phil&teds Universal Travel Bag, Chocolate

phil&teds Universal Travel Bag, Chocolate

With the brand New phil&teds Universal Travel Bag, travel is made easy for planes, trains, and automobiles. The Universal Travel Bag says it like it is, a bag that is compatible across not only the phil&teds range, but also across Mountain Buggy and other leading buggy brands. Specifically designed for your buggy and beyond, the universal travel bag makes traveling easy no matter what you are taking with you; from a small bike, car seat, clothes, shoes, you name it – the universal travel bag fits the bill.

Main features

  • Compact: rolls up into a compact bundle to store away when not in use
  • Hard wearing outer material and padded interior to protect your cargo
  • Easy roll away with sturdy wheels that can carry any load
  • Fits both phil&teds and Mountain Buggy single and double strollers as well as most other brands
  • Can be used for car seats, accessories, a small bike, clothes, toys and more

Verified reviews


Great for the Peg Perego Skate!

I love my Peg Perego Skate but one thing they forgot when they made this awesome travel system-how to transport it safely! At some point, parents will travel with this behemoth stroller.Enter this bag.True to it’s claim,it IS universal.As you probably know, The Skate isn’t the most lightweight of all full sized stroller and it’s painful on the back trying to load this on the trunk of a car alone-I always have to do it with the seat detached.For reference, I’m 5 ft tall and medium built.I love everything about it-I got mine in brown with red lining.Some things I think it could improve on-1-the mere fact it has wheels is great but the shoulder strap is impossible to sling on your shoulder if you have the heavy weight strollers like me.The weak point would be-the part where the shoulder straps attach and the velcro that gets left exposed once it’s fully packed.Maybe it could benefit from reinforcement?2-A wider handle at the top would be better as well.All in all, I don’t think this is an awesome product.It fit my Perego Skate and that’s one very heavy stroller( I can imagine only the 4mom’s Origami would be heavier than this), it will work for you too!I strongly recommend watching the helpful video on youtube and doing a practice packing at home before doing it on the airport.I am going to update this review once it’s flown with us.

Bonnie Lamar, CO

Trip to India and back, packed to the gils and worked great

The travel bag holds a ton. More then I thought it could. We packed it with a fold down full size bassinet from our Uppa Baby Stoller, 4 packs of 72 count diapers, Uppa Baby Vista Car seat, and a boppy. The bag comes with velcro that is really strong that is attached to the bag. It also comes with additional straps that velcro down. When we stuffed this bag we were at the very end of the velcro connecting. We were worried as we were traveling from the West Coast to India and back and with very little velcro keeping it closed… It did perfectly fine and did not open up. The other great feature is that the inside of the bag has a sort of nylon bag that cinches your items together when you put it in the bag. The cinch to the nylon internally attached bag will not encase all your items but does ensure they will not come out of the edges of the bag. The wheels are ok, inline skate type wheels on the lower end; you can not pull this far with any weight without having some issues of drag, but it is pull able. The strap to pull it with is nylon material so as long as the weight is low I think it would work fine and would be easy on your hand, we did take this to the extreme.Airline Tip: Airlines usually put your stroller on for free, since this bag can exceed some size limits on airlines, stuff it full and tell them it is your stroller at check in. They are not going to open it up. Then bring your stroller to gate check.

Allie Rosepine, LA

Great versatile travel bag

I got this to fly with my B-Ready and it was a great fit even with the second seat in the bag. I was also able to stick a folding clip on high chair in the bag too. It also fits the Bugaboo Bee easily and I’m sure many other strollers. So nice to have a versatile bag that works for lots of different size strollers. I’m looking forward to using it in the future with some of my many strollers.

Angie Sodus, NY

Great bag – one flaw

This is a great solution to protecting your nice stroller when you check it in gate-side. I’m very happy with the purchase, except that the interior material somehow got rubbed on something and ripped – it’s as if a piece was hanging out of one of the corners. It’s not a big deal. My feedback to the manufacturer would be to make the pull handle while dragging it a bit more sturdy (it feels like it will tear, but hasn’t yet). Also, the shoulder strap – it’s confusing on which loops it needs to go over.

Erika Helmsburg, IN

OK, but not worth $100

Difficult to maneuver when packed to capacity, other than that, it does the job. Should cost at most half of what it does, though. It is not a $100 bag.

Lupe Alden, KS

This bag is the shiiiiiizzzzz!!!

This bag is amazing!!! I got so many compliments on my flight to and from Alaska. This fit our Diono Radian RXT, couple pairs of shoes and diapers, and room to spare. It was much easier to pack through the airport to check-in. Really amazing bag, love love love it. I kind of wish the handle was better quality, but besides that it was the best.

Myra West Simsbury, CT