Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer, Red

Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer, Red

Portable UV Pacifier Sterilizer. Nobody likes to see their baby sick. A pacifier is a common breeding ground and transporter of harmful germs. Sterilzing your baby’s pacifier is essential in preventing the spread of these germs. To help prevent the spread of germs, use the Pipila, designed to sterilize your baby’s pacifier in approx 3 minutes.

Main features

  • Pipila helps eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, essential for infant hygiene
  • Ideal for parents and babies on the go; sterilization takes approximate 3 minutes
  • Safe, hygienic; suits all standard pacifiers; nata approved; maintains pacifiers teat shape; operates with 2 x aaa (1.5v) batteries ( not included)

Verified reviews



This is the first review that I’ve had to put in all caps. If I could prevent another parent from saving their hard earned money then I’m going to try doing so. I’m a mom of a now 4 month old and saving money is my business. Yes I got this for free and it’s a good thing I did because it would have been back in the mail to Amazon within a week which is all of what it lasted while I had it.Yes it’s a great idea but unfortunately they didn’t make a great product. Does it actually sterilize your baby’s pacifier? I’m not entirely sure that it really does.It’s pretty simple to use. You do need 2 AAA batteries that are not included. You put your baby’s pacifier in the compartment, close the lid and the UV light comes on. It turns off after about 3 minutes and it claims that the pacifier is clean. I’d stick with inserting this in your Avent steam or electric sterilizer or boiling it in a pan of water. I must also say that its kind of bulky so if you have a very small baby bag this might not be what you want to take with you. Instead get some of those baby pacifier wipes. I have aJu Ju Be Be All Diaper Bag, Lotus Lullabyand it took up quite a bit of space.I’m also really getting very skeptical about those 5 star vine reviews. Did any of them really use the product for more than one day? I’d go with the AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASED reviews. None of them gave it 5 and barely any 4. Goes to show you exactly what kind of product this really is.

James Fowlstown, GA

Great in Theory – I just hope it’s working!

As a first time mom, this is a great little thing to have around. It’s quick, easy, and handy to use. I just hope it’s really working. There’s no way to tell if the germs are really gone – so I guess I just have to trust that it’s working and that it’s sterilized when I give it to my baby. I have noticed that if I drop a pacifier on the floor and then put it in the sterilizer to clean it – yes it may be sterilizing it but, it doesn’t remove anything that is on the pacifier – i.e. hair. Because of this I’ll make sure I rinse the binky off as well as use the sterilizer.

Melinda Siluria, AL

Steam Cleaner

This is a good, lightweight device that steam cleans pacifiers. A major lament about pacifiers is that they are often dropped and the issue of how sanitary they are comes into play. This takes the fear of germs out of pacifiers and while not necessarily space efficient in your baby bag, it is worth it. It is easy to use. Gently push iut together and once you see the light on, you know it’s doing its job.

Mari Edgewood, NM

Sterilzes on the go!

This adorable pacifier sterilizer works. It works quickly and is cute to look at. It takes 2 AA batteries and otherwise is self contained. It is larger than I would have liked, which means it doesn’t go in the diaper bag. But, it isn’t massive (and if you have a large diaper bag you might want to carry it around).Of course you have to wash the pacifiers before you put them in here (which is hard on the go sometimes) – but this little device really makes you feel better about what you are putting into your babies mouth.

Nicole Clyman, WI

good for moms with germs on the brain

I’m a regular guy, so i really don’t think about dropping a binky picking it up and giving it back to the baby. My wife on three other hand is a boiler… Sanitize everything. So with this, i can wash off the binky, pop it in for a UV blaze and every thing is cool…. And wife is happy…all without having to boil water….Compromise using technology works for me.Uses a bunch of aaa batteries, but seems to work well with eneloop rechargables… Cool design, but appears fragile…we leave out on the table and its good for a conversation starter….parents are soo boring

Marci West Lafayette, IN

You will never use this

This is one of those nonsense things that you think that you need when you are expecting your first baby. Well, once the baby actually comes you will never use this. Also, the creepy light made me feel like I was doing something far worse than just rinsing the paci off.

Tina Gibson, LA

Pretty Cool Invention!

I love that this is portable as well, for when the binky drops and you’re on the go, and baby is always dropping the pacifier when you’re out and about! This is very handy to have, especially when there’s no sink or anything else around to clean the binky! I like the neo-green look, too, very cool design! Very retro-modern! Highly recommended!

Betsy Atlanta, IN

Broken already

I got this even though it already had several bad reviews. Just goes to show that you should really pay attention to those things. This is a really good idea, but it is badly constructed. I’ve used it five times and it has already broken. There is no real way to know that it is doing it’s job, but it sounds like it is doing something, or rather was. This is a pretty expensive piece of plastic for only being able to use it a few times. I would highly suggest looking for something else. So sorry!

Bernadette Somerville, TN

We are the Jetsons! (Next, flying cars…)

Add AAA batteries and a pacifier: the light glows, and you have a really clean pacifier. Simple & straightforward, but who on earth conceived this idea??? When my son was a baby and the paci hit the floor, a quick rinse under the tap was all it got. But I got this for a preemie who needs extra protection from germs & infections, and it is a huge hit.

Cherry Geneva, GA

After using this Sterilizer the pacifier feels completely clean

I wasnt sure how light would be able to purify a pacifier, however, this really works pretty well. I would like there to be some kind of a test strip or other they could provide with this. However, I like it better than using water.

Colleen Colton, CA

It is okay

I could have sworn I put new batteries in it and then a week later I had to replace the batteries again. Other than that it works okay, it’s pretty easy to understand but it does look like a cheap toy when you open it. Am I sure it is working??? I don’t know, I assume it is. My advice is get it if you really think you need it, otherwise you can skip it.

Louella Lanse, PA

Great idea!

This is such a wonderful idea. The baby is always dropping her binky and even though we keep multiple binkys on hand sometimes it can get critical to find a clean one. With this little device you can always be popping them in there and sterilizing them and always have a fresh supply. This has been great to have. It is a far cry from the sterilizers of old and it is a lot better idea than a quick dash under the tap.

Annmarie Mc David, FL

At a Loss

I gave this product a 4-star rating because we didn’t have it long enough to figure out how it worked. I got this for my grandchild. She is very finicky and for some reason likes to spit her pacifier out of her mouth. I honestly thinks that she likes to see up jump for it. At any rate, once she does this, we rinse the pacifier and put in the sterilizer, however, after having it for only a few days it was destroyed. My granddaughter wanted to play another game of catch the “binky” and when she spit it out, her mother’s knee-jerk reaction was to try to catch the pacifier before it went to the floor, however, in the process, she knocked over the sterilizer and the plastic shattered to pieces. So, I think it would be unfair to ding a product for something that was caused by human error. From what I could tell, the product did what it was designed for, but I cannot be 100% certain. Sorry guys.

Barbara Cerro, NM

Don’t waste your money

When I received the package this came in I could hear a rattling sound. When I opend the box and took the sterilizer out I noticed that two of the little white prongs inside had broken off. I decided to go ahead and give the sterilizer a chance anyway. It seems to be functioning fine without these two little pieces but I have very little confidence that it is actully sterilizing my son’s pacifiers. There is a little UV light that comes on to sterilize the nipple which works the way the product descriptions says it should but even if it is doing what it is completely disinfecting the nipple I have to wonder about the rest of the pacifier. The UV light only shines on the nipple but my son puts all parts of his pacifiers in his mouth during the day. Don’t waste your money; stick with hot water and soap to disinfect your child’s pacifiers.

Marisol Union Springs, NY

Great Product!

I just received it and couldn’t wait to use it. It is very easy to the batteries in, but you have to almost take it apart to do it. After installing the batteries, it is so cool the way it lights up when you use it. And love that the light goes off when the sterilization process if complete. You can’t go wrong with purchasing this and you will definitely use at home and when you are out.

Coleen Staunton, IN

Pacifier STERILIZER (not “cleaner”) makes a good UNIQUE baby gift.

Five years ago, I used the UVZ Health Systems Pacifier Sanitizer, which I really liked (think it may have been discontinued), to sanitize my son’s pacifiers while we were traveling. This Pipila works similarly, but does not seem as durable as my old UVZ one. The Pipila’s plastic is not as hard/thick and the unit has more parts (making it easier to break).If you are not familiar with pacifier sanitizers, they do NOT clean the pacifier, they merely “sanitize” it. You have to either wipe the pacifier off with a baby wipe or rinse it in water and dry it PRIOR to placing it in the sanitizer. I can’t say with any certainty that either of the pacifier sanitizers actually sanitized the pacifiers, as I had no way to test the pacifiers before and after.This is definitely more of a “nice-to-have” baby item, not a “must have” baby item. Still, this makes a unique/novelty baby gift.

Tammy Port Jefferson Station, NY

Beware of cheap design

After using the product for three weeks, the Sterilizer is now toast. Need I go on?I do? Ok. It’s DEAD after 3 WEEKS of use. LIGHT use, I might add.Did it work well? Not sure. You put the pacifier into it, a nifty light comes on that supposedly kills all of the bacteria and germs, thereby sanitizes and sterilizes said pacifier. I can’t tell you how sterilized the pacifier is since I don’t have a microscope to do a before and after comparison. But did I mention: It has DIED after 3 WEEKS of use.Enough said!

Alissa Winton, CA

A really great idea…

I love the idea of this product! The concept is great for moms on the go when you just don’t have any means of cleaning that pacifier that your baby threw on the floor. It is battery operated and does like its batteries so I wish it would last a little longer. My only drawback is that I wish I really knew if it worked. The product description says it kills 99.9% of germs. It will ease your mind, but I would love to see some proof.It comes in fun colors and is easy portable. Overall, it is a great concept and good product.

Sondra Verona Beach, NY

No way this thing actually works

Honestly, the manufacturer says that this sterilizes pacifiers, but I have a very hard time believing them. Now, I’ve not done any scientific tests, but this thing is very cheap looking/feeling plastic, takes a few AAA batteries and when you press it down (sometimes) a very ordinary light comes on and then switches off after awhile. Again, it may work, but if I had to bet whether it did or didn’t, I would whole heartedly bet on that it didn’t. The manufacturers might do well to either make the light brighter or make the thing hum or vibrate so it looks like it is doing something, but no – a normal light comes on and then it goes off and miraculously the pacifier that just fell on the floor is supposed to be sterile? I don’t know.I do know that if it has snot on it or small pieces of dust or dirt, they don’t fall off. They don’t look different after going into this gadget, so I would save myself the money and buy some wipes that will at least get the junk off of a pacifier that falls on the ground or your kid has been sucking on forever, because at least it cleans it off. It is up to you to decide whether to believe this cheap feeling imported machine actually sterilizes, but if you’re a skeptic like me, save your money.

Ramona Sparta, IL

I like it, it worked for us…

I got this a year ago, and it has worked very well since. I carry it every where in the baby’s diaper bag. I actually only use it on emergency cases… but so far, it was a good buy! It was worth what we pay.

Roxie Belvidere, NC

Good idea, but I don’t use it much.

You know, I like UV sanitizers, and I think this is a good idea. I probably would have used it all the time with my first baby. Unfortunately, now with my third, I find myself just washing the pacifiers because it’s fast and easy. I don’t make it over to the UV sterilizer very often. I think it’s a good idea, though, and I like that it’s small. It’s battery operated, making it portable, but I see this as an item you would leave at home for occasional deep cleaning. I would actually prefer that you plug it in because then I wouldn’t have to worry about finding and replacing and discarding batteries.

Judi Ferndale, NY

So far, so good

We are eagerly awaiting its use, but we have tried it and it is easy to use and quicker than we thought.

Tracy Cassville, MO

Hard to know if it is working or not, but so far operation is just fine, very easy to use

This unit uses UV light to ‘kill’ bacteria. In theory that sounds great. Of course know way to know if it is actually working since I am not equipped with a laboratory to test. In terms of operation though it works as it is suppose to. You put the pacifier in pacifier side down, press down and the UV light comes on for around 3 minutes.It is slightly larger than a baseball, very light, and my 2 AAA batteries have yet to run out after a few weeks of use, around once a day. I am using lithium batteries though. We tend to only use Pacifiers at home. But even for that use it has been helpful..I think. As mentioned hard to know for sure. One of the things I was hopeful for but it didn’t work was that the bottle nipples we use would fit. We always have bottles getting thrown to the ground when out and about. I thought it might be cool to be able to sterlize the nipple. But whereas the pacifiers work fine to activate the lamp, the nipples do not. To be fair that is NOT what the product says it will do or was desgined to do. I just thought that you might be able to design a unit like this to do both which would have been great.Bottomline is the lamp activates for the legnth of time it is suppose to. Unit is working fine. If you think this would be beneficial, and the concept seems sound, I can vouch the unit works right out of the box, is easy to use, looks nice, and has continued to operate on our first set of batteries.

Leah Palmdale, CA

Cheaply made but portable

Ok, so the materials that make up this device isn’t the best. It feels flimsy, like it would break easily. It’s small enough that you can take this around with you where ever you go. You just push a button and it tells you if the pacificer has been sterialized. Like other reviewers, if there’s way to actually know if this little cheap-feeling device actually does what it say, i’m all good. Anyways, i’m giving this review assuming, the green light actually translates to being sterilized.

Jessie Allyn, WA

Big wows @ the Baby shower but not exactly portable, better for home use

This Binky sanitizer is easy enough to use once you get the hang of it. The Pipila Pod uses UV Light to Zap the germs and Kooties in a similar manner to the UV Light Toothbrush sanitzers you may already own. Operation: You open the circular pod’s brightly colored lid, stick the binkie in yuckie side down into the hole, push the top back down, wait for the light to say Binkie is being cleaned. A few minutes later, the light goes off and and Voila! Clean Binkie! Be aware it does NOT come with the 2 triple A batteries you need to install in order to get it up & running. My advice, do not use the old acid batteries typically marked “Heavy Duty” that are made of Zinc & Carbon. Buy AKALINE batteries instead so you don’t have to worry about corrosion on the battery contacts since the Unit is a moist environment & likely to be kept in more humid conditions.REVIEW UPDATED 9/7/12: After testing this out, we brought it to a Baby Shower and the Moms there all Oohed and Aaaahhed over the lastest baby Gizmo, passing it around and playing with it. It was a real attention grabber for sure! In the end, however, while we agreed it would make a terrific gift for Germophobe new Mom or Dad, we still preferred keeping a clean, sealed Binkie with us when we go out since this sanitzer does not exactly fit in a diaper bag well. It takes up too much space and just isn’t easily handled when you’re in some changing room at an airport or Shopping center. Some Moms also wondered if this items would make it through TSA at an Airport since flying with kids means having clean Binkies. This modern looking gadget is attracive and is cleverly designed and but we laughed a little at what a TSA agent might think of it’s ‘Space Age” as they passed it through. Ya have to admit, it looks like a BOMB! SO far, none of us have been brave enough to travel with this even though several of us now own it since that last baby shower where it was the most popular guest. In the end, the group consensus was that we wonmdered if this very neat and cute gadget would, over time, actually beat out sanitizing pacifers with plain old steam or or washing with sufficiently hot water.However, in the PIPILA’s Favor is this: Sometimes in the night you just don’t have enough brain cells firing all at once to do more than take Binkie, Insert Binkie, Close lid, wait for light to go off, and then hand Binkie back to screaming child! For THAT purpose alone, I love this thing. I also have a Microwave sanitizer now but again, I have to LEAVE the screaming child, not trip and fall down the stairs to get to the kitchen, somehow manage to stick binkies in the right holes and remember which setting to use and buttons to push on the Microwave at a time when I can barely remember my own name. In the end, I find I am using them BOTH. Instant Pipila Space Age Sanitizer in the night and Microwave Sanitizer during the day. I know it comes in other colors, but I like the Jetsons futuristic green! it stands out next to the changing table. It’s a godsend when you’re exhausted or the little one is sick and you just want to sanitize their favorite Binkie without thought. Of course, I rinse the thing off first but I find that having the Pipila on the table encourages me to sterlize whatever pacifer is close at hand while I’m in the nursery doing other things and that is probably a great habit to pick up.I think The Pipila makes a great gift for the Nursery and ours stays at home for now. The Pipila unit a great concept and a terrific ! WOW ! Gift for a baby shower. However, I would say that while it’s easy enough to use, it loses a star for non-portability. It says it’s portable in the actual name but it just doesn’t quite pan out that way when there are so many things you NEED competing for space in your diaper bag. I liked the very iPod, iMac kinda looking design and look forward to trying the next upgrade of this product. It’s clever and foreward thinking so I expect the next version of this will address some of the concerns about true portablilty. A lidlocking device that cuts off access to the batteries might help the “juice drain” problems some people have reported. Make sure you check out their website: PipilausDOTcom.I gave it 4 Stars simply because the company addressed a need with clever technology and tried very hard to make this a useful item. I don’t believe they intended this to be stuffed into a diaper bag but rather earning a place of honor in the playroom or nursery up on a stable table where you can just punch in the dropped Binky, push the button and have a clean one in short order. It IS portable in that regard. it’s just a tad too large to be truly portable in terms of the diaper bag. They would have to alter their concept design of the round pod then and go to a more slender unit. I can see where that might create some ease of operation issues if they wanted the lid closing to remain the activation part of the process. Still, I like the unit as it is for use around the house and do take it with me when we go to friends’ for the day. It’s easier than lugging the Microwave sanitizer and hoping they don’t mind me wandering into their kitchen and trying to figure out how NOT to blow up my binkie ‘nuker! With Microwaves, everybody’s got one that is just enough different that dragging a sterlizer dependent upon Microwave isn’t feasible. The Pipila IS feasible and it’s simple. Cute! Clever! Futuristic! I’m hooked.

Claudia Portland, AR

Very Neat, but how do you know it works?

This seems like such a great product. But how do you know it’s working??? We can only assume it works. Love the fact that it’s portable. All you need is 2 AAA batteries. It’s a very cute design. And very compact. Definitely something any mom would love.

Viola Blandon, PA

Not Worth the Worry?

I simply must agree with the other reviews: I genuinely do not know if this product works. I wish I owned one of those CSI “black-light” contaminant detectors and then I could definitively report my findings. In the meantime, I found myself reluctant to use a human subject for this trial. (As in, “If the baby gets sick, then we can report that the Pipila does not properly sanitize.” That’s not an option.) It is awfully small, awfully light, and awfully inexpensive … however, I could say the same about the Sonicare sanitizers and those DO work!What surprised me was how convenient the Pipila is. It is much, much smaller than I expected (like REALLY small). Likewise, it adds virtually no weight to the diaper-bag (but, yes, its spherical construction does consume much-needed space). Conversely, for a travel item, it does seem a bit fragile (and I see numerous reports of breakage here).Here is my opinion: carry an extra pacifier (or two) in the diaper bag (just in case one drops on the floor) and sterilize them with your bottles at home. It will give you much more peace-of mind.

Marjorie Ravenna, OH

I think it works?

I push down the button and the little light comes on. That means it’s working, right? Well, I can’t honestly be sure because there is no way to test whether the pacifier is steralized or not. What I do know, however, is steralization does not equal clean. A dirty pacifier can be put in this gizmo and come out just as dirty. So if there is dried milk or anything else on the pacifier, clean it first.Regarding the steralizer’s construction, it appears fairly simplistic, maybe even cheap. Plastic parts that just scream “easily broken” appear to constitute the entire device, but I could be wrong because I’m not going to waste time reverse engineering it.It’s peace of mind, nothing more.

Florence Whitehall, WI

Great Idea!

What will they think of next! This is a great idea! My son and his wife are first time parents and just love this little gadget. Being first time parents they are all about “germs”. They can carry this in the diaper bag without it taking up a lot of space. When baby drops pacifier just pop it in for three minutes and ta-da, a sterilized pacifier. I guess we have to take the manufacterers word that it is really sterilizing. It is a great conversation piece. When my daughter-in-law takes it out…all the other mommies immediately want one. I think this would be a great gift for expecting parents.

Chris Whitley City, KY

Not sure it’s working

We have more baby-related gadgets than a family needs. And this is one we most likely don’t need.It claims to sterilize the pacifier, but without conducting some sort of experiment with swabs and a microscope, I’m not sure that we could prove it does.It claims to be “portable” but it is far too bulky and flimsy to ever take with us…not enough room in the diaper bag. From normal handling, the plastic object developed a number of small cracks. I’m sure with a drop to the kitchen floor it would be useless.This product may be useful for families for whom cleanliness and sterilization is a high priority. Unfortunately, for us, it was not useful.

Marylou Pasco, WA