Playtex 3 Pack VentAire Standard Bottles, 9 Ounce

Playtex 3 Pack VentAire Standard Bottles, 9 Ounce

The VentAire Advanced Bottle System uses Micro Channel Vent Technology which prevents air bubbles from mixing with liquid and going into baby’s tummy. With its narrower shape, the VentAire Advanced standard bottle is easier for baby to hold. A clinical study confirms that babies using new Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles. With its narrower shape, the VentAire Advanced standard bottle is perfect for babies to hold. If you are switching from breast and bottle and your baby prefers a narrower nipple, the VentAire Advanced bottle can be adapted to fit almost any pump.VentAire advanced bottles are easy to clean and come with a leak proof, break proof guarantee. The bottles are compatible with our line of Nursing Necessities breast pumps. Remember to use only VentAire Advanced Standard nipples. Other nipples will allow air bubbles to enter liquid through the nipple, creating gas for baby. Colors vary: Boy white/green/blue, Girl white/yellow/pink, Neutral white/green/yellow.

Main features

  • Babies using new Playtex VentAire bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles
  • With its narrower shape, the VentAire standard bottle is perfect for babies to hold
  • VentAire bottles are easy to clean and come with a leak proof, breakproof guarantee
  • Colors vary: Boy white/green/blue, Girl white/yellow/pink, Neutral white/green/yellow

Verified reviews


Trust me, you don’t need gimmicks with bottles

I’m a dad of 14 month old twins. I PROMISE you one thing – these bottles are purchased only by first time parents (like me). Anyone who’s on their second or third would tell you to save your money.I realize that every child is different, and some burp up more than others – but they ALL burp up and they ALL get gas. Some more than others.Parents get so frustrated and worried about their babies that they try ANYTHING different. One thing seems to ‘do the trick’ when the problem was ready to stop on its own.We tried every bottle gimmick sold on Babies-R-Us. On the third use of this one, the bottom came loose, and there was formula everywhere.Since our twins were 2 months, we have been using the plain old Evenflo bottles from any grocer. They cost about 99 cents each.They work great. There’s a bottle, ring and nipple. All of the gimmick bottles have half a dozen parts that need to be individually cleaned, or come apart, or leak.Think about it – Playtex, Gerber, Avent, Evenflo – they all sell the same simple three-piece bottle, but they also sell some sort of state-of-the-art bottle that’s supposed to cure all of your baby’s ills. So how could they in good conscience continue to sell those cheap, gas-inducing, old-fashioned bottles?Because they work; because all of the repeat parents buy them; and because all new parents eventually need to buy a bottle that does what it’s supposed to.

Bridgett Boron, CA

Doesn’t Leak!!!

When I first saw this, I was sure that it would leak, but it just seemed like sure an innovative idea that I bought one anyway.I unscrewed the nipple ring and the bottom of the bottle. I was so sure that it would leak if I put anything liquid in it. I filled the bottle full of water and tossed it around on a white sheet to see if it leaked. It didn’t, but I still wasn’t sure.So, I washed the bottle in hot water. I’ve noticed that some bottles leak after being washed. Then, I tried the sheet experiment again. It didn’t leak. This bottle is 9 months old and still hasn’t leaked!

Haley Vail, CO

Are we the only family these don’t work for???

After buying ten packs(on top of the ones that came with the bottles) of the nipples for these bottles, we gave up and used our Advent bottles that we didn’t want to use. For some reason, no matter which store purchased at, every nipple (Stage 1 and Stage 2) seemed to not be opened to allow milk to come out. Our daughter has some serious suction, so I thought that the Stage 1 was already outgrown and tried the 2. These bottles and nipples have been just a waste of money for us. I am sure that I can use a straight pin and open them more, but “you’re not supposed to”…

Earlene Kaaawa, HI

Great for 12 months and up

We received this set free from Amazon for the new baby. However, we bought Playtex bottles for the first 2 kids. My wife is a Family Nurse Practitioner and she considers this type of bottles the best for our kids. The main reason? When the baby drinks her milk out of the bottle, pressure builds up inside. With regular bottles, it is very easy for the silicone/plastic nipple to contract so it makes up for the milk that was taken out. That in turn makes it hard for the baby to continue drinking. One solution would be to constantly turn the regular bottle or just take it out and pull the nipple out once in a while. With this Playtex set, you do not have to worry about it. It is very convenient and the nipple does not get stuck to the bottle. The only potential downside is having more pieces to clean – as each bottle has 2 extra pieces to help with the pressure flow on the bottom. This is definitely recommended. We prefer this set for kids 1 year and older, versus the bulky infant ones, as the kids can actually hold the bottle themselves.

Leann Ridgeway, VA

Poor Quality Overall

Let me start by saying that we used Playtex Ventair bottles with my first child. The bottles were great–durable and well-made. We used them throughout her “bottle-hood”–for over a year. No problems.However, we began using these again with our second child. We were excited to hear that they were BPA-free and with our past experience with Playtex bottles, we were happy to purchase these.Within 3 weeks, the ink on the bottles came off of them. So we had to use sharpie pens to mark the ounces. And within 3 months, they began to leak. We bought about 20 bottles…from a various number of stores. So now we are stuck with 20 leaking bottles that require a sharpie every few weeks. Perhaps it was because we washed them in the dishwasher…but really, the bottles should be prepared to handle that.Please don’t waste your money on these bottles. They appear great at first but go downhill quickly.

Bessie Clarkston, MI

Not the best for gas elimination

From what I’ve seen, there are basically 3 methods used to eliminate/reduce gas in bottles: collapsible liners, one-way vents, and open airways. We’ve tried various brands that use all 3 methods. These bottles are an example of one-way vents – the base is designed to let air flow in but prevent fluid from flowing out in the opposite direction. They do an OK job preventing bubbles in the formula, but they have two main problems: 1) they tend to leak if you don’t assemble correctly, and also if shaken or if the membrane becomes a bit worn. 2) The design of the vent requires some negative pressure to allow the air to flow into the bottle. This means a slight resistance to your baby’s suckling effort. The last thing you want when addressing any feeding problem is resistance to your baby’s suckling.We found the most effective feeding design is the open airway used by Dr Browns bottles. So if you’re looking for something to address a colic/feeding problem, that’s the way to go. But as previously mentioned, the best advice is to buy one of each and find what works for your little one.

Ivy San Joaquin, CA

Don’t waste your money!

As a single, first time mom to a beautiful 7 week old baby girl who is currently using the drop in system, I wanted to try a bottle that I didn’t have to continue to buy things for. So when I saw these, I jumped right on them, since they were supposes to help with gas and colic just like the drop ins, little did I know they were going to be such a pain! I read the reviews saying that you could "actually hear the air escaping from the bottle!" This is not the case.1. There were so many bubbles in the bottle from her drinking that I was afraid it was going to give her gas not help stop gas.2. After washing them one time and reassembling them like the instructions said, they leaked all over the place from the bottom of the bottle! Talk about frustrating when you have a screaming baby wanting her bottle!3. To heat up the drop in bottles I would warm up a cup of water in the microwave and drop the bottle into it. With these, it doesn’t work! After waiting 10 minutes with her screaming in my arms for her bottle the formula was still extremely cold! I had to run it under hot water for 10 more minutes for it to not be freezing, but it was still really cold! And at 2am you don’t want to sit there with the water running forever just for the bottle to still be cold.Definitely not worth the money or your time! Save yourself a headache and don’t even consider these bottles for your little one.

Lucia Combs, KY

Better bottle, Bad nipple

I’ve got a 2 week old. We started with the Playtex Nurser Bottles. Great bottles, but the nipple was way too large for my son’s mouth and he got a blister on his top lip. So I tried Gerber for newborns…smaller nipple, but more bubbles and gas for baby. So I bought this VentAire because it has a smaller nipple AND is good for gas. But my son sucked on it for 5 minutes and got nothing out of it. Then I realized that the nipple doesn’t just have a hole in it like other bottles do. It has the slit-type hole, and the baby has to be squeezing the very tip if anything’s going to come out. Well babies don’t suck that way. They suck at the wider part, naturally. But we solved our problem by taking the nipple off of the Gerber bottle and use it on the VentAire bottle. (They tell you not to do this.) But it works perfectly now…no gas, no sucking problems. Whew!

Madge Lucas, KY

Nice, but not perfect for us

We bought the Playtex VentAire based on the rave review of a friend, hoping our baby would suddenly cease spitting up as theirs had done. It didn’t work like that for us, but I will try them again when my baby is older. We tried them at three months with a fast flow nipple, because we have the ComoTomo bottles with fast flow nipples. The difference in the speed of fast flow became clear very quickly: the Playtex is much faster than the ComoTomo. We went back to ComoTomo which our baby loves, and will see what happens with these when she’s a bit older.In general, we liked the shape of these bottles for feeding–very easy to hold–but disliked it for making formula, as the opening is so narrow we had to make the formula in a thermos and then pour it into the bottles. Not such a huge imposition, but one more thing to have to wash again and again is a time waster we don’t need. They are easy to take apart and put back together, and went through the dishwasher without any performance issues too.

Valarie Sulphur Rock, AR

Couldn’t use with the nipple it came with

I really like these bottles. However, the nipples that came with them didn’t work. My baby (now 3 months old) would suck and suck and nothing came out. I even tried the stage 2 nipple and the same thing happened–nothing! I usually use the Dr. Brown’s bottles (which I absolutely love) so I tried the ventaire bottle with a Dr. Brown’s nipple and it worked just fine. I never figured out what the problem was with the playtex nipples.

Reyna Fish Haven, ID

Work great

These bottles are working great for my both 19 and 5th months. Although I agree with the fact that cheaper bottles do the trick, my children prefered these from all other I tried. A lot have to do with the nipple. Any way, what ever are your intentions, that’s your child that’s going to choose his bottle !!

Alma Catoosa, OK

nipples are the worst

I put these bottles on my gift registry because of the air flow idea. I just thought that it was a great. They do have a lot less bubbles than other bottles, but we were out at a store & I decided to use these bottles for the first time. My daughter was so fussy while she was trying to eat that I nor my husband could figure out why. She was never like that before. So we kept trying to feed her & she would suck for a while then start fussing again. Finally I noticed that after about 15 minutes she hadn’t drank any of it. So I started to examine the nipple…no hole. I was so upset. It figured that the 2 bottles I brought to the store in the diaper bag were both the VentAir. I felt so bad for my girl. We ended up having to leave just to go home & get a different brand bottle. I looked at the 3 VentAir nipples I had at home & none of them had a hole. If they did, it was so small that nothing came out even when I held the bottle upside down & squeezed the nipple. I even used a needle to try to make a hole & my daughter still doesn’t seem to get much milk from it. I hope that the bigger bottles are better with a faster flow nipple. For now I am giving up on the small VentAir bottles.

Glenda West Lafayette, OH

Our new fave bottles

We had been using Dr. Brown bottles exclusively, but our little one was getting gas and seemed fussy after meals. We bought one of the Ventaire bottles- just to try- but ended up with a fast flow nipple- much too fast for our three week old. So, the bottle sat unused on the bottle rack for a week or so until I found slow flow nipples at a local store. I brought them home and we tried the bottle out again- what a difference!!! First of all, it is so much more comfortable to hold compared to the Dr. Brown! Secondly, there are much fewer parts to assemble- and wash. Thirdly, and most importantly, our little one is much less fussy and gassy after meals. I went out today and bought 3 more of the 6 ounce bottles- they were the only size that came with the slow flow nipples. We are going to keep the Dr. Brown bottles, but the Playtex Ventaires are our new go to bottles!

Christie Matagorda, TX

Baby did not like them

My baby is breastfed but I sometimes substitute a bottle (with breastmilk) to help with the transition for when I go back to work in another couple of weeks. Currently we are using theComotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottleand I’ve had no problems with her feeding. After reading all the glowing reviews for this bottle and the manufacturers claim that it helps to reduce colic, gas etc because of the unique angle of the bottle I decided to give it a try.I must say also that I was given the opportunity to review the smaller sizes before my baby was born and gave them to a friend of mine who had recently had a baby and her baby loved them, mine on the other hand hated these. She would push the nipple out of her mouth and cry. After a few tries I gave up trying and switched back to her Comotomos and I’ve had no problems. It may be that she’s already accustomed to the feel of her regular bottles since the nipples are larger makes her think she’s still on the breast since they fit against her chin and nose just the way its done when breastfeeding.Just because my baby was picky and did not like them does not mean that your baby will as well. Reviews are generally made up of personal experiences so mine can be significantly different than yours.

Luz Frewsburg, NY

Love Love Love These Bottles!

We purchased these when our son was about a month old. he had colic and gas problems even after we switched him to gentle ease formula, We had to give him gas drops after every feeding and sometimes it did not help. We purchased these and within three days he had no gas and the colic was alot better. We love these and plan to use them with every child we have. They are a hassle to put togather in the middle of the night so i assemble and fill mine with water after i wash them and just add formula when needed. Little tip rince them out after each use and rince other dishes well when washing in the dishwasher togather because they will discolor. Well worth the hassle though :o)

Cecilia Confluence, KY

Wonderful Bottles, Tricky Nipples!

I tried the Dr. Brown and Avent feeding systems but encountered several annoying problems. Both nipples flowed too fast causing my son to choke and gag, and led to terrible gas and spitting up with every feeding. I switched to the Playtex Ventaire system, which costs considerably less, and found my solution. My infant son now rarely spits up and hardly has any gas problems. Nor do I have to administer the Mylicon drops with every feeding as I did before! In short, our feeding experience underwent DRASTIC improvement upon switching to Ventaire bottles. Furthermore, even though we had been breastfeeding before, my son made a seamless transition to Ventaire with no trouble at all.The only hitch with the Ventaire bottles is you will find that some (not all) of the nipples have very small holes and so the milk flows too slowly, if at all.One last note. Ventaire does not make a “wide neck” bottle, which is admittedly easier to clean. However, I found the big Avent and Dr. Brown’s bottles (8-9 oz size) to be cumbersome, especially when storing them in the fridge or in a diaper bag. The Ventaire bottles have a slimmer profile and are much lighter to pack and store.Every baby’s needs are different and you’ve got to pick the system that works best for the both of you. For our particular situation, Ventaire was the best possible choice.

Paulette Chester, NH

My favorite bottles

We really like these bottles – we have had to burp our baby much less since we switched to them. I noticed an earlier review had complaints about warming the bottles – we have no problems warming the bottles in our bottle warmer, and the only package warning I have seen is to remove the nipple before warming, which we do. The bottles are extremely easy to clean – we hand wash the tops and removable bottoms and put the bottle bodies in the dishwasher and have had no problems.My only complaint is that some of the bottles have the ounces printed in colored ink on the side of the bottle instead of the ounces being molded into the clear plastic. The bottles with the clear plastic molded numbers have more precision (showing mL and ounces to smaller units instead of only having markers every two ounces as the colored ink bottles do). Not to mention, with the clear plastic molded numbers, I don’t have to hunt to find a bottle body to match the top and bottom – I have enough trouble finding socks to match my son’s outfit, I don’t want to worry about matching bottle bodies to the tops and bottoms!

Kathrine Boothville, LA

The only bottles I trust!

I’m not sure if they are going to discontinue the VentAire bottles but they are getting extremely hard to find in stores, as well as the replacement nipples & discs. My son prefers these bottles over any of the others that we have. All the pieces can be a pain in the butt, but the bottle flows well & has a sleek design. I’ve used these bottles with my first born(6 years ago) and was very happy to see they’re the same great quality now that I have another newborn.

Amalia Hunker, PA

Tried and True

I started to prefer these bottles when my daughter was born in 2005. I’ve had 2 more children (one in 2008 and the other in 2012), and each time we will try out different (and pricier) options before confirming once again, these are the bottles we prefer. They are easy to find, our babies have never had issues with spitting up or gas and they do not leak. My infant easily goes back and forth from this bottle to breast.You will have to disassemble these down to clean them properly. Some prefer this, but I find it a little annoying. I continue to purchase these for my son. This set comes with three bottles, nipples and caps., and is perfect from about four months on.

Nikki Cory, CO

Only bottles son will use

These are the only bottles my son will use and of course this design is discontinued. I took away a star because I got a pack with 3 pink bottles. Figures. FYI – the Dr. Brown’s nipples fit these bottles exactly the same as the Playtex and you can still get those in the store. Way cheaper than trying to find the Playtex ones.

Rosemary Nine Mile Falls, WA

Baby takes them

We had a hard time getting EBF baby to take a bottle. Of course we tried 5 different types of wide-neck bottles before we realized that she only likes thin-neck. We used the Dr Brown’s but the slow flow was way to fast for her, she choked and gagged through the whole bottle. We decided to switch to Playtex for the slower flow. After five months on the slow flow (8mo old now), she started to suck too hard for it, so we tried medium flow, which is still too fast. Now she seems to be somewhere in the middle. I can’t win. We have used the Dr Brown’s Level 1 nipples in the these bottles which seems to work for her now that she can handle a faster flow.Baby does swallow a bit of air, their venting system is not great. The pieces have to be perfectly dry before you attach them, or it won’t vent, but even then baby had to stop sucking so that I could release the air trapped inside. It did work if I loosened the bottom to let the air out while she was drinking, but after drenching her with milk a few times I gave that up. Eventually that problem went away as baby learned to take a breather during the bottle so that I could vent it. Baby has some gassy issues sometimes, but this may just be something that mom ate. (She’s breastfed)Also, you would think that the way this bottle angles would be a huge plus, but I still have to tilt it too much to get the last 1/2 ounce out, the milk gets caught at the lip, it doesn’t smoothly flow in. However the angle does make it easier for her to hold up.All in all, I’m glad to have found a bottle she can take, but I wish it was one that wasn’t so much work.EDIT (One Month Later)I have found that now that she takes the medium flow, I do not have to let the bottle vent anymore. We bought the slow flow nipples separately so maybe the venting system works along with the nipple flow?

Liza Hilltop, WV

Baby loves these

These are the only bottles my baby will take without gagging or choking on the nipple. She loves them. I thought I would never find the right bottle, but Ventaire is it. Maybe when she gets bigger she will do okay with other bottles but for now I will use these.

Josefina Stone Harbor, NJ

Love these bottles

These bottles are wonderful. We have never had any problems with feeding, she drinks just fine. The newborn nipples were too slow for her, so we just got the next stage a little earlier. They are easy to clean.Only complaint I have is that traditional bottle warmers don’t work well with these because the bottoms are removeable. It took so long to heat up one bottle that we just started making a new bottle almost every time, or sticking the bottle in a bowl of hot water.

Nikki Chatham, NY

Very good bottle set

These bottles are well made to stand up to the constant use of a newborn. The bent shape make it comfortable to use while feeding and the ease of transferring nipples will make for good swaps if your baby is particularly bite-y. One issue for some parents, for those who don’t want to upgrade after the newborn stage, I don’t think these will be good for upwards of the first year of a child’s life. The size and setup don’t really seem like something for anything but newborns.Regardless, it’s a good newborn set that should satisfy all needs, because it can be used in conjunction with breastfeeding & formula.

Madelyn Stratford, VA

Do reduce burping but is it necessary?

I actually like these bottles and we use these for formula and avent for breastmilk, just out of habit. I think there is a little less burping after using these, but the extra parts to clean when you take the bottom off can be a nuisance. We have never had leakage problems.

Beverley Martindale, TX

Very nice bottles

When i used other bottles. The nipple use to come close and stop the flow of milk. But these bottle are amazing. I was so worried for my daughter. She use to drink 2-3 oz milk even at age of 4 month. Suddenly the day i used this bottle, she drank 6 oz at once. Thanks for this product.

Faye Wilder, ID

Great for Fussy Babies

Being a new parent, I was not sure which bottles to use. I bought these and another brand-I will say hands down these are better, my daughter has no issues with gas or hiccups.

Neva Dixie, GA

Best Bottle on the Market!!!!!!

I originally registered for (and received) the avent bottles. They were horrible because they leaked (you can’t over tighten or under tighten and all sorts of other finicky things) and they also left my baby with lots of gas where he would cry violently. Horrible to watch. I tried several other bottles and still wasn’t happy with them. My girlfriend kept on telling me to try these but I was skeptical becuase people said that they leaked. well anyhow I was at my whits end and hurting for my son so I decided to try them. I do have to say that the stage one nipple is hard to get anything out of. But I did use the stage two nipple and it’s been great. He will occasionally have to burp but it’s quick and painless. Most times he doesn’t have to burp afterwards. There is no spillage from the side of his mouth and he will drink his milk straight and not have to be burped half way so that he can finish eating. I have never had the bottles leak because I washed them all and assembled them and left them like that. I do clean them after every usage with soap and water. Then once a week I take them apart, sterilize the bottles in the sterilizer and boil the nipples and disc. I immediately reassemble them and then test them with water to see if they are leaking. I think that you will run into leaks if you try to assemble them as you are ready to use them and are rushing because the baby is hungry.I wish that I could give these bottles more than five stars. I should have listened to my friend sooner. Her baby suffered from Acid Reflux and this bottles worked great for him.

Frankie Tallman, NY

Problems with Nipples

The idea of the bottles is good. They do help to reduce air. However, to me, it was not worth it b/c of the problems we had with the nipples. It seemed like every nipple had some sort of problem. EVERY bottle I bought was a newborn bottle- with newborn nipples ( I double and triple checked), but for some reason they ALL had different flows! Some would choke and gag him, some didn’t even work and NOTHING would come out, some were okay… you get the point. It was always a guessing game with these bottles. We had to constantly try to keep up with which nipples were the good ones and which ones didn’t work. And when you have a hungry, fussy baby, its no fun to be wasting time trying to keep up with stuff like that. On top of the fact that we had 20 bottles and only 2-3 nipples that worked the way they were supposed to. Another issue we had was that the nipples all colapsed! It was horrible. He would suck 10 times and the nipple would be colapsed. I felt that these bottles were very poor quality. Like I said, the idea of the VentAire is good, but the bottles just aren’t up to my expectations.

Elena Whitesville, NY

Easy to Hold and Don’t Cause Excess Gas for Baby

I’ve used all kinds of different bottles over the years from cheap Wal-Mart Specials to Avent and Dr Browns and these bottles are much closer to the higher end than the lower. Here is a break down of what I like and don’t like.Pros:-Baby doesn’t seem to have much gas after using these.-It is very easy to clean the inside since both the top and the bottom come off.-They are very easy for both me and my baby to hold.Cons:-Since the top and bottom do come off there are 5 pieces to clean for each bottle, so it takes up a lot of room in the dishwasher.-The nipples seem a little faster than most others I’ve tried, so at first my baby made a big mess when using these because she wasn’t used to fast flow.-The nipples and tops are very close looking to the Avent bottles, so sometimes I put the wrong ones on one or the other and they leak.So to summarize, I would get these bottles again and other than perhaps the Avent bottles, since they have less pieces to clean, these are my favorite that I’ve used.

Celeste Utica, MS