Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag – Bangle Dots

Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag – Bangle Dots

Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bags make cloth diapering convenient and beautiful. Finally a solution where one bag can carry your wet and dry cloth diapers (or any item) at the same time while keeping them separate. Each Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking plus an added zippered dry pocket on the front including two handles so it can be easily hung on a doorknob and/or carried! 100% PVC and lead free. Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bags are the perfect solution for parents who cloth diaper and use day care – keep all your cloth diapers in one place and make it easy to transport back and forth. Also great for when you are traveling for the weekend or if you don’t want a traditional diaper pail. Both your clean or dirty diapers, towels, clothes, etc can be carried in the same bag. The clean or dry items in the front “dry” zippered pocket and the dirty or wet items in the zippered “wet” section keeping moisture and odors in. Dimensions: 16.5″x27″ – holds approx. 20-24 cloth diapers Made By: Planet Wise Made In: USA

Main features

  • Leak free seaming to keep the wet in, and the dry out
  • Allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag
  • Anything wet, soiled or messy look fashionably chic from the outside
  • Coordinating inner waterproof material and locking zipper are 100% PVC and lead free
  • 16.5″x27″ – holds approx. 20-24 cloth diapers

Verified reviews


Appearances can be deceiving

I have been cloth diapering my older son for a while now and will start with a new baby shortly. That said, I havent had to use this bag just yet as it was a gift and Im still simply using the ones Ive been using, however my issue with this product is that it looks black in the picture and very ‘outer-spacey’. When I received it, this bag is actually BROWN and the starbursts are mostly pink. Its neutral enough, doesnt look girly, but way more pink than it shows in the picture. I was really irritated that it was brown as I hate brown and thought it was black. Maybe it says this somewhere and I missed it but I was annoyed. I’ll update my review when I actually use the product.

Gertrude Mesa, AZ

Great, but just one thing…

I like this product, with one exception…On the plus side, it is beautiful-looking, holds a decent amount of diapers and hangs well on the knob of the door. Waterproofing inside is great, holds the stink in. Basically works as advertised.On the downside… well, laundering it is a royal pain. Unlike the Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner (Orange), there’s a lot more going on with this bag. Turning it inside out into the washer is a bit trickier, and after it’s been through the washer, it turns itself halfway back right-side-in. In doing so, the bag captures water from the washer and ‘holds’ it inside. So when I take it out of the washer, I have a big ‘bag of water’ that I have to hang over my utility sink and watch it slowly seep out of the fabric bottom. It takes quite a while to dry this way and usually drips all over the floor getting it out of the washer. (I don’t put PUL fabric into the dryer as a rule of thumb, so I’m not sure how that would fare; but I wouldn’t want to put that much water in the dryer anyway!)Will it stop me from using it? Nope– But I wish I had known that was going to happen before getting water all over.

Celeste Nenana, AK

Great hamper solution!

We use this as our hamper and it has worked great! It has provided a simple hamper solution and is easy to grab and take to the laundry room. We hang it from the closet door knob and it adds a cute detail to the room decor! After four months of use, the bag has held up well. Also, once we approach the toddler years and decide to change the room decor, I foresee bringing the bag to the pool to throw in wet towels and suits.

Lola Mammoth Cave, KY

Just Ok

This bag is just ok i like that I can hang it on a doorknob but the zipper is so hard to zip. It is pointless to put the dirty diaper down just to unzip the wetbag. Also it doesn’t hold the stink like I thought it would. I thought you would not smell it one bit. But if you don’t wash after each time you fill it up it starts to stink. I would keep looking for a different wetbag.

Penny Princeton, MA

Great wet bag- does it’s job!

I ordered this in the “Outer Space” color. It was shipped quickly and accurately. I am using this item as a laundry bag for cloth diapers. The bag has a large main compartment that is sealed with a lining to keep the wet in. This item would also be great for a swimmer that needs to store a suit and towel after practice/ a meet. It’s large enough to fit the whole families suits inside. It would also make a good laundry bag for travel purposes.Love the color and think that it is neutral enough for a baby girl or boy. It’s good looking, for sure! I have been using the bag for about a week now and I would have to say that it is doing a good job so far. It holds days worth of cloth diapers. It keeps the smell in pretty well between washings. The handle is helpful- I have it hanging on a door knob. There is an extra zippered compartment on one side (this part is not sealed with the water tight lining like the larger compartment is). I suppose that extra pocket could be used when traveling to store clean items or a change of clothes.All in all: I think this is a well made and useful item to have if you have wet items that you need to store.

Kim Wauzeka, WI

no smell!!!

The bag contains the smell perfectly.I’m not a fan of having to unzip it everytime. Especially when there is a big mess!! My baby is too small for the cloth diapers I have so we’ll see how that goes. The lined bag is super easy to clean in case there’s any spillage.

Valerie Mc Coy, CO


This bag wicks like crazy and doesn’t keep the smells in. I tried adding Rockin’ Green pail freshner and it helped but didn’t eliminate. The “dry” portion of the bag will never stay dry if you’re going to put wet things in the wet part.I hope nobody else has this problem.I hang a scentsy scent pak on it now and it smells a lot better but still wicks.

Elnora Kanarraville, UT

There has got to be something better!

The pros: easy to transport, decent size (holds 2-3 days of diapers), nice print that hasn’t fadedBUT…there has got to be something better out there for cloth diapers!Please go and look at the washing instructions on their website:[…]Please note that you are not supposed to wash this wet bag with your diapers (unless of course you wash your diapers on “warm/cold” setting which would be unsanitary.)You should not use a “high speed washer” on a “vigorous spin cycle”.Also, water pools in the bag and has to drip out. As their site states, “You can squeeze the water out. You may want to wash the bag again, as dirty water could have been trapped inside and may cause odors, as well.”The website says that it can tumble dry on low heat. During the first couple of months I line-dried the wet bag. I tried to dry this in the drier, on low, once. It became misshapen and has never been the same since.Lastly, the attitude on their washing instructions page is very ‘self-centered’, reminding the reader at least seven times of the situations when “warranty does not cover” and when they are “not responsible”. Although they must view this as necessary, this makes me uncomfortable to buy their products again.It is probable that since I do cloth diapering I would like to conserve as much energy as possible. Washing a wet bag, twice, in a load by itself in lukewarm water is not what I think of as ideal when I am already doing many loads of diapers

Shawna Madison, CA

Sturdy bag

The bag is a great design and holds all the diapers. I noticed the urine smell from the bag after they have been in there for more than two days. I think it does the job pretty well and if you are cloth diapering than these bags are essential .The hold up great in the washer too. I rated it 3 stars because it does leak urine smell

Kay Corinth, KY

Great Idea

Works great for cloth diapering. I hang on the back of the door. I put in wash with the diapers and gets clean everytime. Nice waterproof liner inside bag. The only reason I didn’t give 4 stars is because I wish the zipper was larger.

Jody Powhatan Point, OH

Love this wet bag!

Love this wet bag for our cloth diapers! I have a medium Planet Wise but wanted something that could hold a couple days worth of diapers and this is it. It hangs nicely on the door and because of the length it does not stick out when full. It holds in any smells and so far is washing great. I’m very happy with this purchase!

Aurora Andover, OH

Good for travel.

I only use this bag when traveling. I have the Planet Wise pail liners that I like much better for home use. But this bag is great for holding in smells and not leaking when traveling. It washes well, but does take a while to dry. I prefer to hang dry these but I almost always have to finish drying this in the dryer. One thing to note from the picture, the opening for the diapers is on top. The zipper you see on the side is a pocket.

Margot Rollinsford, NH

So many positive things to say…

Cannot say enough about the Planet Wise diaper bags!! We use cloth diapers, so hang bag on 3M wall hook next to changing table and simply toss used diaper insert into bag (rather than disposable diaper into trash). We use it for as his hamper too; makes lugging laundry up and down stairs a LOT easier. Will toss bag itself into wash/dryer every other week to keep it clean. Has fared amazingly well!!Also use it for trips to Grandma’s house: use outer pocket to pack clothes and cloth diaper pieces. Once there, can simply hang off dresser/ changing area and voila! instant hamper :)Purchased the smaller size for day care use… amazing, amazing, amazing!Plus, can use once out-grown diapers as beach bag for wet swimsuits/towels 🙂

June Grimes, CA

Amazing bag. Perfect.

We use cloth diapers almost exclusively on our two month old. This bag as absolutely perfect for storing his wet/dirty diapers until the washing. It holds the odors in perfectly, and is waterproof. Has never leaked anything through. I usually wash it once a week to every two weeks, it really hasn’t needed to be washed any more often than that. I hang it on our bedroom door knob, as I always change him on our bed. The zipper does have a very small handle like a lot of the reviews have mentioned- just remember to open the bag before you pick up the diaper to put it in there and there is no problem. I put this bag in the dryer once and it did fine, but I prefer to hang dry it. It does take forever to hang dry inside- I prefer to hang it outside in the sun/wind. Love and highly recommend!

Jaclyn Seligman, AZ

Love this bag! Good value.

I have used this bag for two years and it is still in great condition and not faded at all. I used it exclusively for dirty cloth diapers for the first year and washed it frequently. With the zipper closed I never had a problem with smells in the room! Now (after thorough washing, of course!) I use it mostly when traveling to hold dirty laundry.I was hesitant to purchase this bag originally because I felt that it was a little pricey, however, I definitely now feel like it was worth the money. I can see using this bag for many years to come.

Tisha Wheeler Army Airfield, HI

LOVE this bag

I wish I’d just gotten two of these, rather than the smaller sizes of wet bags I got. This one I use for my cotton pre-fold laundry, but I have a smaller one for my synthetic pocket diapers. I don’t have many pocket diapers, but this size is just so nice hanging on a door, that I wish I had a big one for those too. The patterns are SO cute too, I just love the monster mash! As far as the size goes, I seem to fill this one in about a day with prefold diapers and burp cloths (which we also use other sizes of prefold diapers for). My baby spits up quite a bit though, so the laundry seems to be about half diapers and half burp cloths. If you only do diaper laundry every 3 days or so, this may not be quite big enough?

Susana Georgetown, SC

I love this wet bag

This has been a great wet bag so far. I’ve only had it about a month but so far, no leaks or smell. It really keeps the smell inside, and then washes beautifully when I throw it in the laundry with the dirty diapers. Its true that you can’t really unzip it with one hand while holding the dirty diaper with the other. I just need to unzip it first before I take the diaper off. It’s worth it to me for the convenience of being able to easily move the bag from room to room and bring it downstairs to the laundry. Also, it seems much cleaner to me than throwing the diapers into a plastic bin, because I wash the bag whenever I wash diapers. I like it so much that I just ordered a small one to carry in the diaper bag.UPDATE: I’ve now been using this bag for about 19 months. It has held up very well. There seem to be tiny tears appearing around the handles, probably because I stuff it so full with diapers that the weight puts a lot of pressure on those spots. Still, it’s not interfering my use of it at all. I still think the bag is great, and would buy it again.

May Woodland, WA

Works Great!

This bag is large enough to hold about 3 days of cloth diapers and cloth wipes. (I use a mix of pocket diapers and inserts.)I like that it hangs on the door handle and there are nice fabric choices. It washes well with the diaper load. It has also survived months of drying as well.The zipper keeps in the smell. The zipper is small, so it can be tough to unzip, but we just unzip before starting a diaper change.

Francesca Counselor, NM

Serves its purpose.

Like other reviews said it can NOT be opened with one hand, and for a busy mom that is a big downfall. Often I have my lo in one arm and trying to open this with my free hand, but that’s impossible to do. As far as the design goes I could not be happier. Very pretty design and colors. I haven’t had any problem with odors leaking out, and I have been using it for my cloth diapers for over a month now.

Kim New Haven, KY


Love it that this can be hung on the door. Used this for a couple months now. Perfect for a weekend away.

Deanne Oakland, TN

Great patter, Huge bag, holds onto stink.

This bag is much, much larger than I need for a days worth of cloth diapers. I absolutely love the pattern and the handles to hang the bag in our bathroom. It does pick up odor and I feel like I have to wash it every time with the diapers or the bathroom stinks. I keep a second one on hand and just rotate between the two.

Lila Oregon, OH

Gets the job done!

Was our primary hanging wetbag for 9+ months. Got, literally, a daily hot wash and dryer dry. Zipper finally wore out after that, but we pretty much used and abused it…

Jean Cave In Rock, IL

Nice wet/dry bag depending on your needs

I needed a bag to send to daycare for my baby’s cloth diapers. The Kanga Care Diaper Wet bag turned out to be the better option for that usecase, it is smaller, has a handle that opens and snaps close. This bag is too big, has handles that don’t open and snap so you’d have to tie it on somehow. It would be great for taking when we go swimming or to the beach, will hold the whole family’s swim clothes. Just not right for what I intended it for.On the other hand, if you use it at home it will hold many more diapers than the Kanga and you can find a permanent spot and mechanism to tie it down. It’s not as easy to open as the Kanga, however.

Inez Mitchell, IN

Great for cloth diapers and MORE!

This bag is awesome. It held 4 days of diapers for us, doesn’t leak odor and washes up amazing. Plus, you could pour a gallon of water into it and it wouldn’t leak. I’ve had it for 8 months and haven’t noticed any fading or wear at all.We ended up having to stop cloth diapering and this is now my kitchen wet bag. I use it for all of my wet rags and towels, gross bibs, etc. I dump it all in the wash once a week and have no issues with mildew or smells. It looks great hanging in my kitchen too! And my oven door handle has never looked so clear.

Lina Glendo, WY

Great product!

I purchased several sizes of Planet Wise bags and I love them all. It’s also great how several colors/patterns coordinate with each other.

Desiree Inland, NE

Locks in the smell

I’d been noticing that I could smell our diapers through our old wet bag so I upgraded to the Planet Wise. These bags are great. They lock in the smell so you can go 2-3 days between diaper loads no problem (perhaps longer, I have a small washer and so I have to stay on top of things.) The bag also opens nicely when you hang it by one strap so that it is easy to drop the diapers inside, no need to hold it open. After a test run I bought a second and have shelved the old ones. All in all, good buy.

Christi Malcolm, NE

Good bag, tough zipper

I ordered this one to use when my other wet bag is being laundered. I love the quality and the print is very pretty. Holds in smells and washes well. My only dislike is the zipper. You need two hands to open and close, and even then it can be difficult. You have to set down the dirty diaper to open it up. Makes it a pain when you’re in a rush.

Erma Anselmo, NE

It’s nice looking and works well

I’ve been using this hanging wet bag as my diaper pail for about 7 months now, and I have no complaints. No leaking, no smell escaping, plenty big when cloth diapering one babe, machine washes up easily and has held up perfectly.I used it only as a diaper pail and haven’t used it to it’s full potential so I can’t comment on how well the dry pocket works or what it’s like hauling it to day care or that sort of thing. At first I didn’t rinse the diapers, but I now rinse them and then keep them in this bag for a few days till washing. Every few times, I throw the bag in with the diapers, especially if the load is small.Before I bought it I noticed a few people didn’t like the way the zipper works, but I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. How hard can it be to unzip a bag to put a diaper in? Well, it’s not as easy as a flip-top pail, especially when diapers are weighing the bag down. It’s not a big deal, but I think it’s worth mentioning. This may also mean that it’s “locked” to small children and pets, but I have no experience with that.

Estella Poolville, TX

Good bag

I love this bag- actually the second one I bought of the same thing. The only thing I wish was different was that they dried faster after being washed.

Lessie Shafter, CA

came back for a second bag

after two years my first planet wise bag was worn out, so I came back for a second. great quality, it may seem like a hefty price at first, but its really not since it lasts so long. Keeps smells at bay!

Gena Hingham, MT