Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator

Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator

The Piyo Piyo Portable Nasal Aspirator is designed to help you keep your baby more comfortable when he or she has a stuffy nose. The round nose piece is designed to cling tightly to your baby’s nose without hurting the baby’s delicate nasal membranes. The Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator is easy to use. Just attach the clear silicone tube to the bottle and squeeze the yellow bulb to extract nasal mucus. The tube and the bottle are clear, so you can see mucus flowing. Both you and your baby will breathe easier, thanks to this simple, gentle tool no household should be without. The set includes a nose piece, clear bottle, tube, and mouth piece and a hygienic carrying case. BPA-free set is safe for infants. Piyo Piyo provides thoughtfully designed, high quality products that make life easier and more comfortable for babies, toddlers and their parents.

Main features

  • Round nose piece attaches tightly to baby’s nose without hurting baby’s nasal membrane
  • Clear bottle to see the nasal mucus flowing state during aspirating
  • Sucking tube helps to suck at ease with proper length

Verified reviews


Gross but effective

It’s gross sucking in through this thing knowing that boogers are travelling through the tubes, but it does work. You just have to remember with this one, you have to put in that little piece of tissue so the booger gets stuck to that instead of you sucking it up… bleh.I also like the little case that came with it 😀

Heidi Athens, LA

Not good

I bought this thinking it would be easier than the hand nasal aspirator but it is not. You have to use both hands to hold it so cannot hold baby with the other hand, making it much harder to use. Mucus can and has gone into my mouth so pretty awful to use. Would not recommend.

Janis Federalsburg, MD

Works great!

This thing was so easy to use! Once I sucked those boogies out, little baby was much, much happier, and could go back to the business of napping. She was actually surprised I think – she wasn’t so sure of what mommy was trying to d, but once those boogies came right out, no more fussing.And no, I didn’t get a mouth full of snot. And really, the risk is worth it if she ends up happier with a clear nose!

Leila Browns Valley, CA

Cute nasal aspirator

Effective on clearing my 7weeks old baby’s nasal ! He cries every time I use a bulb syringe. He still cries a bit using this but I think it’s mainly because I have to stick it in his nose and he gets annoyed by that

Kimberley Mount Vernon, OH

just not for us

I debated on purchasing this… still not sure if its worth the hype but I do feel like it works better than the battery powered ones.

Gilda Pound Ridge, NY


It went straight into trash…Plastic is too hard.I bought two different ones just in case…..Everything about it doesn’t work……I would love to see how u can use this without hurting your child….

Herminia Larslan, MT

Piyo piyo nasal aspirator

I’ve tried many of aspirators and this one is the most terrible if all. No matter how gentle you suck the discharge will end up in your mouth. And yes, I put tissue inside. I also put a short piece of straw thinking it will direct discharge to the bottom of the bottle thus will mother in my mouth. Still no use. Dont buythis product unless you like to taste your baby’ nasal discharge.

Mindy Gwinn, MI