phil&teds Lobster Highchair, Red

phil&teds Lobster Highchair, Red

Have lobster at the table every day with the phil&teds lobster high chair! The lobster is lightweight, with flat-packing portability and quick-smart clamping for ease of use with virtually any table. The lobster claws twist to grip tables from 0.8 – 3.75 ” thick for a secure, fuss-free attachment. Weighing just under 4 pounds, the lobster is extremely travel-friendly, making it convenient to take to restaurants, on family vacations or to grandma’s house. Once your little one is able to hold their head up, they’re ready to sit in the lobster and join the rest of the family at the table. Don’t let the lightweight, aluminum frame deceive you – the phil&teds lobster is very strong and can hold children up to 37 pounds. Keep your tot from wiggling all around with the padded, adjustable 5-point safety harness. The easy clean portable high chair features hand washable fabric, a removable, dishwasher safe food tray and a travel bag.

Main features

  • Aluminum frame with padded back support and a shoulder harness system weighing in under 4 pounds
  • Robust aluminum clamps with non slip grip pads fit tables from 0.8″ up to 3.75″ thick and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Globally safety certified design can accommodate a child 3 months to 3 years up to a max weight of 37 pounds
  • Includes a dishwasher safe tray and travel bag that fits easily into diaper bags, purses, and stroller gear baskets
  • Not suitable for use on glass top tables, tables with loose table tops, table leaves, single pedestal tables, card tables, camping tables, or tables with rounded or beveled edges or lips

Verified reviews


Stylish but Too “Deep” For our 8-month old

I had already purchased the Inglesina Fast Chair. Our daughter has been using the Fast Chair since about four months and loves sitting in it. We get compliments on it when we are in restaurants and its fairly easy to clamp on with big rubber top and bottom clamps to protect tables.But we decided that we’d probably prefer a snap on table with a tray as our daughter enters the “messy-eating-by-herself” stage. Enter the P&T; Lobster. The P&T; looks more stylish, is sleek, and has some serious clamp-on ability — I certainly liked it better than the Inglesina. The only problem I had is that my daughter didn’t! She’s now 8 months old and a little over 26 inches tall. When she sits in the Inglesina she can easily see and manipulate items on the table in front of her, rest her arms on the chair sides, etc. There is still room to grow but she fits in it. In the P&T; Lobster, the seat is so deep that she was drowning in it and while her head was still higher than the table top, she could no longer see things as well to interact with them. As a result, she doesn’t like being in the chair and we’ve had to return it.It’s possible the P&T; will work beautifully for older children, but for our sizeable 8 month old, it was just too deep.One last thing, while this chair does have a tray, the tray simply slides in (and back out!) easily and has pretty small sides for holding food in. I didn’t see a way to clip it to the chair or cause it to stay put when you have a wiggling kid trying to move everything around. It didn’t strike me as a particularly solid or useful tray. I’m going with a tinydiner mat and the Inglesina for now until I find something better.

Adrian Powder Springs, TN

A few flaws.

Bought this for my 7 month old. Overall, I love it. I like how compact it is, how easy to set up. I like that it comes with a tray and it seems very well-made, sturdy and secure. There are a few things that I would like to see fixed especially for the price of this item:- easier to adjust straps- removable strap pads- elastic webbing to hold the tail ends of the straps- a better way to secure the tray to the seat (it is very easy to slide out and move around so I find I’m am pretty constantly adjusting it)- a zippered carry bag with a long shoulder strapSeems like a lot of flaws but they are basically small things and I would purchase this item again.

Harriett Irvona, PA

The Lobster is a FLOP!!

I don’t want to hate it….I really don’t….in fact I was so excited to get it, then….I GOT it and ugh!Below is the letter I wrote to P&T; and I will update with their response:Hi “Phil and Ted”,I just want to write you to express my qualms with this frustrating lobster chair. Firstly, I would like to mention it’s one pro: size, but that one pro is also a large downfall as well! Then I would like to ask also if either of you or your product designers have children and, if so, if you have tested this on them!?The chair is deep, which is nice, and narrow, which is nice too for space saving, but it’s impossible to use the buckles let alone the shoulder straps and very challenging to get a child in (getting them to put their legs down in the holes) and out (making sure they are facing the right way in order to not scrape their body).Cleaning. Ha! That’s a joke! Do you have a young child? Have you seen them eat?! It’s a mess, something that resembles a very talented artist who fetches millions if dollars for their splatter art! Add a canvas rather than a tray and move over Jackson Pollock! Getting the canvas part out requires unscrewing and then the rest is easy BUT the seat cushion is not removable nor is it washing machine safe on gentle or anything. Hand wash!? No way! I want to throw this whole thing away before I attempt to scrub the cakes of yuck out of the mesh-like side and cracks of the seat.Also as many MANY people reviewed on amazon, the tray doesn’t lock in at all so a plate on the tray becomes an easy projectile thus further warranting the need for a washing machine visit.It goes on and off the table nice and easy so that is a plus, but cleaning is the number one priority following the obvious safety aspect!Please please let me know if there is anyway I can invest the hours of cleaning from a recent pasta meal and return to this to you. I cannot pay $80 for this and hate it so much. I need to reinvest my money into a different chair. Would this be possible? I do not want write my review on amazon but I was led astray and I want to prevent anyone else from feel this way as well, I would love to write a review that says how wonderful the customer service is and how amazing you guys are! Hopefully it’s true!I am so sorry to be so grumpy but for $80 I have much higher hopes on the ease of cleaning factor! Great chair otherwise for areas of safety, size (which also is a downfall at times), and aesthetics.Thanks and hope to hear from you tomorrow,”———-EDIT TO ADD with Phil & Ted response (see below)———–Hi —–,”Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to us and provide the feedback. We really value all feedback from our customers as our products are all designed with the needs of parents in mind. Let me see if I can help you find a solution to your issuesDue to the need for play in the design of the lobster claw, the trays will never fit 100% well underneath the claws with perfect spacing. This may cause the tray to not lock tightly with every use. The tray is not made to lock completely securely as the primary concern is the ability to guarantee a tight fit of the claw to the table. The tray on every model will have slight motion. What I personally find is helpful is if you clamp in one side of the lobster (with the tray under it-so that side is tight) and then clamp down the other side of the lobster with the other piece of the tray. Does that make sense? Another option that I found is helpful is to attach the lobster to the table, so the lobster is secure, then slide the tray in under it. if it still has some give-you can release one of the lobster clamps and then move it slightly inward-and try the tray again.We do have some good instructions for caring for the fabric:The fabric should be cleaned regularly. Brush off any excessive dirt or sand and rinse with lukewarm water. Wash your Lobster by hand using a a sponge dipped in mild natural soap solution in lukewarm water (no more than 38C/100F). Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT tumble dry or dry in strong sunlight. To avoid fabric fading, cover the Lobster if it is exposed to direct sunlight through glass e.g. in a car or if stored in exposed areas.Unfortunately we are unable to process refunds on product. A return for a refund would need to be coordinated through your retailer as they have your money in this case.Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Have a great day.”Devon Powers800-839-4985Sales Supportphil&teds;———————————-Ok so my thoughts on this: I took the chair apart, unscrewing the screw to slide out the canvas part and sponge cleaning it. It is pretty easy to sponge clean but COMPLETELY ridiculous if after a super crusty, messy, or saucy meal.I wish I could return this but amazon would make me pay shipping, I got it as a gift, AND not sure they would take it back used just because I don’t like it. It works for what it is right now. Unfortunately I was mislead by such raving reviews that I thought I would post my feelings since they weren’t all rainbows and sunshine. Decide for yourself. If you have a neat as a pin infant/toddler and very little space, a table with no lip, and tons of time to clean each time, than this is the chair for you!

Lashonda Bloomfield, MT

Super compact; only two flaws

We love how compact this travel highchair is. We can put it in the basket of our stroller and whip it out as needed; it could probably even fit in a regular backpack or a very large diaper bag. The foldaway design is genius and we like the fact that it comes with/fits in its own small bag. We sold our Chicco 360 seat after getting this one, since this one is so much more portable.That said, the two downsides to this otherwise very nicely-designed product are:1) The included tray doesn’t lock to the seat. While it’s GREAT that a tray was even included, we would love if it locked into place with the seat so our little one couldn’t push it out and overturn/fling it.2) Because the way it connects to the table are basically two heavy duty clamps, it only works on tables without a lip. We’ve found we’re able to use it only 50% of the time when dining out due to this, plus the regular restrictions when using a hook-on chair (not on a tippy pedestal table, etc.). This is a pretty big downer because not being able to use it in so many instances defeats the purpose of having it and the convenience of its small size.

Leanna Glyndon, MN

Best Decision we ever made

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a toddler? I have. The question is.. have you ever been to a restaurant with a toddler and felt like giving up on life and crawling back to your dank dark apartment and never leaving again? Because I have been there too. My toddler is the kind of child who wants all the attention at all times. She wants to get into everything and never let me do what I want to do.. even if what I want to do is the simple task of "eating." Do you remember "eating?" Like before children? Because to me it seemed like this blissful fairy tale that never actually existed but I had created in my mind to help me get through the dark times.Then I bought the lobster chair. Red. Beautiful. Sexy even. It’s got a soft, luxurious seat and claws that clamp so hard, aint nobody falling off that table. Trust me. I tested it myself. I do love my little gremlin, don’t get me wrong, I want her safe. I just want to eat too.The first time we took this to a restaurant it was like a miracle. Not only did she actually SIT in it.. she liked it. She sat in it swinging her legs and eating rice and smiling and never wanted out of it like she did with all those stupid wooden pieces of crap they call high chairs at most restaurants. I was so happy I almost cried. I actually got to eat at the same time as my husband and didn’t have to wrestle an unruly demon child who wanted to say "hi" to every stranger at every table and then go back again for a second round of that.If you’re on the fence about this chair… do yourself a favor and take the leap. Worth every penny. I will never go back. I keep this in my trunk and feel panicky if I ever take a different car and forget it. It’s a priceless tool that every parent should have.

Kerri Westlake, OH


I’m a self proclaimed germ-a-phobe, and countless times, I’ve tried to wipe off a restaurant high chair, only to be disgusted by the dirt, grime, and who knows what else, comes off the chairs that they never, ever clean. I have owned a couple different high chair covers though my 3 children, but my last child happens to be a very active little girl who manages to spin around in the high chair and takes the cover with her, to the point where it’s covering nothing and her bare hands are all over the nasty high chair. I got this as a last resort, and I LOVE it. I wish I had this when my other kids were little. I no longer have to worry about other kids germs, slobber, food coming in contact with my baby’s little hands! I love that she sits in the booth with me, instead of stuck at the end of the table where people are walking by and servers are passing over her head with trays of food and drinks. So far, I have only been to 1 place where the seat didn’t work, and that was because the table was like 6 inches thick. The seat is very easy to attach to tables and my daughter really seems to like it. My only 2 complaints: #1 The tray is worthless. it is easily pushed out by a baby and not even worth having. It might be better when she gets older and isn’t so interested in moving it out of the way. For now, I just put down those disposable placemats with the sticky stuff on the back. P&T needs to make it so the tray clips on to the seat clamps. And #2 there really should be a small carrying bag for the seat. I wouldn’t stick this in my diaper bag….there’s no room for it. So I just have it in a small canvas bag. P&T should have had a bag with something like this. Other than those 2 things, it’s great! I look forward to getting a few years of use out of it.

Louise Acampo, CA

Fits our counter

We eat at stools at our kitchen counter so we wanted a chair to use so our son could be at the same level as us (regular high chairs were too low). After thorough research, we first purchased a Chicco clip on chair (the lobster was not on the market yet) but the arms were very long and it didn’t fit on our counter. We exchanged it for this chair and have been happy with it so far. The clamps are short and it fits perfectly on our counter. Our son seems comfortable in it.I think the tray is pointless, it kinda clips into the clamps but my son can push it out easily. We haven’t tried taking it to a restaurant yet can I can understand how it would be difficult yo use (per other reviews) because it should only be used on certain types of table tops and without a table cloth.Overall we are happy with the chair and feel it is the best option for eating at a counter.Update, my son is now a year old so we have been using the chair for 6 months. It remains our primary chair when eating at our counter (where we eat most of our meals) but we did pick up a booster/highchair that attaches to a chair when we eat in our dining room or outside since both of those tables have a lip. We have taken it on vacation- just folded it up and put in our suitcase, and we take it to friends houses. It is easy to clean.

Lorene Waelder, TX

great purchase

we have twins and a small kitchen so these work great. we attach them to table for dinner and the bar overlooking the kitchen at various times so they can hang out while we work in the kitchen. they are also great to take to restaurants and friends homes. i don’t know that the straps are necessary, our girls are 6 mo and we haven’t used them. the carrying case is nice. we have never used the tray. the soft black part in front definitely gets covered with food but probably less so when they get a little bigger and pretty easy to wipe off. we are not planning on getting regular high chairs. if they outgrow these at some point (Before expected) i will repost. they seem very secure.

Fern Utica, MN

Compact, sturdy with some flaws

I agree with the other reviewers re: the limited use of the phil&ted;’s Lobster Highchair given that it’s a clamp design and won’t work with tables with lips or tables that are too thin (like the kind you find at Chinese banquet halls where they place a large round table top over their smaller table to create a larger table). I suppose this is for safety reasons, but still, it does limit the use of the chair. I really like the fact that it folds so compactly and comes with its own carrying bag. Also, the tray is an added bonus, though as other reviewers have mentioned, it doesn’t clip on to the chair so it’s fairly easy to remove by the kid, which defeats the purpose IMHO.I’ll focus on few things that it appears no one else has mentioned:1) The seat is quite deep. I guess this is good because it means it has room to grow with the child, but we use it on our 11-month old, who is in the 75th percentile in height and he sits REALLY low in the chair. The first few times we used it, he did not like it at all as it seemed to be sunken in the chair. We have since placed a thick blanket in the bottom of the seat for him to elevate him, and that has helped.2) There is virtually no space between the child and the table, which again, might be for safety reasons, but it makes the child’s chest butt up against the edge of the table, which doesn’t seem particularly comfortable to me. Luckily, we have a fairly skinny child so he fits fine in the chair, but I imagine that if you had a chubbier kid, this might be a bigger issue for you.3) Like the other reviewer said, I wish the bag was zippered. However, to add to that, I also wish the bag was just slightly bigger so that it wouldn’t be such a snug/tight fit when trying to put the chair back in it. It cant be a bit of a struggle. Perhaps a bag with some stretchy qualities to it might do the trick.So, given these few flaws, I think I’d still recommend the chair. It’s quite stylish, easy to take with us and the clamps feel very sturdy.

Tamika Estes Park, CO

Cannot go anywhere without

We have one of these lobster chairs in our car at all times and use it on various occasions: when visiting friends, going to a restaurant, staying with families, even when eating at a picnic table during a road short: WE LOVE IT.The only downside I can see is some tables have a skirt that don’t accommodate the chair.

Pearl Sylmar, CA

Space saver, portable, and cute!

My sister bought this for us and it is perfect for our on-the-go lifestyle. We’ve secured it to picnic tables, restaurant tables and tables in homes. It comes with a tidy little carrier which helps. My husband and I hate baby “junk” clutter so this is amazing for our city apartment.Also very helpful when our son was too little for restaurant high chairs–super secure and with support/safety straps.For people complaining about how it doesn’t attach to tables with lips–true but that’s a very small issue compared with its great versatility.Our only high chair.Phil&Teds; also has amazing customer service so I love buying products from them–they back their products.

Carol Organ, NM

Easy to carry and install, could be a bit bigger

We tried a couple of brand and kept this one as well as another type from Chicco. For one, we have twins, and second, we wanted to make sure that we always have a chair that fits. We use this seat approximately 60% of the time, 30% of the time we use the Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair, and in 10% of the cases neither of them can be mounted safely.This chair fits great for all tables that have a sturdy top, even when it is several inches thick. It will not fit tables that have a lip or some kind of skirt. The seat is smaller than most others and I reckon we’ll have to stop using it when our boys reach 18 – 24 months of age.The tray that comes with it is fairly useless as it is just pushed in from the front so the boys can very easily push it out.

Josefina Grafton, WI

excellent high chair

It’s easy to get on and off our counter. This is perfect for our needs.

Dee Nikolski, AK