P’Kolino Full Size Puzzle Stacker

P’Kolino Full Size Puzzle Stacker

Award winner. More Developmental Benefits. Children are initially challenged to fine tune motor skills by placing the easy to hold rings on extra thick stacking pole. With that mastered the child begins to enhance spatial logic by interlocking anyone puzzle piece to any other, in any order. At this point, there is no wrong answer. Finally, through solving the puzzle sequence the child learns color and size recognition. Premium Quality Construction. The stacker pole is thicker than average stackers making the stacker more durable while reducing poking hazards. Each puzzle pieces is cut from a single piece of wood, reducing the possibility of breakage. With its playful challenges through multiple stages of development and its premium quality wood constructions the P’kolino Puzzle Stacker is likely to be a classic for the ages. P’kolino products meet or exceed US, EU, and Canadian safety standards. Product Made in China. Designed for children 1 year and older.

Main features

  • Developmental benefits
  • Multi use (puzzle and stacker)
  • High quality construction
  • Easy to hold rings on extra thick stacking pole
  • Best Toy of the Year Creative Child Safe non toxic paint

Verified reviews


Wonderful Stacker

The colors aren’t as bright as the picture when you actually get it, but it’s still a great stacker. It’s so much more interesting than the traditional stacking rings, and it offers way more opportunity to learn and problem solve.

Enid Burlington Junction, MO

Colors Not As Pictured

The colors on this puzzle stacker are muted. My son was not drawn to it at all. Not as pictured!

Kristen Saronville, NE

Cool unique new spin on a classic toy

I bought this for my son after looking for hours online for cute, cool, unique looking toys. I liked this style so much better than your traditional stacking rings. My only dislike is that the colors in the picture are super bright and bold but when I opened the package, the colors were dull and bland like just stained wood that didn’t take the color well. I would have given 5 stars if the colors were true to the picture.

Dolly Trail, OR

Heavy Solid Hardwood – More geared towards older toddlers

I love, LOVE this stacker. It is a puzzle as well as a stacker and there are many ways that a child can play with it.The wood is awesome quality – heavy solid hardwood (more on that later). Pieces are stained, not painted, so no worries about chipped paint. Downside is that because it is stained, the colors are not as vibrant as those in the photos.The puzzle factor of the stacker is a bit difficult for very young toddlers (1-2 yr olds) to figure out. The product description on amazon says it is for 1+, but the box of the product says it is for 3+, now what 3-yr old is into stacking anymore? So yes, that’s the downside of this stacker. But my 18-mo old plays with it, and that’s the 5-10 min I need here and there.One thing to keep in mind is that the pieces are hardwood and very heavy. When I first got it, my 1-yo was having trouble with the larger pieces; he could not pick them up with one hand, but he managed using two hands (he is very strong and has good grip and fine motor skills so that helped too). Now the true downside of the heavy wood is that my 1-yo likes to throw things, so when he threw one of the pieces, I realized that it could cause real damage. Fortunately it hit the rug or he would have left a dent on our hardwood floors or the coffee table. But the piece did not crack or break, so I am a happy owner of the stacker.

Angelique Beulah, WY


A unique take on the traditional stacker. My puzzle loving, take everything apart boy just loved this! Very well made, will last a very long time I’m sure.

Rebecca Media, PA

1 Year Old Loves It

I received this from my registry for my son and now that he is 1 he absolutely loves it and he understands how to take the pieces off and put them back on the right way. I think this is a great toy because it takes it a step further than the typical stacker toy and gives him an extra element to learn about. I have the mini and now I’m wishing I had the bigger one. We also have the plan toys triangle stacker toy and he loves taking that one apart. I’m glad I have them both though as he seems to have learned different concepts from each one. This is a great learning toy and a great gift for little ones!As for the review about jagged edges, I don’t find the edges to be a problem for my son. I am sitting with him when he plays with it but I don’t think he would injure himself on it if I weren’t paying attention.

Kirsten Lackey, KY

Great stacking game

These are great and so much fun for our family. There are so many ways to put it together and our 8 year old loves to show his sister all the neat things she can do with it. We like that there are so many pieces to this interesting puzzle.

Meagan Faywood, NM

Puzzle stacker

I read some reviews about rough edges but our’s didn’t have that problem. It is rather large and heavy so the only place to store this is on a low bottom shelf. My daughter is only 14 mo so she might be a little young to really understand how to put it together but she sure had fun taking it apart! Hopefully she likes it more as times goes on because $30.00 for a single toy is a whole lot of money to me.and if you get this for a younger baby, get the small size. The full size would be to big for anyone under 1.

Krista Cynthiana, IN

Cool motor skill toy!

This is a really interesting toy, with more than one way it can be used. I’d follow the recommended age range for earliest age, but I think it holds interest for a wide range of age levels beyond.

Dolly Elliottville, KY

Engages the mind

My son really loves this puzzle stacker. At first, he got frustrated before he figured out how to fit the puzzle pieces together for the perfect stack. If you kid loves to problem-solve and troubleshoot, this toy will engage!

Clarissa Penns Grove, NJ


I read all the other reviews for this before I ordered and took a chance. They are a sturdy puzzle stacker and will keep for years. I did not have any jagged edges or ragged wood pieces as others complained about. My 19month old loves them! The are a bit heavy for her (the bigger ones)as they are nice, sturdy wood. The only complaint is the colors are not as rich as pictured but you can distinguish them. I would recommend them and I am one picky gal!!!:-).

Lashonda Navajo, NM

Mind teaser! Love it!

What a great puzzle…my 15 month old absolutely loves it– she likes to stack the pieces (but never gets them exactly right at this point)…it challenges her and will continue to do so for a while I think. Love that!

Jo Lake Junaluska, NC