Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop In Liners 3 Count, 4 Ounce

Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop In Liners 3 Count, 4 Ounce

Sleek, contoured designer bottle holds Drop Ins liners that collapse for an air free feed. This unique system has been clinically shown to help reduce gas, colic, and spitting up.  And, a more comfortable baby means a happy baby and mom. The Playtex Drop Ins Premium Nurser Bottle features holders and pre sterilized, disposable liners that collapse to keep air out of the bottle and your babyand#8217;s system. After each feeding, the liner is discarded, so there is one less thing to clean. It reduces gas and colic and BPA Free.

Main features

  • BPA (Biphenyl-A) free
  • Mimics breastfeeding
  • Significantly reduces gas and colic
  • Pre-sterilized disposable liners keep air out for more comfortable feeding
  • Clinically shown to support baby’s own natural feeding pattern and support breastfeeding

Verified reviews


Shrinks when boiled for sterilizing

Very very cute bottle but it has a huge flaw. I was instructed by my pediatrician to boil all nursing items for 20 minutes due to my daughter having recurring Thrush. I put this nurser in with other bottles my daughter had used that day because she touched the bottle repeatedly during feedings after having her hands in Thrush infested mouth. This nurser shrunk like a shrinky-dink! It shrunk to about 1/4 of it normal size. Strangest thing I have ever seen. Do not use/purchase this nurser/bottle if you boil your bottles to sterilize them due to you or your child being sick.

Janine Lakeside, CA


On the 2nd day of use while trying to squeeze the excess air out of the drop in bag the bag edge pulled free of the bottle spilling 3.5oz of precious pimped breast milk all over me, the baby, the pillow she was on, the bed, bed skirt, the nightstand and the floor! This is an incredibly flawed system. If you try to squeeze the excess air out of the drop in bag your chance of either pulling the bag free or putting a whole in it is large. Plus the hole at the bottom to teach said bag is way to small for the average adult hand and has a sharp bottom edge to boot. Finally as the baby finishes the bottle the bag collapses into the nipple making it nearly impossible for her to truly finish whatever milk is at the bottom. And! If she breaks suction air gets in anyway! Steer clear of the for your own sanity.

Pamela Bremen, ND

If you don’t push the liner up straight, it can come undone and leak

I really do not care for these bottles. When pushing the air out of the bag, you must do it straight for the liner can come off the bottle, spilling milk everywhere. In my case, it was prune juice and the baby’s medicine. I have been much happier with Dr. Browns.

Lorie Jacksboro, TX

Wonderful Bottles!!

I have tried the Playtex vent aire, the Avent and the Playtex Nurser bottles and the Nurser’s are both my favorite and my daughter’s favorite bottles as well. They are easy to clean and I love the pre-sterilized liners. This makes it easy for everyone. I love that the liners collapse as Taylor is drinking from them which gives her less air. She is 5 months old and has been “holding” onto the bottom of the bottles (since they are open) since she was 3 months old. Highly recommended bottles!!!

Maxine Sparland, IL

Nipples Don’t Work!

I loved these bottles for the first month I had my daughter. I went and bought about 10 from Babies R Us, and after 2 weeks, 8 of the slow-flow nipples didn’t work. They get clogged very easily and forget putting them in the dishwasher- the holes seal shut. I called Playtex about this and they agreed to send me 6 new nipples if I sent them back 8 (?). Now I will have 8 bottles with 6 nipples, which will probably just end up clogging again. The drop-in liner idea is great and does reduce air bubbles, but I can’t afford to pay for new nipples every 2 weeks.

James Torbert, LA

Excellent Bottle System, Worked for my breastfed baby

This bottle system is wonderful. The liners are so easy to use and they’re even better for keeping everything clean and sterile. They’re wonderful! My baby goes between bottles and being nursed and she has no problem at all.

Jodie Clarkton, MO

slow nipple

i was expecting a medium or fast nipple since it is an 8oz bottle. obviously its not for infants who uses 4oz only. i called playtex customer service to replace the nipples but they declined. wont buy playtex anymore and would not recommend this!

Traci Cosmopolis, WA

Horrible bottles!!!

pros – easy to clean- works like a straw as you only have to suck to get the air out and as soon as the air comes out the milk comes up so the bottle works at every angleCONS -The liners break when you try to “burp” them to get all the air out…would rather take the time to burp baby then the bottle.- measurements are WAY off (8 oz bottles will NOT hold 8 oz)- extremely hard to read the off measurements when baby has drank a couple ounces. i would ahve to pour the leftover formula into a regular bottle to see how much he ate which was bad when i thought he wasnt eating enough.- my kids had more gas with these.- leak all over everything if baby tips the bottle over on its side if he tips it upside down FORGET ANY CHANCE THAT IT MIGHT NOT LEAK

Brittney New Providence, IA

Worst product ever

I had no idea what I was getting when I purchased this item. Yes, they are “cute”, but they are made out of a very cheap, rigid plastic. This is not like the traditional Playtex nurser and will, literally, crack under pressure. What’s more, this bottle was completely melted when I used it in my steamer bottle warmer. I do also have the traditional plastic nursers and have used them happily (with and without the bottle warmer), with great success.Do not get suckered in by the flashy packaging. Spend the extra couple of dollars and buy the tried-and-true original design.Playtex Baby Drop-Ins Original Nurser 8-10 OZ: TurquoiseUpdate–My comment is not about the liners, or excess air, etc. I have done just fine with the drop-ins and I love that I can still buy rubber nipples for the nurser. I’m speaking specifically to the quality of the actual plastic bottle.

Esperanza Pawnee, TX

great utill my daughter turned 6 months

I never wanted to use this bottle, but a friend of mine gave them to me and i gave them a try.(we were using avent… my daughter had very bad gas with avent) I fell in love bought a million drop ins and now at 6 months old i need to stop using them. while i was driving my daughter learned how to squrit the milk all over the car. great bottle for gas bad bottle for car.:)

Wendy Hagan, GA

I love these bottles!

I wrote a review on the starter set for these bottles. The only difference is that these bottles have designs on them. These bottles are so easy to use. All I do is make up a batch of formula, drop the liners in and I’m all set. I have more time to spend with my daughter because I’m not scrubbing bottles all day. Don’t waste money on a bottle warmer, just put very hot water from your sink into a cup and drop the liner in for about 3 minutes and then put liner back into bottle and shake. The liners collapse so that you do not have to push the air out. My baby is never gassy and burps very easily. I have also NEVER had a leaky liner. These bottles with liners are worth the money.*REVISED*If you are a BJ’s wholesale club shopper, I highly recommend the Berkley & Jensen bottle liners. You get 200 liners for $8.99 where the Playtex liners you get only 100 for $7.99. The Berkley & Jensen liners DO NOT LEAK and actually collapse better then Playtex liners.

Myrna Grassflat, PA


My daughter is two months old and I just discovered these great bottles. I was a die-hard Avent user. I used them with my older daughter, now 7, and used them with my baby born in March. While the Avent system is good, I love the presterilized drop-in disposable liners. Now I have minimal clean up and I only have to sterilize the nipples, rings and tops!!! This is such a great find. I have completely replaced all of our Avent bottles with the Playtex Nursers. The drop-in refills are very inexpensive and are more than worth the money in the time it saves.

Peggy Tuttle, ND

Not what I ordered

I was disappointed to find that they did not send me the decorated nurser. I got plain nursers in the old fashioned yellow color and just plain clear bottles. Since I have been waiting for them to arrive and therefore have not purchased any from the store I just plan to use them because I have no time to send them back and wait for another set. The box looks like old stock perhaps obsolete. First disappointing purchase from Amazon.

Glenda Soldotna, AK

Good product, misleading name and listings

I am going to echo below my earlier review for a different set of these bottles and liners.I was however rather unpleasantly surprised by Amazon and by the name that this product is listed under (including the phrase 3-pack and drop-ins). It looks like the 8 oz and 4 oz are grouped under the same listing, so I can’t review them separately.In an nutshell, I expected to get a pack of liners, and instead these sets contains 3 bottles. The 4 oz set has 5 liners only. The 8 oz set has no liners whatsoever, and the bottles are useless without liners. So please beware when ordering. Also note that these bottles (in the 4oz and 8oz sets) come with slow-flow nipples only, so for older kids you will need to buy others separately.These bottles are made of healthier materials than most plastic bottles. Bisphenol A (BPA) free and phthalate free. These are substances which recent studies show can have negative effects on the endocrine and reproductive system, and it is especially important to keep young children away from them as much as possible.These sets require pre-sterilized liners (sold separately; the 4oz set has 5) that you put in so you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning and sterilizing the bottle thoroughly. You just pull out a sterilized liner each time. Using the liner supposedly prevents air from getting into the baby’s tummy and this reduces discomfort, gas, colics, and so on. This last point sounds plausible, but I do not have a basis for comparison. On this point, you should note that the bottles have a hole in them to allow air to go in between the wall of the bottle and the liner, which makes it easier for the baby to drink, but also makes it impossible to use the bottle without liners.Overall this set seems ideal for when you are breastfeeding and need to pump milk to keep in bottles for additional feeding.Recommended, with some caveats that you read my review and see what you are actually ordering.

Marian Barton, VT

Not the same bottles as shown

I have used these bottles for my three kids and love them! The problem: these are not the same bottle as pictured! Playtex is redesigning these and sending out the new design instead if the one pictured. The ones in the picture are awe-some! The ones they sent bend halfway to help feeding while sitting up, which isn’t a concern I have. The lid rings have a new locking mechanism and are next to impossible to get off, especially with one hand or when hands are wet. The lids that cover the nipples don’t stay on worth crap, they don’t snap on tight and slip right off. I will be contacting Playtex to see if they will replace them, since I have opened and used them so I can’t return them.

Cecilia Mc Dermott, OH

Great bottles, but newborns beware!

This bottle is excellent in producing less gas. But, I DON’T recommend these bottles for newborns. The nipple is so wide at the top that my son kept getting a blister on his top lip. We had to switch to Gerber for newborns. But I look forward to using this bottle again when he’s grown bigger in a few months.

Edwina Conrad, MT

So simple.

Very easy to use, it comes with little shapes on the bottles. Mine were green with sailboats which is nice since I have a baby boy. So easy to use with the liners, just pump in the liners with the pump adapter rings that you have to buy separately and then place in the nurser when you are ready to feed your baby. Easy peasy. It is great because the other way I have to pump in a bottle, then transfer to a bag to freeze then pore back into another bottle. This way you just leave in the liner the entire time and then you are ready your just drop it in the nurser and ready to go. So simple! No really cleaning either, just a simple wipe down.

Nora Bertrand, MO

Recommended by our pediatrician

While we were preparing for the arrival of our daughter, we were hoping to use these bottles because of the convenience, so when our pediatrician recommended them, the decision was made. These bottles are wonderful!!! They don’t have to be scrubbed inside with a brush like one-piece bottles. We just throw them in the dishwasher and they’re done. Our daughter has reflux, and the silicone slow-flow natural latch nipples work well for her. Our doctor (along with other doctors in the same group) says that these are the best bottles to cut down on gas.I would highly recommend buying the premium nursers (featured here) instead of the older original nursers that are slowly being phased out. (We have some of each.) The premium lids are a MAJOR improvement-they’re easy to pop on and off one-handed, unlike the original lids that you have to pry off with your fingernails. You can interchange all the parts from both systems (use any holder with any ring with any nipple with any lid), but I think the premiums are much better. Also, the premiums come with the silicone nipples, but the originals usually don’t.The liners for these nursers are very inexpensive, especially if you use the coupons that come with the bottles or if you buy the store brand liners (they work just as well).The only downside to this system is that there isn’t much room at the top of the liner to put in a full 4 ounces of water plus powdered formula and shake. But that problem can happen with any bottle, and I don’t think it’s a big deal.GOOD NEWS for those who use these bottles! I just discovered today that you can buy extra rings and lids on […] (I got the info. from Playtex over the phone.) I plan to get some extra premium lids to take the place of the few original nurser system lids that I have (and to make up for the ones I will inevitably lose along the way).

Nadine Jacksonburg, WV

The Best Baby Feeding System

Do yourself a favor and get these Playtex bottles to begin with. I started with Avent bottles (because Avent also offers sterilizers, bottle warmers, etc….) But Avent bottles were AWFUL. They leaked and it was impossible to screw the lids on correctly. So I got Dr. Brown bottles. They were pretty good and they didn’t leak… but it was a big hassle to wash (it takes forever to wash so many little parts with the tiny brush they give you). So I switched to Playtex after finding out that it offered BPA-free disposable liners. I am so happy I switched. It doesn’t leak! And my life is so much easier since all I have to do is wash the nipples…. and the baby likes it.

Rachelle Rogers, OH

Happy with product, not color

The product is something that I used before. And I love it, but the only issue I have is it says color may vary and you are basically gambling with odds of getting a color you do not want. I am having a boy and ended up with pink bottles. Not a huge deal its still a bottle and can be used. But its a little annoying.

Lorene Numidia, PA

The best for our babies!

We have tried all kinds of bottles like Avent, Gerber (which our sons also liked), Munchkin TriFlow, Dr Browns (way too many parts to clean), and Playtex amongst others. I absolutley love the Playtex nurser bottles. How convenient that you can just drop in a sanitized liner and add formula or breast milk. There really is no cleaning except for the nipple, but of course I clean all the parts anyway. No air gets into baby’s belly if you squeeze the air out first. We are expecting another boy so I didn’t hesitate to go out and purchase some of the new designer boy themed bottles. I have been very pleased with so many Playtex products…bottles, baby wash and lotion, and even my diaper genie.

Kay Brook Park, MN

Given to a niece

At age 53 , I didn’t get these for my wife or myself. They were given to a niece that just popped one.She said that they are extremely “user friendly” and easy to use. The product is durable and took that “one stress” away from her.My son is 24 now , and I kinda laugh at the “stress” comment , but every parent is different. I relished feeding my baby boy , I just wish this product had been available then.

Joan Pendroy, MT

Most reliable and easy to use bottles we’ve tried

You’ve probably seen the complicated “venting” bottles with the little contraptions between the nipple and the bottle. The idea is the if the bottle allows air in, a vacuum won’t be created as the milk draws down, and baby won’t end up sucking harder and harder to fight the vacuum, which is what supposedly leads to the baby swallowing air. We’ve used Dr. Browns and Born Free, and have been mostly happy with both. However, the Dr. Browns sometimes just plain leak, as their design is prone to siphoning if you get milk in the tube while shaking it, and the gadget in the Born Free bottles can be a pain to put together and clean.These Playtex bottles, on the other hand, achieve the same effect by not requiring venting at all: the plastic insert collapses as the baby drinks, and no vacuum is created. The bonus is that there are no gizmos to clean, and making at bottle at 4 am is really easy, with nothing to fumble with. You won’t find an easier to use bottle or one that performs better, and we’ve tried a lot.The downside to these Playtex bottles is that every feeding involves throwing away a piece of plastic. The plastic is recyclable, and the inserts are incredibly thin, so you’re not throwing away too much. Still, it’s a downside to these that you’ll have to weigh against the convenience. Because of that, we decided to just use these as back up bottles or for traveling. They are perfect for that backup role, but given how hard it can be with a baby, especially when you’re in the heavy sleep deprivation stages, I wouldn’t judge anybody for using these 100% of the time.No matter what bottle you choose, good luck!

Olivia Milford, DE

Perfect for travel!

I bought these when I was traveling with my then three month old son. I thought it would be easier than constantly having to wash a million bottle parts. They worked perfectly. If you have a child who doesn’t drink from certain bottles, maybe try buying just one first? But they worked well for us when we were traveling for an extended period of time and I loved the convenience of throwing away the drop in. My son didn’t have any issues with drinking from the nipple.

Earnestine Berry, AL

Good Bottle but not great!

I have always loved the Playtex dropins bottles, and when I saw the new bottle design I was sold. Except for one thing, I tried to sterilize the bottles and they were warped from the heat. I am so glad I did buy them. I don’t understand why this would happen its doesn’t occur with the other Playtex bottles so now I just wash by hand and there is something wrong with this. And because of this I am giving it a lower rating.

Rachelle Lakeville, IN

Good bottle for travel

I decided to try several different brands of bottles for our newborn and these seemed to work well, especially while on the go. The easy clean-up aspect of using the liner works great while traveling. While I probably won’t use these on a regular basis due to the expense of having to buy liners, we’ll continue to try them while traveling. There also doesn’t seem to be any issues with leakage from the bottle. I haven’t tried the pump and storage aspect of the bottles yet, but that is next to try with them, it seems it will make these bottles even more convenient to use.

Phyllis Humboldt, MN

Great for travel

These bottles are great to use when traveling because you don’t have to pack a bunch of bottles, just slip the drop in pouches in the diaper bag, with 1 bottle and several nipples and go! However, to use them everyday would cost more than washing bottles, and it is something else that ends up in the landfill.The refills are roughly $8.00 for 100 which is an expense you don’t incur with regular wash and use bottles. Just a thought.The insert collapses as the baby drinks, so there is less air in the bottle for the baby to swallow.

Trudy Owenton, KY

I love playtex drop Ins

I used these when I was nursing. These are the only bottles my little ones liked. I love not having to sanitize bottles. These are so convenient. I recommend!

Clare Summer Lake, OR

Easy to use

I received these bottles for review through the Amazon Vine Program. My daughter, who has 3 boys, has used the Playtex Drop Ins for each as well as Advent and Gerber. The Playtex were by far the favorite as they are great for reflux and reducing gas. The drop in liners are convenient, as you just throw them away after each use, ensuring a clean bottle. Many store brand bags work well with these bottles and will save you money. Biggest downside to ordering online is colors may vary. Who wants a pink bottle for a baby boy.

Jeanie Cedar Lake, IN


I bought these for my great granson & his mother is very pleased with them. very easy to use. It helps not having to wash a dirty bottle, just simple to clean.

Patrice Hall, MT