Playskool Busy Balls – Patterns & Colors

Playskool Busy Balls – Patterns & Colors

Inspire your child with bright designs and different textures that help develop important motor skills. Let the good times roll!

Main features

  • Busy Basics patterns and colors activity balls
  • Each one features wonderful colors, textures and patterns
  • Encourages hands on exploration
  • Offers 5 per package
  • Recommended for ages 6 months and up

Verified reviews


Good size for little hands

We bought these as part of our one year old granddaughter’s birthday gift and they’re perfect size for her. Just beware…they are HARD not soft balls. My daughter has a big screen TV in their living room and I was a bit concerned that our granddaughter might hit the mark if she threw these balls toward it but so far so good. That’s the reason I gave it four out of five stars. Otherwise, they’re perfect. They spin and have different textures.

Esther Willmar, MN

Hours of fun

I bought these for my daughter at 6 months old. She LOVES them. Who would have thought that 4 balls could entertain for so long. Each ball has different colors, sounds and textures. She would roll them and chase after them, then sit and slowly figure out haw to make each make unique noises and turn and twist differently.There are similar balls by Playskool and I would DEFINITELY purchase more.

Dolly Jemez Pueblo, NM

Great value for money

This has to be the most fun you can get for the money. I wish we’d bought more sets because this one alone is so much fun. Each ball is different to look at and feel, and they have so many uses. My daughter has loved them since she was 6 months old and now at 9 months she chases after them and is learning to roll them back to me after I roll them toward her.You can also use them in conjunction with other toys (they’re the same size as Roll-a-Rounds by FisherPrice and we have the gumball machine that uses those balls).

Lucinda Tallmansville, WV

Bright and fun entertainment for your little one

My baby (11 months) loves the bright colors and is especially fond of knocking the balls together for the great noise they produce. I enjoy having toys she can “chase” after since they encourage her crawling (and eventually walking) skills.

Jacqueline Wilson, KS

Love them!!!!

They are adorable! Worth the price! My 8 month old likes to put them in her mouth but my 1 year old nephew likes to roll tehm around and listen to the different sounds! I recommend them!

Candy Estherwood, LA

Good enough

My 5 months old baby does not like these yet. Interesting because I had to keep one pacifier in it`s plastic holder, she loves to shake it. That`s why I ordered these.And in my opinion these are too big for tiny hands. Maybe later.

Dana Montpelier Station, VA