phil&teds Navigator Buggy Stroller, Cherry

phil&teds Navigator Buggy Stroller, Cherry

phil&teds Navigator buggy is the next generation of phil&teds inline strollers which are single strollers that can adapt to become a double stroller, growing with your family. It’s the fully featured inline with all the features people love about phil&teds more. Navigator features a new, optional rear facing seat add an additional 8th mode to our ultra-adaptable inline strollers and to allow face-to-face bonding time with your little one. Fresh, new colors are available with customizable colors on the sun hood and seat liner. Navigator now features easy to clean zip off fabric with upgraded, premium 450 denier fabrics, giving the fabric a higher-end look and softer feel. Other new features on Navigator include: new all-plastic footwell for easy cleaning; 2-postion, one-hand reclining doubles kit second seat (sold separately); Tail free harness for easy adjustment and less clutter; new frame lock that is easy to release. Navigator is compatible with all Explorer/Classic accessories including travel system adapters for Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego, and Maxicosi car seats.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • One hand fast fold and frame lock with easy release 12″ air filled tires for cushioned ride with swivel or locking front wheel and flip-flop friendly foot brake for easy parking
  • Easy zip-off fabric and performance seating system features a contoured, vented seat back that reclines all the way to lie flat for a newborn; Optional Rear Facing Seat can easily be attached with removal of fabric
  • Fully adjustable handlebar, follow-the-sun sunhood, plastic footwell for easy cleaning, and 5-point harness with new tailfree design for easy adjustment and clean look
  • Can take the doubles kit and infant car seat at the same time as one of eight modes spanning birth to toddler to the stroller accommodating two children
  • Stroller can hold up to 44 pounds in single mode plus an additional 11 pounds in the newly designed gear basket Stroller weighs 27 pounds, amongst lightest in its class

Verified reviews


Not bad, but for the price it needs to be better!

I have 2 kids, ages 10 months and almost 4. All and all I do like the stroller, I have not used it a ton in the few months I have had it but when I do use it, it works fine. I had a single BOB and the BOB is STROLLER HEAVEN. Phil and teds quality does not even come close to the BOB quality. The BOB is a real rugged, tough, smooth as a dream (with built in suspension), comfy seats, nice hood, nice storage, etc… My friends and I had our BOBs for 4 years (my friend is a exercise nut and a jogger and hiker and uses hers daily). Not once did we have to replace a single tire or anything at all, everything still works and functions like it did the day we bought it. I can already see that the Phil and Ted quality is not going to stand the test of time. Even though the Phil and ted costs more, it is more cheaply made. I wish BOB would make a tandem double!!!!The pros…It fits 2 kids but is the size of a singleI like the rear seat recline, it gets a good enough angle for my baby to nap.I like the foot brake, it is easy to engage and is strong.I like the follow the sun hood (though I prefer an oversized hood that comes all the way down to cover your kid like the BOB.Cons….My kids are large in size, around 95th percentile each, and they fit okay in the stroller (they could have more room, but it is not awful). My oldest’s legs and cramped in the front seat, and he would have been too big for the back seat by 1 1/2. My youngest is tall and lean… and his legs in the back are already cramped. But, it is not AWFUL, they could just use more leg room. And I worry my youngest’s head will hang off the back seat in another 6 months. And he only has about another 5 lbs before he hits the weight limit… so he will probably outgrow it before age 2.No shocks, so the ride is bumpy and not very smooth. It does not handle or turn as well as even the HUGE and heavy double BOB.NO STORAGE AT ALL. You are lucky in you can fit a water bottle in the storage basket… and this is with a 10 month old in the back seat.The quality could be better… something about it screams “cheaply made in China” and I know I will have problems with it sooner than later.Another HUGE annoyance… the front seat pad slips down over 12 inches and bunches up behind your child EVERY time then get in… the liner is not snapped or attached to the seat, it just sits in there over the hard plastic… so you always have to pull it up after your kid gets in.Also for 700 dollars, they need to have a longer and better warranty!!! If you pay that much money on a stroller, you should have the product guaranteed for at least 2-3 years!!! Phil and Teds… what is wrong with you??? Give your customers at LEAST a 2 year warranty and STAND BY your product!!! I have paid $30 on toasters with better customer service and a better warranty.It does NOT fold with the doubles seat, I called phil and teds directly and only the vibe and verve do this.All in all, there are better strollers on the market.UPDATE: I purchased the stroller from Along Comes a Baby around 3 months ago and already had to go in for the warranty. So I decided to sell it after getting it fixed and decided to get something better. I was right in my opinion that it would not last and was not rugged and able to take regular use.

Kimberly Cale, AR

Love it!!!

I’ve only had this for a few days, but so far I love it and so does my 6 month old baby! I can’t compare it to other similar strollers since I never tried them out, but it really is everything I would want in a stroller.I spent a lot of time researching strollers, especially looking for strollers that are not made with harmful materials. I emailed mountain buggy/phil& ted and got a quick reply that was a page long informing me of strict standards and chemical testing done on the materials used to make the product. The email was quite in depth so I won’t elaborate on it here, but it made me very confident in the product and was one of the factors I used for purchasing phil&ted; products.Prior to this stroller, we used a car seat with attachment stroller- worked fine for what it was but so glad to get my baby out of that car seat( material composition/potential off-gassing in the fabric was the main issue!). The ride with the Navigator is like riding on air ( I assume) compared to strollers with non-inner tube tires. The navigator moves easily with one hand and so far I has been great to use for jogging. It was very easy to set up- I was able to put it together during my daughter’s short nap! The written instructions are a little hard to follow, but the video on the website really helped.As far as negatives, I really don’t have any. But as for some things to consider- the golden kiwi color is a little more yellow – almost a mustard color in person. But still very attractive. And the basket in the bottom (which turns into the feet area for the second child) is smaller than I expected. I liked to put my grocery bag in the basket area of my other stroller and I can see that I won’t be able to put as big a bag in this stroller. One thing that I really like, is the move with the sun shade hood- my daughter doesn’t like the sun in her face- and this hood can be pulled all the way down- something that I was concerned about based on the pictures.

Rosalind Cliffside Park, NJ

I love the stroller BUT the golden kiwi color is no where near what is shown online

I got this stroller on the recommendation of a friend. I had tried hers out and loved it. What did I love? It’s sturdy, it maneuvers very well (3 wheel is key). It’s expandable – meaning if I have more kids, I can add seats. And, most importantly for me, the height of the handle suits me and my husband. We are both tall – I’m 5’11 and my husband is 6’8.My only gripe is that the Kiwi color depicted on Amazon is NOT what I saw when I opened the box. Unlike the bright green depicted online, this color is more green-mustard-yellow ish. (I’ve since gone to Phil & Ted’s website and there I can see a more accurate color.) I wrote to Amazon to see if I can exchange just the fabric portion of the stroller, since returning the whole package is going to be a huge pain, as its a large box and somewhat unwieldy (even my big husband found it awkward and heavy to lift in its packaged state). They wrote back promptly but said that no, I can’t return part of it. However, they would pay to have the whole thing shipped back. I think we’d still have to deliver it to UPS and it seems kind of wasteful so we plan to keep it but I included pics here at Amazon so you can see what the color is really like. UPDATE: I wrote to Phil and Ted’s to let them know the color wasn’t well represented at Amazon, thinking they might want to update the photo. I found out something interesting – even though Amazon lists the distributer as Phil and Ted’s, it’s not like it comes direct from them. Amazon buys items and stores them in their warehouse. Which explains why just exchanging the fabric portion wasn’t an option. However, the care agent from Phil & Ted’s said they’d happily send me another color free of charge. How nice!!

Carmella Freistatt, MO

Great stroller

I bought this for my daughter and she is thrilled with it. She can’t wait to take the baby for a "stroll"

Alyssa Ingalls, MI

Great for the city, many pluses only minor drawbacks

I live in Brooklyn and I’m really happy I decided to spend the extra money on this versus many other models. What I like about it-
• Easy on curbs. Most times I don’t have to lift the stroller at all, the wheel catches the curb and a quick push gets the rest of the stroller up and over.
• Smooth ride- even on torn up sidewalks, the inflated wheels means it bounces instead of jarring violently.
• Can navigate with one hand- useful if I’m carrying something, or if I’ve taken her out to hold in a store or restaurant and need to maneuver the stroller.
• Longevity- Started using this from when she was a few weeks old (with the forward facing add-on seat) and it will work until she’s a few years old. I see other people in the neighborhood using them for small children and the only part that’s worse for wear is the well for their feet which used to be covered in fabric but in the new models is now solid plastic. Also why the price seems well worth it because I won’t need to buy another one ever (she can just walk once she outgrows this).
• It’s narrow- it doesn’t take up much more width than a person walking down the sidewalk would, so I don’t feel obnoxious pushing it on narrow sidewalks that just fit 1 person in each direction.
• Space to carry groceries. It’s not huge, but I tend to shop in small batches anyway and this can hold a few bags.
• Wheels can be filled at a bike shop, which are easy to find in the city.
• Folds up compactly- I have a space between furniture and a wall not even 6 inches wide to tuck this away, and it fits fine with the front wheel removed, which is easy enough to do.What you should be aware of-
• It’s deceptively long. While narrow, it is somewhat long and I’ve found it’s sometimes blocking the way in an elevator or restaurant and I don’t realize it at first because it’s the front wheel that you can’t see from behind. Manageable, but something to get used to.
• Folding is not intuitive. Now that I know how, it’s easy, but the first couple times took some head scratching.
• It’s not light. I almost see this as a good thing, any lighter and it would feel flimsy to me, but it’s not something you’ll want to carry around folded for any distance. I’m a little taller than average, and it takes a little muscle hefting this up and around so for someone petite it might be an issue.

Geneva Norcatur, KS

Fits Chicco carseat with no problem no safety concerns

I’ve had my navigator for 2 months now for my 4 year old and 8 month old. Today for the first time I placed the Chicco car seat in the stroller I was surprised how well it fit and how sturdy it was..i never tried it out because I knew about the adapters. Well you don’t need any adapter for the Chicco carseat as long as the seat is up using the zippers on both sides, buckles need to be undone on the back of the stroller and the front foam bar has to be on too. That’s where the car seat will sit on. I am big on safety and it feels totally safe to me. I’m so happy with the stroller and how easy it is to fold and was such a pain to fold/ unfold at first but I’m getting the hang of rides so smooth..note: if you buy one new make sure you or hubby puts air in the tires makes it feel like you’re riding on a cloud..super smooth.

Rachel East Bank, WV