Piyo Piyo Pacifier Clip

Piyo Piyo Pacifier Clip

The Piyo Piyo Pacifier Clip keeps your baby’s binky from falling on the floor or getting lost. This helpful item features a holder for the pacifier on one end connected to a duckling-shaped clip on the other end. Never lose another binky again. Piyo Piyo provides thoughtfully designed, high quality products that make life easier and more comfortable for babies, toddlers and their parents.

Main features

  • Made from ABS material, Prevents pacifier from dropping onto floor or getting lost, 98″ long

Verified reviews



This is the cutest thing I have purchased for my grand baby, BUT it seems way too delicate to withstand her actually using it. She liked chewing on the duck’s head. I was kind of relieved when she lost interest in pacifiers, but I love playing with this duckie when no one is looking.

Abbie Saint Albans Bay, VT

Great for all paci’s with handle (not soothies)

This was the first pacifier clip I purchased…because it’s one of the more moderately priced ones at $3.99. I also have a Booginhead on the way for $5.50, but this one worked out so well that I’m not sure I need it anymore. Here’s some info:1. Plastic. Yes, it’s plastic, but the part that hooks onto the paci is soft and bendy not brittle. Baby also enjoys chewing on it.2. Clip operation. The clip is behind Piyo Piyo (the duck guy). It’s not the standard squeeze to open. You lift the part you would normally squeeze, and the teeth on the other end open. You push it down, and the teeth clamp shut. Like i said, this is my first paci clip so I don’t know how others are, but this clip is pretty nifty. Not too shallow either, so you can actually clamp some shirt or seatbelt and get it to stay put.3. Length. Generous length, though not dangerously so. I clip it near my baby’s tummy and feel fine. I could see it potentially getting tangled around her wrist, but it hasn’t happened.4. Manufacture. Based on the packaging, this product is from Hong Kong or China, not Japan. Just an FYI.Overall, very cute and works well. Only drawback is that it won’t work with soothies (it will, but would push against baby’s face). I would purchase a second one if necessary.

Edna Keene, TX

Not good for pacifiers

The pacifiers that my baby likes don’t have loops, so I would have to loop this on the hole of the pacifier itself, which doesn’t work because the loop on this thing is pretty big. I really wanted to like this because my baby has a habit of sucking on the ribbons of her other clips, so they end up soaked in saliva. Gross! I wish the loop on this was smaller. I use it to hold on to her teethers and clip them to her car seat. She also lives to play with it

Dee Verona, NY

cute, but the chain tangles

i love the way this looks, but it tends to bunch up in a weird way when my child plays with his paci. the chain is perhaps not the best design.

Ina Elko, MN

Keeps pacifiers safe n clean

Baby thinks it’s a toy/teether and is entertained by it for long stretches of time. Helps keep the two remaining pacifiers we have safe and more importantly clean (ever since the baby has realized that she can chuck things out the stroller, all little things within her reach are game)!

Suzette Mabscott, WV