Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo piyo baby nail scissors are designed to make trimming your baby’s nails safer and easier. Our carefully designed baby nail scissors feature a rounded tip, to prevent accidental cuts and nicks. The balanced handle loops make the scissors comfortable for use by both right- and left-handed parents. The protective cover featuring the lovable piyo piyo duckling makes it easy to take the nail scissors along in the diaper bag. Piyo piyo provides thoughtfully designed, high quality products that make life easier and more comfortable for babies, toddlers and their parents.

Main features

  • Piyo piyo baby nail scissors are carefully designed to make trimming baby’s nails safer and easier
  • Special rounded tip design protects both baby and parent from accidental cuts and nicks
  • Balanced handle fits comfortably into either hand

Verified reviews



These scissors may seem pricey, but they are worth ten times as much due to the tears they have saved my infant from crying. In the beginning, I made the mistake of purchasing nail clippers supposedly made for babies at the local drugstore. What a disaster! I was too nervous to even try them out and my husband ended up cutting our daughter’s skin twice! It drew blood and our baby screamed each time. My husband felt so guilty, and it was terrible to watch so I set out to find something safer. These scissors are a dream come true. They slip easily between the nail and the skin so there is never any fear of cutting our poor baby again. I love the rounded tip, and the slight curve creates the perfect angle for cutting nails. They are so easy to use, I can even clip my daughter’s fingernails while I nurse her. Best baby purchase yet!I paid $11 when I purchased these, and I’ve since seen the price drop as low as $6. Just thought that information might be helpful to others since Amazon’s prices fluctuate so much. I purchased mine from the seller “CP Cosmetics.”

Madeline Pool, WV

Peace of mind for nervous first-time parents

I just used these for the first time on my 5-day old newborn and I am relieved that they are so easy to use. I was able to easily clip the ends of my baby’s nails. The blade is rounded and also curved upward to one side so that it is almost impossible to hurt baby. I am sure you could accidentally clip the nail too short still, so I just clipped them little by little until they were short to my satisfaction. Much easier than clippers!

Ina Elizabethtown, NC

They should hand these out at the hospital.

I am in love with these nail scissors! After using baby clippers on my newborn and taking a chunk out of her thumb, I knew that I had to find another way to cut her nails. My mother in law recommended getting baby nail scissors and so I ordered these. They are amazing! I can literally cut my daughter’s finger nails in 20 seconds and I don’t have to worry about drawing blood. They are incredibly easy to use, with a blunted end and a great curve that moves the scissors away from the finger tip when you cut. I can not recommend these enough. I know what I will be giving people as a baby shower present!

Rita Noble, IL

Does the job

I have these, baby clippers, and a nail file and I use them all. I brought these to the hospital and was glad I did, as new babies have crazy sharp nails and I wasn’t confident enough to clip them at that time. Now I use the scissors for my daughter’s toenails. They are very easy to use, but they will break skin if not used properly- I know from experiencing the first and last attempt by my husband at trimming the baby’s finger nails).

Suzette Eccles, WV

Sharp but gentle

These scissors work remarkably well and make cutting baby’s nails so easy and safe! I’m not afraid I’m going to hurt those cute little fingers.

Corrine Naperville, IL


I love the cover that comes with the scissors! It has a little click area where you can lock on the lid so it doesn’t come lose in your purse like your other scissors.

Trudy Greenbush, MA


Makes cutting a newborns nails easy and very precise. I was so scared to cut my sons nails but eventually I had to and these were great! I can’t even imagine using a regular nail clipper.

Elena Roanoke, AL