Planet Wise Wet/Dry Diaper Bag – Spring Dots

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Diaper Bag – Spring Dots

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags are the newest addition to Planet Wise’s PATENT PENDING product line of cloth diaper accessories. A truly innovative bag that allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag. Each Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag contains a “wet” section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy carrying. Carry all your items in one bag while keeping your dry items dry and your wet or soiled items separate. 100% PVC and lead free. Dimensions: 13″x16″ – holds approx 8-9 cloth diapers Made By: Planet Wise Made In: USA

Main features

  • Leak free seaming to keep the wet in, and the dry out
  • Allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag
  • Anything wet, soiled or messy look fashionably chic from the outside
  • Coordinating inner waterproof material and locking zipper are 100% PVC and lead free
  • 13″x16″ – holds approx 8-9 cloth diapers

Verified reviews


Way too small!

Its a great bag but too small! I expected it to be larger. This basically fits into a diaper bag. Not worth the money.

Claudia Phelan, CA

Very handy!

Love the separate pouches for wet and dry. The wet pouch is the larger zipper on top, and it has a plastic liner so the fabric doesn’t absorb smells. Great size for my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.

Jill Sand Creek, MI

cute..didnt really need it after all

Looks nice, decent size. I like that this has a separate clean diaper and dirty diaper compartment. I love the pattern!updated review since i bought this item…I have had this item for over a year now. my son is now 17 months old. I seen so many mothers advertise this is what they have in their diaper bag so i purchased this before my son was even born to prepare for everything i would need… but i never really used this.the majority of the time you will always have a trash can somewhere to dispose of diapers so this bag is pointless. however the few times we were on road trips and i was changing my son in the car i did use this bag. i do keep this in the car at all times with extra diapers for emergencies if i ever ran out of diapers in my bag or i forgot to restock my diaper bag.

Nell Ten Mile, TN

great but mislead

Well I am really exctied about my wet/dry bag. I actually bought a different colored one, black with yellow white gray dots. I didnt realize the outside was a cotton and the inside was PUL. I could probably make this after getting one, but I didnt really know what to expect. Only 4 stars becuase I was expecting something else I guess. Great company and great product. If i dont get around to making one or 2 Ill buy again from planet wise.

Lorna Armorel, AR

Awesome Wet Bag

I really love this wet bag. I often use it just to carry wipes, a few dipes, my wallet and phone. It has basically become my “poop purse”. It contains odors and wetness well. The snap handle is convenient for attaching to stroller handles or shopping carts. It holds a good amount of used and new diapers at the same time. I usually pack about 5-6 dipes in the dry section, plus wipes and my wallet. I recently stayed away from home for 2 nights and used this. It held all the dipes I had used in 3 days, but I use AI2s so that saves space. Its perfect for diapering on the go for day to day use. And its cute too.

Mallory Scotts, MI

Love it

Can not believe I even tried cloth diapering with out this! This bag has totally made CD a do-able thing for me. No smell, no wet, no problem. I have washed and dried this many times and always comes out looking good. Thinking about buying a hanging door one, thats how much I like it.

Sylvia Albright, WV

Couldn’t be happier.

I was hesitant to order this after reading some reviews of them falling apart after being washed. I have had them for several months now and I still love them. Great for day to day needs. Enough space for about 6-8 toddler diapers when dirty. Keeps the smell in. Washes nicely in washer and I’ve even thrown in the dryer a few times. Only draw back I’ve run across is some times when it goes throught the washer and turns itself inside out water pools inside the inverted waterproof layer. Not a huge deal, turn it upside down and squeeze the water out or you could just throw in the dryer.

Crystal Schaumburg, IL

Does the job. But also shrinks, fades.

We’ve been using this Planet Wise wetbag for over two years. I would say it holds 3 pocket diapers easily but you can definitely fit 4 if you stuff them in. I haven’t had any issues with leaking with this bag, and no delamination of the interior waterproof fabric.I’m giving it only three stars because the cotton exterior fabric isn’t the greatest. It shrinks, it fades, and it comes out of the wash moderately wrinkled. It shouldn’t be at all difficult to find a better outer fabric — it feels like the manufacturer just got lazy.After buying this bag and seeing how simple the construction is, I switched to just making wetbags at home. The lining fabric is polyurethane laminate (PUL) and you can find it easily online or in some fabric stores. By sewing your own bags, you can make them exactly the size you want, and for a fraction of the price.

Melissa Mount Wilson, CA

Great Quality

We have two Planet Wise wet bags and they are fantastic. One of them we have had for two years. They are washed nearly every day, and have held up well with no fading and still no leaks.

Aimee Bradford, TN

Great Idea

My daughter registered for this wet/dry diaper bag and it looks like it will work very well in her diaper bag. I’m sure she will find it very convenient to use.

Ellen Saint Maurice, LA

Great diaper bag!

My hubby and I use this as a diaper bag that we can pop into whatever bag we are carrying. We use cloth at home which is why we got this, but found it to be too cumbersome when we are out. So we use Nature Babycare biodegradable disposables when we are out instead. We keep a kushies changing pad in it as well as extra diapers, then use the wet side for soiled clothes and diapers when we can’t find a trash can. It’s perfect!

Randi Viroqua, WI

Cute bag!

I love the bag! Not only is it cute and stylish, but it’s functional as well! I love that I could use it to carry my personal belongings if I were to go swimming for instance, but when I’m done I could put my wet suite in the bag without it ruining my other belongings or the bag itself.The bag itself is light weight and made with a high quality poly urethane laminate (PUL) that is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. EachPlanet Wise Wet/Dry Bag contains a “wet” section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy carrying. The bag comes in a convenient 13″ x 16″ size and holds approximately 8-9 cloth diapers!As I said, I love the bag. It’s stylish and it’s comfy to wear as far as use goes. It has multiple functions since it can be a diaper bag, travel bag, regular purse, etc. Oh and on another awesome note it was made in the USA! How cool?! I would definitely recommend this product to all my lady friends, especially if you have children. I don’t think you will be disappointed.FULL REVIEW:

Addie Keokuk, IA

Important component of my diaper system

I didn’t think that I’d need this bag because I soak dirty diapers in a bucket, but it has become an integral part of my system. I have this bag hanging from my changing table, and I store dirty diapers in it until I have a chance to spray them off and stick them in the soaking bucket. This middle size is perfect for holding a half-day’s worth of diapers, which gives me plenty of time to find a good moment to spray them off. I wash it every two-three diaper loads.I stash dirty diapers in a Planet Earth wet/dry bag until I have a chance to spray them off with the Mini-Shower Bidet & Handheld Sprayer, them I dunk them in the Bambino Mio diaper bucket half-filled with water and a 1/2 cup of Borax until I can wash them with Charlie’s Soap. So far, no stains!

Vickie Mackinac Island, MI

Perfect for cloth on the go!

This is great for the diaper bag. I put clean inserts and shells in the dry compartment and the soiled in the wet section and I have never had any issues with smell or leakage. The handle makes it perfect for when I don’t want to bring my entire diaper bag and I can just hook it to the stroller. Planet wise wet bags are great quality and last forever, would recommend.

Randi Westville, FL

Love these bags, must have for cloth diapering

I highly recommend the two pocket option since we have the option to sort cloth diapers from dirty clothes at daycare.The size is great. I thought it was too big until baby came. The smaller ones are nice for newborns but quickly become too small.

Erica Gap Mills, WV

Diaper Bag Must

This washable/reusable bag is the perfect addition to my diaper bag. There is never a shortage of wet clothes or soiled diapers that I would prefer to not have loose in my bag. It is machine washable which is wonderful.

Marcella Cross Hill, SC

Durable and Cute!

This is an adorable, durable, and functional wet bag. It is a little smaller than I would have hoped, but I like having 2 separate pockets to separate clean from dirty. I have been using it about 3 months, washing it once a week and line drying. It is holding up well.

Christine Alma, NE

started off great and went downhill…

I have two of these, used for cloth diapering at daycare. They have a wet bag zip compartment and a dry compartment. They hold 4 all-in-one cloth diapers and a change of clothes, no problem.At first I was a bit disappointed as I expected them to be bigger, but they are just about the perfect size for day to day transport for daycare. (we use the large wet bags to collect diapers at home and much prefer those at home.) I grew to love them as we used them daily. They’re washed and dried every other day in the wash with our cloth diapers.The first bump in the road was the plastic snap that holds the handle together. A snap broke on one of the bags, and we had to replace it. This was after maybe 2 months of use. Now we have 8 months of use and there are gaping holes in the outside fabric where the zipper ends rub against the fabric. The seams are threadbare, the zippers are becoming troublesome. Now our experience is looking pretty bad and I’m hoping we can limp these through a little bit longer.I’ll give it this- the waterproof bag inside is still in very good shape and holding up, but it’s looking like I will have to rebuild a fabric bag around the waterproof part! For the price? Find something else or you’ll wind up disappointed. A plain wet bag without the dry compartment would have been a better move for our purposes.UPDATE: These ended up lasting less than 1 year before the cheap outer fabric and zippers were completely falling apart and unsalvageable. I replaced them with Bummis Fab Wet Bags- the simpler and sturdier construction on the Bummis bags makes far more sense for use with cloth diapering. I would not spend money on the Planet Wise brand again.

Teresa Frenchglen, OR

Handy for all sorts of uses

We initially purchased this for transport of dirty cloth diapers. Unfortunately we had to discontinue the cloth diapers due to the diaper service cleansing agents causing terrible rashes. We have re-purposed the bags for use with disposables while we are on the road, for wet and soiled clothes so they don’t mess up the diaper bag, and to store our dirty wet washcloths from diaper changes at home before we do laundry (we just toss the bag and the cloths in the laundry every couple days and viola, good as new). I foresee using with swimsuits down the road. The bag is hip, lightweight and the water proof area is sturdy.

Alissa Garrison, IA

great for travel

We cloth diaper, and we travel to my parents about once a month. This means we have some diapers with “gifts” to bring home with us. I use grovia wet bags for daily outings, but this is my travel go-to. Seals up great, no leaks, contains the stink, and compact. I like that I can contain diapers and dirty clothes in the same yet separate bag. Only downside is using the “dry bag” part does limit the “wet bag” capacity.These have become my go-to baby shower gift, because cloth diaper or not, all mommas deal with poo eventually

Lilia Indian River, MI

Initially for cloth diapers, but versatile overall

When I just had one child, this diaper bag was so perfect for my cloth diapers. But, I don’t have the energy to cloth diaper anymore unfortunately ( I miss it). Luckily, this bag is very handy in general because during my second child’s first year of life, he nearly annihilated every diaper every day. We were changing his soiled clothes on a regular basis, so this bag contained all of his clean clothes in the smaller section and soiled clothes in the larger, waterproof section. A must-have for any mom. I anticipate to use this often when potty training time comes around.

Hattie Glen Cove, ME

Great size for day trips and diaper bags.

I have more than one of these. The Planet Wise bags are great whether there the wet and dry or just wet. I throw them in the wash with the diapers and hang dry them. Only "issue" with them is that they’re so waterproof on the wet bag that sometimes water hangs out in them and I get wet when I pull them out of the washer. Only made that mistake once! These are a great size for day trips but you might want a larger one if you’re going to hang it at your changing table and hold a few days worth.

Michael Garretson, SD


I loved this product so much I bought a second. We use it for cloth diapers, and now we have another for swim wear and trips to the beach. FANTASTIC product! Every parent with a water loving child should own one.

Coleen Thorofare, NJ

Great Bag!

I always have one of these bags in my diaper bag at all times and they don’t take up much space. They especially came in handy when we were on a road trip and were about 3 hours away from our destination – with clothes wet from a diaper leak. These bags also hold up well after washing!

Colette Indore, WV

Hides the dirty diapers and keeps the smell out!

Hides the dirty diapers in a stylish way and keeps the smell out!I had been using zip-lock bags to haul away the dirty diapers when we were on the go. Would have to toss the zip-lock and use a new one after each outing, plus the smell was horrible. Now I feel like I am not being so wasteful, and you can’t see the dirty diapers or smell them. 🙂

Frieda Wartrace, TN


I purchased the Bumble Dot pattern and love that the inside is lined Yellow. I’m very new to the whole cloth diapering thing but I can say this bag makes using cloth diapers outside the home a piece of cake.

Velma Stacy, NC

Nice to have dry pouch

Great for a grab-and-go bag for baby when I don’t need the entire diaper bag. I can easily fit a small pack of wipes, a swimsuit for baby, a cloth diaper or two, and a change of clothes in the dry side. The wet side has not leaked for me whether I had dirty diapers or wet swimwear inside.

Christi Baltic, SD

Good product

Great price, great product, and a must-have for anyone committed to cloth. We’ve used it for more than a year, and we’ve never had a problem with it. It is a well made product.

Marina Valley Center, CA

Over all good bag, a little too big for my needs

I have two wet bags that I use for soiled cloth diapers in my diaper bag: this one and one by Little Luxe. As much as I like Planet Wise, and I love all the various print options, I feel like the Little Luxe bag is sturdier, folds up smaller in my bag, and is a nicer product. I’ve never had any problems with this one, it washes and dries well, the strap is nice, but I’ve never needed the outer pocket and it’s a bit larger than I’ve ever needed so it adds up to unnecessary bulk in my bag.I would definitely recommend this to someone who was going on a trip or had a child in daycare, because it holds quite a bit. But if you’re running errands or going to a short play date, you can get away with a smaller bag than this.

Tammi Coyote, NM

Perfect for Swim Class!

Love, love this bag! GREAT quality and works perfectly. Holds my baby’s swim suit and mine or my husbands (we take turns with baby in his infant swim class). I don’t even wash it every time, just flip it inside out to dry in laundry room and use again. WORTH a little bit more than some of the other swim bags. And who doesn’t like monkeys???

Wendi Dansville, NY