Planet Wise Wipe Pouch, Art Deco

Planet Wise Wipe Pouch, Art Deco

The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch features our patent pending no-leak design so your wipes will stay moist and not wick into your diaper bag.

Main features

  • Made in the US
  • Unique snap down design eliminates wicking from the zipper area
  • Made of the same high quality fabrics as our wet bags, this pouch will last and last
  • After you are done with the baby years, keep this pouch to use for just about anything you need to transport: make-up, toiletries, anything
  • 5.5″ x 9.5″

Verified reviews


This pouch is supposed to hold wipes? But it gets wet on the outside!

I was excited when I saw this product. I thought it would be great to have a cute, portable case for wipes for my baby bag.So I ordered it and immediately put some Huggies wipes in it. I put it in my bag, and about a day later … the outside was damp.I thought this was a waterproof bag that’s supposed to keep moisture in. But it really doesn’t do that.I know that the same material is used for “wet bags” where you can store soiled clothes and diapers. I think it might work that way for short-term storage (hopefully people do not keep soiled diapers in a wet bag for longer than a day) – but if you’re going to store wet wipes in it all the time – it does not contain the moisture. The moisture seeps out through the material in about a day.So this product does not serve its purpose at all. I do not recommend it.

Hester Water Mill, NY

So Far So Good

I purchased a couple of the planetwise dry bags (small size) and after 6 months of use with reusable cloth wipes they both developed leaks. I’ve had this bag and been using it for a couple months now and so far no leaks- you do have to be careful when inserting wipes to put them directly in because if you touch the cloth outside the bag remains wet for awhile.

Lora Proctor, OK

Great but would make a few changes

I love the fabrics that Planetwise uses and they are of great quality. We have their wetbags as well and are quite happy with them. I only wish that this wipe pouch was a bit wider, and that it had the snap loop like the wetbags have.

Marion Ridgeland, SC

Works great and super adorable!

Works great! In use it to contain wet wipes as well as dry wipes and a spray bottle. Both options work great! No leaks and so cute!

Liliana Wildorado, TX

Wipes dry out

I was so excited about these because I wanted something that was not bulky to go in my diaper bag to hold wipes. I am so disappointed that the wipes dried out completely in a matter of days. The outside of the bag was damp, too. I do not recommend this for baby wipes.

Nadia East Hartford, CT

very small and shape of bag not useful

i have the medium and large and was planning on using these to hold cloth wipes or for use in my diaper bag. super small and dont have any other use for them. the shape of the bag is too deep for what would be helpful for me to hold cloth wipes.

Kathie Niantic, CT

Great wipe container!

I love all of Planetwise’s wet bags. This wipe bag is neat because it not only fits regular sized washcloths for those of us that make our own wipes, you can use the snaps to fold over the end and then it fits the shorter commercial wipes. No leaks. Washes well. I’m going to purchase more in different patterns now that I know these hold up like the other Planetwise products.

Margot Georgetown, MS

Really like it

It is really useful, not only for a wipe pouch but for many other uses, really like it. I would recommend it.

Esperanza Duncan, OK

I Prefer Disposable Wipes For Travel

Cute item, but I decided to start using disposable wipes for travel instead of wet cloth wipes. The latter tend to smell mildewy after a few days, which is expected of any wet cloth that remains wet in a bag. I might use it as a reusable snack bag in the future.

Rita Santa Clara, UT

Love Planet Wise!

I have wet bags, pail liners, and this wipe pouch and I love them all. I am very pleased with the durability, and the way these products wash up! Bought one for a friend too and she loves it! Great for cloth wipes!!!

Cleo Earlville, PA