Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Clipper

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Clipper

Safely and easily trim your baby’s nails with our carefully designed Piyo Piyo baby nail clippers. This clippers have small blades allowing you to see the nails needing to be trimmed.

Main features

  • Ergonomic design for gripping ease
  • Clear, protective cover
  • Easy to store and carry
  • For ages 9 months and older

Verified reviews


best baby clipper!

I bought this after great disappointment with other two clippers that I bought (one is safety 1st, and the other is a normal brand in Target Beauty and Care). This one is awesome! Sharp, really do the work. It has curved tip so it won’t hurt baby. I was afraid to cut baby’s nail but with this I am more comfortable. It is cute looking too! Must have for babies.

Sue Ashdown, AR

Not for newborns

I love these clippers now that my son is 8 months old, but these were way too big for him when he was a newborn. I was so afraid of cutting him!

Melva Cutler, IL

Junk – don’t waste your money and buy it just to find out that you can’t return it

What I find most amazing is that I actually never ordered this item. As the father of four, I already own nail clippers… So why would I actually ordered another pair? Better yet why but I order another pair that are so large that if I’m not careful I may take the entire tip of my child’s finger tip off rather than just trim their nail.Do not purchase this item – because number one for some reason Amazon won’t take it back even if it was an accidental order or somehow it magically appeared in your shopping cart and was sent to you and you were charged for it…. Because you’ll never get your $10 back; nor will you be able to use the item sense if you have a baby like I said it will take off their fingertip and if you’re an adult it’s too small to use so I suppose this will going to some sort of drawer then I can use when my five week old turns 11 yrs?* seriously the most disturbing aspect of this is that I am unable to return an item that number one I didn’t want number two I didn’t order number three part frankly is dangerous. Because I was forced to keep it in because Amazon told me I should try it I did…. And like I said almost at the top of her finger off…

Mellisa Vernon Hill, VA

very nice.

I use these with my five week old and they work very well and they’re cute! I definitely recommend them.

Lourdes Mc Bain, MI

could be sharper

I wish they were a little bit sharper like the first pair of baby nail clippers that I have but I am satisfied with my purchase.

Susie Franklin, MN

Good quality infant nail clipper

This infant nail clipper is high quality, and includes a nail catcher and safety cap when not in use. It is very cute too, and made in Japan. The yellow color makes it easy to spot among the baby supplies.

Pat Green Isle, MN

Nice nail clipper

I bought these because I was looking for baby nail clipper that has a side cover to prevent nails from flying off while clipping. These are perfect size for the little hands. The cover is a nice bonus, but be careful not to misplace it.

Ada Ruskin, FL