mildew

These were OK, but after about 2 weeks they started to mildew at the base which would not come off, had to toss them.

Dolores Seneca Falls, NY


I really like these pacifiers and the shapes of them. I was looking for something that was the same shape as the bottles we were using and this was perfect. I do wish there was a way to choose which colors you get but luckily I got white.

Teri Mount Judea, AR

Work great

I use these time to time for my newborn. She will use sometimes, but she prefers the avent soothie. When she outgrows the soothie, I plan on using these. I really like the avent products.

Priscilla Middle River, MN

Good Quality

These are of really good quality, small and let air around the mouth. I am happy to recommend this product and would definitely purchase again.

Francesca South Kortright, NY

great price

These orthodontic pacifier work great, our 1 month old grandson did not like the ones from the hospital, but he loves these..

Emma Bimble, KY

Clear, no color

They are all clear so are very difficult to see if you drop them. They are also a little bulky. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Deloris Yukon, OK

Great pacifiers but I wish I hadn’t gotten them in clear

Our child likes these pacifiers and it seems to calm him. The only thing that you need to be careful is when washing you need to squeeze out the water from the nipple since water sometimes gets trapped in there. On another note, I wish I had gotten non-clear ones because when they fall on the floor, they are very hard to find!

Janet Roscommon, MI

i love it

I so in love with this pacifier!So great!!!!!I recommended to buy! You love it . .Very easy to use !

Leta Grand Marais, MN


I decided to get these for my 3 month old because we had been very happy with other AVENT products. He absolutely hated these. They are really heavy and would fall out every time he started to fall asleep, waking him up. Finally bought some MAM pacifiers which are very light and he loves them.

Rosie Kathryn, ND

AVENT Orthodontic Infant Pacifer

Recommended along with te AVENT Bottles that were purchased as a baby shower gift. The bottles were on a gift registry

Lucile Zwolle, LA

Good paci!

These are the only pacifiers my son will take! I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t thrilled that my son took to a pacifier at 3 months. I just don’t like the look of them sticking to a baby’s face! However, I do like that these are clear. They serve the purpose of the pacifier (which I am so grateful for now!), but don’t look hideous when my son sucks on it! I just wish they offered the clear version in the next size up as well.

Mayra Elkhart, IA

My children use no other pacifiers.

My son (between birth and 1 year) and now my infant both had/have only used this brand. I have tried others, but they only like this kind.

Norma Darwin, MN

My baby loves these!

We gave in when my son was 4 days old and gave him a pacifier because he was inconsolable without it (apparently he has a very strong sucking reflex) and it calmed him right down. I was initially concerned that it might interfere with his ability to latch and breastfeed properly, but he did not experience any nipple confusion after this pacifier was introduced.

Frances Flatwoods, WV

Will Be Useful

As we’re waiting to use a pacifier until after our daughter is 4 weeks old, we haven’t actually used these yet. However, I’m pleased to say that they survived being boiled and are currently waiting to be used. Like how they’re orthodontic and meant for infants 0-6 months of age.

Maggie Hickory Corners, MI


Just what the baby ordered. Makes him very happy. The sucker shape is designed properly as well. The soft silicone seems to collapse before it can have a chance to deform the soft palate. Unlike a thumb or some of the more rigid pacifiers. I am happy with this product.

Ethel Overbrook, KS

Great product, good price.

My babies love these pacies…and so do I. My LOs have no problem latching and the aerator on the sides of the pacifier allow air in to prevent moisture around my baby’s mouth (which means less skin irritation.)

Debora Mabscott, WV

These are awesome!

Every baby is different, but these are the only pacifiers my daughter will take, and they have been a lifesaver in some meltdown situations! I really like that they come with a snap-on cover, too, which keeps them from getting dirty when I throw them in my bag.

Jane Arcola, MS


One more practical and well done product of this brand. Small and simple to be carried to every outside places.

Antionette Nevada, IA