Playskool Busy Balls Terrific Textures

Playskool Busy Balls Terrific Textures

Product Description Inspire your child with bright designs and different textures that help develop important motor skills. Let the good times roll!

Main features

  • Encourages hands-on exploration & discovery!
  • Easy for baby to grab and roll!
  • Busy Balls are a colorful, hands-on way for baby to wxperience fun roll-and-chase play!
  • Bumpy Gears, Wavy Disks, Dimpled pop-Up, Smooth Paddle & Grooved Wobbler!

Verified reviews


textured balls

My 6mon loves these balls now…..he started to throw and crawl after them. Loves the challenge of trying to hold on to them.

Dana La Pine, OR

She loves them therefore I love them!

As simple as these may be, my 9 mo old loves them. Esp the one with the little pop up person. We take them whenever we travel. Easy entertainment. Different textures and ‘functions’ on each ball. One has spinny things, (that’s a technical term 🙂 ) one is weighted so it has a wobble-y roll, and the others are fun and easy to grab and manipulate. She loves: I love them.

Opal Stratton, CO

Basically more firm sensory balls

My niece loved balls from an early age. So got her sensory balls. Those are nice at first and then when they are older more to throw, but after she was mobile I wanted things that she could hold, toss, examine (in the full sense of the way a baby does.. mouth, hands, tongue, tossing). These held up. They have been thrown, rubbed againts cats, been part of meals, definitely part of the art and playdough sets, and yes used on skin to create sensations. There are many activities and many actions and she seems to love them all and explore them daily. I’ve noticed each month she has different favorites. She has all 3 sets now. Last I saw, she likes the paddle ones in the bath. These toys though small and seem very unexciting have been quite a marvel. They are easy to clean and interesting enough to make them usable in playtime no matter what she seems to be working on. She has yet to break one, and honestly that’s a shocker given the amount of time they have received. They also are just nice to keep around as she seems to come back to them if she takes a break for a week or two, most toys have not had that replay value.I wonder if she’ll share with her new brother when he’s out… or if they’ll need another set. No bother I guess, they are nicely priced.

Angelique Euclid, MN

11 month old loves them

My daughter loves these balls like crazy. She especially loves the one with the little pop up person. The balls are made of very hard plastic though, so if you have a thrower, (or a dropper, like I have) they could cause some damage. We have wood floors, so it does get a little noisy when she’s playing with them.

Adelaide Tillatoba, MS

Pleasantly Surprised

I’m not sure what I was expecting but as other reviewers mentioned, I was initially disappointed after opening the package. They seemed like cheap, hard, plastic balls. How much fun could these be? With these moving parts, how long could they last? Incredibly, my son loves them. I bought these when he was about 5 months old and now at 7 months he still loves them. They’ve been dropped over and over from the exersaucer onto the tile floor and not one has broken yet. He loves the colors and textures and I love that he’s happy.

Elma Burnt Ranch, CA

Easy to hold

My 8-month old holds these in both hands,bangs them together, throws them…they are a good distraction while changing a diaper or feeding green beans, LOL!

Jayne Holliday, TX

Fun balls

My daughter will play with these, but they are not her favorites. She likes to study them and then throw them down. She likes the one with the pop-up faces and the “gear-like” one the best. I think they are pretty neat, too. Well-constructed, good size (smaller than a tennis ball, I think–maybe a racquet ball?) for small hands. They are hard plastic, though, so be careful if your little one likes pitching baseballs!Overall a good toy, and I’m glad I got them for her.

Edna Polo, MO