Playtex Baby Drop-ins Premium Nurser Bottles 4 Oz Pack of 3 – Yellow – Comes w/ 15 Drop-ins Liners

Playtex Baby Drop-ins Premium Nurser Bottles 4 Oz Pack of 3 – Yellow – Comes w/ 15 Drop-ins Liners

Ideal for breastfeeding moms, the Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser features a unique bottle system that eases babies into switching from breast to bottle. Dishwasher safe and each of the three nursers comes with Drop-Ins disposable liners, which collapse slowly to promote air-free feeding and reduce colic and spit-ups. Soft silicone nipples make drinking easy on the infant’s gums and lips, while a wide base promotes the latch-on technique. Babies can enjoy looking at the colorful decorations on the sides of the holder, while parents can enjoy spending more quality time with their little ones. DISCOVER THE 7 ESSENTIALS The Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners is the only bottle that has a unique, liner system that gives you 7 Essential Benefits for your baby all in one. • Reduces colic • Mimics breasfeeding • Increases milk consumption • Reduces fussing • Designed for easy switching • Promotes semi-upright feeding • Easy-prep, pre-sterilized liners It’s called nursing, not bottling. The Playtex Drop-Ins Family: Listening to Your Baby’s Intuition Playtex designs their Drop-Ins bottles and nipples to promote your baby’s intuition to nurse. Whether it’s sucking, swallowing, or the breathing rhythm that comes naturally to nursing babies, Drop-Ins help parents and children form the tender bond that comes with breastfeeding. In a clinical colic study shown here, Drop-Ins were found to reduce several indications of colic and distress in nursing babies better than other leading brands. Because the Drop-Ins System mimics the feeding and breathing patterns of breastfeeding, infants were able to feed with increased ease and comfort. Bottle Liners Collapse to Reduce Gas urser system from the newborn stage Ideal for busy, on-the-go moms and dads, Drop-Ins Nursers allow you to clean up quickly after each use.

Main features

  • Reduces gas and colic for baby – Acts like the breast so baby can go seamlessly from breast to bottle with no confusion
  • This unique system has been clinically shown to help reduce gas, colic, and spitting up – The Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Bottle features holders and pre-sterilized, disposable liners that collapse to keep air out of the bottle and your baby’s system. After each feeding, the liner is discarded, so there is one less thing to clean.
  • Includes slow flow naturalatch silicone nipple, perfect for newborns, its wide base encourages baby to open her mouth wide and latch-on as she would at the breast
  • Pack Of 3 – Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser (4-Ounces), each bottle has one slow flow silicone nipple, and five Drop-Ins liners (for each bottle)
  • Easy-to-read ounce markings – Clear bottle with colored lid, Colors are 1 Green, 1-Yellow, and 1-Purple)

Verified reviews


Watch Out!

Disappointed is an understatement when it comes to these bottles! As a new mom searching for bottles that would work for my newborn I was so happy to find she liked the Playtex Nurser. I ordered these one sleepless night to supplement the starter set we already had. I thought it was strange when they arrived in a nondescript white bag. I was very disappointed and surprised when I noticed during one feeding that these bottles were marked 2002… These bottles are not marked BPA free and I am concerned about that, among other things. Did someone find boxes of decade-old bottles and decide to sell them on Amazon, hoping to catch people off guard? I certainly would not have purchased, AND USED these with my daughter had I known of these issues. Here I thought I didn’t need to check the reviews for a product I already owned. I was wrong.

Gwendolyn Cedar Falls, IA

Buyer beware – OLD Playtex nurser bottles, not as advertised in the photo

I bought this set to give to our day home provider mainly for the caps and nipples as the price was better to just go this route. When we got them I immediately noticed a big difference in bottles. The cap does not push the nipple down like the newer (current) styles. The bottle shape is also different. Overall I’m very dissapointed in the FALSE advertising of this product.

Imelda Saint Michael, PA

great for newborns

I loved them to travel and around the house for daily feedings. Perfect size for travelers and you can keep it for later too since it carries a very reasonable amount of liquid.

Angelia Longmont, CO

Playtex always good

i purchased these for my newborn he took right to them my only complaint is don’t use the drop in liners they leak get the rolls of liners that cover the tops of the bottles they do not leak.

Lucy Spirit Lake, IA

Contains BPA, Buy at your own risk

I received this set of 3 bottles in the cute colors as described, however on the bottle it said 2002 Playtex inc. Hence I googled to find out if these are BPA free. From the Internet I was able to obtain limited information. Playtex started making BPA FREE baby products in Dec 2008. Hence I called Playtex customer service to find out about these bottles. Their customer service was wonderful. I got an agent on the phone without any wait line. She got the number from these bottles and told me that they contain BPA and to not use them. THanks to Amazon’s customer service I am able to return the item back free of charge.

Carmela New Holstein, WI

Good bottles

These are a nice starter pack. Friends recommended them, but we haven’t used them yet. Cute colors and got here fast!

Hope Purcell, OK