Piyo Piyo Dispenser Four Chamber

Piyo Piyo Dispenser Four Chamber

With Piyo Piyo’s colorful four-chamber dispenser, you can carry pre-measured amounts of powdered baby formula. This clever dispenser holds enough formula for four separate feedings. The versatile case comes with a funnel cap top that makes preparing a bottle easy and mess-free. Remove the mid-caps and transform the dispenser into a large container for solid foods. This hygienic storage solution is perfect for parents and babies on the go. This BPA-free set is microwave and sterilizer safe. Piyo Piyo provides high quality products developed with babies, toddlers and parents in mind.

Main features

  • Piyo Piyo’s colorful four-chamber dispenser holds powdered formula for up to four feedings
  • Remove mid-caps and transform the dispenser into one large container for solid foods
  • A hygienic storage solution when your family is on the go
  • BPA-free, microwaveable and sterilizer safe
  • Piyo Piyo provides high quality products developed with babies, toddlers and parents in mind

Verified reviews


Love this!

I really don’t know why I didn’t have one of these with my first child! It is so easy to dispense and store powdered formula in this! Highly recommend!

Celina Marilla, NY

Most Secure formula container

I got this one after trying the Munchkin brand (which leaked powder everywhere). The Piyo Piyo is perfect! You can take anywhere from one to four containers, the spout is great for accurately getting all the powder into the bottle, and NOTHING leaks. Can be used for finger foods as well. Great baby product.

Caryn Dayton, OR

Perfect for day out or travel. You should buy this if looking for something adorable!

Wonderful product, super cute, and fits a days worth of formula. SO much better than the munchkin one and so much cuter! 🙂

Estelle Tabor City, NC

Love this product

This thing is ingenious. Before I used this, I was just putting formula in snack bags. Huge mess when trying to get it in the bottle. I would be covered in formula. The funnel stops any spillage and you can easily empty it of all formula. The shape of it allows it to easily slip into the side pocket. You do need 2 hands to unscrew it and so forth, but I’ve never really had a problem with that. Cute, easy to wash, works well. Highly recommend.

Lakesha Keyport, NJ

Fun design

Not as compact as other brands, but a fun design that can have multiple uses as baby grows. Can use one section on its own, or add on as many of the others as you need per outing.

Juliette Medaryville, IN

Great for formula fed babies with Mom’s on the go

I didn’t really begin to use the Piyo Piyo 4-layer milk powder dispenser until my baby became exclusively formula fed. It is one of the greatest inventions for moms! I read in other reviews before purchasing that the stackable screw-on containers were a difficult to screw on and off, I found that to be the case in the beginning but found out that you need to align the layer right on top of the bottom before screwing on.On days when I am not too sure how long I will be out I use all four containers, on days when I’m out only for a couple of hours I fill up only 1 layer and take it with me- having it in my diaper bag just incase really gives me a peace of mind as well. The funnel top makes it very easy to pour into bottles without any mess, I have found that when the bottle is filled to the top with water it can be very hard to pour all that formula powder into it but this would be the case whether you are using this dispenser or not, the trick is to simply use a big bottle opposed to the small bottle.Thus far the dispenser has served me well and I have no real complaints about it. I love it! And it would make a great snack container too when baby get old enough to actually eat them.

Helen Ray Brook, NY