Planet Wise Travel Wet/Dry Bag, Outer Space

Planet Wise Travel Wet/Dry Bag, Outer Space

The Planet Wise travel wet and dry bag is perfect for cosmetics, make-up, sunscreens, lotions, goggles, swim caps, handkerchiefs, tissues, markers, pens, pencils, mama-pads, etc. Our Travel wet and dry bag is the perfect size for on the go. It is small enough to keep in your purse, yet discreet enough to be carried alone to the bathroom. A zippered dry section separates your cosmetic brushes, pencils, etc. from your liquids, powders, or lotions. The wet section has the same great waterproof seam design. This is your perfect solution.

Main features

  • Made in the USA
  • Reusable to avoid using plastic bags, helping to protect our planet
  • Perfect size for travel, add to your purse or luggage to keep wet or breakable items separate from other items
  • Made with high quality designer fabrics with coordinating waterproof inner material and locking zipper
  • 9.5″ x 4.5″

Verified reviews


Nice size, but not useful for anything more than slightly damp

Ingrid Lewistown, MT

Love the idea

I love the idea of this little bag but it is lacking. I use it for my cloth pads but I have a hard time fitting very many in the dry pocket, and after used they aren’t so much fun to stuff into the wet pocket. But it is the best out there or till I make my own. Still love the color and idea.

Adeline Danby, VT

Planet Wise has become my go-to!

I have been very happy with this item, and the several other Planet Wise items I have. We use them to hold cloth diapers once they are dirtied. I can get one diaper in the mini and 2 in the small, (it is a tight fit). They have worked great keeping moisture and smells in; and after and normal wash and line dry they are good as new. I imagine once we are done with diapers they will start holding wet bathing suites and work just as well. – I have these in several sizes and Planet Wise has become my go-to for all similar products.

Bobby Whitefield, NH

Perfect for feminine pads

I use the brand Domino pads and this wet/dry bag. The smaller section holds a new pad. And, the waterproof section holds the used pad. Its too bad that you only need one mini wet/dry bag…. these other patterns are really nice.

Adeline Barwick, GA

Three Stars

Since declared "diaper bag" I expected a larger size. I didn’t see the posting of the size of product.

Sallie Richland, GA

Great wet dry bag for baby wipes

I do cloth diapering for my daughter and was looking for an easy way to carry around prewetted cloth wipes when we are one the go. This little pouch is the perfect solution. It holds about 6-8 cloth wipes (3×4 unfolded) folded in half easily. We have been using it for the last 2 months and it fits great in her diaper bag. So far we haven’t had any leaks and I can just throw it in the wash when I wash her diapers.

Eileen Whitmore Lake, MI


This is a great bag. Along with the super cute design, it has two pockets to separate items. Well made! Its a good size and can fit right into my purse or my diaper bag. I’ve used planet wise bags before and not had any problems with leakage or any tearing at seams or zippers so I’m sure this will be no different!

Gladys Winkelman, AZ

Perfect for my needs, wish it was a little wider.

Works great for my Mama Cloth! Cute print. Love Planet Wise’s stuff. I gave it 4 starts because I wish it was a little wider.

Jade Ridgeway, MI

great for purpose!

i use this in my diaper bag to hold wet wipes in the main pouch (they stay pretty moist) and a diaper cream stick in the side pouch. great size! have washed it 2 times and so far it has held up perfectly!

Dana Camino, CA

nice bag

I really love this mini bag. I use it for cloth diapering on the go. I will caution that it is a mini bag and I can only get it one to two inserts in it. I also use it for my monthly needs. It works perfectly for holding and containing any wetness or smells.

Willa Mount Hermon, KY

Love it!

We love the Planet Wise wet/dry bags! I have this cute Toadstools pattern in almost every size bag they make. I use this travel bag to hold cloth wipes in my diaper bag. The wet section easily holds 6 wipes plus a spray bottle of wipes solution. The dry section holds a couple spare Snappis. Easy to use and easy to clean!

Kristy El Toro, CA

Nice little bag

We are trying to be more healthy in our choices. This was a nice little pouch and not too expensive. I actually use for my purse to hold essentials. I can grab it easily when I am switching purses.

Katheryn Chandler, IN

Pattern is dark.

This pattern is much darker then it appears. I had to return it because it didn’t match my color palate. I would exchange it for another pattern.

Maribel Muscle Shoals, AL

different uses

I use this to hold a normal size bottle of bug spray and sun screen so that I can put it in my diaper bag and not worry about it leaking. Also really easy to find it in there. I put band aids and neosporin in the front zipper pocket. Great fit for them! Plus such a cute pattern!

Candace Albion, IL

Nice little size!

These work great for mama cloth or for family cloth. Might work for a bikini or something but its definitely not big enough for much more than that. But it’s cute and works for my purposes!

Mindy Bowling Green, IN

Exactly what I needed

PlanetWise are some of my favorite wet bags, so when I needed a small wetbag to keep in my purse, I knew that I’d probably be getting one from PlanetWise. It works great, keeps odor and wetness inside while looking cute on the outside. It’s too small for diapers, but is definitely great for "mama cloth" items. It’s nice that it also has a "dry bag" compartment to hold other items you want to store but don’t need to be in a waterproof pouch.Word to the wise though; don’t accidentally throw it in a laundry cycle that you’re using bleach in. It totally ruins the cute design…

Anna Arma, KS


This little bag is exactly as described. It is extremely cute, as well as functional. Great for many different things.

Shari Deal, NJ

Too small, not practical

The bag is so small, does not hold more than 5 regular size cloth wipes. I would not recommend it.

Elsie Harrison City, PA

Could be better

I love the Wet/Dry design but the fabric choices leave some to be desired. The PUL layer is thin and the worst quality I have seen. The cotton layer is somewhat see through. It serves its purpose well enough to keep it.

Lacy Grant, FL

Pretty good, but not for wipes

I got this as a wipes pouch for cloth diaper wipes. It’s not really good for that since the zipper wicks moisture to the other things in my diaper bag when it’s full of wet wipes. Now I use it as purse storage for my cloth pads. Works great for that.

Amelia Fort Richardson, AK

Use it to keep items organized in the diaper bag!

I got this to use with my diaper bag to keep things organized! It is the perfect size for smaller items like diaper creams, lotions and other things for baby! Travel sizes work best because you can fit more in the bag! However, I can fit a full size Burts Bees diaper cream, full size Baby Badger Balm, full size Avalon Organics A, D and E ointment, a travel size pack of Q-tips, an Aveeno baby face sunscreen stick(used right now for me), a travel size of hand sanitizer and a pair of baby nail clippers! It is a really good size for organization! I plan on getting a small sized one as well to keep my baby’s clothes in. They are excellent if you need some more organization in your diaper bag or purse!

Ingrid Salem, SC

Organize diaper bag

This is perfect for smaller items so they don’t fall to the bottom of the diaper bag. I like how it has two sections.

Rosalinda New Albany, KS

perfect for cloth wipes

This wet/dry bag is the perfect size for holding damp and dry cloth wipes in my diaper bag. I love all of the color sections.

Autumn Sagle, ID