Pinzon Combed Cotton 200TC Percale Hotel Stitching Crib Set, Chocolate with Pink Dot

Pinzon Combed Cotton 200TC Percale Hotel Stitching Crib Set, Chocolate with Pink Dot

Set up a soothing, stylish nursery with Pinzon’s modern, tailored 4-piece crib set. Including a fitted crib sheet, bumper, quilt, and bed skirt in a fine quality cotton percale, the set exudes cozy charm. Expertly made in Portugal from 100-percent combed cotton in a 200 thread count, the set’s sheet is printed with a charming dot design and is fully elasticized to hug mattresses securely. The bumper, quilt, and bed skirt are crafted in white with binding and embroidered hotel stitching on all sides. Designed with 8-inch-deep corner pockets, the sheet measures 28 by 52 inches. The soft, padded bumper includes 6 pairs of ties on top and bottom to hold it securely in place, and it measures 10 by 160 inches. Completing the look is a 35-by-50-inch quilt, and a 28-by-52-inche bed skirt with a 14-inch drop and split corners to accommodate crib posts. Available in an array of adorable colors, the set is sure to liven any nursery. Pieces are machine washable and dryable for easy care. Fabric Definition Percale: Percale woven fabrics provide a clean, crisp, cool feel, a perfect match with bed linens. Percale weaves can be made of any fiber but are usually cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. The fibers are tightly woven in a plain weave, meaning the warp and weft threads cross each other one at a time. This one-over, one-under weave is what makes a fabric Percale. Percale clothing usually runs around 80 square (80 threads by 80 threads), or 160 threads per square inch. Heavy grades in higher counts are used for bed sheeting. Percale sheets are high quality, smooth, and soft, since the fibers comprising the thread are usually first combed (opened and cleaned of impurities) and carded (separated into individual, cleaned fibers). Percale sheets have a thread count of at least 180 threads per inch and commonly run to over 200 threads per inch. Percale sheeting was first made in 1876 by Wamsutta Mills in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Percale fabric is rugged and versatile, with many uses now in clothing, curtains, and bedding. History of the Textile Mill António Almeida & Filhos, Têxteis S.A. (AAF) is a vertical company combining the know-how of 52 years experience with the most advanced technology of production, the best professionals, the finest raw materials, and the highest quality control to produce a wide range of textile products. AAF is among very few companies in Europe that create, produce, and commercialize fabrics for bed and table linens, as well as Terries for bath and beach linens. The company’s manufacturing process includes spinning, weaving, dying, printing, finishing, and making-up, as well as the full vertical integration of the Design, Research & Development, and Quality Control departments that are the core platforms of AAF. As a result, Almeida´s textiles breathe modernity, elegance, and functionality. Their products are developed to guarantee comfort and well being to the consumer in addition to being beautiful. History of the Region Portugal’s major textile factories are located in Guimaraes. Guimaraes is known as the “cradle” or “birth city” of Portugal, since it is home to the castle of Portugal’s first king. As one of the country’s most historic cities with well-preserved monuments, it is a popular tourist attraction. Among other sites to see are two squares with outdoor cafes and balconied houses, called Praça de Santiago and Largo da Oliveira. At Largo da Oliveira are the old Town Hall and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, with a Gothic shrine erected in 1340 standing before it. There are many legends about its origins, but a popular story says it marks the spot where Wamba, elected king of the Visigoths, refused his title and drove a pole into the ground swearing that he would not reign until it blossomed, and it sprouted immediately. Guimaraes hosts an annual 3-day festival of medieval art and costume in the first week of August, which dates from the middle of the 15th century and includes a torchlight procession and a medieval parade. Not only renowned for textiles and historical sites, Guimaraes is in the heart of the “Vinho Verde” region, so called for its locally produced fresh, young “green wines.”

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 4-piece crib set includes fitted sheet, bumper, quilt, and bed skirt
  • Expertly made in Portugal in a 200-thread-count percale weave; machine wash and dry
  • Fitted sheet printed with dot design and fully elasticized to hug mattresses securely
  • Bumper, quilt, and bed skirt in white with binding and embroidered hotel stitching all around; modern tailored design brightens any nursery
  • 28×52-inch fitted sheet with 8-inch pockets; 10×160-inch bumper; 35×50-inch quilt; 28×52-inch bed skirt with 14-inch drop
  • Fine quality 4-piece crib set includes fitted sheet, bumper, quilt, and bed skirt; available in a choice of colors
  • Expertly made in Portugal of 100-percent combed cotton in a 200-thread-count percale weave; machine wash and dry
  • 28-by-52-inch fitted sheet with 8-inch pockets; 10-by-160-inch bumper; 35-by-50-inch quilt; 28-by-52-inch bed skirt with 14-inch drop

Verified reviews


The Epitome of Classic Luxury …

Gracefully understated in appearance, the Pinzon crib-set establishes a tone of dignity and beauty. Angelic! It creates a soft, comforting atmosphere for your nursery. It is both aesthetically appealing and wonderfully durable. Moreover, it effortlessly compliments any type of furniture you have selected (but it is especially striking against an espresso finish).Pinzon offers a skin-cradling, two-hundred thread-count, lightly pastel-colored, gently-patterned fabric. So tasteful is this set, that your infant’s photos will not seem hopelessly dated ten (or even twenty) years from now. It is timeless. (Such a boon for those parents who value a classic appearance over a trendy one).Is this crib-set a little pricey? That really depends. I would rather invest a tad more in this product than pay a little less for one that offended my sensibilities (or compromised my standards). My vote? If you are “on-the-fence” here, delete a few of the toys you have in your cart to compensate for the price-difference. Believe me, once you see this in your nursery, you will not regret your choice.Softer than you can imagine. Staggeringly elegant. Simply gorgeous.

Krista Literberry, IL

Luxe Littlle Set

These sheets are as nice as I’ve ever seen for a crib. Cute, comfy and lightweight these are perfect for summer. The bumper and dust ruffle really dress up a nursery. They would be best for a boy or a unisex themed room. The entire set takes seconds to set up. However, the blanket/heavier sheet is too small to fit the rest of of the sheeting, and in such a pricey set one would expect a comforter or at least a snuggly blanket.

Mable Grenola, KS

Simply Beautiful for Any Baby Girl

This beautiful set fits perfectly on any standard size crib [mine was from Babysrus]. It’s light & simple, but when the whole set is on your crib the pinks, browns, and whites are overwhelm-lying gorgeous. The fitted sheet fits, the bumper fits and laces nicely, and the crib skirt hangs perfectly in every corner. I was happy that everything fit and worked as described. The bedding is extremely soft and perfect for a soft baby face. I have no complaints about this bedding and am sure it will brighten the girls room for years to come.

James Grandin, ND

An Understated Look

The Pinzon Baby Crib Set is perfect for a nursery that is going for a clean understated look. It is not loaded with prints of animals or cartoon characters but offers a simple white with accents of pink… it sort of reminds me of the look of fresh cotton trimmed in pink. Admittedly this is not the look that all parents are looking for but it does offer a distinguished look.A few observations– The quilt is most disappointing (and and the reason for removing two full stars) – while it is quilted it is quite thin. In use it acts more like a light throw and not a high quality quilt. Oddly, the quilt in this set is not something that you would have out on display… I say “oddly” because this crib set is expensive and we expected a quilt that would justify the price. The Pinzon quilt is basically two thin sheets filled with a light polyester filling.- The sheets are brown and pink polka dots – they have a nice feel. So far there has not been an issue with the sheets balling – but if that changes I will update the review.- The bumper – is very high quality – again it is very understated look as it issolid white with pink trimming. The bumper uses pink ties for fastening to the crib…. very impressive.- Crib Skirt – Matches the bumper – solid white with pink trim. It is hard to say if it better or worse than any other skirt.Final Verdict – While we really like the sheet, skirt, and bumper we are pretty disappointed in the quilt. Traditionally, the quilt is the “money item” in a crib set and for the price of this particular set you would hope that it was more display worthy.3 Stars

Lesley Micaville, NC

Fresh and Modern Approach to Infant Bedding

This set consists of a crib sheet, dust ruffle, small comforter, and a bumper set. It is done in a subtle color combination of chocolate brown, a robin’s egg blue, and creamy white. The crib sheet is primarily white with polka dots in the brown and blue color palette. The other three pieces are accented with a tasteful chocolate piping that contrasts with the white background.The construction is superior. When described as having hotel stitching, this is true. The stitching is tight enough to stay in place , but not so taut to snap. The main composition is 200 thread count percale cotton. It has a soft yet sturdy feel to it. I bought a comforter in this fabricaion for my last child and it held up beautifully during its time in service.The overall design is contemporary and could work into virtually any decorating scheme. What I am particularly enthused about is the tailored bed ruffle. I had never seen one like this before, but it is not too fussy.

Beryl Colfax, IN

Fabric feels great, but too pricey

I have to say I do love the fact that the 200 thread count feels great. The color is understated so except for the fitted sheet which has some pink polka dots, the other items in the set are neutral enough for either a girl or boy.However, I had some minor quibbles w/ the set. The set is made up of 4 pieces: Bumper, comforter, bed skirt, and fitted sheet. For the price of the product, it seems a bit over priced for the regular person in this type of economy. The fabric feels great, but the bumper is thinner than what I would like.Overall, it’s difficult to recommend such a pricey item. But if price is not an issue, and you enjoy the understated look for a baby crib, then this product will work great for you.

Mattie Willow Island, NE

Perfect Minimalist Baby Bedding

I am pleased with this baby bedding, as it is simple, minimalist, and can be matched with other cutesy bedding and accessories. I was pleased to find the Pinzon Baby 200-Thread-Count 100% Percale Cotton Printed Crib Fitted Sheet, Alligator, which matches the blue/white set we have.The quality of the bedding is nice and soft and has held up well over the past two months. (As a side note, I have generally been pleased with Amazon Pinzon products, and this one is no different.) I like the tailored look of the bedskirt, with the added benefit that it allows extra hidden storage under the crib.This set would make a nice addition to any nursery where you don’t want to be locked into a certain “look” and can instead feel free to accessorize as desired. I am happy with it overall.

Desiree Mount Wolf, PA

Very durable – excellent quality

This is a gorgeous crib set, with lovely craftsmanship and detailing. The style is clean and slightly retro with pink and mocha polka dots. The 200 thread count cotton percale is soft and gets softer with repeated washings but doesn’t lose its shape. The seams are straight and sturdy, and they hold up great to washing. You can get extra sheets in different colors of dots to mix things up a bit, and the pink in this set isn’t overwhelming or too sweet.The simple color scheme also makes it easy to accessorize with other blankets, sheets, and toys, and I fully expect this to hold up for as long as the crib is necessary.Update: The baby I got this for is now over a year old, and the crib set still looks great. The stitching is all still intact, and the fabric still just gets softer, not thinner or threadbare, even though it gets washed frequently.Second Update: This crib set lasted the whole time my little baby friend slept in her crib – no pulled threads, no fading, no falling apart. I highly recommend the brand.

Lessie Newark, AR