Pickles Nummy Animals 100-Percent Cotton Hooded Towel, Elephant, 27X54″

Pickles Nummy Animals 100-Percent Cotton Hooded Towel, Elephant, 27X54″

We’ve got you covered at bath and bedtime. These cotton towels are absorbent and fun. Animal hooded towels are available in a range of colors and styles one is sure to be your little one’s new favorite. Hooded towels are 27″ x 54″. Scene Weaver has planted the freshest seeds to produce a sweet and loving line of baby products, Pickles. Pickles are cultivated under the most caring and gentle of conditions, and they are specially packaged with love and attention detail. Shower your favorite child with Pickles, just as a spring rain nurtures the vine.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100 Percent cotton hooded towel is soft and absorbent
  • Hooded towel measures 27 x 54″
  • Machine wash cold on gentle; tumble dry low
  • Your child will look forward to bath time with this cuddly blue elephant
  • Created with the most caring and gentle of conditions, Pickles baby nursery accessories are a wonderful gift for any little one

Verified reviews


Distracts from being cold getting out of the water

We started with a duck towel, which my 3-year-old son loved. Then, I got this deer one. When he gets out of the water, he is usually upset that he is cold. This distracts him somewhat, from that. And he’s so darn cute! He doesn’t want to get dressed.

Gail Riviera, TX

Daughter loves towel

My daughter loves this elephant towel. Holding up in good condition so far (only had it a few months) but she enjoys getting out of the tub and being an elephant every time! Would definitely purchase again! (And did, purchased the bear too!)

Kimberly Parsippany, NJ

Cute absorbant towel

The quality of this towel is good; it has held together well after many washes. I like that it is so roomy. It is still much too big for my newborn so she has time to grow into it. The elephant towel is very cute.

Lenore Wattsburg, PA

Super soft

This is a super soft warm towel. My kids love running around in it after baths growling at each other. Rawr!

Irma Stratford, WA

Cute but sheds

This towel is super cute, large, and the kids love it. Unfortunately, when washed it gets lint all over the other items in the laundry. Also leaves brown fuzz on the kids.Update: It took approximately 10 wash / dry cycles before the lint issue resolved.

Leila Georgiana, AL


I loved these towels when I got them. I bought the bear and the cat. There are fuzzies everywhere! I really do not think that these towels are worth the price. They are really cute though.

Beth Cocoa, FL

Adorable toddler/pre-schooler sized towel

I love using hooded towels after bath time, but it’s so hard to find ones that aren’t designed for newborns. This towel is a very generous size, too big even for my toddler at this point. And it’s just adorable! There’s even a little embroidered tail on the back. This was pricey, but all in all I think it was worth it because we’ll get several years out of it.

Sonja Whitehall, NY

Toddler sized and cozy

This towel was a natural choice since our daughter is obsessed with the bunny lovie from this same brand. The towel is cozy and wraps her all the way up. This is nice since her “baby” towels don’t provide enough coverage anymore. A nice towel

Sharron Wyatt, IN

love them

I like these towels, they are very cute but you can kind of see where the seem between the towel and hood is not very strong. I fear it might fall apart soon, but my son is 20 months and they are still holding strong. We have two and use one every night. We don’t wash them after every use though.

Gail Crescent, IA

Toddler Size

This is a really big towel, I bough for my new born but have used with my two year old son. It has not washed well and is unraveling. I will not buy another one.

Tamra Pittsburg, OK

Not so Fuzzy Duck

This product served its purpose and is still in circulation today, after almost two years, earning it four stars.This was purchased for my daughter when she was an infant, she is now two and a half. Its held up well, no rips or tears even now that shes a toddler and pulls the hood in directions even cotton and stitching should have a hard time withstanding. I have two complaints, ultimately the reason this is not a five star product.1. It seems the towel was made for children who are wider than they are tall, my daughter being taller than she is wide (even from birth she has been a long baby, she was 22" long at birth and is now 2 1/2 and 40" tall), it doesn’t cover enough of her legs and is too long in the arms even now for her to use the "hands". Doesn’t seem to bother her, but it annoys me (Mommy).2. It wasn’t was soft as I was hoping, even right out of the package. Not a very thick or plush towel and the rings were stiff, even after the first few washes and now its a bit sand paper like. She hasn’t complained yet and its been donated to be a pool towel after swimming lessons due to its durability but lack of softness.Overall the towel has been good. The child never complained about it and its still going after two years of use at least once per week with a wash once per week as well (due to her sensitive skin she never used a towel more than once, and the towels were washed in free and clear, gentle detergent like Dreft with no softener).

Elinor Marianna, AR

good towel

I bought this for my daughter and it was the cheapest bear hooded towel on here. It was still quite expensive I thought at $30 for a towel but we wanted it for camp. I did not get the ‘fuzzies’ that came off like other people complained of. I did wash and dry it seperately before we used it and no extra lint came off. It is a very large towel, the width is nice and it has hand pockets.

Genevieve Yutan, NE