Piyo Piyo Training Tableware, Yellow/Blue

Piyo Piyo Training Tableware, Yellow/Blue

Teach your baby how to self-feed, with the Piyo Piyo Training Spoon and Fork Set. The soft-touch spoon and fork are made to be gentle on baby’s new teeth and gums. The slip-proof handle and angled design make it easy for you or your baby to direct food from dish to mouth. We’ve even included a hygienic case to protect the utensils from dirt when not in use. This set is great for the diaper bag, and wonderful to take along to restaurants or when you’re traveling. Includes 1 angled training spoon with slip-proof grip, 1 angled training fork with slip-proof grip, and a handy carrying case. Piyo Piyo provides thoughtfully designed, high quality products that make life easier and more comfortable for babies, toddlers and their parents.

Main features

  • Angled for easy dining
  • Comes with fresh keeping case
  • Soft and slip proof grip

Verified reviews


Great training tableware!

this set is great. I got the ones in pink as well. they are just the right size for my daughter, and the spoon/fork curve toward the baby so it’s easier to make it into the mouth. However, this is for right handed kids though. Using left hands may not work as well….

Silvia Industry, PA

Great trainers

These are awesome. The curve helps little ones learning to use utensils reach their mouths much more easily. We love them! The carrying case is junk though… Our 15 month old broke it in less than a minute.Best for a right handed kiddo.

Desiree Candor, NC

Good size but only for right-handed use

My 17 month old toddler has used these on and off for about a month. They are a great size and easy for her to hold. The fork is just prong-y enough to stab pasta without being too sharp for learning purposes. However, about 25-40% of the time, she picks up her utensils with her left hand. The curve on the heads of these are specifically set for right-handed use. (Ok, it’s adorable and somewhat hilarious to watch her try to use her left hand to scoop yogurt into her mouth with this spoon… but still… frustrating for her!) The plastic is firm and not adjustable. When she gets better at using utensils, I think these will be fine, but while she’s still fiddling around and learning they’re not ideal.Pros:Great qualityCarrying case (which is handy for all sorts of things, including take-and-toss silverware)Good price/valueDishwasher safeUsable but not-scary fork!Cons:Really only good for right-handed use

Rhonda North Fairfield, OH

Great for travel!

We purchased these for a week long trip and they were awesome. The case is key as it keeps them together, easily accessible and clean.

Jaclyn Valley Falls, NY

Dishwasher Safe.

These are not only cute for us adults to look at, but also, which is not mentioned on the package, dishwasher safe as long as you have a no heat dry economy setting. Easy for little ones to handle and maneuver.

Naomi Tanacross, AK