Philips AventBPA Free Soothie Pacifier, 3+ months, Green, 2 Count

Philips AventBPA Free Soothie Pacifier, 3+ months, Green, 2 Count

The Philips AVENT Soothie Pacifier helps calm and soothe newborns. Designed for babies from birth to three months, the Soothie Pacifier is made of hospital-grade, BPA-free and latex-free silicone for strength, comfort, and durability. Its one-piece construction is specially sized and shaped for a newborn’s mouth and adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Over 2,000 hospitals nationwide give newborns the Soothie pacifier. Soothie pacifiers are sized and shaped for baby’s developing mouth.

Main features

  • Sized and shaped for baby’s mouth
  • Hospital-grade silicone
  • Latex-free
  • Durable, one-piece construction

Verified reviews


Product page messed up – is this 0-3 mos or 3+ mos???

This item was on my baby registry and a friend bought the 0-3 month SOOTHIE pacifier for me. That’s what my baby likes, so I decided to order another set. I went back to the same page that was linked to from my registry and I again ordered the 0-3 month Soothie pacifier (Amazon even said on the page that this was a repeat order from my registry). However, I was sent the 3+ months SUPER SOOTHIE. I just went back to look at the page and it is definitely for the 0-3 month Soothie. There must be something messed up with Amazon’s ordering system because when I click on the link to read and write reviews, it then says 3+ months, but then when I click on the link to go back to the item page, it goes back to saying 0-3 months. Make sure when you put this in your cart that you are ordering the correct product. I am going to return these and then go buy the pacifiers I want from a brick and mortar store so that I know I’m getting what I want. This was very disappointing.

Rosalinda Bertha, MN

Way too thick

My daughter loves these pacifiers in the 0 month size. The 3 month size are so thick she can’t even keep them in her mouth when she’s sucking. They aren’t pliable at all and they’re completely unusable for us.

Jolene Manchester, KY

Firmer than 0-3 month, but still good.

We tried other similar looking ones (I think they’re called gum drop) but my daughter will only take Soothies. The 3+ month ones are definitely more rigid than the 0-3mo ones and she prefers the 0-3 month ones.I think the 3+ month ones are supposed to be firmer so they can’t bite through them as easily when they get teeth, but honestly, I tried tried as hard as I could to bite through a 0-3 month one myself and was unsuccessful.Maybe its firmer to keep her from putting the entire pacifier in her mouth – something she can nearly do with the 0-3 month ones. I doubt it though, because it wouldn’t be a choking hazard because she can still breathe thru her nose, and she certainly can’t wedge it down into her trachea.

Lupe Athens, LA

0-3 versus 3+

We’ve tried a number of different brands of pacifiers and always come back to the soothies. They are durable and easy to care for plus my kids love them.The 3+ month version is exactly the same size and shape as the 0-3 month version but it’s made out of thicker/tougher material. The difference in material doesn’t matter all that much until your baby gets teeth, once they have teeth you definitely want to switch as it’s really easy for kids to bite through the 0-3 month pacifier which is a choking hazard. While it’s much more difficult to bite through the 3+ month pacifier it’s still possible to do so. You’ll want to keep a close eye on them and inspect them for any damage on a regular basis. My kids didn’t have any difficulty switching from the 0-3 month pacifier to the 3+ month pacifier.

Luisa Davidsville, PA


My 6 month old would never keep smoothies in his mouth for more than a minute. Then I tied MAM pacifiers. Right away he liked them and would suck on them for hours.Every baby is different but MAMs are my son’s favorites. I also tried NUK which he didn’t like as much but still better than smoothies.

Lucy Pingree, ID

soothie pacifiers are great

These are the pacifiers you get at the hospital. I love these pacifiers. I purchase them for all my friends who are having kids and they love them. Ive used only these for my kids and they loved them. I wouldn’t use any other pacifier ever.

Alyson Hammett, ID

These are the standard for a reason.

My son loves these! This is the same one that comes on the wubbanub and my son likes the soothies. I buy them for every friend I know having a baby!

Maritza Buena Vista, CO

Great binkies

These came as described, and were in fact the "super soothie" that I wanted for my 9 month old son. He transitioned to these very easily from the early stage soothies- no issues at all.

Evangelina Chalk, TX

Perfect for baby

I bought this as a gift. The mother seems to really appreciate it, so I guess it does its job 🙂

Mallory Arthur, ND

Doesn’t really use it

These generally work fairly well (I’ve got 4 nieces and a nephew that all used them with no issues) they just didn’t stick for my baby. She prefers suckling her fist, so they didn’t really help me personally, but these are still good binkies.

Shawna West Harrison, NY

Still using them after way too long, but held up great

My son loves these. I cut the handle part off of them because he was constantly getting it caught on the mattress when he turned his head and popping it out of his mouth. (He’s a tummy sleeper and has been since he started rolling over).My only concern is that he’s specifically attached to the soft texture of the 0-3 month pacifiers and will NOT take the harder older baby pacifiers. He’s 15 months now with top and bottom teeth, but I’ve seen no wear or tear on his pacifiers and I check them often. I’m not overly concerned about it since he only wants it when he’s falling asleep. Over all, good pacifiers, and recommended by my lactation consultants and his oral specialist (he had his tongue clipped to be able to nurse).

Hillary Sparta, GA

Durable, soothing and baby loves it

We had the 0-3 months ones and the baby loves them. It’s a huge helper when he’s fussy. Later I got the 3+ ones and they’re a bit thicker and heavier than the newborn size. He still loves them. The simple design is safe and doesn’t leave marks on his face like some curved ones he used before.

Yolanda Ritter, OR

Green Pacifier

Not as soft as the 0-3 months one we got at the hospital. I will save this for when my baby is older

Greta Gueydan, LA

Good pacifier

Product was as expected, except it was a different color green than in the picture. I thought it was a cool neon color but I received the plain old green ones.

Sadie Knob Lick, KY

babyes Pacifier

Good product for a good price, with 2 pacifier! My baby like it! My baby boy likes to hold the pacifier with his owns hands so is anatomic

Charlene Glover, MO


I used these with my first child and now use them with my second. I would recommend these to anyone!

Isabel Queen Anne, MD

philips avent pacifier

i didn’t particularly like the design. didn’t think it was ergonomic. the thick round piece that touches baby’s mouth doesn’t stay flush with baby’s cheeks/mouth where other pacifiers seem to do. this, i believe, is supposed to emulate the breast and how it touches baby’s face of which this pacifier fails to do. also, it’s "rubbery" so when he moves his head on a shirt, blanket, etc, it catches and falls out.

Alexis Templeton, PA

Life Savers!

I would not have gotten through this past year without these little suckers. My son literally will not sleep without a paci in his mouth. I have always loved these ones in particular as opposed to others but I mainly like them because my son does and that’s good enough for me.

Kristine Gamerco, NM


When my son was born he was extremely fussy and kept wanting to be at the breast constantly, never wanting to come off at all…the maternity nurses said it seemed unusual and ::secretly:: gave me one of these pacifiers to give me and my poor breasts a break. I was skeptical at first because my daughters would not take any pacifiers and they were breastfed, also because pacifiers can supposedly throw off the babies ability to latch properly when they are so young. They can also add to or cause excessive gas from swallowing too much air. Well not only did my son take the soothie with ease, he has no problem latching to my breasts and can use the soothie when needed. It also helped him take bottles of my breast milk from other family members with ease, as I remember my daughters refusing bottles altogether. I say these are a must have, if you must have a pacifier at all!

Lily Waddell, AZ

Just like the ones from the hospital

These are the only pacifiers that our daughter’s will use. These are similar to what we received at the hospital. They hold up well and she refuses any other pacifiers.

Susan Olive Hill, KY

not for us

huge fan of all Philips products i thought i would give this a try, my son did not like it, he made such a silly face every time I would put it in his mouth, he would take it out almost immediately. not a good fit for us.

Loraine Calumet, MN

Highly recommended by our lactation consultant

These pacifiers were recommended by our lactation consultant with baby #1. The 3+ months version have thicker silicon than the newborn version because they need to be able to withstand babies with teeth. The pricing on amazon is always much better than at the grocery store or drug store. Both of my babies became disinterested in them around 4 months, which was great because I just stopped offering them. By 6 months, neither of my babies were using a pacifier anymore. They are also easy to clean and most pacifier holders work with them. Lastly, our 85lb dog has eaten many of them and they seem to pass right through him since they are 100% silicone.

Stefanie Burna, KY

ok but a bit too big

My daughter is a sucker fish, she is orally fixated, she needs a paci. These are good, they are soft and flexible, don’t seem to cause acne or rash around her mouth or nose, and she likes them. HOWEVER, she’s 5 weeks old and they seem a bit big and heavy and fall out a lot. The smaller clear Avent paci seems to stay in better. I think it will be good when she’s bigger and older. Very easy to clean and sterilize.

Esther Tyler, AL

Great pacifier

These are my favorite pacifiers. My daughter took to them immediately and I love that they are easy to hold in her mouth. She ended up being a finger sucker, so we don’t use them anymore, but they were great for the 2 months or so before she could consistently find her fingers to soothe herself.I buy these for all my expecting friends!

Georgette Nubieber, CA

Son won’t take it.

I realize that these are made thicker in order to be safer for our little ones but my 7 month old will not take these pacifiers at all. He’s not even remotely interested and just tosses them to the floor. Such a shame because he really loved the 0-3 month soothe pacifiers.

Lourdes Eckerty, IN

Great for Newborns

We used these pacifiers pretty heavily from 4 wks old to 3.5 months. Now he has self weaned down to use them only when trying to fall asleep.

Aileen Pleasant Valley, NY

Baby approved.

My baby loves these over the traditional pacifiers but he also uses the AVENT bottles. The only draw back is there are difference in manufacturing from when I have bought spares a month a part. The base has been difference thicknesses and the baby can tell the difference since he will spit out the thicker ones.

Sondra South Colton, NY

The best

We were given this brand of pacifier in the hospital. My son took to it within hours of birth, and he has refused every other brand of pacifier since. If your baby likes a pacifier, definitely give these a try.

Dorthy Tulsa, OK

baby loves them

We were given these at the hospital and my son loved them. They sure work miracles. The 3+ month pacifier is just thicker and harder to suck than the 0-3 month pacifier.

Lisa Oak Harbor, OH

Only OK for this One

The baby doesn’t like this shape of pacifier at all. The quality of the product was great & the packaging was very sanitary.

Tina Linwood, MA