Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black

Pikibu 180-Degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror, Black

Pikibu is an interior car mirror that attaches over your car rearview mirror. People around the world are stuck in the past, held back by their car rear view mirror. Today, when friends and family are connected by smart phones and fast internet connections, we think it andapos; s silly that most people still look through their old flat rearview mirrors. Our mirror was specifically designed with families in mind. The unique dimensions and curvature of the mirror maximize the viewable area within your automobile. It allows you to see your children and your children to see you. Pikibu. I see you.

Main features

  • Parents can see “All” of their children and children can see their parents
  • Unique rear view mirror design allows parents to see the interior of their car
  • Allows for a wide-angle and vertical view of children, rear view of vehicle and vehicle blind spots
  • High quality independent spring connectors secure mirror in place covering car factory rear view mirror
  • Special design balances maximum viewable area with sharp visibility

Verified reviews


Love it

I love this. Took me a little bit to get used to the size and I did get a little headache – it’s different than other mirrors. After a week of use no headache – I can see the whole back and some clearly. Would recommend this and would buy again.

Morgan Baudette, MN

Now I can See my baby

Now I can see my baby without turning my head….The only thing I wish that this mirror was a lil longer and covers the blindspots too..

Louisa Pine River, MN

just as I hoped

Mirror was easy to install since I’m clips over existing mirror. It definitely gives a much better few of the backseat and many than the other options I had tried while still maintaining a view of the road.

Gilda Morven, NC

Too heavy!

The mirror seems surprisingly well made and simple to install. Unfortunately, the rearview mirror in my Honda cannot support the weight of this thing, which I’m amazed hasn’t been a problem for other people. I loved the idea but this will be getting returned tomorrow.

Johanna Red Hook, NY

Works great in my Honda Odessey

I am going to buy one for every family member’s car – this thing is fantastic, I will probably use it long after my girls are out of their car seats just because I like being able to see so well.

Ida Norwood, NJ


I’ve looked for something like this for years. I can see everything in the back seat of my SUV, as well as out my entire back window. It is great for keeping an eye on the kids, and they like that they can see themselves in it too.

Janette Crystal Lake, IL

Very clear, very wide.

We got this for my wife’s car so she wouldn’t constantly be turning around to look at our cute baby.This mirror is well made, and doesn’t come off easily, even when adjusting it. It is really wide though, so it distorts the view much like the right-side mirror (objects are closer than they appear). It’s a little disorienting when you first install it, but we got used to it fairly quickly.

Ilene Angeles, PR


This was exactly what I was looking FOR!!!! Forget all the small mirrors.. multiple mirrors.. This thing works AMAZING! I can see both of my kids behind passenger and drivers seats!! My toddler can see my facial responses as well. It also improves the peripheral vision or blind spots. It does take a while to get used to.. as you see a lot more when you look in the mirror. It took me about a week. and I now expect to see what I see, when I look in the rear view mirror now.

Cheryl North Montpelier, VT

pricey but worth it

I’ve had several mirrors that stick on by suction cup and they always fall off eventually. This mirror fits my car well and allows me to see both kids without extra things blocking my view from the windshield or taking my eyes off the road. I think the car makers should catch on and add these larger mirrors to the cars from the beginning.

Lela Salinas, CA

Best ever mirror!

One of the best buys I have done lately. I had bought 2 other type of mirrors before but they were either too small and you could see just one side of the back or were bad quality and you could see nothing. With this mirror I can perfectly see my two kids all the time. It takes 1 day to get used to the back view for driving but once you do you cannot be without it.

Ashlee Stet, MO

Very good product all around

Great. You can see the entire inside of the car with this mirror. Crystal clear. Easy to attach. Good product.

Elda Alsen, ND

with all the useless mirrors on the market, this one is the clear winner

The viewing area is really impressive. I only have one kiddo in a carseat back there. But, I can imagine I will like the mirror even more when there are two kids and I can easily see each of them. It did take a little getting used to. But, it’s far and away the best product I’ve seen for it’s purpose.Super easy to install and it’s secure and feels like good quality. We affectionately call it the bus mirror. I totally dig my bus mirror. And it cracks my little guy up that he can see me too.

Tracie South Haven, MI

great mirror

i dont have onstar or any support like that built into the rearview mirror so i got this and it is the best for seeing what my child is doing back there so i highly recommend it best purchase so far

Kaye Fabens, TX

Mommy loves it

Bought this for daughter-in-law’s vehicle and she just LOVES it. She has full view of middle and back row seats so no matter how many kids she’s hauling, she can see it all!

Suzette Thayne, WY

I am a believer!

The box is cute with sayings about no longer having to look behind while driving when kids spill or are fighting with one another. It also says "Pikibu I see you!" with the "I" as a graphic of a human eye.When I first took it out of the box, I was a bit skeptical because it didn’t seem THAT much bigger than my current rear view mirror.However, when I put it over my current rearview mirror that came with the car, I realized how much of a difference it makes! With the factory rearview mirror that came with the car, I could only use it to look out my back window at cars. With this mirror, I am able to see my ENTIRE back window as well as a clear view of the entire backseat, from the left back window to the right back window!! I can see my daughters face, shoulders, chest, and then some! She was suprised too because she kept saying "Mommy! Mirror?" and seemed delighted that we could both see each other’s full face. This is definitely worth the price and a must-have for anyone with children!!!

Danielle Bullhead City, AZ

very nice, easy installation

very easy to install; just snap and go; the first few days my eyes felt strained every time I look into this mirror while driving, probably because of the wide-angle effect; but after a week or two, I’m not used to it, and it doesn’t strain my eyes any more; I can definitely see more of the backseat area (in fact, I see even the passenger seat as well!);overall, very good quality and very innovative.

Barbara Rudd, IA

Pricey, but worth it!!

Allows me to see both of my little ones and feel connected to them while I am driving. This item works perfectly and never needs any adjustment. It may seem pricey, but it is the best and I am glad I purchased it.

Delia Meherrin, VA

Very LARGE and odd looking

Gave 3 stars because it is as described but my husband and I both felt the mirror was huge and distracting. We returned.

Myrna Beldenville, WI

I am so glad I bought this.

Not only can I see both of my children in the backseat without moving my mirror, but I can also see my blind spots. Took a little getting used to but very cool. Easy snap on application too.

Gay Philomath, OR

Great….but Not For Me

This mirror does everything it says it will. It’s huge and it gives you a crystal clear view into your backseat to see your kids. I was skeptical that it would mount to my unusually thick rear view mirror but it did. It mounted in seconds, was very easy to install, and didn’t wiggle or have to be messed with at all. The reason it didn’t work for me is because my rear view mirror has an electronic display which indicates the temperature and direction you are traveling; these get completely covered up when you install this mirror over your existing mirror, and I underestimated how much I would miss that feature. My husband complained that the mirror distorted his perception of how close other cars were to our car and he didn’t feel safe driving with it. Lastly, it arrived with a tiny imperfection on the glass and that was reason enough to send it back. While it is probably wonderful for most people, it may not work for you if you have a digital mirror.

Tricia Ruth, MS

Better than expected

The only reason I gave this a 4 instead of a 5 is that it shakes, which is probably part of the cars fault as well, on the highway. Being able to view the kids in the back seat is a lot better than having to always turn around to try to find out what is happening. I would buy this again if I need to though.

Christie Animas, NM


I love this mirror. Makes seeing both my girls so much easier without having a separate mirror for each child.

Sophia Ragley, LA

It takes some getting used to

This mirror is BIG! I can see both blind spots and my son in the back seat. I am short though so it’s hard to see more than his eyes and nose, even when I adjust the mirror.The mirror makes everything smaller so you need to be aware of your spacial surroundings. It’s been about 2 weeks and I am finally comfortable with this.

Crystal Beaver Creek, MN

See all of your interior without blocking the exterior

Love love love this mirror. I have twin boys at 13 months old. I need to be able to see both of them behind me. The mirror in my Honda Element was no where near big enough for me to do this. So, enter the Pikibu mirror. It was insanely easy to install use tension mounted (spring mounted) grabbers. You pull down the bottom (I think) and place the top grabebrs on the top edge of your current mirror, pop the bottom onto the bottom edge of your mirror and let go of the grabbers (very technical terminology). It holds in place strong enough for me to adjust my mirror as needed without even the slightest movement. It does not damage your current rear view mirror and is easy to put on and take off if you needed to switch the mirror into different cars.I can see the entire inside of the car, including my two boys and the rear cargo area as well. This mirror somehow does this (slightly bigger and a very slight fisheye) without obstructing any of your view out the front window.

Phoebe Lowndesville, SC

The best option out there!

I saw this and was a bit skeptical but the reviews were good so we gave it a try. I needed to see both kids in the back and still have a great view behind me. This worked amazingly. It looked HUGE when I got it but when I snapped in on our mirror- it was really only taller not wider than the one we had. (We drive a 2013 Ford Explorer). It did exactly what I needed it to, only better. I can’t think of one negative thing to say. Really is well worth the $25.

Jolene Fruitland, WA

This thing

This thing is so cool. 25$ seems like a little much for a mirror, but I love that I can see the whole back of my van. I can also see outside the sides of the vehicle, making merging and such a little easier and safer. It seems like it would be huge and in the way, but it isn’t AT ALL. Going from my van with this mirror to my car with a small mirror is slightly depressing! haha

Earline Lupton, MI

Great for seeing back seat, but distorts distances

I like this mirror a lot. I got it to be able to see my kiddo in the back seat of the car, and it handles that well. I can see the whole back seat, out the back window, and out the side windows. The only drawback is that it is hard to judge distances between you and other cars when using it. This is mostly a problem when backing up, and I find that I have to turn all the way around and look out the back window because I really can’t judge distance in the mirror. Overall, I like the mirror in spite of this and feel that it serves its intended purpose.

Reyna Comfrey, MN

Great mirror but does not fit all mirrors

This is a fantastic mirror. I can see my son while he is front facing in the back seat of my Outback. I couldn’t see him without it – this fixes my problem. The only issue is that it doesn’t attach to the Subaru mirror. I used 2 rubber bands and it fits well.

Edith Pickrell, NE

Perfect- I shouldn’t have wasted money on cheaper mirrors.

I eventually paid $21.99 on Amazon for this, which I felt was too much for an interior car mirror…but that was after buying two other inferior models elsewhere. Now I know I should have just started out with the Pikibu, as it’s definitely worth it! (…Don’t get me wrong, I’d be even happier if it only cost $12, but anyway…)Installed in about 10 seconds, easy peasy (in a Chevrolet Equinox). Stays exactly where you want it, and since you get a big, wide view of the whole back of the car, you don’t need to adjust the mirror for different views or with different drivers. Does not obstruct the view out the front windshield. My husband said the mirror’s optics were "weird" at first, but after a day or so, he totally got used to the way things looked. This mirror provides an amazing view of the backseat AND out the side and rear windows. I wanted this to see my two kids, but it actually increases overall vehicle safety, making it easier to see behind the car. My kids and I love being able to see easily see each other!

Tommie Kittery, ME

great quality

it is a high quality sturdy mirror. took a few minutes to get used to the huge amount of information you all the sudden get in your rear view mirror but it is totally worth it.

Chrystal Notrees, TX