Phillips Avent Straw Replacement Brush Set – 9 Oz

Phillips Avent Straw Replacement Brush Set – 9 Oz

The Philips AVENT replacement straw set with brush includes 2 replaceable straw sets and a cleaning brush. This means that the straw in the cup can always be kept clean and hygienic for use at anytime!

Main features

  • Includes 2 replacement straw sets and a cleaning brush
  • Brush enables easy cleaning of the straw
  • Straws can be sterilized for hygiene purposes

Verified reviews


These straws are junk

My toddler and infant both love these sippies, since there isn’t much resistance to get the liquid out (some sippies are ridiculously hard to drink out of) but these straws are total junk. They’re thin and if your child bites on them at all, they rip. We ordered these replacements, and they ripped within a couple months. Really need to find a new sippy to switch to, but my toddler is pretty resistant to sippy change. The sippies also leak like crazy after a while.

Verna Callao, MO

the brush is super helpful

We needed new straws for our cup and the brush is really helpful to clean them. It would be nice if they included the brush with the original cup. Also just a note for the people who got weren’t expecting the two short straws. You are right, the picture is different, but the description does say the they are for the 9 oz size cup.

Amanda Wellesley Island, NY

Great replacement straws for the avent sippy cups

great replacement for the avent cups come in an easy to open package. We love these sippy cups but the soft straw ends to break down with use but since they are soft I don’t have to worry about my two year old tripping and the straw going through his roof of his mouth.

Ruthie Warne, NC

Love Avent

I really love this brand, my son is 15 months and I got him already his 3 straw cup from avent, love them too, this replacement straw are a must have.

Kendra Bradgate, IA

Can’t find this size in baby stores

For some reason, I lose these straws like I lose socks. If you are like me, stock up! I have tried to find these 9 oz straws in the baby stores and both buybuy baby and babies r us only keep the 12 oz replacement straws in stock.They are easy to assemble and easy to clean. What more can you ask for in a baby straw?

Ginger Port Jervis, NY