Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liner, Avocado

Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liner, Avocado

Pail liners feature Planet Wise’s patent pending, leak-proof construction to prevent your pail liner from wicking or leaking. This unique seam sealing is so effective that the Planet Wise reusable pail liner can even be used without the pail as an oversized wet bag for soiled items including cloth diapers. Generously sized to fit most pails and waste cans up to 28″ tall with a circumference up to 54″. Heavy duty elastic opening will not pill.

Main features

  • Made in the USA
  • Innovative, patent pending, leak-free design resists most odors and stains keeping smells in
  • Available in many colors and prints something to match every room in your house
  • Anti-microbial, PVC free and lead free
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low or hang to dry; No bleach or softeners

Verified reviews


Don’t be silly, go ahead and buy 2 now

Before our daughter was born, we bought one of these. It’s great — goes in the wash with the diaper laundry, comes out smelling nice and fresh, and keeps the diaper pail from smelling too badly. However, we found one key flaw: you can’t add dirty diapers to it while it’s going through the washer. And babies, well, they pee a lot in the beginning.After we’d gone through a few weeks (I can’t honestly tell you how long it took us to come to our senses, what with the Newborn Time Distortion Effect) with only one, praying the dryer would finish before her next diaper change while stuffing dirty diapers into a plastic baggie on the floor (thus defeating the purpose of a REUSABLE liner), we finally ordered a second diaper pail liner, and haven’t looked back. 6 months in, they still both look as shiny new as when we got them and still smell nice and fresh (which is to say, no odor at all).Learn from my mistake and buy two now. When you change a diaper while the first liner is in the wash, I hope you think, "Hey, random lady reviewing things on Amazon, thanks." And then go lie down and take a nap. You deserve it.

Gay York, NY

Can’t wash with cloth diapers!

The washing instructions on this say wash in cold water. But the dirty diapers have to be washed in hot water. The initial cold rinse for the diapers doesn’t use soap, so in order to follow the instructions, you either have to wash this separately (icky for handling), use soap in the rinse cycle (a waste), or hope for the best and wash in hot water with the diapers anyway. I chose the last option. I have one of these bags, and one of another kind, and have been using them both constantly for more than four months (so each one gets washed 2-3 times a week). The waterproof lining on this bag is now starting to break down in multiple spots, and in one place there is now a hole (very small, but still). If I’d written this review a month ago, I would have given the bag 4 or 5 stars — it’s big, has solid construction, and contains the smell of dirty diapers even when using it without a diaper pail. But this is too expensive a bag for the short amount of time it lasted, and if I’d followed the instructions it would have been a pain in the rear every time I used it for two years.

Amalia Waterford, ME

Does just what it says, good elastic top

I got two of these to use for our cloth diapered baby: One for the wash, while the other is lining the pail. I got a cheap lidded trash can from a department store as our pail and this fits in it perfectly. This doesn’t have a drawstring top, it’s an elastic top (kind of like underwear elastic). Holds the day’s worth of diapers and it’s waterproof. Color selection is good, too (we got the orange, it’s very bright).My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is how sopping wet it gets in the washer. I line dry this, and it *does* dry overnight in our NorthEast climate… but while taking it out of the washer, it’s a wet mess and you have to ENSURE you dry it with the ‘fabric’ side out, else it’ll just hold the water (proof that it’s truly waterproof). However, I would purchase again, no question.

Lara Belmont, WA

retains odors, takes forever to dry

It took forever to dry–over 24 hours in the dry Southwest. It retains odors even after serious washing. I just used a cheap diaper pail from Target, which I guess must be meant for disposables. But I didn’t use a liner, just threw the diapers in and after the diapers went into the wash, I sprayed out the inside with Windex Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Vinegar (it seems to neutralize ammonia) and wiped off with a paper towel. I didn’t really need the diaper pail liner after all. It’s expensive, unnecessary, and still smells faintly of pee and poopy diapers despite not having been used in months. The plastic of the diaper pail itself never did seem to retain odors and is still fine after being used for 2 babies.

Leanne Wolfcreek, WV

A great purchase!

I have two of these and use them all the time. I use them with my Diaper Dekor diaper pail and they fit great. I just throw one in the wash with the diapers and put the other in the pail. While they are water proof, I have found that you need to make sure diapers are wrung out well after rinsing before putting them in the bad. If not, the bag can seep through because there is so much water in it. But once I figured that out, I have not had a leak since! I love that I don’t have to throw away bags all the time. A great find!

Madeline Ponce De Leon, FL

Perfect fit

Haven’t used it for diapers yet but it fits my pail perfectly! I like the elastic top and how large it is.

Kathie Yorkshire, NY

Disappointed, fell apart after 3 months

I am so disappointed in these diaper pail liners. I got two in celery (currently unavailable) to use in rotation. I’m cloth diapering my lo, and after 3 months of use they are both falling apart. I loved them until after two months I noticed holes towards the top (near the elastic, but not on seam) and subsequently stopped putting them in the dryer. Today I found the elastic edge completely unraveling. I’m not rough on things at all, so I’m really shocked they fell apart after such a short period of time. I LOVE their wet/dry bags and use them often, but don’t need to wash as often as I need to wash my diaper pail liners. Such a shame.

Gussie Reynolds, NE

A must for cloth diapering…

Love these bags. We have two (you need the second while the first is in the wash) and are about to purchase a third for our little ones’ soiled clothing. I love that the elastic stays put – so easy to take in and out of pail with one hand! (Baby in the other!) A few notes: as other reviewers have mentioned, you’ll need a pail with these as the top is elastic, not drawstring. Also, because it’s waterproof, I find that it sometimes holds onto water in the spin cycle which requires longer dryer times for my cloth diapers. No biggie, but something to be aware of.

Dorothea Cima, CA

Good liner for cloth diaper user

I bought two of these to hold cloth diapers for one baby. I think you need two so that you can put a new one in your pail when you start a load of diaper laundry because it will be a while before that one is dry. I use it in a simplehuman 40-Liter Plastic Rectangle Step Trash Can. It does not look as if it would fit into any of the diapers pails I saw at the baby store. I can fit about 18 BumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers in there and then it is pretty full. It is great that you can just throw it in with the diapers to wash. I would recommend these to a friend. I did not give it 5 stars because I found that I have moisture accumulate at the bottom of my pail after 2 days. I do not think this moisture is from leaking, but is from the humidity in the diapers and somehow this gets through the liner. I did not notice this the first few months I was using it but suddenly realized my pail was really stinky. I cleaned the pail and since then have made a point of airing out the pail before I put the next liner in.

Blanca Elmo, TX

Works great with our cloth diapers!

Using it in a kitchen trash can with a closeable lid. The smell is contained really well. It holds enough diapers (prefolds and covers) to last almost 2 full days. I just dump it inside out in the wash with the diapers, and put it through the clothes dryer with them also. So far the liner is holding up perfectly (4 months into using it). Got a second one to switch back and forth so we always have a liner ready.

Luann Mason City, IA

Better than Kissaluvs pail liner

I bought this pail liner along with the Kissaluvs liner.What I like:-elastic band allows for snug fit over my 13 gallon trash can-I’ve put in around 18 diapers-sturdierWhy I like the Planet Wise Diaper liner better:-it’s just sturdier. I noticed that Kissaluvs liner inner stitching has started to loosen up already! Kissaluvs is slightly more affordable than the PW liner, and I don’t regret buying it. If you want to choose between the two though, I’d go for the PW liner.I will note that the Kissaluvs liner does have a fabric tab on the inside lining that can be used for deodorizing (a few drops of essential oils). PW liner does not have this, but I rarely use the fabric tab anyway.

Jo Dunnellon, FL


I use this in a standard size 15gal trash can. It holds any moisture put in it, and washes clean every time! I just throw it in with my cloth diapers, couldn’t be easier! I would purchase two so there is always a liner in the trash can. So happy I found this product! and it’s super cute too.

Olive Croydon, UT


Planet Wise makes the best wet bags, in my opinion. This is great as a diaper pail liner, and we also use these to line a pail in our kitchen for our reusable linens, like napkins, towels, etc, that are often damp.

Verna Glen Morgan, WV

Great liner, just a bit pricy

Honestly, this liner is a bit overpriced, as it is the exact same design and materials as the Kissaluvs diaper pail liners…just with color. Great liner though and very durable.

Jeanie Bourbon, MO

Just what I ordered

The item is just as I thought it would be, I haven’t tried it out yet because baby isn’t here but it will get tried out soon!

Marcella Melstone, MT

Great pail liner

I love this pail liner. I own this one and this one –>(Blueberry Solid Colors Diaper Laundry Bag, Mint Blue.I have to say, I like the Planet Wise diaper pail liner better. I like the elastic top so that it stays up on the diaper pail. I throw this in the washer & dryer and have had no issues with the elastic or waterproof-ness of the liner. The Planet Wise diaper pail liner is easier to get in and out of when I carry it to the laundry room. The Blueberry one has a drawstring which ends up being in the way more than it is useful.Would highly recommend this bad for a cloth diaper pail liner!

Viola Roper, NC

Very hard to rinse in the washer

I bought this and Kissa’s pail liner when I started cloth diapering a year and half ago. For the first few months I liked them equally, couldn’t really see any difference. But after a few months of wash and wear (I machine wash them and line dry, never put them in the dryer), Kissa’s antibacterial liner is clearly the winner.The problem with this one is, the PUL side, the side that repels water, for some reason always flips inward. When washing pail liners, you want to turn the bag inside out so the PUL side is on the outside, otherwise it’s impossible to rinse off the soap residue on the PUL side. Planet Wise’s liner usually flips back after being tumbled in the washer. I don’t understand why it does that and why kissa’s seldom has this problem. It might have something to do with the elastic or the bag design.Now with this liner, I have to hand wash in the sink after I take it out of the washer to rinse off all the foams and who knows what other dirty stuff on the bag.

Ethel Colebrook, CT


no fault on the product but it just didn’t end up being what i needed. thought it was a great idea to fill a pail with this then dump everything to wash. but i ended up liking to soak my diapers in a bucket of water before i wash them so i put them directly into the bucket of water after each changing so i ended up not needing this. think i might cut it up and use it to make potty training pants for extra protection.

Rhoda Dozier, AL

Not waterproof but it’s a liner I suppose

I expected this bag to be a waterproof liner. It’s not. It is a reusable moisture resistant liner and I suppose I’m fine with that. Don’t set this on your floor though. You will get a yucky surprise. Just use as a liner.

Carissa Larimer, PA

Love the function and colors

I have two of these to use in just a regular white step trash can for my cloth diaper pail. I love the colors (I have chocolate and sage) and they function perfectly for what we need. I’ve been using them 4 months so far and they’ve held up great and each one is washed and dried about every 4 days (I do wash every 2 days but alternate pail liners so I always have a clean one). Just what I expected and needed!

Pearl Gillsville, GA

Does what you need

Great product- it’s a pretty color, exactly what’s in the picture. It does a good job keeping the moisture in the pail and is easy to clean!

Lilian Unicoi, TN

Does the job

Works well as a basic pail liner. Nothing fancy which is what to be expected for the price. If your looking for a ‘odor’ blocking bag you need to spend more for the zippered ones. I use this in my diaper dekor that we got before we started CDing. I have washed and dried numerous times and they are still holding up well.

Jillian Radium Springs, NM

Great for cloth diapers

I use these for my cloth diaper pail and throw them in the wash with the diapers. Keeps my diaper pail clean and is easy enough to transport to the washer. Fits great in an 11 gallon (pretty standard sized) trash can. Really like the green color (I have the navy as well). Seems like quality material and has been holding up well, I expect it to last awhile! Not sure it contains 100% of the smells (but it is holding diapers after all!)

Marquita Ernul, NC

Great pail liner!

This pail liner is great. I actually have two of them so that I always have one clean. The elastic is very strong, so it stays on your pail until you take it off. I don’t know what else to say other than that it does its job well.

Nadia Clinchfield, GA

prefer over wet/dry bag by same company

I prefer this pail liner to the hanging wet/dry bag made by the same company. Of course, it depends on your set-up, but I find it easier to put the dirty diaper into an open trashcan with this pail liner in it than having to hold open the wet/dry bag to put in a dirty diaper. The wet/dry bag is just a tiny bit more of a hassle to wash because it is 2 layers and the inner PUL layer needs to be pulled out, whereas this one you can just push the whole thing inside out as you dump the diapers into the washing machine. This one dries so much faster than the wet/dry bag (which is not usually completely dry after hanging overnight), again, because of the 2 layers. It also seemed like the outside fabric of the wet/dry bag would absorb a little bit of the moisture and would be slightly damp (and smelling of pee), wheres the fabric on this liner does not get wet. And of course, it’s also a little cheaper.I thought I would miss the handles of the wet/dry bag, but this one is long enough that I have plenty of fabric around the top to hold when taking it to the washing machine.

Elaine Breinigsville, PA

perfect size pail liner

This pail liner is great. It’s the perfect size for a few different hampers and cans I have used it for. It washes great and dry it on low along with my diapers. I have two and rotate them. Love the colors too. I would recommend this!

Celeste Comanche, OK

Any cloth diaperer should have 2

I bought one of these pail liners before my daughter was born in December, but after she was born quickly realized that we would need two pail liners (one to use while the other was in the wash. We bought another Planet Wise pail liner because we loved the first one so much.There are several aspects of this pail liner that I found to be an advantage over others on the market. First, the elastic opening allows for it to be easily put into any diaper pail (we just use a step trash can as a diaper pail and the pail liner works great in it. Second, the opening is large enough that we can just throw the pail liner in the wash and the diapers will agitate out (we do this on occasion, although we do usually empty it out and then include the pail liner in the was, simply because it is too big to put in our top loader while full with diapers). A few times, a diaper or wipe has been stuck in the pail liner for the entire wash, but enough water and soap was able to get in that they came out clean as well. The pail is also the perfect size. It holds two full days worth of dirty diapers and wipes. Finally, the pail liners have held up really well. After 5 months of cloth diapering with each pail liner going in the wash about twice a week, they don’t show any wear and I anticipate getting many more years of use out of them, with this child and future children.I also have a Planet Wise wet bag that I’m very happy with. Planet Wise’s products seem to be high quality, a fair price, and designed with the cloth diapering parent and his/her needs in mind. I definitely will be a loyal Planet Wise customer in the future.

Michelle Grayson, LA

Best diaper pail liner!

This is the best pail liner! It’s compact, easy to clean and fits in my Dekor diaper pail perfectly! I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s definitely worth the money!

Clarissa Alverton, PA

Waterproof works great for cloth diapers

I have a large plastic garbage can with lid that I use to put my baby’s dirty cloth diapers in. I was using a vinyl type of bag before and it would always seem wet. The inside of the can was always damp too. I switched to these bags and they work great! They are completely waterproof and I no longer deal with dampness on the inside of my garbage can. I also notice the smell is less strong (when I open the lid to put a new diaper in). These are a great product.

Sandra Okahumpka, FL

Recommended for cloth diapering

Keeps moisture in and smell out of the nursery. Great product for cloth diapering and fits great in the small trash can.

Mariana Dane, WI