Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors

Safely and easily trim your baby’s nails with our carefully designed Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors. These nail scissors feature a rounded tip to prevent accidents while trimming baby’s tiny nails. Balanced handle loops make these nail scissors comfortable for use by both right and left handed parents.

Main features

  • Includes protective cover featuring our lovable characters
  • Round blade tips prevent accidents
  • Blades are made of durable stainless steel
  • Handles balanced design, convenient to use for both right and left hand
  • Clean blades after use to prevent rusting

Verified reviews


not bad, but could be sharper

We’ve been using these nail scissors since our baby was only a few days old (the paediatrician helped us cut the long nails she was born with!), so really since the second nail cutting. The aren’t bad. I like that they have a rounded tip, for the times that baby gets squirmy while cutting and a cover for storage. However, it often feels like the scissors are a little dull. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve used some adult nail scissors, which cut your nails with no effort.Update March 2013After using these scissors for nearly a year, I can now be a bit more precise on what the problem is. Although they are “sharp” enough to cut nails, the sharpness is more like a razor than well made scissors. So they are sharp, yes, but so sharp that you can nick your baby’s nail if they pull away when you get close enough to touch their nail, but before you even start to cut it. The nails are often left feeling quite sharp, and need to be filed down. Neither of these issues happen with our primary scissor (we tried Tweezerman right after these, and really like them).These aren’t bad for a second pair and will do in a pinch but I wouldn’t recommend them as your only nail scissor.

Mindy Mount Royal, NJ

no more accidents

Even though my pediatrician had alerted me that he’d seen more accidents with nail clippers than with baby scissors, I thought I was doing fine with the clippers. until my baby made a sudden move with her hand while I was trimming her thumb nail and ‘voila’, I accidentally took a piece of her sensitive flesh and it bled, and it hurt, she cried tears and screamed. I made a pledge to never use clippers again and to search for the best and safest baby scissors. When I found these I ordered them because she was going too many days without nail trimming and she was scratching herself with sharp baby nails. I didn’t see a review so I wasn’t sure if it was good. At first I thought it was a little expensive but I needed it soon so there was no time to browse longer. The minute these scissors got here I used them and have used them ever since to keep her nails nicely trimmed. It is the BEST 10 bucks I’ve spent on baby stuff. The scissors are slightly bend forming a little curve (very slightly) which helps with angle. No need to say, the ends are round. It is sharp, much better than the clippers. I notice that the clippers left some kind of ‘nail residue’, like you needed to finish with sanding the nails. These scissors cut nicely and easily. And I feel safer using them. They come with a protection case cap, which is cute and keeps the metal away from moist and all. I highly recommend this product. You still have to be careful trimming baby’s nails, of course. But to me, this is safer and gives me a well finished job.

Doretha Manahawkin, NJ


These scissors may seem pricey, but they are worth ten times as much due to the tears they have saved my infant from crying. In the beginning, I made the mistake of purchasing nail clippers supposedly made for babies at the local drugstore. What a disaster! I was too nervous to even try them out and my husband ended up cutting our daughter’s skin twice! It drew blood and our baby screamed each time. My husband felt so guilty, and it was terrible to watch so I set out to find something safer. These scissors are a dream come true. They slip easily between the nail and the skin so there is never any fear of cutting our poor baby again. They are so easy to use, I can even clip my daughter’s fingernails while I nurse her. Best baby purchase yet!I paid $11 when I purchased these, and I’ve since seen the price drop as low as $6. Just thought that information might be helpful to others since Amazon’s prices fluctuate so much. I purchased mine from the seller “CP Cosmetics.”

Georgina Darlington, IN

UPDATED: Baby sleeps through it!

This isn’t much of an update except to say that every time I use these I think of my review and how I wish I could truly convey how much I love these. These are my favorite baby product. You can see I write a lot of reviews. I’d stake my reputation on a promise that you will love these scissors. Such a crazy thing that you can love a pair of baby scissors this much. But they are such a joy to use. They feel so safe. And as I use them I know that I’m doing something “dangerous” but yet you can tell what you’re doing is safe.I love these scissors so much. You should definitely buy these and forget about anything else you’re considering. I have clippers and another pair of scissors. But nothing compares. You will love them. I came back just so I could say that again.Original review below:—–No matter how safe baby clippers seem to be, I always have a sense of “I hope I don’t catch her fingertip” when I finally clipped down. It’s not that I was being reckless – it’s just that the clip happens all at once and it feels like you have less control.These PIYO scissors are much more precise and you can control the speed at which you actually cut – you can make completely sure that there is only tiny fingernail beween the blades. I am much more comfortable with these and will never go back to clippers. Not the ones with the magnifying glass … not the ones with the light … they are all gimmicks. This is safe and all the control you need. Much easier to use too. And with no snap like you have with clippers, far less likely to wake baby up. I received these as a gift, and have thanked the giver many times over. I plan of gifting these to other new moms in the future.

Helga Hutchins, TX


Like several other customers/reviewers, I have also received multipurpose scissors instead of the baby nail scissors. Although Amazon customer service is excellent, this item is only fulfilled by them so they cannot send a replacement – you would have to go through the hassle of returning the item and then hoping they send you the right thing the 2nd time. Beware!

Aimee Iaeger, WV

Received the wrong item

I usually get irritated by others who rate an item based on something other than actually using it. Here I am, doing just that. I guess you could blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I seriously don’t have time to deal with it. As with most of the 1-2 star ratings, I ordered the baby pair and received the multipurpose scissors instead. Since others have mentioned that it has happened to them multiple times after returning the original product, I’m not reordering. Who has time to play games?! Looking at the dates of all of these reviews, you can tell that they’re not very concerned about stepping up quality control in the shipping department. My advice is to save yourself the time and effort and order something else.

Gilda Casco, MI

Who likes these scissors?

They are super dangerous. My husband cut my infant’s finger. The don’t glide shut they catch half way so if baby moves, there goes their finger. I bought the Safety first clippers and they work well. I also have a battery operated rotary baby nail file that helps smooth the edges.

Lucile Garner, NC

I cut my baby’s skin with this!

I bought this because it said it was a safe alternative to the regular baby clippers. WRONG. I ended up slicing a tiny bit of skin off my newborn’s pinky, which of course devastated me because he was only 6 weeks old and I made him bleed. 🙁 I am now using the regular baby nail clippers, which have yet to fail me.

Letha Fruitland, IA

Nothing baby about it

It is cute looking, but there is nothing baby about this scissors. They are big, sharp scissors. We managed to nick our baby’s fingers twice, we do not use it any more.

Manuela Petroleum, WV

Wrong item sent

The baby nail scissors are what I ordered, the regular scissors are what I received. After attempting to return them, I finally decided it was just to much hassle and have ordered from someone else. Have not received the new ones yet.

Jackie Cedar Point, IL

Great product – easy to use

I love these scissors. They give you better control than regular nail clippers for baby. My daughter has small hand, and the nail clipper doesn’t provide the same precision around the tip. However, I can only trim her nails when she’s sleeping and not moving her hands around.

Crystal Leadville, CO

Very cute, pending use…

The scissors are adorable. Hope to have an update soon after my bundle of joy is welcome to the world. Smiles…

Etta Little Creek, DE

great for tiny nails

These scissors are great! It makes it so much easier now to cut my baby’s nails. The scissors are curved, so they are easier to use than nail clippers.

Frieda Highland Springs, VA

Not so great

These are just impossible to use. The mini nail clippers are so much easier! I thought these would be great, but they are a nightmare to use.

Cathryn Hutchinson, KS


After an unsuccessful attempt to cut my baby girl’s nails with baby nail clippers, I went on the hunt for some nail scissors. My mom used scissors with me and my siblings, but apparently, they’re not very popular anymore because I couldn’t find them anywhere. Then, voila! I found them on Amazon. These scissors are PERFECT! I’m able to cut her nails quickly and painlessly. Highly recommend!!

Eula Wenatchee, WA

Received giant household scissors!

I’m not sure how to rate or review this product as I never received it – instead, I received a gigantic pair of household scissors! I was greatly confused for a couple of second when I opened the box, then burst out laughing when I realized the mistake. I returned them and would reorder if I thought I would get the actual Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors that seem to get high ratings from the people who actually receive the right product!

Kathrine Lagrange, OH

at first it seemed fine but ended up using nail clippers from hospital

I used this one because I was too scared to use the nail clippers the hospital gave me. For the first couple of weeks it was fine but once I tried the nail clippers I realized that it was just much easier with the nail clippers. You should try using the nail clippers first and then buy the scissors if you feel you still need it

Ada Wild Rose, WI


Well made, and the bright color makes it easier to find (I’m constantly losing clippers). A tip: Make sure the bottom blade is toward the finger, otherwise you can cut a little too close to the quick. But these are sharp and effective, they make it much easier to cut the fingernail and not the finger. More nail scissors should be like this! I”ll never use clippers on my baby again.

Bessie Leonardtown, MD

Safe and work great

My baby’s just 3 months but her nails grow rather quickly and simply filing them wasn’t doing the trick. Even with something as simple as nail trimmers, I thought it was helpful to read all the other reviews because I ended up purchasing this product rather than typical nail clippers and am happy with my purchase so far. I was actually made fun of for reading reviews on nail trimmers before making a purchase, but I’d rather take the time to see what’s safe and worth purchasing rather than taking a stab at something that doesn’t work well.To reiterated some of the things I read in other reviews, I like that I can actually see what I’m cutting and feel confident that I’m not going to cut too low or cut her skin. I only cut her nails when she is either sleeping or close to sleeping so that she’s not flaring her arms all over the place for extra caution. I also like that they’re slightly curved so they cut nicely along her nail line. Even after using the scissors I still go over her nails with a file to file down all the sharp edges.

Hattie Golconda, NV

Better than expected!

I was very hesitant to purchase these scissors as I had never seen anything like this before. I am so glad we went with scissors over the nail clippers!!With the scissors we can see exactly what and how much of her nail we are cutting before we cut. It makes us feel so much better knowing we are minimizing the risk of cutting her and making her bleed. The “sharpness” of the scissors (really, how sharp can baby scissors be??) is great. They are not dull or cause you to have to re-cut a nail. They work the first time you use them to make nail trims fast and easy.

Lila New Baden, IL

Worth it!

Compared to similar products, I thought these were a little expensive… But they are so worth it! They are sharp, but safe and do a very good job of closely trimming baby’s nails without cutting him. I wouldnt use anything else!

Sherrie Uhrichsville, OH

I was sent the wrong item

I read some other reviews that said the wrong item was sent to them as well. I figured it was no big deal, but it is a pain to have to send back.

Hillary Ormsby, MN

Believe the reviews!

I was skeptical of any product that claims to work well for cutting baby finger nails. After all, baby fingers are so fragile. I used to dread having to cut my infant son’s nails. But believe these reviews, this product works great for baby nails! I wish I bought this for my older son when he was an infant. No more nicking the skin while cutting/trimming finger nails. Happy baby and happy mom.

Lindsay Seco, KY

Very useful

I cut my baby nails by the nails cutter and it got her skin…so hurt …she cried so loud. Poor baby.So I bought the mittens to protect her face, she scratched her face a lots. Then I found this one, no more accident even though my little girl moves a lots when I cut her nails. Love it!

Chris Vernon Rockville, CT

Fast, safe way to trim baby’s nails

After accidentally taking a piece of skin on my daughter’s and causing bleeding, I was done with infant nail clippers. However, her nails were getting tougher to peel, and with scratches on my chest and her face, we needed another solution and decided to try these scissors even though they didn’t seem safer. However, they are super easy to use and avoid cutting the baby – press the nail / skin back from each other using the blade and snip – it quickly and cleanly takes of the nail. I was easily able to trim down her nails with no fuss while she was awake. The nails may still have some sharp edges, but as long as you cut them back far enough, they don’t cause scratches.

Janette Euclid, MN

Very easy to use

I was little skeptical about using scissors because I know that clippers are recommended. But these are so easy to use and after 8 plus months of use I have never had a mishap with them.

Germaine Chappaqua, NY

Great nail scissors!

I bought these after nipping my babies fingers the first time I cut his nails with regular clippers (made for little ones). I felt HORRIBLE. After reading all the reviews, I ordered these the same day! These are sharp, but I have never had a problem cutting too close to the skin. Not sure if that’s because of the design or because I am extra careful (although I thought I was extremely careful with the other clippers too)! Anyway, I love these.

Madeline Ocean Gate, NJ

Not even close to the Tweezerman version I have

I ordered these to leave at my mom’s house for when we visit. I abhor using them. They are far too blunt. It makes it hard to trim the baby’s nails quickly, which is essential. Skip it. Pay more for the Tweezermans.

Shannon Burgin, KY

Best option for soft baby nails

These work so much better than tiny clippers. I use only the very tip and try to curve around her fingers. Very effective.

Francesca Milan, NM

Must have for newborns!

I cannot stress my love for these enough. I had such a hard time trimming my daughter’s nails when she was a newborn. She was a tiny baby (just over 4 lbs.) and her nails were tiny. Traditional baby clippers were too hard to use. I clipped her finger and made her bleed and cry once and wouldn’t use the clippers ever again. These were a life saver. I have bought several for friends and family as shower gifts.I, too, had an issue with Amazon sending me regular scissors of the same brand – I think they sent me 2 pair before I finally received the actually nail scissors. But Amazon did not ask me to send back the scissors so there wasn’t much of a hassle on my part.

Pat Rosedale, IN