Playtex BPA Free Disposable Nurser Liners 8 oz, 140-Count

Playtex BPA Free Disposable Nurser Liners 8 oz, 140-Count

Disposable Liners for Playtex Original, Premium and Designer Nurser Bottles. It reduces gas and colic for baby. This acts like the breast so baby can go seamlessly from breast to bottle with no confusion. It’s Pre-sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time and BPA Free.

Main features

  • Reduces gas and colic for baby
  • Acts like the breast so baby can go seamlessly from breast to bottle with no confusion
  • Pre-sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time
  • Ideal for breastmilk storage

Verified reviews


Standard liners have less air, Dropins are easier but fill with air

Either way the ones they are selling here seem to be the standard ones that are pictured not DropIns as the Title says. Dropins cost more for the amount you are getting. Standard liners are not hard to use. You just stretch them around the bottle top, hold on to them, and carefully fill them. We left the tabs on the bag that they say to remove because my son never noticed them and they seemed to hold the bag on better. Unfortunately you can’t mix the formula in them because its hard to measure correctly where as you can pretty well with the dropins. Standard liners though stay air free better than the Dropins. Way better. Also we didn’t buy the Playtex dropins, the store brand was cheaper and just as good.

Lorene Royalton, MN


I thought I was buying the drop-ins when I bought these. I didn’t even know they still made this kind. On the plus side, they are highly portable due to the fact that they are flat plastic bags and would be easy to tuck in a diaper bag. On the negative side, you can forget trying to measure water in these, I have to use a glass measuring cup and just pour in the amount needed which takes away their portability. Recently when I took some of these with my baby while traveling I had to pour my required amount of water into plastic bottles with lids which takes away from the liners portability to say the least. There is also no way you could get a full 8 oz. of water PLUS your formula into these liners which leaves me having to feed my baby 6 oz. then running back and pouring in another 2 oz. So, these work in a pinch. I will not be purchasing them again however. Leave it to me, the bargain shopper who buys in bulk, only 2 more boxes to go…..

Sondra Wurtsboro, NY

A pain to use

These inserts certainly work, but I will say that it takes longer to install them than the Drop-ins variety. I’ve not had any trouble with the Drop-ins leaking like some other reviewers (yet!!). I can see they will be easier to travel with since they are flat (as opposed to the drop ins which are round). I think I will keep both varieties on hand since they serve different functions.

Hilda Commerce, OK

Cheapest Liners With Just 1 Flaw

I have been using Playtex Bottles with liners since my second child was born. I must say I loved the drop-ins until the expandable drop-ins came out. When my 3rd child started using 8 oz, I started searching for an alternative. I stumbled across these on Amazon and after some quick math, realized that these liners priced at $5.99/free shipping for 140 liners were the absolute cheapest liners you could get. So I had to try them. My aunts assured me that they were all that they used with their children and it wasn’t that bad. They really aren’t bad. In fact, there are some things I like better about them. I love that if you squeeze the air out of these that there is no chance of the liner popping off the ring and milk going everywhere. I love the more compact packaging and that the liners can be pulled easily out of the carton when needed. They do only go to 8 oz but I have never had a baby to take more than 8 oz at one time. The only flaw I can find is that it does take a few extra seconds to get the liner in the bottle than a drop-in but for the perks I will live with it.

Goldie Grand Ridge, IL

like it

I didn’t realize that it costs just as much in the store near by where I live. Now I just get it from the store then I dont have to wait for it to be shipped. Check the price at your store first to see if they carry it and how much it costs. I get mine from walmart.

Leslie West Sayville, NY

high price.

nice product but just as easy to buy the generic store brand at a cheaper price.

Mary Trosper, KY