PLAYTEX Binky Comfort Flex Pacifier

PLAYTEX Binky Comfort Flex Pacifier

The Original Binky pacifier that mothers and babies know and love. Most like mother nipple is designed to simulate the shape of the breast nipple for baby’s sucking satisfaction.

Main features

  • Shaped Like mother’s nipple
  • Flexible shield is gentle oon baby’s face
  • Most like mothers
  • Assorted Colors

Verified reviews


Pink color is not good for a boy

Bought two pack.gave me both pink color.i have a boy! Why not different color other reviewer I also looked through all stores.did not find this style for my boy .bought a lot other boy refused all.just wants the old style.found it here finally.and the price is pro.why not different color to choose ?

Mitzi Altona, NY

my baby said no

These pacifiers are good quality, but my son would not even take them at all. We had to play musical pacifiers and discovered Nuk orthodontic pacifiers are all he will take and he only does that occasionally.

Latonya Sparland, IL

Daughter loves these!

These are the only pacifiers my daughter will take, and they are hard to find nowadays. You don’t get to choose specific colors, but who cares? Your baby couldn’t care less about what color their sucky is, but if you’re the type who gets butt-hurt if you don’t get everything the same color or if your boy has a pink paci, look elsewhere!

Shanna Laporte, MN

Nipple is soft like soothie pacifier

I cannot stand the soothie pacifier because they hide my daughters gorgeous face. I have tried so many others and this is the only one that my daughter will take besides the gumdrop and soothie. I think it is because the nipple is soft like the soothie. Cute colors and great price. So happyl I tried these pacifiers

Selina Latham, KS

great pacifier

My grandaughter was having trouble with keeping her pacifiers in her mouth… saw these and tried them.. she loves them and keeps it in her mouth !!!

Marcella Monroe Bridge, MA


My daughter LOVES these. I cannot find them anywhere and they used to be on but have been discontinued.Get as many as you can before they are gone!

Dora Cheshire, OH