Playtex 2 Pack BPA Free VentAire Silicone Nipples, Medium Flow

Playtex 2 Pack BPA Free VentAire Silicone Nipples, Medium Flow

Playtex VentAire advanced medium flow nipple – standard.

Main features

  • Made from medical-grade silicone, Together with the vent, these non-vented nipple keeps air from entering the liquid so it reduces gas and colic, Narrow shape, Specially designed to fit with Playtex VentAire standard bottles only – other nipples will allow air bubbles to enter the liquid through the nipple, BPA-free and Phthalate-free

Verified reviews


Perfect for the next step

We noticed that as our baby was growing, she would take longer to drink her bottles… especially if there was some rice cereal in them. We moved her from the slow, standard flow nipple to this medium one. She took to it without any problems and is overall happier because now she can get back to doing what she likes – playing!

Camille Clarkia, ID


Medium flow is just right for my 3 1/2 month old grandson. The fast is just too fast. Standard FITS nicely. Make sure that you are reading the bottle before buying. I’ve made lots of mistakes, wide is only for the wide bottles, etc.

Esther Farner, TN


These nipples are working just fine but I have trouble with the vents in the bottom of the bottles leaking.

Leah Birchwood, WI

great flow

Have had no issues with these, they are a perfect flow for my 4 mo. old. Works well with rice in the bottle too, doesn’t clog and has a great flow and doesn’t cause my son to choke down too much at one time.

Tammy Whitesboro, NJ

Great Inbetween Nipple

My child clearly isn’t ready for fast but slow seems to slow. Love that they have an inbetween nipple. One thing to note is they may turn yellowish brown if you put them in the dishwasher, so I would avoid using a dishwasher with these nipples.

Annabelle Hazelton, ID

Good choice

I made a good choice in getting this nipples for my sons bottles. I couldn’t find them at walmart or target. I recommend it to parents with infants 3-6 months

Patsy Linden, VA

Happy With Medium Flow

When slow is too slow but baby isn’t quite ready for the steady drip that is fast, I was happy to realize there’s a medium flow option out there.

Eva Niles, IL

Perfect flow speed for this hard to find nipple

After trying every brand and style of baby bottles, our imperious infant had only deigned to accept our offering of the Playtex VentAire bottle when not breastfeeding directly. While the bundled slow flow nipples had been initially fine, after several months, the slow nipples caused her annoyance or at times to fall asleep before even getting through halfway.Stores only carried the slow and the fast versions of this nipple for some reason, but the fast was too fast and caused our baby to choke and get flustered.Thankfully, we found the medium flow version here, which our daughter definitely prefers (for now). Feeding durations have accordingly been reduced as well, although I do miss the long feeding sessions with her cradled in my arms…Amazon doesn’t sell this medium flow nipple directly for some reason, but I had no issue with the purchase and the shipping from “Mr. Medical”, this nipple’s sole vendor and our savior (thanks, Mr. Med!).

Carla Josephine, PA

Great buy

This nipple fit perfectly in my baby mouth , it has a good flow and just the right amount of texture not hard on his gum . And I have the fast flow which cmae with the bottles for when he graduates into his next nipple stage.

Camille Bowers, PA

Found them here

Hard to find the different flows, especially medium in the stores…these aren’t any more expensive and they show up at my door.

Cherry Rocklake, ND

Perfect flow

I read other reviews about the slow flow, medium flow and fast flow, and decided to buy these because people said the fast was too fast and the slow was too slow. I did notice the fast was way too fast, but my baby did ok with slow at night, but it was little too slow during the day, so the medium flow is perfect.I have been using this bottle and the nipples for about 2 months now and I find I am using mostly the medium flow nipples.

Chris Minerva, OH

Good product

This is a good product, but it was a hasty purchase. I am trying to find the right bottle for my baby and just when I thought I did, he didn’t want it anymore. They may come in handy later on… who knows.

Candice Hysham, MT