Playtex 2 Count Playex Playtime Spout Cup, 9 oz

Playtex 2 Count Playex Playtime Spout Cup, 9 oz

ASSORTED COLORS AND DESIGNS. For ages 12 months and older. Twist ‘N Click technology with 100% Spill-proof, Break-proof, Leak-proof Guarantee. Unique spill-proof valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean. Streamlined Ergonomic Design. Insulated to keep drinks cool 2x as long as a regular cup. Dishwasher Safe. BPA Free. 9 oz. 2 per card. Twist ‘N Click Technology for Leak-Proof Guarantee. Whichever design you choose, have confidence knowing that you and your child will have a leak and mess-free drinking experience. With Twist ‘N Click technology, PlayTime cups have optimized threading for easier twisting and a louder audible clicking sound so you know they’re secure. Plus, they are 100% spill-proof, break-proof and leak-proof guaranteed! As your child becomes more active at ages 12 months and up, these insulated cups are designed for versatility and ensure that drinks remain cool and fresh twice as long regular cup, whether playing indoors or out!. Made in China.

Main features

  • Streamlined Ergonomic Design
  • For ages 12 months and older
  • Twist ‘N Click technology with 100% Spill-proof, Break-proof, Leak-proof Guarantee
  • Unique spill-proof valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean
  • Spout Lid with Twist and Click Leak Proof Seal
  • 100% Spill Proof, Leak Proof, Break Proof Guarantee
  • Double wall insulation keeps drinks cooler longer with no sweating (No fabric/furniture rings)
  • Easy to grip shape designed with child development expert
  • More sustainable packaging (30% less blister card, 15% less PVC on the 2pk cups)

Verified reviews



Playtex sippy cups are BY FAR the BEST sippy cups! I have used others by Gerber and Avent- which both leaked! Playtex will never leave you scrubbing milk/juice stains out of your carpet- or your kids’ clothes!The insulated cup keeps fluids fresher longer, which makes this the HEALTHIEST cup delivering optimum nutrients and nutrition for your child! This feature is particularly nice if your child sips a little here and a little there- esp. MILK which spoils quickly.I have bought this cup over and over again- not because it has worn out, but because I want several for our home, grandparents’ home, diaper bag, etc.VERY PLEASED WITH THIS PRODUCT!

Milagros Cottage Hills, IL

Not what pictured!!!

I orderd these cups believing I will get the dinosaur ones as pictured, but instead got flower ones. My son is not going to use the flower cups!

Casey Briarcliff Manor, NY


I like this sippy cup but it came in pink and I specifically ordered blue for my son. I was not satified with this product because of this.

Gussie Lincoln, VA

I love Playtex sippys!!!

I gave this cup a low review because the paint scratches off and it looks ugly after a while. But I love their new coolster and the non insulated cups. They do have new insulated sippys with a halogram design that is cute and doesnt scratch. I dont have a problem with my son hurting himself while drinking because he is usually in his highchair when he drinks out of it.

Stefanie Henderson, IL

Playtex is the Gold Standard in Sippies

We have been using Playtex sippies for about four years now, for two children and they are by and large the best of all that we’ve tried.There are other attractive models out there, but they tip over easily (what marketing genius thought a narrower at the bottom than at the top design was a good idea!) and don’t last. The plastic that they are made out of is hard and it eventually cracks– dropped or from dishwasher wear.The Playtex models (either insulated or not) stay upright (most of the time LOL) and are easily cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher.(Hand tested on vacation and at nana’s.)The only thing that we have done to maintain them is to replace the valve thingies as they will start to age after a year or so and leak despite what other reviewers have said. These replacement valves are cheap though and no problem to find.As to insulation, they insulate to a limited extent but don’t expect to have your milk stay good for more than an hour or so in a hot environment. (Tested in Florida, Texas, and Virginia.)Five Stars. The best that we have used and we have tested just about everything on the market.

Laverne Houston, DE

New design is horrible! Bring back the old design!!!!

These new cups are awful. We had a couple of them from late 2012 that were awesome. The lids were easy to screw on and they never leaked. Then Playtex redesigned the lid and now they are really hard to get closed, sometimes hard to open, and they leak if you don’t get them exactly right. I just got done clearing out the shelves of my local pharmacies at 8:30 at night trying to find the old style (Yay, got 3!) because we put our son to bed tonight with a cup of ice water and he woke up 20 minutes later because he was lying in a freezing cold puddle. His cup was apparently not screwed together properly and it leaked all over his bed. I do not appreciate changing sheets for no reason. This is not the first time we’ve had the cups leak on us. I will use the old style until he chews the spouts to death, which is what happened to our old set, and then I will find another brand. I’m not sure what the point of the redesign was since the old style was perfect. Please bring back the old style!!!!

Dana Pisgah Forest, NC

the only cup we use

We love the Playtex Insulators. We tried a whole bunch of cups when my youngest hit the sippy age, and these were the best by far. This is one of our many purchases as we have added to our sets over the years. We do find that after a while the plastic valves need replacing, and occasionally I have thrown away a lid but only after a long time (years). One note of caution, do not try to boil these as it warps the cups and then the seal is not correct. That may seem obvious but I have heard of several people doing it so it is worth mentioning.

Millicent Aguila, AZ

Best sippy cup!

Best sippy cup we’ve had! My baby started using those around 15 months, didn’t have any problem switching to this sippy cup. No leaks! Very easy to clean!

Sondra Rockwood, TN

So not happy

I love this product . But what am I suppose to do with pink cup when I order blue . I live in England . No point to return it . It will take for ever . Soo not happy

Cornelia Malden, MO

Best sippy cups! Don’t leak!

These are the BEST sippy cups. Super durable and don’t leak at all! I have used them for all my kids and always gift them at baby showers for new moms as well! -mother of 3

Antonia Westmoreland, TN

Start to leak over time

I received this as a gift and although they worked okay at first, over time they began to leak and it’s getting increasingly worse. My toddlers tend to leave them lying on their side rather than upright when they are finished drinking, which means a huge puddle of liquid leaks out onto the floor or table. These are sturdy cups, though, so they might work well for older toddlers who can be taught to leave cups standing upright but who aren’t yet ready for open top cups.

Candice New Liberty, KY

New design going straight into the trash

I have tried over a half dozen sippy cups (playtex, nubby, sassy and munchkin) with my daughter and these are my favorite. (I really liked a munchkin cup, but they changed their design and lost their lead). These hardly ever leak, take a lot of abuse and keep drinks cool. I would actually recommend them to others.Update: Playtex has updated this product with a different valve and locking system on the lid. I bought one of the new spout cups with the circle valve as a replacement for one of my original design spout cups that melted in the dishwasher. The top leaks like crazy! Every time my daughter took a sip it leaked from the area between the top and the cup. A regular cup with no lid would have been less messy. I attempted to let my daughter use this cup multiple times, ensuring the lid was securely on and it leaked every single time. I am beyond disappointed that Playtex has replaced a good product with a product that is frankly, garbage.

Allie Bentonville, OH

Stand up to daily use and DON’T LEAK!

We bought 8 of these 1+ years ago (tired of washing the two we had) and they’ve withstood the test of time. At least 3 are used daily and none are broken, the seals still hold even when tossed in a bag, and our daughter enjoys drinking out of them. Of the 8 we bought, only 1 was girly pink with butterflies, and the other 7 were gender neutral.

Kristi Winter, WI

Best Cups Hands Down, Need gender selection option

I took a chance, because the price can’t be beat. Well it didn’t pay off. Playtex makes some VERY girlie cup designs and wouldn’t you know it, that’s what we got for our son. If you have a daughter, go for it. Even the boyish designs are fun for a girl. (I don’t even think I would call them boyish, more gender neutral.) I kept these for an upcoming shower gift, but it’s not worth the chance I’ll get another set of pink butterfly cups.A gender selection option should be provided. (Girl, Boy, Neutral)

Melissa Kirk, CO

Wonderful Cup!

I bought these for my son because I wanted something that would keep his drinks cool and didn’t leak. I have not had any problem with them leaking although they will lose some fluid if dropped on the floor, but it doesn’t continue to leak. They do a great job at keeping drinks cool, they are easy to wash and if they do start to leak the valve is replaceable. I use this cup every day.

Iva Onancock, VA


I bought these without noticing they had changed the lid of the cup. The new lid is terrible. It is hard to get it on correctly and often looks like it is on when it isn’t. I have cleaned up numerous leaks from these cups already.Oh, and would it really be that much trouble for you to add the options of ‘girl, ‘boy’ or ‘unisex’ style cups? Or, just send out unisex options?Will not be purchasing these again.

Laurie Sublette, IL

Best Sippy Cups

We’ve tried several different cups and these are by far the best. They are easy to click closed, barely leak, and the valves come out easy for washing. My biggest head ache with sippy cups are reassembling the valves after washing and these are the easiest. My kids also love them.As another reviewer posted you might need to replace the valves every now and again because they dont age well.

Marjorie Spring Glen, PA

ended up throwing them away.

i purchased these cups and they are supposed to not leak (like all kids cups). well….they did leak…alot. if you turn the lid too tight, it will leak. if you turn it not tight enough…it will leak. Needless to say…they are garbage.

Annette Randolph, TX

Best price for these if you’re not stuck on gender

This is the absolute best price you can get on these Playtex sippy cups. We chose the Playtex after using soft tip sippy cups for a while. They don’t leak, they’re easy to wash, and the insulation helps keep drinks at temp (warmed milk or cold water). I noticed before I bought these that people complained about the colors (same with the straw cups, which I also ordered); it’s not that big a deal! Unless you have major gender issues, you’ll get some cute designs that may or may not match the exact image of your child’s gender. For example, in two sets we got a navy blue space scene with red and while space stuff and a red lid, a multicolored dino scene with pale blue lid, a butterfly scene with most yellow and green with a pink lid, and a purple and green flower design with a green lid.

Lorna Topping, VA

good starter sippy

We have been using these cups for about a year now and continue to enjoy them. I do agree with one reviewer that they do tip over regularly but luckily don’t spill when this happens so you can’t make that a true negative. The insulation doesn’t keep things very cool for long if outside the fridge here in Florida. I also find it hard to get my hand down to the bottom when hand washing with a sponge. Overall, my son is happy with the cup so we will continue to use them!

Rose Palmyra, WI

Really works

We’ve tried tons of sippies and these are our favorite. Doesn’t leak, even when thrown. Only thing we use for juice.

Celia Mc Grath, AK

Old Playtex sippy cups? Five stars. This new version? ZERO STARS

Like many other reviewers, I am a huge fan of traditional Playtex sippy cups. They truly are the gold standard. They last forever, don’t leak, and are cute as well. This new line that they came out with is just terrible. After 2 washings they leak all over the place. I don’t know whether it’s the new valves or the cup lids themselves, but they are completely useless. I’m stalking other sites to find the originals so I can stock up because these new ones are a disaster.

Wanda Lancing, TN

Easy to clean

This is very easy to clean and lasting. Love to be surprised with the colors because you do not get to choose. if you really want pink for girl and blue for boy. this product is not for you.

Esperanza Eminence, MO