Piyo Piyo Non-Spill Baby Milk Powder Dispenser / Storage Container

Piyo Piyo Non-Spill Baby Milk Powder Dispenser / Storage Container

Use the funnel cap to put all the powder in one case without spilling! After reaching weaving stage, cases can be separated for independent use and for whole food storage with the separating mid-caps. Container holds enough powder for three separate feedings and works well for outdoor/nighttime nursing.

Main features

  • Funnel cap allows for easy pouring
  • Mid cap keeps powder in separate case, can be used later for non staple foods or snacks
  • Can hold up to 3 feedings
  • Convenient for travel
  • 80ml/2.8oz Features the fun Piyo Piyo duckling design

Verified reviews


holds formula and doesn’t need to be washed everyday

works well for powder to make 40z bottles (looks like it could hold enough to make 6 oz botles). The pour top is great, but re-arranging the cartridges is a little awkward afterwards.Since if it stays dry you can think of it like a formula scoop; I like that I can just re-fill the empties and send back to child-care, only bringing the whole thing home and washing at the end of the month.

Janette Dennisville, NJ


I’m not sure why this product gets so many wonderful reviews. It’s okay, but in my opinion no better than the cheaper options. I do not like that every time I use the top funneling dispenser I then have to unscrew and rescrew several lids in order to be able to make another bottle when I need it. I always feel like I could contaminate the formula powder because I’m having to change all the lids. I was also surprised by the light weight construction of the plastic.I do like that it’s a tall cylindrical shape, like a bottle that can be stored easily in my bag right next to the actual bottles.I wish they could figure out a design where each lid funneled and you could just rotate which compartment is on top and not have to change lids on the empty and full ones. This apparently doesn’t bother most people on here, but I have a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 4 month old and this dispenser is just too inconvenient to juggle when I’m out with all of them in a public place.

Frances Radom, IL

great for diaper bag

I purchased this to carry the powder goats milk my 9 week old drinks its perfect for that need and keeps the powder fresh

Alice Brill, WI


This is much better design than the powder dispenser by avent. All of the powder that you put in easily pours out. I used this a lot when my baby was just home from the hospital and was drinking warmed bottles. It also fits well in the diaper bag. I think it can later be used as snack cups.

Marva Collegedale, TN

Best Formula Dispenser

I have this and a more conventional three-compartment dispenser from Clevamama, and this wins hands down. First of all, so cute. Second, each compartment has its own lid, so if you don’t want to bring the whole thing around with you, you don’t have to. Plus, each compartment can screw onto every other one – so you don’t have to worry about reassembling it "in order." The spout makes things so easy – no tapping or banging required to get all the formula out. There’s room for three up to 8 oz feedings. Its shape means it fits in bottle holders. This is the only one you need.

Milagros Springfield, NH

Great design!

The funnel design of this product is fantastic. The formula dispenses so easily and the compact shape is great for transporting in a diaper bag. Highly recommended!

Elsa West Burlington, NY