P’Kolino Little Sofa Lounge, Red

P’Kolino Little Sofa Lounge, Red

The Little Reader Sofa, is the perfect companion to the Little Reader chair, with its wide base and strong angular lines makes this sofa attactive and supremely sturdy. Comfy foam, supple fabric, book pockets and easy to fold out lounge, creates the perfect combination for a little quiet time. This durable sofa is made with the highest quality materials. Constructed with premium high density foam and upholstered in c ounce y, stain resistent fabrics.

Main features

  • Multi use: sofa and lounge
  • Stylish and functional size and looks
  • Pockets for books and small toys
  • Playfully designed for children age 2 and up
  • Quality construction

Verified reviews


Cute and sturdy

I bought this couch for my 1 year old because I remember having a fold out chair when I was younger and how much I liked it because it was my size.Shipping was much faster than expected which was AWESOME!! I absolutely love the couch and so does my baby. She likes to climb on it when it is folded up or laying out. She takes her blanket over to it and lays down. It is so cute!!The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the light green has a few blueish-green smears…maybe from a marker or pen…I’m not sure, but its pretty noticeable.Some people have complained about the smell of chemicals on the couch. The one I ordered had just a hint of smell on it. It definitely was not overwhelming and I didn’t have to air it out. My baby was playing on it about 20 minutes after I unpacked it (because she was napping).The foam is very firm and seems like it would not be very comfortable, but after sitting/laying on it for a few seconds it softens…maybe because your body heat molds it…I’m not sure.I do know that I love this couch and so does my daughter.Update:I’ve had this couch for more than a year and it is still holding up pretty well, especially after everyday use by a toddler. When the couch is unfolded, the seams that attach the main couch to the fold out are coming apart a bit, but its not a huge deal. Still a very good investment and still has a few years of use left in it.Also, I forgot to mention the side pockets before. They are very helpful. My daughter likes to “read” so they help keep a few books close and somewhat organized.

Tisha Negley, OH


I order this for my 13 month son, however after having it for a month I must say I use it more than him and don’t know how I went the first 12 months of his life without it. It works great as a floor cushion for me to sit on while playing with him, and there is enough room for him to snuggle next to me to read books as well. I also use it as a changing pad and nap time pad. Its well made, and easy to clean. I highly recommend this product, its the best purchase I’ve made for my son and will be ordering more in the future for mother’s to be. Very happy customer.

Lara East Boston, MA

Easy to clean

My 2 and 3 year old boys play pretty hard on this and I was surprised at how easily stains came off with just a little water and our Enjo muti purpose glove.

Amalia Brunswick, MO

Well-made and stylish…but small.

I’ve been looking for a fold-out foam sleeper couch for my 17-month old for some time now, and ordered this one after seeing the many positive reviews and just getting fed up with trying to sort through the many choices for this product. The couch is indeed well made, and the design is clean, modern, and stylish. However, it is extremely small compared to other versions of this product. Interpreting the dimensions for these in the description can be hard to visualize. Only when the item is in front of you do you realize if it’s going to work for you or not. I’m trying to decide whether I should make a return or not. I have a PBK “Anywhere Chair” that I can see my son using for easily the next 2 years. I don’t see this lasting longer than the next 6-9 months.

Germaine Pathfork, KY

Great Couch

Well made couch. I really dislike some of the cheaper couches with certain types of material. I found this and its a nice mico suede. My son loves it and it holds its shape really well with him standing on it and trying to get up on our big couches. Its easy to clean and seems to be well made. Its very light weight and is a great size.

Coleen Yosemite, KY


We’ve now had this little couch for 6 months, and it’s been great. It’s nice looking, sturdy, easily cleaned, and my daughter LOVES it. Would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Jordan Fort Ritner, IN

Adorable and Durable

For the money we paid, this is a great value. The fabric is a good quality and cleans up well if things get spilled on it. The material the couch is made out of is very sturdy. An adult can sit on this and you’re not worried you’re going to wear it out. I love that it pulls out into a sleeper sofa, my daughter loves it. Would definitely buy more kid furniture by P’kolino!P.S. I didn’t notice a chemical smell AT ALL. Smelled great to me.

Rachelle Tuckerman, AR

One year later and zero regrets

We bought this for our one year old last year and he loves it. He’s a rough little guy and it has held up and shows no signs of wear. He spills juice on it all the time so we just clean it with the upholstery tool on our Hoover SteamVac and it looks brand new again. This little sofa has not lost its shape or torn at the seams after one year of beatings so I’m sure it will last. It’s a great size for a toddler (or two) and is very comfy. The pockets on the sides are great for keeping books, toys, hidden remotes… It’s also very lightweight, in fact our son is constantly flipping it over to make a fort with it. Great purchase and zero regrets, your kid will love it.

Blanca Libertytown, MD