Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors

Safely and easily trim your baby’s nails with our carefully designed Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors. These nail scissors feature a rounded tip to prevent accidents while trimming baby’s tiny nails. Balanced handle loops make these nail scissors comfortable for use by both right and left handed parents.

Main features

  • Includes protective cover.
  • Round blade tips prevent accidents.
  • Blades are made of durable stainless steel.
  • Handles balanced design, convenient to use for both right and left hand.
  • Clean blades after use to prevent rusting.

Verified reviews


Work well

These scissors are easy to handle, sharp enough to get baby’s nails cut but safe enough that I’m not nervous about hurting him in the process. They don’t seem all that high quality though and I don’t know how long they’ll last.

Reba Reserve, NM

Lifesaving product.

A must have! It is nearly impossible to trim a baby’s nails with regular clippers. These are so incredibly easy to use.

Ethel Johnstown, NE

Work well, but use carefuly!

These are infinitely easier and safer than baby nail clippers, but are very sharp and must be used carefully. On a calm or sleeping baby, they make fast work of cutting baby claws and with the curved blade, you hardly have to file afterward.

Ginger Latta, SC

a must have for new parents

i had a couple of the regular baby nail clippers and I find them so hard to use w/out accidentally hurting your baby. This is so much easier to control and I love them. My son wouldn’t let me cut his nails so I started letting him hold the cover while I cut his nails as a distraction and now he won’t let me not give the cover to him.

Dorothy Monument, KS


These scissors may seem pricey, but they are worth ten times as much due to the tears they have saved my infant from crying. In the beginning, I made the mistake of purchasing nail clippers supposedly made for babies at the local drugstore. What a disaster! I was too nervous to even try them out and my husband ended up cutting our daughter’s skin twice! It drew blood and our baby screamed each time. My husband felt so guilty, and it was terrible to watch so I set out to find something safer. These scissors are a dream come true. They slip easily between the nail and the skin so there is never any fear of cutting our poor baby again. I love the rounded tip, and the slight curve creates the perfect angle for cutting nails. They are so easy to use, I can even clip my daughter’s fingernails while I nurse her. Best baby purchase yet!I paid $11 when I purchased these, and I’ve since seen the price drop as low as $6. Just thought that information might be helpful to others since Amazon’s prices fluctuate so much. I purchased mine from the seller “CP Cosmetics” and received the correct item.

Jerry Vidal, CA

So much easier

Baby nail clippers are so hard to use. Our nurses in the NICU recommended just using a nail file, but I could never get his nails short enough to not scratch him. These have been wonderful, for both my toddler and newborn. No blood drawn yet!

Cathy New Stanton, PA

Easier to use than I anticipated

As a new mom I was really worried about clipping the nails, but when the wee one started scratching her face I had to face my fear. When she sleeps we snip really long nails (be super careful to not cute too short near skin as the nails seem to take awhile to separate from the skin.) We then use a baby nail file that we purchased at a local store. We also were gifted an electric baby nail file. My husband loves it, while I am not as adept with this file. We are surprised at how often we need to clip the little ones nails, but we are happy to report there have been no cuts or blood in the process (gross, but that is exactly what we were worried about). Great product.

Geri Hickman, KY

best product ever!!

I heard this scissors from my friend. then i bought one used for my son, it worked so perfectly and i will not cut my son’s skin by accidentally, so i bought two more for my friends. love it, thanks

Kathryn Oakfield, GA